The world is on recession talk, in all nations and financial centers world wide. The EU just put their car in reverse and moved from Monetary tightening and reducing money supply to the community,  back to full on stimulus. Why? Central banks have failed to realize what my readers were first to realize.

The WORLD is presently in full transition from an old mature economy and theory modeling which were well known over hundreds and hundreds of years of experience. There were proven economic theories. If you did this or you did that the outcome was more or less predictable even into the GREAT RECESSION of 2007 to 2013.

Since 2013 the world has a new economy that is Super Changing so fast the regulatory frame work of nations has been left in the dust. Today we have a fully AI economy. Less than 10,000 Super Money pools, control monetary circulations from over 440 trillion dollars. Humans have been replaced as minds over money and now AI programing controls the money and its movements outside any government influence from the old economy. This is a new economy an entirely new Super Change AI ECONOMY lacking any theory or guidence upon its inner workings. The old tools inserted into the new Economy produce different unknown and no longer predictable outcomes.

Central Banks relying upon old economics that are now dead and buried, no longer above ground and functional, and the new economy, reacts differently and unpredictably from the NEW AI economy. Hence central banks trightening money in fact effected and encountered UNEXPECTED CORE SYSTEM STABILITY RISKS. Each has had to reverse their policy and hold until they can figure it all out. The pace of Super Change is accelerating and is not slowing down. AI economics sheds its core snake skin every 36 month with new smarter AI entirely new species of AI controlling ever larger total of larger circulation. Two leading private Hedge Funds now control almost 15 trillion dollars more than all nations now in circulation flows world wide and these are two of less than ten thousand today that control 440 trillion dollars of total world circulations. Said another way central banks have lost all control of economics in the new economy. Today central banks applying old economic tools into an entirely new economic frame work is like repairing a model T Ford from 1906 with your 1906 tools  – in the engine room of the Star Ship Enterprise with Scottie. You need new tools.


Economies either expand or they contract. Expansion periods are called boom periods. We are inside today the longest global expansion of all nations, ever recorded in human history. Like breathing economies expand or they contract. No in between.

Two back to back annual quarters of time or 180 days back to back of declines in economic GNP, negative GNP, shirking growth, economy overall is contracting is a recession.

Economics expand because governments spend money, consumers spend money or both. Economy contraction occurs when consumers pull back buying and spending and the government also pulls back or may not spend massively enough to regrow the economy until consumers regain confidence and return to buying. 3/4 of economic expansion or growth or decline is from consumer buying in America for example.

If consumers are confident about the future they buy and economies expand.

If consumers lack confidence in the future they pull back and spend less self creating a recession.

Politics should be run by economics.

However in most countries economics is led by politics which can create fear and lack of confidence ushering in a recession.

Much of the long current boom expansion has been due in America the engine of the world economically, that consumers who hated Trump were reasonable and confident in Trump pro business policies creating a unique and very odd boom.


Consumers for months have been declining in confidence. Having reached an all time record confidence and spending high in 2018 the consumer confidence began to circle the political drain during the mid year election. The anti Trump hatreds rose and rose and a congress was delivered that was ANTI TRUMP. Consumer confidence feel and economics began to cool down world wide.

The Trade wars have gone on long and the deficits only new economic box top rules can fix, have left the USA via legal theft of our nations wealth, in we tax them all 90% less than they tax us all and sometimes they tax us 300% to 1500% more than we tax them – but always unfairly more.

Trumps reciprocity tax law is on Tariffs ( Import tax a nation may place on goods coming in ). America is taxed the highest always everywhere. Trump is changing that rebuild after World War II generous subsidy to rebuild war torn nations tax policy that went on way to long following the wars. Nations favored by the unfair tax wish to keep theirs. The USA is taxing the nations who wish to keep the old rules, in reciprocity tax precisely as they tax America. We’ll go to zero if you will.

The nations are fighting for line by line the best they can keep.

During all this tug of war with tariff’s now for the first time flooding the USA with revenue, the USA has failed to pass immigration laws, failed to pass infrastructure laws and failed to pass forward economic propulsion policy that would undo the damage the Federal Reserve has created.

The Fed inserted way to fast interest raise raises in fact raising interest prices 100% in new borrowing cost to 66 trillion of sovereign debt and records of 100’s of trillions in consumer business and related loans from auto’s to student loans all the world awash in enormous debt saddles created to stimulate when the system could have melted down. Now the Debt Saddle is so heavy with Fed moving loan repayment cost at 100% of % higher than only 2015 – borrows are slowing way down, consumer spending still strong is cooling, and congress is not allowing government spending to rise.

