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CEO SPACE just ended the most amazing accelerator for business with CEO’s from all over the world. If you follow me on face book ( I passed years ago 5000 friends so I can’t add friends ) but you can follow me and my walls and boards – berny dohrmann – and see CEO SPACE or just visit our web site

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That is our mind set and our CEO client. A third are development space and earlier stage ventures. A third are 3 to fifteen year mature businesses that wish to hyper grow and stay in hyper growth. A third are rare air at the top with business leadership that will blow you away.

The culture is cooperative without any competition. Total collaboration and transactional.

CEO SPACE is not a seminar we are a business building machine. A business building engine. The most complete SUPER STORE for resourcing that growth in one market in the world.

The miracles we have delivered all week stun the guest CEOs from AUSTRALIA The EU and all over the world from Africa on site and so many other nations.

There is NOTHING LIKE CEO SPACE so says:

Bob Proctor

Jack Canfield

Mark Victor Hansen

John Grey

Greg Reid

Sharon Lechter

Les Brown

Lisa Nichols

Sharon Lechter

Steve Farber

Cheryl Snapp Conners

Erin Saxton

Ryan Long

Loral Langmier

Bill Walsh

Forbes Riley

Michael Beckwith

Napoleon Hill Foundation and Don Greene

Jane Wilhite and Shirely Hunt PSI WORLD SEMINARS

Tony Robbins

Too many to name ( see on line )

We never advertise or market.

Our tribe explore the value and benefit and they opt in.

We invite you to explore a superior way to grow faster with CEO SPACE May 18th.

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