To help rebuild war savaged economics after World War II the USA did two big things. First they permitted the nations most harmed to have favored trade status. Their goods could be sold cheap in America without matching tariff tax cost while these nations could rebuild taxing America very heavily for any goods the WINNER of the war sold into those nations.

This policy was complimented in the EU by the MARSHAL Plan that put the equivalent of trillions to work in rebuilding shattered Germany and the EU today. A similar rebuilding was made in Japan and South Korea. The USA compassion created miracles in those who lost the wars.

Today the USA is beset with the highest trade deficit – spending to buy things more than we earn from selling things – or going really bankrupt but slowly. President Trump is attempting to change all this. Motivated by the worst Trade Numbers in USA DEFICITS in 2019 – EVER REPORTED IN HISTORY – the trade deficit despite trade wars is soaring. Partly because buyers seek to acquire assets before new higher tariff’s raise prices jacking up inventory artificially which makes the current account trade numbers in fact a bit softer than they might appear due to trade war influences on buying patterns.


One must admire how Trump and President XI have gone at this like grown ups. The resetting has uncorked some real surprises. First consumers are backing off of buying anything made in China. The cost to China that may be permanent and take decades to work around include:

  1. Consumer core pattern shift – to preclude if possible buying in China who are taking advantage of the USA in the mind of the American consumer – and 100% blame China for hacking our industry inventions and stealing our wealth. This double physchology is creating a permanent china buying pattern shift.
  2. We suspect with Apple and other American icon sales declines that China consumers are doing the same thing precisely.
  3. So a world shattering new trade model – an example to EU- will flow out of the two world leaders the USA and China and it will be a reasonably good historic job.
  4. China exports have crashed by 1/5th in 2019. This is worse economically than it looks. First the growth of exports which were growing stopped. No more growth. Then the numbers went negative. Then the numbers right into Christmas the busy time of the year super crashed.
  5. China markets are destroyed – down by Super Crash levels and plunging far lower today almost 5 % off today. We told you for 18 months – ignore the experts reporting diversify primarily start with China – we on the other hand told our tens of thousands of readers – world wide – get OUT OF ALL ASIA INVESTING and concentrate in the USA.



The Federal Reserve Board ( a corporation run by its shareholder criminal bankers controlling the printing of money from the USA by a contract law between the Fed and the USA – independant no audit no over sight no check and balance and any oversight is illussion and fraud by design – read THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM to understand the Fed – executed 2015 forward economic normalization policy – this blog – the President of the United States and the Congress entirely stated – was an error in economic policy. The policy error is a cost. We are all paying the FED COST right now. If you don’t read THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM you don’t appreciate the how this all works in fact. You will once you read it.

The USA has gone form 200,000 jobs created in a week to 20,000.00. We can’t emphisize how depreciating it is to have a 90% drop in your job numbers in a single reporting period in February 2019.

This report caused the stock market to open Friday 400 points lower – we will see how AI ends the day.

The issue is these numbers are the USA economy hitting a pop up steel rod barrier that is tearing the under carriage out of the Economy. Why?

  1. The Fed – raised interest rates 100% upward in too fast a time frame for a fragile economy growing by stimulous when the Fed just stopped stimulous and went into tightening with a passion. The policy error and timing has created stability core threat to the economic system world wide as debt’s financing growth must flip into 100% higher cost and just in commerical real estate with Trillions to flip we see 100’s of billions of defaults returning failing assets to Fed banks unable to pay the higher debt the Fed jack hammered into the economy way to fast inflicting PERMANENT REAL CORE DAMAGE in a new AI economic system the Fed has no clue even exists.
  2. Trade War in the new AI ECONOMY is creating billions of REDUCED BUYING FROM THE USA while our buying through the Holidays was at record high – slamming new record high deficit numbers. The USA is buying in 2019 a record of goods – while selling a record low of USA goods selling – creating a huge deficit pile into any already unfair and bad world trade scheme that must be modified from WORLD WAR II.