The Fed stopped growth and cause core stability issues with system confidence. It became clear to economic leaders at the top that the FED had lost control of the new AI economy and had lost control of executing stability policy effectively. We have argued all central banks should be merged back into their treasuries in real time digital AI economics. The cost of Fed operations is too high and the cost of their failed policy is depression and world war – too high a risk cost to carry a failed old institution model – where criminal bankers all pleading to felonies – are in charge of the Fed by stock ownership all in secret to control a nations money supply as outside contractors who are NOT and NEVER WERE agencies of the nation or government anything…..the facts we have posted many videos upon here – is that any google will confirm – the Federal Reserve Board is:

  1. A fraud on the American people. The Fed is neither Federal nor does it have any reserves.
  2. The Fed is a private stock company owned by the banks it regulates with a contract with the USA to control our money.
  3. The Fed has done a terrible job – as a 100% failure record – has caused all boom busts and wars and most recently destabilized a fragile global recovery after THE GREAT RECESSION THEY CAUSED by allowing their member banks to lend mortgage money to unqualified borrowers to ramp up a SUPER BUBBLE In mortgage markets that almost killed the world system and then legally stole all the properties back at low bargain prices by trillions to resell them at profits the banks made it going and coming as millions died in the economic flames the FED set the fire to.
  4. In 2013 the Fed failed entirely to see the economy they all knew had died and was fully replaced by a new AI ECONOMY they knew zero about and began to in policy error after policy error destabilize the new AI economic system to risk a near term recession from failed Fed Policy. Trump has been accurate but even his team lacks the discernment the Kennedy’s had to MERGE THE FED BACK INTO TREASURY. Was that why they were killed really? Many believe so.
  5. The AI economics are projecting various models beyond human capacity to do so as to % risk of consumers and governments spending enough to keep economics world wide in a boom – or will the contraction going on in reaction to failed Fed economic policy in 2018 have reversed fast enough to stop the damage to core systemic stability? Our fear is that the elevated borrowing cost are not sustainable to the debt levels and a CASCADE of debt defaulting ( from Fed errors ) may create a SUPER CRASH and Great Depression globally with war risk rising.

In the old economy these things were never fast. It takes time to reach two quarters of back to back contraction and red ink – GNP is negative.

Enter Nancy Pelosi back to power. Nancy is doing her job to perfection. GET TRUMP. Only the risk is system core stability. Using Impeachment and politically led missions for the US justice department – united to GET TRUMP – which is against all our laws – becomes out of Nancy’s control. If she distorts economics with politics which is the unintended consequence, it is not the election results may remove Trump from the political ambushing going on now and next, the issue is systemic core stability.

In the New Economy AI can move things into the ditch at speeds never before imagined nor experienced. We are seeing that now. Wide crashes and wild recoveries never experienced in charting before as our new economic normal. The news is filled with old economic reporting on why the new economic outcomes are occuring – all wrong.

The New Economy is politically intolerant like lactose intolerant for Milk. Every Body needs milk but the lactose intolerant who go the hospital drinking milk. The New AI Economy goes to the hospital drinking political error in core policy to economic well being. All ramifications of political policy are analyzed by Super AI and placed into economics. AI has been keeping markets in trading ranges prepared for massive up or down depending on now FED POLICY which is on hold where it needs to stay to after the election – truly in 2020. It is dangerous to tighten the money supply until the fragile versus strong economy rises.

Today one unexpected consequence of AI economics is AI is in charge. So AI takes CORE CAPITAL that humans over money would have invested long term for later profits on plant equipment and growth. AI keeps work force down, projects automation to replace human workers with its own kind AI.

We are in the start of a class warfare in economics. AI replacing wetware humans at paces never experienced before and now in a on going first ever – AI favoring AI in economics over humans. The terminator has started it is just economics first not visible as it will be later.

Today we have AI projecting stock buy backs ( which control the lack of a crash today  ) as all gains in market are largely due not to core economics but by AI stock price manipulations. The AI is rewarding companies making profits that meet or exceed their guidance versus miss their guidance and punishment or reward is instant and at ratios in markets never seen before. Caterpillar is my favorite. They out perform all chart levels but missed guidance and they made 95% of projected guidance but not all of it and their stock lost a record down ward punishment versus an upward reward for job truly well done. Humans in 2015 would have sharply rewarded Caterpillar. AI punished Caterpillar.

