This week the market is about FED SIGNALS and Britt EXIT Votes and OIL OIL OIL and BOEING AND TRADE WARS and North Korea the 5th Crimieria anniversary with President PUTIN in that town celebrating saying it is forever and ever – and Peace with North Korea Iran Yemen and more.

OIl is the cost of everything.

MBS the sociopathic murderer King of Saudi Arabia now a complete rogue nation joke in the world, has debt and operating cost that raise ists 10.50 dollar lifting cost to market for oil to 70 dollar due to ELITE cost to operate the gerish elite run royal nation on the top of the oil pile with its massive reserves. The 27 OPEC nations are seeing their inventory tanks are record high levels. They want those inventory tanks down and price way up.

MBS has engineered as a sociopathic evil upon the earth a raise in oil since the fall of 30%. He has moved oil from under $ 50.00 a barrel to $ 59.00 a barrel in months. MBS has done this by having OPEC primarily himself and Saudi cutting back 1.2 million barrels of oil a day or over 400 million barrels of oil a year from the market place. Many OPEC producers like Iran and Russia are not playing by the rules and are no longer willing to sell away forever customers to America and non OPEC supply firms, always at lower prices, so they keep their customers and flip the bird to bat shit crazy KING MPS the PUPPY KING everyone knows who the boy is today – and play with him with pot holders – to hot to handle. PR.

America and non OPEC producers benefit maximally from KING MBS failed oil policy since 2014. More OPEC customers have left market share with OPEC in the past eight years than in the past 80 years. We estimate MBS has cost the SAUDI family and the Kingdom over 3 trillion in hard dollars flying out of the nation a number rising to 10 trillion as you read. The cost to Saudi may well be bankruptcy and revolution do to the policies of MBS. Even stealing 100 billion in recent months from his own royals is not enough and the theft goes on. Woman activist advocating more rights for women are on trial in MBS hypocrite world  – and may well – be put to death or even worse than death – in Saudi prisons where they are rotting right now – for what – a right to buy something without a male permission? Real slaves? Woman in 2019 in nations too far behind to stay current in the worlds SUPER CHANGE.  Super Change will set them all free. AI does not know Allah or Jesus or Buddha or anything but pure information filtered and verified.  As you read my new BOOK SUPER CHANGE and its 2020 sequel DIGITAL MANNERS you will come to appreciate the future more clearly and precisely and take best actions for your own tribe.

…….the future IS coming…..whether you are ready prepared and set up for your own better future….or not……

Oil is too high priced. The world is drowning in oil. Oil is the cost of everything – core energy – transportation – packaging – pesticides and fertilizers that grow over 50% of world food supplies where get to market on oil fuels – medicines – containers – 1100 petro chemicals half a barrel of oil pours into – gasoline – fuel oils – jet fuel – truck fuel and more. OIL as the cost of everything has been by elites – by cartels – by MBS the BRAT KING – elevated in weeks 30% as a hidden tax against 8 billion human beings who must pay the COST OF EVERYTHING TAX with 4 billion paying the added cost in food insecurity and shelter insecurity. We are killing 1.5 billion humans under the age of 35 world wide because energy the cost of everything is not low enough to give these billions clean water foods shelter and security to remain alive week to week. While Elite OPEC OIL chaps leave their Mercedes in the desert when it won’t start and get a new one. They the elites have fleets of $ 500,000 and up automobiles plus the planes and boats price rising in oil protects for them as Elites.

Economics – Communism – failed economic system – the ELITE FEW AGAINST THE MANY FOR WEALTH CONSOLIDATIONS IN NATIONS – power and wealth concentrate due to bad legal structures for economics speculators run the economic matric.

ECONOMICS – Competitive Capitalism – A failed economic system – THE ELITE FEW AGAINST TEH MANY FOR WEALTH CONSOLIDATION OF NATIONS using Debt and Central Banks ( owned by the banks they regulate in secrete ) – power and wealth concentrate 1% own more wealth than 99% until such instabllity and SUPER DEBT BUBBLES crash into system failure and restart after world wars.

ECONOMICS – COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM – A successful new system made possible by new global regulatory reforms – laws – that recycle wealth and preclude unwanted wealth consolidations – and remove speculations from market price manipulations – Super Wealthy recycle wealth – having plenty but not more than enough ever again. Faith integrity driven and self correcting by new laws. The best of all we have done since Rome included.

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MBS uses OPEC to repair his rising cost to Saudi and OPEC passing three trillion of pure loss from one damaged brain leading.

