Adolf Hitler was celebrated world wide – when everyone read TIME MAGAZINE and there was no one line anything or way to click anything. If you saw it in print – if you saw it – in the TIMES ESPECIALLY ( and I knew Claire Luze Booth before she dies and chatted up all this at the Ritz in Paris France a lot of years later ). She blamed it on her daddy.

So 1938 – Hitler is TIMES MAN OF THE YEAR world wide with stature and prestige. The turn Germany around Times Man Of the Year.

Ten years later when I was born Adolf Hitler would be dead.

So would more than 100 million be dead – six million jews – untold lives with Russia paying the highest price by far – more deaths than all prior wars and disease in the history of human kind in a decade – unmatched. The wounded the suffering the damaged would be generational.

The SICK mind of Hitler -TIMES MAN OF THE YEAR – inspired todays neo nazi movement and the sick idea of a MASTER RACE. This sick idea is also seen inside THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM as the ultimate bigots have all the wealth and call all the shots. MBS has the idea of THE MASTER FAITH as does the head of Iran.

Any thought that punishes human diversity versus celebrates human diversity is a first form of human insanity.

I am a proud royal from German a full Baron – the eldest titled son in my family. I watched my grandfather labor till his early death to rebuild San Francisco with its leading families after the 1906 earth quake. The Union square Macy Building was the DOHRMANN BUILDING until 1975. The St Francis hotel was rebuilt with my grandfather as managing partner placing the famous CLOCK ( I’ll meet you at the clock ) in the Lobby of the world famous now Saint Francis hotel. The family founder the symphony – the opera – play houses – and operated the largest department store on the West Coast then the Emporium stores. The family ran the largest news papers the Hearst Family so badly longed for and ultimately folded into their smaller chronicle the SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE became the largest news paper with that merger ot both THE San Francisco CALL and the San Francisco Bulletin the leading papers since the Gold Rush and grandfather waited until famous Mark Twain his lead journalist died before he sold to the HEARST forever creating a rift there. Grandfather has his own wartime Schindler’s list bringing in from under ground railroads – as royals from Germany and as Christian Leaders in German San Francisco – saving thousands of jews and giving them work in his empire of business interest covering 7 western states. History diminished the Dohrmann role in San Francisco’s history removing so much that was acknowledged to my grandfather ABC DOHRMANN or William Fredrick Dohrmann from Bonart.  Why? Because of German phobic reactions where Germany starting World War I and World War II both untrue claims – had near hysteria over Germans being unfit as Americans – when hey only 1938 a few years back –


Our family was brought up to abohore the mentally ill expression of a master race or a master face. In our family we celebrated all diversity. We celebrate family history – income – education – culture – food – dress – sport – religious preference – political regards – race – creed – music – and always the right history of any people and every community.

Adolf Hitler a few years before 1938 – was a street person. He painted houses now and again if he could find work. A bum next to him said he would sell cards to tourist of Vienna if Hitler who was an artist drew the scenes. The business worked. Hitler was busy in the men’s shelter. Only he would pop up on a bench and spit out horrific blames to all the occupants financial distress – from JEWS in Germany – a condition that Germany could fix. The bums recovering from over dose and alcohol abuse – lower classes dirty unwashed and in shelters for the night – applauded Adolf as he developed his core skill – inflame the masses.

In World War I Adolf joined the army and became a Col and won the Cross for his work in battle. This and his speaking sent him to the masses in depression where a wheel barrel of money could not buy a loaf of bread any longer. Tomorrow it was two or three wheel barrows – much like Venezuela. Venezuela blames former communist leaders mismanagment NOT AT ALL and blame the USA somehow for the problems of decades of economic abuse to the world’s largest lake of oil now producing instead of Saudi levels of 10 million barrels of oil a day as Venezuela’s lake is larger than the 267 billion Saudi Barrels – in reserve but the communist failed leadership is down to less than one million barrels a day – crashing Venezuela economics to bankruptcy for the state.

HITLER TIMES MAN OF THE YEAR far cry from mens shelter as a bum a few years earlier – blamed the JEWS for German economics. That cry created world war II.

Hitler the TIMES MAN OF THE YEAR in 1938 held power for less than 12 years.

Frankly…the rest is history.

Now comes the TIMES MAN OF 2019. Who might that Times leader be?

Berny Dohrmann – 1938 Ten Years before I was Born Adolf HItler IS the Times Man of the YEAR –