AI now combs news world wide for sound bites that related to sell or buy anything in future markets to manipulate price. Less than 10,000 fully AI super money pools now dictate the price RANGE of everything. The goal is risk-less risk taking VIA price RANGE parameters set by AI itself. We are slowly moving into AI controlled economics where human institution hold zero influence over price for anything. Think about that.

Weather is the single largest factor dictating GNP outcome. Why? Because when consumers wish to buy and the airport is closed schools are closed and news media reports it is in fact a HEALTH HAZARD to venture outside – due to 18 and worse BELOW ZERO temperatures that in some community with wind chill factors feels more like 45 below zero in the blowing winds.

Consumers do not buy automobiles a fridge or a larger flat screen in such extreme cold weather. Consumers play board games at home by the fire in such weather.

So muted first quarter growth and earnings is weather related as to the largest factors. The profits and numbers are good in fact very good – just not GREAT and only NOT GREAT in fact due to winter weather world wide – from UK to New York City.

Business New Year and CEO SPACE Start at the same time – in four short weeks. But four weeks turns SNOW and record white temperatures into SNOW MELT this Spring and we all SPRING FORWARD FINANCIALLY and ECONOMICALLY as the second quarter puts 3/4 of American business BACK TO WORK.

Think 3/4 of spending from consumers comes back on line in the SPRING FORWARD QUARTER for housing for big ticket items for cars and fridge and oh yes that big flat screen. Numbers will soar in the SPRING and the rebound up in GNP for the world will impress than stun everyone.

The entertainment value of GET TRUMP – govern by law suit – is built into price already factored and the market knows as does the House any impeachment hearing is POLITICAL THEATER that fully repays the political debt owed by one party unto the other for the BILL CLINTON Impeachment. This years election impeachment is designed to move public opinion so low on Trump with the mud slinging rising to levels never ever seen before at least not inside America politics. If ratings fall off as voters get increasingly bored with it all perhaps Trump will have a Monica affair in the White House to take headlines back – as old tools and models from leaks to deep throat by the FBI no longer are likely to work in fact in the new digital AI frontier. So markets will largely shrug off already factored in news – a show boat impeachment trial that fails in the end and …President Trump goes on more in our homes and living rooms than any President EVER….thank YOU Nancy Pelosi for the connection at this level. As with roulette round and round she goes and where she stops no one knows.

China. You get what you can and you deal with what you can not. That is the ultimate decision point in China trade.

The EU is in recession and a crash of growth.

Growth in the EU has stopped on a dime.

Trade is being impacted world wide.

The USA is no longer buying what it once bought …and won’t…unti trade deals get worked out. Consumers are moving to MADE IN AMERICA in record numbers as they appreciate the OLD MODEL of over tax The USA before they wake up to our legal theft ONE DAY.

That Day is now………

The longer trade deals take to complete……the longer the time before consumers will take to turn back on the heat…….

Consumers control the buying.

The huge run out of China is now starting in Germany and France as capital runs out of nations now crashing in economics, from trade that is in U turn. They tax the USA so many many times higher than we tax them. This breeds Trumps RECIPROCITY TAX PLANNING we reported here first – tax them as they will tax unto you – match em.

This is not going down well.

The outcomes is crashing economics in an EU now in debt ripe tide. Greece alone almost bankrupts the EU. Spain and Italy first do in fact bankrupt the EU. There is no possible way to assure the bad debt in these two systems is in fact fully repaid. When one talks about debt forgiveness of sovereigns or hair cuts it means criminal politicians who borrowed money and signed repayment deals at the most favorable terms only sovereign nations even receive – that LENDERS OF LAST TRUST – who trusted the nation and lent money to the nation in dire need – will not get their money back at all. No they will get debt forgiveness – where criminal politicians just steal the money they borrowed – which leads to debt CASCADE – a ripple of sovereign defaulting AI now projects to its full potential – crashing bond markets.

Can’t happen?

Monitor now into 2025 and see if looking back the total destruction of the global bond market is not the one item that nations failed to see as risk – when the music died. Driving your chevy to the levy the day that the music died, Mom cried making good old American pie……I’d revisit that song and get ready to sing it.

Meanwhile while we all play musical chairs in 2019 and 2020 the time to create VAM – VELOCITY ACCELERATION AND MOMENTUM for YOUR VENTURE AND DREAMS IS RIGHT NOW. Miss this window and you miss the HIGH TIDE into safe harbor for you – before the economic tsunami of mis managed sovereign debt rising from 66 trillion all time record highs into 100 trillion – with old economist theory suggesting such sovereign debt ratio into GNP  no longer matters. Folks …readers and leaders….Folks calm down. What matters in new and in old economics is that you all must earn more than you spend or you go bankrupt – slowly safety and fully secure until your not. Here are economic rules that never change to start your week in political theater one more time:


  1. You must spend less than you earn and save a surplus to be safe over time.
  2. You can never borrow more than you make forever
  3. All economic abuse must one day rebalance
  4. You must pay off your debts with capital while there is still time
  5. You must trade in every larger COOPERATIVE versus competitive communities you grow

You can apply this into the new AI economy and prosper or you can go on as you now do and find you are fully and totally safe and economically secure…….until the hour and bell toll when you are simply ……..NOT.

The global economic slate is very solid – all limitation numbers and math is due to SNOW and WINTER and in a few weeks the world will SPRING FORWARD economically into the season of all growth……all growth occurs in the SPRING folks – there is no softness in economics when the sun shines and its about to shine for all of us…all at once again. In a few weeks 70% of global buying selling and productivity comes back in with a full roar economically in the SPRING ….the largest longest global boom ever recorded…is alive strong surviving every possible political mismanagement from Britt Exit to USA Trade Wars ….the state of the WORLD ECONOMY Folks? Why the State of the WORLD IS STRONG and SPRING IS COMING in about three full weeks….and sunshine drives global markets to safe secure up bubbles. WAIT FOR IT…..

Berny Dohrmann – Helping our readers……to be better…..leaders……one day at a time one blog at a time