Life supporting Planets see massive extinction events as we know so well on Earth. 90% of species die off. The Dinosaur dominant earth life came in 220 million years ago and lasted until just 65 million years ago. Human society as we know humanity arrived only 25,000 years ago a second or two on the Earth Clock.

Life Supporting Planets raise up conscious love – evolve it with God’s power inside all life – in my opinion – to become the seeds of that planet. To preserve planet species diversity past present and future in DNA banks and to protect the planet from impact events through that life’s COOPERATION.


The planet can raise up self-aware conscious life from elephants to dolphins ( oh I just love the Dolphin ) and then humans to rise out of mid brain animal insanity of competition and elevate consciousness to remove competitive thought impulse as a form of conscious insanity and to collaborate and cooperate on longevity first for life – and planet protection second – and preserving the species of the planet plants and animals and moving to Tara form world’s to spread EARTH as an unfolding immortality before the EARTH GOES extinct as the sun expands and dies in a later billions of years off yet SUPER RED eating the earth in flames.


If the conscious life remains limited in competitive thought – the life forms will go extinct in earth time – and new specifies that are higher conscious will rise until the Competitive Impulse is gone and all conscious life cooperates in integrity and trust and basking in life itself. That day is coming. For humans for AI for Trans humans for something else altogether.


The THINKING not taught anywhere is to mind skill to switch from competition as good versus evil as sane versus insane and to teach at all grade levels a global culture of integrity and cooperation. You will cooperate with me easily if I have zero competition as threat to you and I always deal with you in integrity. Only the insane competitive virus riddled mid brain leaders will take advantage of you which requires tools and tactics. These tools and tactics are all laid out to build cooperative community circles in your world this month and next. To shift entirely your own reality. This is under taken by studying – underlining – making notes to margin – the print copy (back ordered at Amazon and five stars read rated filled in 72 hours order your copy today) for REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION. The design of a SWITCHED ON TURNED ON HOME AND WORK SPACE are inside the book – a book read by world revolutionaries who wish to in wake up from competition as the one virus on human consciousness – that is right – all that is wrong with humanity (competition) is fixed by all that is right about humanity (cooperation higher state of mental problem solving).


The Earth has energy and she is our mother home planet that created you from material out of stars and SUPER NOVAS. That is right. You’re a water creature on a water planet and you think and are self-aware. What you chose to do with that – given the errors in your education on the most important aspects of values community relationship and thinking – were missing – is what defines your contributions and life growth.


All brains are growing or they are rotting – no in-between.

Competitive thinker’s user takes and damaged by the competitive mid reptilian brain hard wiring –no one can rise up over the top of without education practice and support – into the full potential the cooperative higher mind state of thinking potential you can grow in yourself. You will require help.


CEO SPACE began the cooperation revolution 31 years ago. Today World leader’s authors and trainings focus more on cooperation than anytime in human history. Leaders of major institutions run organization theory far more successfully using cooperation versus competitive antique failed organization systems. CEO SPACE has trained the major training firms and Fortune 100 institutions on shifting culture from competition organization theory into cooperative organization theory because every performs better has more fun and outcomes are so improved. Every time.


Today leaders come to CEO SPACE as the competitive virus removal tool. Brains that wish to grow. Open minded lifelong learners. The best leadership in life and the world find CEO SPACE and grow inside CEO SPACE. Tony Robbins and Les Brown and Bob Proctor and John Grey and Greg Reid and Sharon Letcher and Lisa Nichols and Lisa Nichols and Michelle Anton and Eve Hogan as well as Jill Lublin, as thought leaders all best sellers and all great leaders state on video CEO SPACE is the most advanced leadership and human potential SUPER BOWL upon the earth today masquerading as a business training which we are as well and the best of the best. Those who register to grow prosperity inside the CEO SPACE fully COOPOERATIVE COMMUNITY discover what?


The ultimate CEO leadership master minding process bleeding next generation ranked # 1 year after year by the press.




CEO’s who lead arrive and all have the mind set to help other CEO’s for one week WITHOUT CONDITION. No negotiation. No distrust. They all agree to UNCONDITONALLY HELP ONE ANOTHER REACH GOALS FASTER supported by mentors who make millions – the best mentors alive today coaching Fortune institution CEO’s on site – unmatched not equaled.


