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We are in a rare climate change WINTER SLOW DOWN. The record pace of draught breaking winter, the record cold, snows, ice, with sun belt states seeing snow. Snow belt states saw 28 below zero – weather – more than once. States without snow removal saw SNOW. Airports from Atlanta to Vegas were closed by SNOW in 2019. Winter has slowed employment, durable goods, and more. Folks do not buy homes in 28 below zero I mean duh. Folks buy less cards and fridges because they are carrying wood to their fire place. Shoveling snow so they can try and get to work.

Folks most of 4 billion of us have been house bound by weather. There is NO SLOW DOWN IN GLOBAL ECONOMICS. Governments are spending record sums. Consumers are spending record sums. As the sun in the SPRING melts the snows the entire world – 4 billion of 8 billion – humans – are about to be in SPRING MELT WILD FLOWERS and the business SLING SHOT we have predicted all year is going to roar toward a global on going expansion.

The head winds are going to turn into TAIL WINDS. Let’s talk about them. First and you knew it first is that we are reporting winter numbers from December and January now. The forward reports for February and early March are record weather events, record chills, record ground cover, record economic global slow down from the 2019 WEATHER ECONOMY which will SLING SHOT into outstanding economics in 2019 this SPRING. CEO SPACE is timed March 26th to SPRING BUSINESS FORWARD by community building because critical new mentors removing your challenge list one on one for your complex issues and your critical missing connections set your business on fire. You don’t get those connections doing busy work at home you come to the # 1 Accelerator and get them in ten days in Dallas. Think about and share that as when you come with a pod of three you share cost and own the lowest lifetime membership possible all CEO’s of small business and professionals in practice. Opportunity in 2019 IS more valuable than DIAMONDS and the D FLAWLESS according to the PRESS in growing business faster for ten years globally is CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL




The trade war template modeling between the two largest trading partners in the world by goods transactions is a battle among non equals. China operates an economy about as large as LA county in California to the USA. Russia about as large as New York State. No nation comes close in economics to the economic holy roman empire we call America. America won World War II ( not the EU ) and America runs the world economics after winning that war, which at prior periods was run by the United Kingdom and prior to that the OTTOMAN EMPIRE and prior to that ROME itself.

There is one Rome in 2019 the Mount Everest of Economics feeding the entire world like a mother lion with her pride all the rest. The jaw boning and talk means nothing as economics expand or contract depending on collective flows of capital controlled by America majority of capital flow controlling – into the markets of the world all dollar based. The US Dollar is the only currency with the circulation, standing, AI, clearance systems, trading pathologies, and global outreach in all nations sufficient in CURRENCY QUALITY QUANTITY AND CIRCULATIONS to manage core system liquidity on a global scale. The settlement of food and energy is trillions daily and the only lubricant to settle those trade velocities is the US dollar. It is not China borrowing 300% more than it earns for ten years with an economy total circulation the size of LA County so make judgements on systemics with appropriate data, real data.

The template agreement between China and the USA effects trillions of circulations in the entire world. The template of the agreement is a NEW WORLD ORDER revolutionary document and the time to create it is worthy – take your time. The outcome effects the agreements to follow with our buddies in the UK and then the EU and then Russia and Japan and all of Asia and the world at large. The SLING SHOT EFFECT OF BOTH – SPRING WEATHER ON ECONOMICS AND TRADE WAR SOLUTIONS COMING ON LINE – ARE MASSIVE AND IMMEDIATE.

Trade is about to SOAR to unseen highs based upon TRADE WAR SOLUTIONS because the world despite how you see it or how it appears to you – is actually moving into closer COOPERATION and is seeing COMPETITION as a pure form of human insanity – competitive thought impulse is evidence of human insanity and can be resisted. How would I resolve THAT cooperatively.? How can we both win? How can I turn this lemon into lemonade. If you dwell upon your problems you have more problems. If you super focus on your solutions you have solutions. THE TRADE WAR SLING SHOT ( you heard it first here ) IS coming this Spring.



All central banks of the world are meeting. These private stock firms under contract with their nations are owned by the banks they regulate – all criminal bankers. Not a good system and all should be merged back into their state treasuries for audit oversight and regulatory protection against GREAT RECESSIONS they always cause. Today the central banks still are in dillussion. They believe they are inside an economy they have managed for 100 years and an economy they understand well. In truth – they are managing a new economy the world has never known or experienced before. An economy unlike any economic theory or model in existence ever. In 2013 over 50% of all circulations of 440 trillion in global capital came under control of non human AI. Today world capital is circulating at 96% control of AI outside any human governance regulatory frame work or over sight. This SUPER CHANGE evolution occurs too rapidly for human systemic adaptation. Law makers laws and regulatory frame works forged slowly from 1933 to today have been open heart by passed by AI.

The tools and tactics the FED applies to a new economy it helped created by inventing FREE MONEY for TEN YEARS now has fueled a speculation economy. AI trades asset classes in ranages. AI punishes missed expectation as never before ( see Tesla or GE ) and rewards its reverse faster than ever as well. The new ranges are a new economic model> The Fed presently lacks tools charts and data for the new – rapidly evolving ALL NEW AI ECONOMY first reported here in 2013 as always. My new book outlines this unfolding NEW ECONOMIC challenge for all world policy planners. Applying a model T Ford tool box set of tools to the anti matter engines of the STAR SHIP ENTERPRISE hurts the WARP DRIVE MOTORS and is likely fatal for the FED.

