MBS and Saudi have:

  1. 100% Failed economics for Saudi since 2014
  2. Massive capital run out of nation
  3. Declining credit ratio soaring borrowing costs
  4. Failed war with yemen sucking Saudi coffer’s dry
  5. Borrowing to make ends meet with oil under 75 dollars a barrel due to Saudi budget deficits soaring

MBS spends way more 100’s of billions more than Saudi Kings make today. Now then think. Having shaken down his fellow Royals by over 1000 families for over 100 billion dollars – all that money is gone and more is needed – so MBS takes Saudi deeper in Debt.

A trillion of projects for investment in Saudi are on hold.

A trillion more in new investments are yes we are in and no one is moving in fact in – not in – at all.

Then MBS goes NUKE SHOPPING in both Pakistan and India pushing buttons all over Iran as he does that step. Regional war with Iran and Saudi is likely with this sociopathic King and remember we have been telling you and telling you MBS has GOT TO GO. For the good of the Saudi people who as yet do not get the truth about MBS failed pollcies.

MBS is an oil supplier product nation. The nation treats their customers like camel shit.

MBS is trying to double the cost ov everything else – oil – to their customers. Saudi customers are choosing to buy oil from NON OPEC outlets that protect their prices – costing SAUDI MARKET SHARE OF OIL BUYERS. Saudi charts on oil growth have been wrong. In fact oil demand is falling off a cliff. Oil supply is doubling.

Saud sought to cut back in their member output when members need cash – more oil sales not less. Think about the markets of:

  1. Venezuela with one million barrels of oil a day to Saudi ten million a day and Venezuela has more oil than Saudi.
  2. Yemen is down in oil output from the war.
  3. Qatar is down in natural gas from Saudi by roaring back.
  4. Iran is down but climbing back upwards off millions of barrels a day still
  5. Iraq Syria Libya all down in output but all roaring back – more than Saudi’s 1 million by far just these.




The Puppy King came to power in 2014 and declared war on American Shale. Oil dropped from 114 dollars a barrel to 37 dollars a barrel and the shale kept on coming. When MBS declared all out war on American Shale, MBS sought to rally OPEC behind his all out war. More Market share was lost to OPEC by MBS failed oil policy than any act or war in 70 years.

America went from under 5 million barrels of oil a day, half Saudis output to over 12 million barrels a day, or more than Saudi’s output in just a handful of years – creating a chilling permanent defeat to MBS where OPEC itself no longer controls oil prices.

In recent weeks MBS got OPEC to remove 1 million barrels of OPEC crude from our 2019 market space. The experts reported oil would price rise to $ 75.00 with spikes over $ 100.00. The experts reported inventory in the USA would rise with the bitter cold and winters – by perhaps a million barrels.

Weds March 6th the report came in – MBS was wrong again. The experts were wrong again. This blog was right again in predicting oil would fall into the 50’s and remain in the 45 to 55 range because when oil lies are removed, oil demand is dropping off a cliff and supply will exceed demand for 100 years moving forward.

The experts predicted a 1.2 million barrel rise in Americans half a billion barrels of oil in inventory – or 456,000,000 million barrel reserve in tanks in the USA. This went up not by the 1.2 barrel rise the experts state no – but rather what this blog reported and the USA INVENTORY ROSE by 7..3 million barrels on Weds during USA peak use in blistering cold over 70% of America. Still USA crude output is soaring moving from 12.5 million barrels a day, more than Russia more than Saudi and moving to 20 million barrels or double Saudi and double Russia in output. Enormous new finds of oil and natural gas are soaring for new supplies while demand is falling off a cliff in economics 101. The only one putting out lie sheets about Oil and markets is Saudi who has lost all its real credibility when the young Puppy King killed Washington Post Journalist Khashoggi – under the Kings direct control and management – and then covered up the savage breach of rule of law between nations – in such a child like manner that the lie then the next lie then the next lie created an outcome where the King of Saudi Arabia today has:

  1. Cost The Saudi people more prestige and more respect than any ruler in their history
  2. Cost. The Saudi people over three trillion in economic opportunity lost forever to the Saudi nation
  3. Cost. Cost in becoming the # 1 Joke everywhere – in OPEC in News around the world in live events
  4. Cost the Saudi people freedom – locking up more woman more in disent than any Saudi ruler in 70 years
  5. Integrity – the Lying King – has no integrity – and now shopping for a Nuke to lop into Iran is not a friend to anyone.


Opec and Experts stated – soaring prices into $ 75.00 new oil floor price.

We in your blog said – oil is in free fall and will range 45 dollars to 65 dollars and OPEC has LOST CONTROL due to MBS.

All experts said prices would rise in the news.

We said prices would fall.

The prices have fallen and they FELL on Weds. Slightly higher than $ 55.00 but still near our high price range and FALLING into our price range for first quarter.

Oil the cost of everything – now frozen in lower affordable market pricing by real market supply greater than demand economics versus manipulated hidden tax on 8 billion souls – by a criminal cartel of elites led by a sociopathic King. MBS has failed in each and every policy move and cost OPEC trillions in lost market share.

The oil wars are now over.

Winner – by far – the United States of America. Losers – OPEC and Russia. Big time and big dollars.

Warren Buffet once said in the middle of the US GREAT RECESSION….you have to be an idiot to bet…against the United States of America – I am strong on the USA……although he lost his biggest bucks in this share holder meeting and in criminal Wells Fargo bank we don’t see moral bets on immoral institutions. How does that work?

All economic abuse must rebalance Criminal brands in banking – all the biggest banks have runs out of the banks to more integrity driver providers. No one can be done with a run on their institution until the run is done. Deutsch Bank we told you would tank – it tanked.

Wells Fargo we told you the RUN ON THE BANK would tank the bank. Its stock is a joke. Hit by never ending criminal activity at the top of the sick banking industry.

Justice reform.

Banking reform.

All economic abuse must rebalance one day.

The DAY OF THE GREAT REBALANCING “IS” COMING..we’ll keep you all posted on when. It is NOT today – SPRING FOWARD FINANCIALLY and register to CEO SPACE March 26th is your best bet of the year.