This is all taking place against the EU framing new budgets on zero surplus. While the EU has with its central banks seen the FED hand writiing on the wall and flipped. They have stopped tightening as a failed policy and returned to stimulating and lending keeping rates very low in the EU. EU nations are awash in debt. Nations are running for office to triple pensions when they can not pay the pension plan they have now just to win votes with economic promises that can never be kept. Aging in the EU is taking down economics as so many are age 65 to 85. The EU has slowed like it hit a brick wall. The EU has gone from growth into a recession forward numbers likely will confirm. Bam and so fast. The recession in the EU makes the EU desperate for USA buyers while no EU buyers exist to buy made in the USA. Trade account balances are getting worse and worse for the USA.

Which means the trade wars are about to jump from China to Japan and Germany. USA seeks to have its for sale items reach all nations with zero tax either way – or if not matching taxes – we will now tax you the way you tax us. Tariff collections on just China are helping treasury keep borrowing cost lower – which is a good thing. Massive Tariff’s are about to line up on the very unfair EU trade with the USA. As the trade opens up the issue is recession in the EU.

China has been devastated by the trade war and the length of time the trade war goes on risks permanent irreversable consumer ships in buying patterns very harmful to both nations if entrenched. These new anti nation buying patterns or patriotic buying patterns are beyond government or nation to resolve. What if America stops buying by a lot BMW’s and Mercedes and Lexus…just that and nothing more. But wait…it would be a lot more.

They buy rising American brands making far better quality products today from America workers in America.

That trend skyrockets economics in the USA and destroys economics outside the USA. Watch. To our knowledge we remain the only news reporting to the world that the RISK ON event in forward economics is permanent consumer shift from the trade war rhetoric which was awful and warlike in 2017 and 2018. Consumers do not forget those sound bytes. They create hardened emotional capital on both the USA and CHINA Side.

Tourism is taking a hit. Executives fear reciprocity on delays or being retained. At every level new cost trends are rising up in reports effecting the nations in trade war.

China is pulling back after record Oil stock piling – already down in coal and natural gas. China is slowing rapidly some say crashing like into a mountain. Growth slowed and stopped on a dime then went into down bubble like not seen in China in 30 years. China awash in debt – spending 300% more than it earns – for ten years – to pay for its expansion and economic miracle – driven by debt investing. Using debt to set up more debt with other nations colonialism minerals and trade with other nations by DEBT CONTROLS. Read The KILLING OF UNCLE SAM where all this is explained as economic GPS for your planning into the future. Knowledge IS Power real power when you have that knowledge first. READ THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM world wide as it effects all nations – and you will KNOW what others suspect but can not explain while you in fact can. You will take better action.

The democrats on track to impeach and endless investigate Trump defines we told you so. We reported the democrat win in the congress would in 2018 create the following:

  1. Grid lock like you have never seen grid lock before – see record breaking government shut down for one
  2. Impeachment and investigations designed to force Trump from office and to pay back for Clinton impeachment.
  3. Politics will derail economics by failing to pass immigration and infrastructure required to fuel forward growth.
  4. The USA economy would slow like hitting a brick wall as confidence shatters from the politics effecting economics.
  5. The USA is now in full on slow down – as we said would be the case – still no recession yet but its coming too.


THE USA economy is slowing. Faster than anyone suspected. Due to mismanagement of economic policy by the FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD ( never paying a price or held accountable for such errors that cause world wars – time to merge the failed agency into the successful agency THE USA TREASURY – remove the criminal bankers from control of our money and all is well in America again ).  Read the book and I will have YOUR VOTE on this one core item.

AI has to figure out the price range it will hold prices within – as prices in all asset classes are now manipulated numbers by AI fully in control of those price ranges today – investing 440 trillion into a 3 trillion dollar box to manipulate price within – easy. If you are the artificial intelligent programs controlling capital calculations.

Worse from all this – economic control has left nations central banks and regulatory agencies of the post depression 1930’s era to today. All control of economics has shifted to AI within less than 10,000 super money pools from 2013 to today. Control is now 96% AI on capital flow dynamics world wide. No nation can offset this new economy reality. All nations fail to see the new reality is even here nor do they have any ideas on how to reset control – moderate risk -and reassess the AI New Economy regulatory frame work modeling – as none exists today. The SUPER CHANGE occured too fast for systemic revision to keep pace – SUPER CHANGE is now faster than human old systems from 100 years ago or older – can adapt into to remain CURRENT and in front of the issues. We are now slaves to react in rear view mirror looking to make policy already too late to be relevant or current.