The largest stability and driver of stock stablity and upward pricing is stock buy backs. Never seen before wealth transfer from Tax wind falls in new tax plan had companies with AI plan for highest return on capital in lower time frames. This is shrink the lake of your own stock at a management planned timing to down pricing and bargain buying – and buy your own stock – by 1 trillion a year last year – the year before and this year – three trillion in stock price manipulations – STOCK ENGINEERING BY AI CALCULATIONS – like stock price is now a moon shot with super computers only nations once owned, fostering NEW ever evolving smarter and smarter and now SELF LEARNING and self taught AI ECONOMICS controlling the world – nations have lost all control.

So AI may trigger a SUPER CRASH. If AI projects how much it can make from it’s own recovery of the SUPER CRASH. Its all new. Round and round the AI spins the 440 trillion in circulations. Nations like China and EU nations are punished and its all AI capital flows doing the punishment. Or rewards. Humans are out never to return. It happened so fast no one has a grip on it yet but my readers GO THIS.



We are in a new economy.

Nations and their agencies have passed the speed by which they can adapt to change itself. SUPER CHANGE and AI have passed human systems adaption speeds. Without retooling our own capacity to adapt to SUPER CHANGE we have unknown outcomes.

Today economics has moved out of human controls and the control and influence of nations to AI economics and AI controls of capital circulation without human interface, at velocities and speeds never experienced in economics before. These velocities and speeds are only vastly accelerating into 5 G next. AI will explode with 5 G eyes and ears. Getting smarter and smarter.

AS AI becomes a new species no one has a clue how to adapt.

Such as: RULE OF LAW


  1. Is AI a species with self aware cognative legal rights?
  2. Can AI patent and own property IP and real property?
  3. Can AI get pass ports and travel legally?
  4. Can AI marry AI and human wetware?
  5. Does AI have allegiance to a nation or to laws of any kind? How do we know?

There is so much more of course.

So we are smack dab in the middle of a human extinction event – a human new renaissance event for longevity and what comes next in our own evolution and growth – and probably nothing in between those two extremes.

What seems so stupid is WE ARE IN A NEW AI ECONOMY and that economy is now controlling the entire world and we humans have in turning over control our money to non human AI control, failed to imagine or create new models to regulate or govern this massive turn over of all real power. Economics.

In a new economy that lacks even the most basic global box top rules for its regulations – the AI is evolving faster than humans can adapt in old systems – and unless we re-tool our systems to keep pace with SUPER CHANGE – humans are going to seem soon like Ants in the grass to the Mount Everestf or our AI controllers. Will AI seek to reduce or eliminate the one threat to itself – human ants – human insects – always rising up and putting ideas up about AI threat to themselves? Think about it a minute.

WE lack POLICIES of any kind to CONTROL GUIDE AND CONTAIN AI development or what is already here.


Will I receive the Nobel Prize for first discovering the transition red line of 2013 when Economics moved from the old Adam Smith theory modeling for economics – and the NEW AI ECONOMY was born. This economy makes all theory by Milton Friedman and his tribe obsolete and mal functional.

There is now NO NEW  theory for the new AI ECONOMICS. Economics morphed into AI economics in 2013 and since has gained 96% control of all capital movement within AI itself. AI controls all stock buy backs. Trillions a year in stock manipulated prices – phony markets. The congress of the USA is talking stock buy back rule regulation. However you can not fix AI by a bandage to a window shattered by a shot gun. Too many holes in the glass. You need a NEW WINDOW. An entirely new regulatory frame work designed for AI to regulate with human control 24/7. Self Aware AI is coming. How many AI minds will be sick ill and criminal? Anyone have policy for criminal even Hitler MBS level AI minds wishing to rule us all? No one is making POLICY no one for a NEW ECONOMY no one yet understands fully exists but the NEW AI economy does exist and the longer we deny this change has occurred the more challenge we have to assume any forward control over what may be by sheer ignorance and denial in thinking it through – our own extinction ultimately. We call on nations to step up. Today it has been SPIT INTO THE WIND of …thats the way we have always done things…..son. Ah the fatal flaw of human thought itself – resistance keeps threat down. The new rule in the new AI world is …resistance to adapt to change elevates threat risk to humans exponentially. We must teach ourselves how to adapt into SUPER CHANGE as the master new skill of THINKING.

