The truth remains, the news does not revolve around the nation of CONGO. Ebola has been out of any control for the large part of the last year in Congo. Health care worker base camps with medicine have been attacked over and over. WHO staff members have been killed and kidnapped in CONGO violence targeting WHO Workers trying to contain the EBOLA mass outbreak inside CONGO cities.

EBOLA has broken out on tri state boarders with CONGO in major cities. Almost 1000 have been infected to date. The rate of NEW TRANSMISSIONS is falling in recent days but this may mean nothing. Reporting infected cases is delayed and the WHO is way way behind REAL TIME TRACKING of cases and transmission due to the violence.

Transmission outside Congo to other Regional centers, according to WHO update reports dated today, remain EXTREMELY HIGH. No one has yet restricted travel into or out of CONGO a temporary economic blessing likely to stop on a dime when EBOLA cases begin to arrive cross border.

The EBOLA 2019 is one of the WORST and may become yet the WORST EBOLA OUTBREAK IN HUMAN HISTORY.

The WHO predicts that the EBOLA outbreak may surge and cross borders. The crises is extremely dangerous in part due to the fact the present mutated strain is so virulent resistant and so extremely fatal. Medicines and vaccines ( not licensed vaccine ) have been destroyed by rebel righters as if the tools to help were in fact weapons of war. Innocent Health Care workers have been slaughtered and kidnapped.

Congo has never had a peaceful transfer of power. The first such transfer is taking place now. Inside this transfer no policy to get on top of EBOLA is taking place. EBOLA the most fearful virus killer of humans – the ancient enemy – is out of any control, no end in sight, and how big and fast this all becomes as the world SPRING FORWAR back into full commerce and travel no one can predict.

In recent weeks attacks in villages sent infected Ebola patients running from isolation wards with WHO into the villages and cities running for their lives while the health care workers were fleeing as well or being killed on the spot. You can not contain an infectious epidemic viral infection like EBOLA in such a war zone where EBOLA workers are the very target of the anti government rebels.

We have warned that if 12 ISIS lap top soldiers self infect with EBOLA and spread out to the world in buffet lines willfull transmitting EBOLA a million could be infected in a month globally.

If EBOLA spreads as it did last outbreak under President OBAMA ( who early on recognized the scale of the economics – ordered in global troops and contained the multi nation break out spreading across the entire world just in time ) travel across Africa states would be restricted first then travel to the EU North America and Asia would follow. The world would go into quarantine mode ( the public would not appreciate how we got to that economy killer event to trade ) and AI would crash all markets globally.

How risk on is THAT likely outcome.


Who is helping WHO? Not enough. By far not enough are helping WHO.

Will the EBOLA EPIDEMIC now out of all control spread world wide while the leaders that can help the most are worried right now about their golf score versus their score to keep the world safe from the largest potential killer of humans upon our planet. Not climate change. EBOLA.

As EBOLA spreads and leaves its relatively isolated city centers in a part of the CONGO ( which is larger as a land mass than the USA ) – front page news stories will move from the IPAD and IPOD story and Apple being raised to top best buy status again today – to EBOLA globally. We suspect as travel restrictions come into the market place the FRONT PAGE STORY will be EBOLA.

That famous clock tracking EBOLA INFECTIONS/DEATHS will be all news screens as it was last time and the GEO SPREAD of new EBOLA countries coming into the infected zone will rise. Economics will be impacted by more than any trade war or alternative economic force – EBOLA will take over economic power on the market space of the world.

All considering 12 LAP TOP radicals do not self infect and move EBOLA as a weapon of mass human bio destructive power to infectious status of a global pandemic – worse in human history – if that unfolds as well.

We reported the new EBOLA outbreak first in the world on this blog the day the EBOLA rose up and resurfaced in CONGO last year. We first reported the health care WHO care center in CONGO violence and murders – and we followed and tracked the violence and new paradigm the WHO has never faced like this outbreak before.

In carefully worded on line reporting – much like deciphering FED SPEAK – the WHO reports the current epidemic is out of control and of the highest risk for more infections. The WHO notes the present math is not real time and that WHO is behind the curve on getting new infectious information. The implication is that travel is high and that those infected are not reporting to WHO such that the WHO is getting a % of infections where so many go unreported still.


Ebola is spreading in cities and outside CONGO we suspect this month.

This SPRING we feel the first OUTSIDE CONGO EBOLA cases will begin to make news.

We predict by the summer the EBOLA CONGO outbreak ( if not fully under control by the summer ) will rise to become the lead front page news story – as we reported a year ago – in the world and EBOLA will remain that lead story as the killer virus spreads world wide.

EBOLA is now spreading and WHO has lost containment control to know who is infected who they are infecting and the full transmission vectors in this outbreak remain fully UNKNOWN and NOT IDENTIFIED. There are no accurate computer models. No G 100 is coordinating WHO SUPPORT or troops serious troops to keep WHO WORKERS free from harms way.

The EBOLA KILLING FIELDS In CONGO are war zones. Combat troops are fighting and WHO health care hero workers are being slaughtered trying to contain EBOLA.

Is there a CNN or FOX Special EBOLA OUT OF CONTROL.


Is there major news media tracking this story. NO.

Where did you hear about a ONE THING that can kill the current boom economy globally? On this blog? First? Again? Correct.

What can small business do?

Well its early. You don’t have to DO anything yet.

IF there is panic over EBOLA we have options for you to step out front of this SUPER CHANGE event in markets. Lets put on our panic clothes when we get close to the panic button.

Today lets invest to grow faster – build business momentum inside the current boom no matter what – as momentum will carry you through EBOLA recessions or any recessions and we will always be there with solid suggestions on what to do and always first.

You can look up the WHO or just google EBOLA OUT OF CONTROL UPDATE. Read yours on line.

First. You know first what is the THREAT keeping us up at night due to the speed of AI economics and the speed this all can change as EBOLA leaves CONGO for other nations.

Expect that story to rise its ugly head this Spring and you well anticipate this rising front page attention coming given the humanity killer EBOLA represents to us all.