The Risk of rapid economic change – into recession – within never ending real trade wars – between nations all going down economically all drowning in record never known before debt accounts developed by central bank policy and intention to enslave you all – and they have – which leads to massive debt cascades never known before in economics – as all economic abuse must rebalance eventually. As this debt cascade bankrupts the nations – the banks – the central banks the investment banks and they all close and no circulation occurs outside barter and hard money – which takes place in AI world in 72 minutes – time frames leaders fail to appreciate see or embrace as a new economic reality they permitted to unfold. They DO NOT GET ECONOMICS.

Economics will however…GET ALL OF THEM.

So slowly without a G 100 Economic Constitutional Convention to frame an AI global economic regulatory upgrade to system and models – what is coming is the GREATEST DEPRESSION AND WORLD WAR. Why? Failure in leadership to see the tea leaves of economic super change into AI economics and to revise systems to control the future now unfolding with or without such policies.

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Today we have confirmation that what we told you last year to now is accurate precise and correct. We told you when every single expert was reporting the opposite to what we reported. We have proven reporting here first was in fact  right and correct and we hope is useful to your planning. Staying ahead of what IS going on out there.

March 2019 Updates this weekend:


  1. THE USA and world economy is DRAMATICALLY SLOWING DOWN.
  2. The switch from growth to slow down is – the failed policy from the USA and other nation central bankers
  3. Trade war is now dramatically effecting economics and a new global downward cycle.

Looking forward we have called on entrepreneur and professional readers to GROW FASTER to ACCELERATE Momentum in 2019. The Asleep leaders will do what they have always done. The awake leaders will take new actions make new investments and seek out options invisible now and made visible soon to grow faster in 2019 and 2020 as the boom winds down.

Those awake leaders who worked longer hours, who expressed discipline to economics and cycles – defend their lifestyle and protect it by having sufficient growth they matured going through the next down turn like it was warm butter. For those who failed to build that new higher momentum NOW while there is still time the real risk is without safe harbor when the financial storms hit your boat can be wiped out completely.

This applies at micro to business owners. This applies at macro to our private equity, hedge fund, banking, institutional and investment banker readers – our law firms like Elron Musk and Meg at HP and Mark Cubans attorney read this blog – we hope they all do as schedules permit. Heads of state and state leadership read this blog and always the press read this blog for background on stories they write world wide within the hear it first content on what IS going on out there.

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Much of the numbers today is WEATHER RELATED. We have had 70% of America in areas never seeing these numbrs before at over 20 below zero – in sun belt states. Snow where SNOW has never fallen. So much business snowed out – roads and bridges and airports closed. Over 176,000 flights canceled since Thanksgiving world wide – that will impact your numbers in all nations. WEATHER EVENTS.

Business New Year when we all SPRING FORWARD FINANCIALLY is when Spring hits and the snows melt. WE time CEO SPACE first of five events the last week of March to fly into THE ENTIRE WORLD GOING BACK TO WORK FULL BLAST. We launch momentum from that stage into 2019 for our membership of leaders. Leaders are readers.

So expect numbers to surprise everyone as we see the SPRING EFFECT kick in on numbers this summer. Until then the weak WEATHER INFLUENCED numbers will remain with us in April and May. By June we should without unforseen events and there could be many – we should feel better numbers.

I do not know if AI can figure out and weight its buy sell range programing to understand WEATHER IMPACT EVENTS like humans can as to forward value expectations when placing large bets on the future of any stock bond or investing.

AI is and remains a wild card now fully in charge. THE AI EFFECT is larger than even the WEATHER EFFECT.

We are in a new AI economy for the first time in recorded human history.

The leaders of all nations and their advisers are stuck in paradigm’s of an old human economy that no longer exists and was SUPER CHANGED by AI economics from 2013 to 2018 – where in five years a new economy was forged the world has never experienced before. The NEW AI economy is nothing like the box top rules of the old human run economics. Further inside this rapid on going heating up change pathology – SUPER CHANGE – the leaders and their advisers do not know save for those who read this blog – that there even is a NEW ECONOMY or that tools say a FED USES from the OLD economy will not perform as intended ( as the Fed has now learned in the new AI ECONOMY ) and such old tools are in fact TOXIC economics in the new AI economy.