Think about what you hear on the news. How important is it really – to say – the failure of the entire economic system where all banks are closed? Say that takes 72 minutes in AI world? Compare that news to what your reading here. Ask what is more important to KNOW and to THINK ABOUT? You’ll come to your own answer. CEO SPACE is place you can come to massively grow capacity to have your OWN GAME PLAN ( another great book by Kevin Freeman ) Because has Kevins book defines your NATION HAS NO GAME PLAN none…so you’ll be ok IF you have your own. Read the book it is an indictment to register to March 26th CEO SPACE Dallas. For economic prosperity in any forward market. Knowledge is everything today. Being out front of AI trends – which we will help you do right here. To our best ability anyway….its unfolding SO FAST. Even with our resources to gather information its fast and hard to keep pace.

There is no nation even thinking about national security as core ECONOMIC STABILITY. All are at risk and especially the United States because they do not have effective policies when AI warfare attacks in new AI economics work and almost destroyed our system – the first AI digital attack was 2007 – read THE SECRET WEAPON By Kevin Freeman and you’ll know how real all this is.

What destroyed Rome? And Faster than anyone believed was ever possible.

Rome was destroyed when the enemies of Rome acquired the WEAPONS OF ROME.

Our enemies have acquired our weapons by hacking including our most advanced AI.

Now our enemies in the new economy are using AI weapons to fool and attack our AI economics. We are now using since 2007′ first digital war fare attack on the new AI economic reality – AI to fight AI. Those wars are terrifying to core systems and going on world wide.

A G 100 treaty on evolving AI will take three years on the Big Island of Hawaii. This ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION is the one and only way to get AI to have policy – and to evolve AI into the policy missing today and to RE- REGULATE markets to remove unwanted wealth consolidation and unfair AI speculations and price manipulations by law including new buy back regulation on stocks forcing capital to invest in long term economic growth versus stock price unwanted manipulative engineering via three trillion non economic investments in stock price targets benefiting insiders most. Thank you insider AI.

Lacking any nation leading for AI regulation or the G 100 re-tooling the most sizable regulator RE-THINK since the GREAT DEPRESSION to globally control the new economic which is Cloud Based outside all local regulation and requires a G 100 cooperation to GLOBALLY REGULATE a fully GLOBAL AI currency flow circulation new base line control of economics by AI itself.


First in human history.

While humans whollow in the old oxymoron….but THAT is the WAY we have always done it……..

AI forward markets and recessions require brains that learn much faster – unlearn even faster than that – and relearn faster than the two before….those brain in all C Suites lead in SUPER CHANGE the tile of My OCTOBER new book as it is THE MOST IMPORTANT Set of guides for humanity in 100 years now. Years in development to today.


The actual rip tide of all human extinction or renaissance depending on WHAT WE HUMAN’S DO.

Facing this – Nancy Pelosi under politics – that is the way we have always done it – seeks at all and every and any cost to remove Trump and put her team in power decisively strategically by 2020 and a good recession helps her develop voters she can blame the recession on – is Trump and only Trump. Only that is not true. Politics are going to create the next recession – error in policy into an entirely new economy an AI economy that if Nancy fully understood the real risk to nation I think she may chose different action for the nation welfare. ERRORS ARE BEING MADE BECAUSE LEADERS DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE SUPER CHANGE YET AND CREATE POLICY ERRORS THAT CAN BE FATAL TO NEW AI ECONOMICS.

This is the ONE PROBLEM and everything else is symptom. Failure to reset policy into AI super change markets by leaders world wide. Change has passed their very capacity to adapt by the sheer velocity of Super Change Age – the Age we all reside within.

As the largest Business Community in the world today – 31 years and counting and ten years press ranked the number one business growth conference world wide – ten years by third party press into 2019 – still # 1 – first event March 26th and you should come to insure your own safe harbor and lifestyle before the economic storm clouds your all reading about – hit shore and your boats are in the wind unprotected – or behind a sea wall of powerful insulation with CEO SPACE protecting you. There IS safety in numbers of those who DO KNOW what is going on and why….because information is so powerful when you have it all first.

You have the TRUTH about recession pressures. It is unknown if this first AI recession will occur from anything other than failed Fed and Gov policy to understand a new economy is in fact here now.



PS: The Worst Ebola outbreak in human history unfolds in Congo war zones where all summer to now WHO health care workers are removed over and over from factions killing them – destroying their supplies and dispersing EBOLA infected patients back into cities. Ebola infected will soon reach the EU ASIA and the USA and when that happens a chilling economic unfolding into recession is likely….how will AI OVER REACT to the EBOLA projection on economics? It will not be pretty. Ebola panics AI as do other factors that would be moderated by humans over money – but now 96% of all economics is AI control with no Fed or nation or regulatory control over 440 trillion of real time movement of capital by AI alone. Its new. It happened so fast. You know all this first.