They stopped doing just that tinkering in the nick of time before CORE DAMAGE TO THE CORE SYSTEM occured within a Fed triggered default event we call CASCADE which leads to Liquidity Evaporation Day. As the real risk moving forward is CENTRAL BANK POLICY ERRORS into a new rapidly evolving future AI economy over which humans have zero expertise experience or oversight. Without the LARGEST REGULATORY RE-THINK IN 100 YEARS the risk to system core stability remains unusually high – do to – systemic planners residing in denial believing they are still in the old economy. THE FED PAUSE needs to be three years or so while the market momentum develops depth across the world within  new trade protocols being negotiated now. The time line the FED has set forth is the problem. In the NEW ECONOMY the asset that is cornerstone is TIME ITSELF. A bit too complex on theory for a blog post. But you get it because you read the sequence of my blogs layered learning just for you – to know more – do more – and be more safe than those who lack hard data. THE FED PAUSE IS A SPRING SLING SHOT ECONOMIC EVENT. The CENTRAL BANK meeting taking place this month of all central banks under contract with their states to print state money – the banker cabal far bigger than OPEC we call central banks which are just private banks making a corporation called the FED when its really CRIMINAL BANK PRINTING MONEY which is why we morally ethically and legally lobby to merge central banks back into their treasury in real time digital transparency worlds of economics. Monetary policy needs to be accountable to the people of their nations. Not to their criminal bankers. The PAUSE is what yoiu need to know into second quarter 2019 is a SLING SHOT ECONOMIC EVENT FOR THE WORLD. The Central banks of the world from Japan to EU are loosing fiscal stimulus again while our FED is just on pause to tighten – and just in time for the SRPING FORWARD FINANCIALLY effects coming next – be awake at your wheel and take control.


The IMF and the World Bank ( and others like the Fed and US treasury ) have offered to help China since the GREAT RECESSION and 2010. China has been spending for over ten years now more than 300% more than China earns. This is deficit financing by nation greater than any nation on earth. Driving communist economics via phony printing of money and delivery of irresponsible unsustainable ( as the IMF calls it ) spending leads to a very long very dangerous correction. The danger is the loans to China are now all AI created – digital managed – and represent syndicates involving all nations and their core banks by tens of trillions. Consider in Asia a mind boggling 100 TRILLION in loans is in default and are bad loans – some to state run Chinese firms without making interest or principle payment for ten to fifteen to ten years – in the bad loan stack. These loans keep getting renewed and the banks carry the 100 trillion dollars as good performing loans. What occurs when bank balance sheets are forced – never happened until economic rebalancing events THE EVENT occur – and the bad loans are recognized as bad loans? Oh then China economcis are bankrupt – the banks and institutions in China are bankrupt – economics stops – currency inflation is like Venezuela is now, there is probably in the 100’s of millions unemployed revolution and social unrest like not seen in modern times and potentials for war to distract the people as the final outcome of the economic great rebalancing. But that is long term. Today China is massively stimulating its trade war sinking economy now crashing. To offset the depth of the crash in the Chinese economic down bubble – pre SLING SHOT TO TRADE WAR AGREEMENTS – China is setting the stage for its own SLING SHOT. They are NOW instituting the world’s most massive stimulus ( through borrowing and debt that now is rising again against falling GNP with no end in sight for China planners ) .  Massive public work like nothings since America’s GREAT DEPRESSION ( which China planners are following like a play book ). Still we are in a NEW ECONOMY and rebalancing that took time in old economics may have compression on time to accountability in the new economy. AI is moving trillions out of China never to return. It is not clear if China can survive the AI capital route. Short term we see a China Trade template for the entire world a SLING SHOT IN CHINA AMERICA leadership trade and outcomes for the entire world making 2020 a boom prospect forward year as EU and Japan trade deals follow and finally Russia and Iran by election year 2020 we suspect and now predict in what we label POLITICAL ECONOMICS itself a new element in economic modeling and prediction moving forward. SUPER CHANGE NEW AI ECONOMICS AND GLOBAL POLITICAL ECONOMICS are the new TOOL BOX UNIVERSITIES need to updwell on rapidly to lead and bleed in the new age of SUPER CHANGE. ( Watch for me new book this October ).




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  1. Weather is the only slow down on global economics and this SPRING you will see by the summer economic up ramps that will confound the bears, gratify the bulls, justify hey buddy Crammer ( we started about the same year ) , satisfy the Fed and GPS a growth into 2020 that will be on going to year end into 2020.
  2. Risk is unknown third party events – wars and terror primarily.
  3. Britt Exit will do well no matter how it unfolds as the EU is a house on fire due to aging and debt without fire escapes. Eventually the EU implodes in Debt the largest systemic risk in the new AI economy outside China. For now the EU is stimulating. EU must monitor China. As Germany and France in down bubble will SUPER CRASH in trade wars with USA if not resolved rapidly against a CHINA SLING SHOT to create an EU SLING SHOT.
  4. We believe we will see Japan EU Sling Shots Africa and Asia sling shots – trade deal after trade deal into 2030 – and beyond. A NEW WORLD ORDER OF COOPERATION COLLABORATION AS COMPETITION SHEDDING WE INITIATED 30 years ago is now an unstoppable world movement – see my world premier film in the blog before your weekend update – this report.
  5. We believe deals will work out with North Korea and China and the outcomes will create a peace dividend into 2030 if Central Banks do not error into the new economy – as SUPER BONDS are still required to reset soverign nation debt accounts by 2030 – as if that is achieved the world has prosperity for 300 years potentially as the NEW ECONOMICS drive a new world stability.

Stability is now the economic wagon wheel of data first priority as new economic theory is unfolding to manage the new AI economy. A human first time challenge in the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE.

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