Chairman Powell of the Federal Reserve Board – a private contractor with exclusive rights to print money for the USA – reporting to no one – oversight by no one – over ruled by no one – Powell a product of the OLD ECONOMY now dead and buried and ill equipped to make new policy in a new AI ECONOMY globally. They do of course the best that they know how.

Powell left interest rates unchanged and strongly implied they would stay level all year.

Powell noted the EU had slammed breaks on largely impacted by slowing CHINA global trade due to trade wars and tariff policy across the world by the USA the largest economy on earth. China has slowed as we suggested in a free fall crash everyone is in denial about. The DEBT DEFAULT trigger remains the CHINA SUPER RISK. Getting a trade deal done and Munchkin follows the yellow brick road to Beijing later next week while CEO SPACE is in session serving business owners in Dallas next Tuesday.

An economic sling shot will unfold as China trade deal is inked – making history for the entire world – far from perfect but such an AMAZING START for the entire world. Trade deals will unfold like popcorn into 2020 wait for it. Winter passing and good weather permitting 4 billion to GO BACK TO WORK AND ECONOMIC ACTIVITY will lift all boats. The GNP of over 2% is staying Steady Powell reported. Thats with all this WINTER EFFECT still STEADY. Wait till that winter thaws into SPRINGING FORWARD ECONOMICALLY WORLD WIDE.

You can not look at economics as past or now. You have to look at economics as trends and tomorrow. Better data better predictions. Better outcomes.

In the NEW AI economy new data different data is required. Old charts and models have for ten years failed to predict accurately as they once did. The USA reported 50% of all capital under management is now passive. This number is wrong because in fact 96% of all trades globally are now AI managed in all the 10,000 super money pools controlling 440 trillion in wealth circulations globally. In the span of your fingers clicking we have moved from 400 years of money management economic theory into a new economy the new AI GLOBAL ECONOMY and that AI is evolving rapidly.

Stay tuned as we will keep you in the know of what the news states and what is really going out there first right here.