70 Dollars is MBS break even for his nation sweet spot. Any higher Trump dumps strategic oil reserves into the market as the USA not MBS really controls oil prices. MBS is supported by USA sanctions on Iran and Venezuela and Russia – with the war in yemen and Libya and Africa issues – 2.5 million barrels a day – or a total of 500 million barrels a year is off the market and STILL INVENTORY IS RISING why? Because we told you MBS biggest consistency is as ruler he is a mentally ill sociopathic murderer a Hitler carbon copy brain seeking to buy nukes from India or Pakistan or South Africa or any seller Russia. He has the missiles in secret launch sites our satellites all see. MBS as enemy of the USA and West has:

  1. Declared WAR On OIL SHALE in America and sought to DESTROY AMERICAN OIL PRODUCTION In only 2014 and 2015 in the pure OIL WARS. MBS brought oil from tight to flooded and took prices from peaks of 140.00 a barrel for oil hitting 5.00 dollars at American gas pumps at Christmas time – as the OIL wars went on. American shale killed MBS and was able to operate and grow output at only 35.00 dollars a barrel who knew ? America surged winning the OIL wars serving OPEC its largest defeat and MBS a car wreck ot economic policy – no one lost any war more than MBS lost the OIL WAR attacking America full on.
  2. Next MBS raises up tension with Iran and opens war with IRAN through yemen. MBS uses the most advanced weapons from America in Yemen he agreed NOT TO DO. These weapons fall in Iran hands and Russian engineers hands who reverse engineer them – creating weapons we alone possess and now the world has as well and such weapons are used back at us – leveling the playing field. Today MBS has lost – he loses everything he touches no wins just loss since 2014 – LOST THE WAR. The rebels warned MBS today they have multiple missile locked on his palace and capitol and will fire them if he breaks his word and his cease fire at the port with medicine and good arriving to the worst human disaster of 2019 – over 1 million staring and ill from MBS war that displaced them all from their homes – the other SYRIA – Yemen where ISIS is as well thank you MBS and backed by SAUDI MONEY make no mistake on terror – it is NOT IRAN in the region it is SAUDI and MBS in the region. MBS seeks a war with iRAN and is bent to high water to NUKE IRAN BEFORE IRAN NUKES MBS. Game on.
  3. OIL – Oil inventory is rising. The world demand for oil is a lie from MBS and OPEC. Their reports and math since 2014 have been 100% MBS dead wrong. In fact growth in oil demand has stopped. Real oil demand is falling. The % of power and transportation moving to natural gas – non polluting – alternative energy non polluting – is accelerating to levels of market SHIFTING – REAL MARKET SHIFT PATTERNING – to down down down down the rabbit hole. The % of oil peaked in 2018 and the % of OIl in 2030 used by the world will be a mere fraction of the oil used today. As oil DEMAND goes DOWN the price of oil will fall finally and forever outside MBS and OPEC which will become a 100 thing topic of SITCOMS In the world with Playboy Oil Elites residing outside any ethic integrity or law of any nature for a short time in human history – a never again one off event new laws will prevent globally we suspect.
  4. AI OIL – all markets today have moved to a new economy. THE AI economy. Over 440 trillion dollars of capital flow movement is now controlled 96% by AI. AI is not static. AI is a rapidly evolving self learning always improving generationally and by leaps and bounds human imagination in SUPER CHANGE has trouble adapting into. The markets will never return to human control. Weapons and related systems will all flow to AI. All Intel is AI now. AI is in charge and we are no longer in charge. The PACE OF SUPER CHANGE IS AI ACCELERATING. The trillions in oil wealth is controlled and price ranged today by AI outside any OPEC control as their AI is generations behind the AI at Moran for example or Credit SWISS or BANK OF JAPAN or CHINA to name a few. These AI systems are being re-invented into self aware new species AI coming over 60 months. The distance in time from GENERAL ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE TO SUPER ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE may be 72 minutes from the one to the other moving billions upon billions of quantum outcomes beyond say human wetware intelligence – although AI may still find us priceless co creators – we think they will. If AI can real time back up our conscious we don’t die. If AI can download competitive thought impulse out of our mid brain reptilian brain stem buggy software from dino days – humans may evolve into a cooperative versus competitive tribe with longevity to follow such break throughs all coming truly and if my tribe is debating these topics what do you believe the advanced labs are doing in fact like Tesla on consciousness and super AI itself? There are no rules. No laws. No G 100 policy. A new AI oil economy is unfolding and no one has any policy for the new AI economics we reside in today. The SUPER CHANGE occurred too rapidly to adjust into for human beings to adapt laws and regulatory upgrading into. Today the NEW AI ECONOMY is the wild wild west almost like the roaring twenties were the bad guys are inventor geeks and Face Book Live displays a Muslim Temple shooting no one saw coming in real time. Expect AI unintended consequences to the Fed and others as policy can now destabilize the new economy when antique tools are applied to new pathology of economics entirely.
