When investment banker teams see 30 billion flowing out of EU equity investing, and that sum is picking up steam what is UP with that. Bank of America has fear indexed the EU as a market likely to do worse than the EU and Asia and the slow down in the EU is picking up speed. Finally the impact on the EU of a no deal britt exit not one saw coming – is now a likely economic EU impact and UK impact all negative. The trade issues between Germany and France the solid economies in the EU but with breaks slammed on to slow down levels not seen in 25 years in both nations. Both nations from yellow vest in france and Muslim rising issues in Germany are sinking economics across the EU zone.

Capital is flying out. Protectively.

Some economists believe the EU zone is over sold. Many and I’m one believe the EU will surprise in the Spring with winter effects departing – on the upside. Capital may rebalance as that upside is reported in the Spring. I would not sell the EU short.

Oil producer no matter what they tell you or the market want oil at $ 75.00 or above out of pure greed. The oil producers are economic criminals. They have no interest in delivering their product to consumers at the lowest price with the highest quality. They desire to falsely price oil using criminal cartels to place the ultimate TAX upon the more poor of 8 billion humans – say 7 billion – so that they paying such high false premiums for energy the cost of everything else – lack food and shelter security with average ages and life expectancy of say 45 years tops. Why? Oil criminals.

Billions of humans need energy at the lowest possible price so no nation is left behind. It is better for all if more oil is sold at lower price than less oil is sold at false phony pricing for the ELITE OIL Producers the wealth of the world to get fantastically wealth con men and criminals to get even more unbalanced and extreme wealth. While avoiding taxes to their host nations via depletion allowances and other 1900 incentives that long ago should have been removed by nations.

President Trump is wise to flip MBS the bird as MBS flips the USA the finger – by releasing 1 million barrels of oil a day from our strategic stock pile. This act brings oil premium from criminal cartels from over $ 70.00 a barrel to $ 50.00 with average America prices around $ 45.00 where it should be kept.

The tug of war in the oil trades is the economic factor beyond the FED that leads to recession. Higher cost of oil leads to recession like higher cost of interest.

The NEW AI economy punishes failed policy on these issues with speeds never seen before and globally in a click.

No one can predict the future in oil. We think over any sixty month period you short oil and you bet on the price collapsing as the earth is drowning in oil. More oil than Saudi has in total is being discovered each YEAR and the totals are staggering. Venezuela pumping under two million barrels a day sitting on the the worlds largest oil lake – larger than Saudi 2 billion barrels – yet the communist mis managed their economics for 20 years leaving after theft and cheats to their people – no fuel to rebuild their crashed crushed destroyed failed state economy.

Good news coming up SPRING and sunny days with 4 billion going back to work as global stimulus unfolds.

Bad head winds include Britt Exit – Trump legal in USA via Manhattan New York actions – natural disaster cost outlays – the failed Britt Exit event to the EU as a whole – the Span bank crises which can escalate into bank runs and a full on CASCADE of failing italian banks the largest EU crises and risk unfolding now as runs on Italian Banks by smart depositors are game on as folks are fleeing banking in italy – last one out turns the lights off on italian banking.  Iran and Saudi are in arms race to get nukes to lob them at each other. First. Pakistan and India are nuke pointed at each other and one button push from atomic game on in those nations. Russia is supporting Iran and Venezuela as well as Syria in the Gulf opposing US everything.

Outcomes to these head winds? Do they speed up EU capital flight at 30 billion and soaring? Contracting EU options?

Or does the EU brighten up and surprise everyone.

We are about to see are we not?