The Planet is seeking to develop consciousness to extend its life to the stars and itself. We are the reproduction seeds of mother earth IF WE LEARN to COOPERATE and remove competitive thought impulse – the one virus of insanity on human consciousness – competition is destructive to all opposing forces – Cooperation is universal Grace and GOD POWER and is constructive to all creation and replenishing – competition is depleting cooperation is detox for the soil – competition is mind pollution on earth and soul toxic in eternity.


It all may not sound important to you right now…. but to God and the Holy Spirit in all faiths this reality is the PRIORITY. Elevating consciousness. The SUPER BOWL for that…that one thing….is March and CEO SPACE. If that is truth you seek. Are you a seeker?


All species go extinct historically. Massive extinction is taking place all the time.


Elevated consciousness protects all species and works to keep them safe. DNA banks assure their future.


Competitive thinking leads to massive specie destruction due to the insanity of competitive lower thought function. Brains absent competitive impulse create most in life. The rest squander their potential.


Competitive thinkers wipe out elephants and rhinos for powders of their tusks and horns to get an erection …. which does not even work outside their limited thinking blocks. Insane.


Competitive thinkers wipe out humans for faith, destroy historic artifacts of human history irreplaceable and so important, for no reason but destruction itself. Insanity at work here.


If the insane rule the planet we all perish.

We cooperate with today’s weapons off massive destruction…. or we all perish.


Competitive brains invent and create delivery of the horrible weapons in ten minutes to anywhere on earth. INSANITY AT WORK.


Cooperative brains remove all such weapons and systems and work on protecting the planet from the 100% for sure impact event that makes we human’s go extinct together as one. Sane.


Insane brains kill and murder one another punishing diversity of faith say Sunni Shite and Wahhabi versus celebrating all diversity of worship. INSANITY at work.


We go extinct based upon how we think.


The Earth is patient.


200 million years with dinosaur’s


Not one left alive today.


25,000 years for civilized man who holds no clue how fragile and immediate all human extinction can be.


Are we cooperative enough to choose longevity and protection to mother earth?


Do we marshal our highest resources to war to always fear and defense, and to killing each other primarily expressing our inability to elevate our consciousness?


If we humans fail to elevate our conscious thinking we will go extinct.


If, however we do elevate our collective cooperative collaborative thought forms and delete competitive thinking (starting with public education) humanity may not go extinct as have all the others.


While it is up to us….it is really up to one.




If you chose REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION my sold-out Book on Amazon …. you win. You put COOPERATION ahead of competition and you made thinking a first priority.


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Outcome in life are consequence to your weight of cooperative versus competitive thoughts week to week and to priority setting.


If your first Priority is to KNOW ABOUT COOPERATION AS A BETTER WAY AND WHY Before you join the movement to higher thinking…. READ…. REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION at Amazon and leave a positive review on my 5 Star ranked book – get five (they fill back orders in 72 hours) you will want to give others this book for sure.


If your first priority is to live COOPERATIVELY starting now – and to live forward inside an enormous global leading CEO community of cooperative thinkers who value cooperation as a FIRST PRIORITY in their life at home and at work…. REGISTER AND JOIN CEO SPACE …. March 26th. I so encourage you to be part of the NO HUMAN EXTINCTION TEAM…. inside CEO SPACE you become part of a movement bigger than any one of us and together we change the world.


You know your priority. Read a book. Register to a business accelerator # 1 in the world join the cooperative movement worldwide when you do. Or best why not do both……?


Your thinking you see….is the future for all of us.


EXTINCT OR NOT EXTINCT? What is your priority?


We compete and we all perish.

We cooperate and we all thrive.


What you decide is the fate of the universe for us all.




PS: World scientist holding the DOOMSDAY CLOCK have the clock now less than ONE MINUTE to DOOMSDAY as the needle has moved competitively forward with no backward movement into cooperation at all now for 25 years and the pace of moving toward extinction is now almost beyond reversing. Your priority being NOW underscores my main truth for humans…..nothing truly wonderful occurs until a leader…you….makes a decision. Decisions today are either toward extinction or toward now extinction – decisions for cooperation or its absence in competition. Destruct and negotiations to the very end or integrity trust and honor as we decide and act in cooperation. I leave it up to you to decide your personal next priority – noting your decision will become looking back….THE MOST IMPORTANT CHOICE of your entire lifetime.