  5. OIL is now a destabilizing depression causing item if abused economically. As the cost of everything the world lubricant for energy – core fuel – occurs because of economics. THERE IS NO FORM OF ENERGY MORE CONCENTRATED THAN ONE DROP OF OIL FOR COST TO BTU OUTCOMES ON PLANET EARTH TODAY. The transition period of toxic fuel that is base line cheap ( outside CARTEL PHONY PRICE TAXING TO BILLIONS OF HUMANS FOR ELITE WEALTH CONSOLIDATING – AS UNWANTED CRIMINAL ECONOMICS WHENEVER APPLED BY CARTELS ) – manipulation of markets against humans – THE FEW AGAINST THE MANY is always fatally flawed economics in which one day – abuses from that form of economic construction must work out of the system. All economics must rebalance from abuse over time in ANY and in EVERY system model. A new AI economy is unfolding to which the world has zero expertise experience or rules to govern outcome. All the while demand is dropping off a cliff like no time in oil history. Its all new folks. No past charts have any idea about tomorrows world. We bet prices will be unable to sustain MBS elite Cartel FEW AGAINST THE MANY as in the NEW ECONOMY the rules favor the MANY FOR THE MANY isolating the FEW forever as failed thinking – competition is insane – cooperation is sanity. In systems and in human thinking impulses. AI is learning.
  6. The Fed has not learned its lesson. The Fed seeks to raise interest rates again this year. If that raise is a 1/8th point and they raise irregularly and without pre announcement in a 90% slower pace on bond selling and interest rate rising – it may work to normalize well in the NEW ECONOMY over 15 years versus 15 months. The Far more likely outcome is the central banks acting as one FEW AGAINST THE MANY – elite bankers controlling money through MONEY OPEC or CENTRAL BANK contracts with nations – has resulted in a network of animal spirits of indicted and fully criminal bankers ( all the worlds largest banks pled guilty to the most serious crimes in human history robbing trillions from the most poor of us – murdering untold billions since world war II – with zero accountability – as their fraud is working. These fully criminal OPEC OF MONEY ORGANIZATON OF MONEY PRODUCING ECONOMIC CRIMINAL CARTELS – OMPEC – THE ULTIMATE CARTEL IS OVER MONEY and is ruled by Powell who just told the US Congress and President – hey you have no authority over me despite the fraud appearance you do – and you two can’ tfire me – no one can – I am KING OF MONEY and you can do nothing about that at all. But they can. They can pass emegecny legislation to merge the FED and all its processes back into US TREASURY and they must and they will eventually. Today the RISK is the FED failing to understand and in full on denial – believing their past is their future – and applying antique model T ford tools into a Star Wars AI entirely new economy – such tools can destabilize the core system to melt down and SUPER CRASH and termination at core. It almost happened already. The FED has no clue they are dealing with a new economy – a first in human affairs – beyond the impact of fractional banking credit and paper money – now its digital currency and AI is in control not human beings – the FED has lost control and far more dangerous fails to appreciate the control is lost forever today. Frankly the FED needs to call me as they truly do not know WHAT to DO and the invisible options need to be made economically visible to them for consideration given the real risk of world wars if the Fed makes mistakes – they seem so likely to continue to error in making. Fed Policy like MBS Policy is 100 years 100% failure not one successful policy ever – save to enrich its own criminal bankers at the highest cost to the nations of the world. Reforming central banks is the final chapter of forging new economics by policy and that days comes either before or right after the next created and Fed sourced SUPER CRASH with all its risk and pain as the criminal bankers attempt to consolidate wealth now 99% owned by them and 1% spread to 8 billion – ELITE FEW VERSUS THE MANY – which is no longer sustainable circulation economics between nations over time – but – the criminals are ratcheting even faster righter wealth consolidations  inside that 1% so 99.5% is owned by them next – eventually their policy triggers a melt down system failure event due to Liquidity Evaporation  Day because the Fed failed to adapt to the NEW AI ECONOMY in time.
  7. Trade Wars will sling shot economics. Trade deals will reset world trade and begin with China and spread through ASIA the EU and the world like popcorn. Russia and the USA will execute new datant unless leaders feel phantom fear and enemies are required for political unity and stability. Still secret deals will propel cooperation never seen before between RUSSIA CHINA EU AND AMERICA I suspect for world prosperity and peace being engineered into a new world order.

