FED ex says the whole world is slowing economically and it missed its numbers and sets lower anticipation for 2019 for the year. We disagree. Fed Ex is victim as we are all of seasons and climate change. The Winters are now big economics. 157,000 flights worth billions in commerce were canceled since December due to weather world wide. Of course FED EX is off with 157,000 in global flights canceled and up 55% five years back to now on canceled FLIGHTS ALONE. The weather effect on transportation buying and so forth is expected. I mean really. We all lived it …..

San Diego and Vegas had SNOW.

Sun Belt Atlanta was 28 degrees BELOW ZERO a bit ago.

4 Billion effected by no – not trade wars – no not slow downs – just WEATHER and the CLIMATE CHANGE WINTER SEASONS we all must expect these days – and like a giant sling shot these 4 billion winter effected are opening shops this spring and trade shipping and durable good and real estate buying ( world wide ) will soar – as the weather sling shot is released.

This data ( and a great deal more ) is being shared with business owners at CEO SPACE next week so they can plan their spring summer fall and Holiday BOOM SEASON and get BACK TO WORK. We anticipate sans some unforeseen item rising up – that 2019 will adjust numbers upward during the summer and year end GNP for the WORLD not just the USA will be solid as a rock.

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Always supporting small business and professionals in practice for 31 years of continuous service in 150 nations. Your next.

For a bit we are receiving economic news that relates to the WHITE WINTER SEASON and all its down time. So many stores shops and trade shut in and snowed in. Today we have on going flood seasons from the record winter and more is still coming for a last bit in our own flooded midwest and other areas of the world.

Everyone is SPRINGING FORWARD out of this serious WINTER – just another new normal we all must be used to. The earth has been in a historic quiet geological period. This rare quiet weather period is coming to an end. The Earth is becoming her more normal and active geological self.  Mankind has been her so few years we have really not experienced EARTH ACTIVE PERIODS. You know:

SUPER VOLCANOES wiping out the midwest from Yellow stone – that is normal earth

Earth Quakes that make the earth rock like a drunk.

Tidal waves 1000 feet high – or he have had plenty just not in our human age.

AXIS SHIFT where it blows 3000 miles an hour for a month then rains mud for a quarter than it all resets – perhaps without us. Or say an incoming event.

Humans are on a giant space rock.

Our water planet slaved to the sun is pulled at impossible speeds through galactic junks and rock storms the like of which mankind has yet to realize yet.

We are not defending humanity against the real stuff. No.

We are investing in defense of nations against other nations – against diversity of human cultures – as we have not learned to celebrate differences of all kinds versus punish them – competition is insane for humans either with one another or against our own planet – where cooperation is sane and sanity. We may yet learn or AI will inherit the earth. To date we are not investing to protect and defend the earth enough but we humans are waking up to it. To that mission.

Let’s think about what we can do.

We can all vote for a better world and be active politically. We should all do more of that but with respect for all opposing views. Lets love humanity not limit or depreciate humanity let us rise up our own humanity. Together.

Lets focus on building success in 2019 and 2020 – boom expansion years.

Trade DEALS will soon arrive like popcorn.

Britt Exit will resolve one way or the other – a deal is best for the EU and the UK but NO DEAL is going to work out to superior trade overall for the UK but perhaps not the EU. The EU needs the deal far more than the UK does. The UK buys many many times more from the EU than it sells into the EU. For this reason the EU is hurt if the deal is not right. The UK is going to do just fine in all this. Not to worry as they sort it all out with some very imaginative brains on the money.

It appears the Special Prosecutor at some point will go make his fortune and write his books and sail away into his country club life style at the tippy top. The report and all the politics will spin around as it will and does. Impeachment Nancy says is not going to occur. If it did it would lose anyway. So waste on that.

it appears in the SPRING Congress may spring forward. Governing the USA is JOB # 1 and the world needs immigration and infrastructure legislation to lead into the future within the strongest economy on earth.

I have great optimism for 2019 and 2020.

I see peace breaking out and trade rising up in new world trade deals that are really working out.

I moderate Jan and February and March winter economics against well winter.

Spring is going to SLING SHOT economics into the summer and you will begin to feel and see all this dramatically as reports arrive this August on June say.

So lets see if I’m right.

Is the world slowing down?

is economic and trade accounts robust and things from IPO to UNICORN to MERGER ACQUISITIONS are all just terrific in 2019 and fantastic in 2020. Of course we ‘ll have the election sit com to keep us occupied.

I would synch up your big girl and boy pants today and invest in success.

Plan on growth.

Plan on a boom that is on going.

Play to your own strength.

Invest in growth.

Move your growth needle to SPRING FORWARD April May and June no delay – get out front of the market SLING SHOT.

If you do …your going to have a totally GREAT YEAR in my opinion.

That you can take to the bank out there.


PS: Do not worry about the earth – the earth is just fine and we will be here long after we leave her – trust me – in the short flash bulb of your life – worry about one prayer you say to source – I AM SO GRATEFUL – SEND ME MORE – YES NOW – PLENTY MORE – LOTS MORE PLEASE – AND THANK YOU SO MUCH SO MUCH FOR THAT “MORE” . Amen