Cental Banks are private corporations of criminal bankers. The central bank is a corporation owned by criminal banks like Wells Fargo and City Corp. These banks own the controlling stock of a 1900 institution incorporate by the banks for the banks against the people. A cartel of the money like OPEC is to oil. These banks rushed through a secret congressional act to contract to their corporation with zero oversight audits reviews checks and balances or any nature. The structure is fraud. The Fraud appears to over sight when there is none. No congress court or agency can over rule a FED decision or even review it.

The central banks exist to profit their bank shareholders maximally by controlling interest rates of nations. They also charge governments to print money – when printing money was free as done by treasury experts on monetary policy. The Currency of nation did best when there was no central bank. America abolished central banks more than once.

If you want to read how HORRIBLE the FED is for America – as we can never not ever be GREAT AGAIN with the FED as a band of criminals controlling our money supply. Keeping the public ignorant of economics and capitalism is the pathology of keeping their powers. YOU ARE IN THE DARK AND LACK FACTS. So read:

THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAME – the documentation of the horror of central banks on all of us. THE FEW AGAINST THE MONEY FOR GREED AND PROFIT. No criminal action falls ahead of the FED. The FED is the ultimate criminal organization – stealing more than all the mafia drug lords and gangs sapping the wealth of nations like giant leaches.

READ THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM and you will join the vote to MERGE THE FED INTO US TREASURY a pathology for all nations for all central banks. MERGE THIS BANDIT INSTITUTIONS Back into their treasuries.

This Blog Reported in 2015 and 27 times since that:

  1. There is a new economy – an AI managing 440 trillion dollars that took place from 2013 to today.
  2. The FED Is using old economy tools on a new economy which always fails to work.
  3. The Fed policy has raised interest rates following the sub prime crises the Fed created far to rapidly.
  4. The Fed raised too frequently too high each time and and far to rapidly killing the fragile global recovery.
  5. The Treasury needed to normalize rates over 15 years not fifteen months. This mistake is fatal to core economics.

In the NEW AI economy Fed policy errors can create CASCADE. CASCADE is a debt defaulting contagion that locks up the entire global economic and institutions banks and investment banks all fail. With AI economics this can occur in 72 hours versus 72 days. The danger is greater than any time in history as all accounts are so globally entwined due to the Fed elevating risk to the entire system because they are out of touch obsolete and antique to forward economics.

Treasury leadership has the expertise without a conflict of interest to criminal banks who own the FED.

Once you wake up to how awful this all is – google it – you begin after reading the KILLING OF UNCLE SAM to vote for candidates who stand for merging the FED and all is processes back into US Treasury. What happens?

  1. You keep all Fed processes.
  2. You print money for free no interest cost.
  3. You pile up no forward debt to the fed.
  4. You pay off your old debts in fact and go into the black from red ink – red ink the fed profits from.
  5. You issue a 100 year SUPER BOND via Hughes and Hubbard and pay off all USA debt now – and we repay that new Super Bond in 100 years only paying interest until then. This puts America into the black with oceans of money for infrastructure.

Keeping the Fed is economic suicide as the Fed in the age of the pony express was one thing but the Fed in todays complex economic requires Treasury oversight – as criminal policy making is not working of course.

The Fed is the cause of recessions all unnecessary.

The Fed is the cause of all depressions super crashes and world wars.

What is the largest killer of humans?

The Central Banks creating all the wars and economic crashes for nations.

Why do we keep these criminals in power?

Because the law makers are bought and paid for by the wallstreet lobby the largest lobby pool of money which is owned by the FED or the other way around.

To restore integrity you need a system of integrity.

The constitution says only the US Treasury can print currency.

How did constitutional authority permit the congress to violate the constitution and allow a third party private corproation owned in secret by the banks to print the money of the USA for fantastic profits and fee’s? Who would take the right to print and control money ( no interest ) and now charge tax payers interest to print money once for free by treasury now our largest line item – national debt service to the FED.

Central banks are criminal institutions enslaving nations using debt.

You think this is radical have you seen this film:

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So the criminals are talking about raising interest in 2019. Congress is saying they must lower interest but they won’t.

They are out of touch.

The new AI economy requires new thinking to manage and Treasury has this item in tow and the FED is 50 years obsolete. The Fed is applying policy from old economics all dead and buried into a new AI ECONOMY they have zero tools or understanding for.

The largest Danger moving forward is the failure of law makers to enact emergency legislation to terminate the FED right ot print money and merge the FED process into US Treasury.