As yet the POLICY LEADERSHIP has no clue that a new economy is here – and with heads buried in hidy holes – they do not know what to do – and when they rely on old human economics pre 2013 they fail on policy every single time.

The problem is denial to SUPER CHANGE.

Super Change is occuring in law – family – distribution – buying patterns – core systemics – in industry and entreprenuer everything and in life to you as an individual. Your capacity to master SUPER CHANGE the title of my book release this October – is to learn faster – UNLEARN EVEN FASTER – and RELEARN FASTER THAN THAT ….the skill of SUPER CHANGE C suite leadership. The future is being brought fully current in leadership in your expert silo – so you are ahead of SUPER CHANGE versus reacting to Super Change. One of the not blasting you in your face is the fact that CEO SPACE is the # 1 ranked Business Conference the Press suggest you can not – afford to MISS CEO SPACE because it is the one and the only leadership development advanced elevator to lead in SUPER CHANGE the one essential for forward entrepreneur growth required. Upgrade YOURSELF FIRST and everything else falls into place as a consequence.

As we near the weekend March 8th now on Friday we see Elizebeth Warren in the news a bit on the democratic leaning toward the far left socialist policies – front page in USA to break up Amazon and Face Book which in fact legally is outside regulatory auspices in fact. But they can always change the laws but they can’t change thank God the Constitution so laws that are not CONSTITUTIONAL which protects free ownership against the most powerful nation rewriting that code – balances the leanings. The USA is in rip tide of REFORM back to constitutional protections or into socialism and away from the constitution entirely – which is the data you don’t know but will discover when you read THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM – order five copies as you will wish to share this. This work is the most important read of your adult lifetime on the economic power wars now effecting all of us together world wide. Roll this work out everywhere as you wonder why they did not kill the authors for the research that no one can lie off the record now as to the truth of WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE.

My blog to nay sayers who think – that can’t be true in fact – will come as they track over time – discover it is all true and why. If you read THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM Amazon PRIME It today – you will experience a KNOWING and ABSOLUTELY CERTAINTY that we suspect will cause you to think more economically and less emotionally to news.

Folks the truth is below:

  1. Nothing is what it seems to be
  2. Everything is economics
  3. Reading the KILLING OF UNCLE SAM you will know more economically than you have known in your lifetime.

Then you will read this blog with higher relish and regard into the future. You will see confirmed everything and we mean every economic everything. The authors not being economists do not see the easy fix to the Fed problem of just merging the Fed back into USA treasury.

Today you read nothing about the ECONOMY IS NEW and the new economy is AI. The press however who read this blog will pick up on this lead story into 2025 and begin to assess economic news against the new AI economic and we hope call for a G 100 ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS OVER THREE YEARS – of time – on the big island of Hawaii to reset REGULATORY GLOBAL FRAME WORKS TO RESET AI INTO RULE OF LAW MISSING TODAY. My book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION makes so much more sense after reading THE KILLING OF AMERICA both are the GPS into a far better future for entrepreneurs who know versus those who go and do not know.

Ready fire AIM?


Two books will set you free – economically.


PS: As we suspect AI doesn’t read the SLOW DOWN math like we do and moderate loss today from 400 points down to just a bit down…as the strength of SPRING hits economics we feel AI will move confidentially on elevation to price ranges creating a solid good strong year for growth prospects for our readers in every industry world wide. We suspect an all market SLING SHOT EFFECT when the China USA trade template for all global forward trade deals comes out and is signed – an explosion of value growth is likely following THE EVENT on trade deals being completed. Depending of course how Congress politicizes the the process in a not secret obsession – GET TRUMP AT ALL COSTS – and derail his policy – grid lock him so zero gets done till we remove  him or the people re-elect him with a republican congress to follow in 2020 – no one can predict how this will all come out in fact….primarily because under estimating Trump has fatally wounded Hillary Clinton Politically and many others along the war between classes in America. Socialism America or Constitutional America – this ideological war is in full play and we have to all wait until as a whole we the people sort it all out in our own minds. And thats the truth on markets economics and planning forward on Friday March 8th 2019 – thanks for reading.