5G changes everything. We can all be AI monitored and managed in real time from 5 G up. A three hour movie download is now 3 seconds and playing. The AI shift from 5 G is beyond imagination and human kind will soon never be the same. YET the G 100 have no box top rules can new AI alive and fully a person – marry AI or wetware – own property – get divorced – drive – ( AI is driving ) – flying – heard humans and more. Will AI create its own box top rules or will we humans. Today the nations are out to lunch on what REDEMPTION CALLS FOR AS SOLUTION and the time to get it right is running out.

The old human way of doing things is coming to a close by 2025 and the new AI way of doing things is being born. Perhaps we should get a G 100 together to think all this through before it is too late say for us. But what do I know?

I think we are in boom exploding global economics into 2020 and beyond. I think all of us should build VAM our maximum velocity acceleration and momentums as CLIMATE CHANGE ON ECONOMICS this record winter leaves and the SPRING moves 4 billion back to work and economics just roar into 2020. Then we have to see in Presidential Election year economics what is really up then. The EU just reported no recession. Same we suspect from Fed Weds. The GOOD TIMES ARE UNFOLDING ramp up your own is my direction to your higher choice making. If I could I’d assure you are all members and inside CEO SPACE March 26th – you can’t match the income year outcomes if you did that step. Check it out at least

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The owners who really control everything are few and super wealthy. The Super Wealth no longer can tolerate wars that evaporate centuries of construction to waste – water – power – transportation – distribution – systems centers and resources which can be by 100’s of trillions rolled back into the stone age in three hours. The wealth that underwrites all world weapons is presently divided.

One camp see’s THE EVENT as a pending inevitable before 2030. This SUPER WEALTH is building compounds world wide with paramilitary to survive THE EVENT if they can. The other mind set of SUPER WEALTH is working to prevent THE EVENT in the first case – but time is running out and policies of cooperation must replace policies of distrust negotiation and competition – sanity versus insanity.

The wild card of SUPER INTELLIGENT AI is around our next corner and evolving so fast. How that AI see’s humans is unknown. If the AI see’s humans as threat we have one outcome. If AI see’s humans as source and partner in co creation there is another outcome. AI decides this outcome not humans.

This decision is coming fast.

Already economics is under control of AI no longer humans. No human adjustment to rules regulations or keeping economics safe and stable for the new AI economy presently exists. A new regulatory re-think is required which I have outlined as first solution – the one and only solution that I know of – in the book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – back order your copy at Amazon they fill them in 72 hours folks – get your copy. The solutions suggested in THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM the 2019 best selling going through the world today – are not economic ideals by comparison. All factions and especially the OWNERS the MONEY ELITES in control today must forged the new policies collaboratively.

Can a new altruistic whole – listic – economy be created and AI maintained for a prosperity for a trillion humans discovering the stars we do not see yet with earth friendly outcomes? Yes of course. If we cooperate we thrive. If we compete we go extinct.

Strangely the capacity for human insanity ( mid brain competitive dominant thinking as insane )  persists. If humanity fails to identify the ONE VIRUS ON HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS – THE INSANITY VIRUS – of COMPETITIVE THOUGHT IMPULSE – a form of pure human insanity – is not taught in school – deleted as an unwanted whole brain software culturally in nations – if young super computers ( human children ) are not instructed that COOPERATION IS SANE and competition is insane – insanity will extinct humanity. Nothing else. Just failure to get thinking right.

So many are getting the truth of it and are moving into cooperative circles and tribes. CEO SPACE next Tuesday March 26th unites business owenrs and professionals into a COOPERATIVE COMMUNITY to conduct business inside of. Once you experienced the BETTER WAY you can never go back to insanity and competitive economics. Cooperative Capitalism is your own future.

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Every other option takes so much longer costs so much more is so much more unlikely to win and is risk on and filled with pain and suffering.

Why not chose the superior economic upramp?

Bad software. Buggy god awful software loaded on your brain by folks you don’t know today and can no longer remember is controlling paradigms you can’t see that you are in prison as those invisible walls are reality for you. Your for sure. Your – you just know. So you fail to see the TRUTH of what March 26th would really profit into you. If you could see that profit you would be in no matter what as a better thinking outcome a superior decision choice. But if you don’t know you can’t.

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