Recall how Christmas music displays and merchandising begins earlier and earlier each year. Today immediately after Halloween with no Thanksgiving Day pause – the Christmas Holiday is out in loud and streaming colors? You all know that world wide RIGHT?

Today in only the first quarter of 2019 the 2020 election is full on in play. Candidates are holding rallies from New York City to California. The President just gave his longest speech since being President and for Trump that is really really a a long speech.

Nancy Pelosi far left leader of the Socialist in the democratic party is framing her 2020 leaders into a HATE TRUMP rally of the core base. To secure that cross over vote Nancy’s game plan is 1-2-3. One impeach Trump in the House by congressional impeachment. Two try Trump in the Senate. Three FREE TRUMP from public office with a unlikely senate guilty vote on impeachment ( but may happen ) and if NOT – tarnish Trump SOOO MUCH the Democrats win by cross over vote gathering from superior smear campaign tactics. Having been around on the outskirts of more than one Presidential Campaign in my service, I can report this 2020 from today forward, will be the most NASTY most viewed and audience followed SIT COM, a pure entertainment like binge watching on NETFLIX, with everyone royal watching the TRUMPS from the children to the grown ups – hate or love them – you call can NOT GET ENOUGH OF THEM – in Media. The ratings show this is true if noting else is true.

I stand against on all sides of HE SAID SHE SAID POLITICS. I am FOR on all sides issue charting – who has issues moving forward that make economic sense and who has issues that do not make economic sense? That weighted review wins my vote without regard to party. I seek issues that work for economics to the best our teams can sort THAT OUT and I seek candidates with the issue who display moral character and integrity like George W. Bush and President Obama to follow him.

The only media President elected in modern times is Ronald Reagan. Even so Ronnie was able to drop out and drop into media at the highest level of Presidential Character. Protecting the dignity of the high office. There has never been an entertrainment President with the ratings – his lowest rating is one billion daily paying attention and his highest rating Trumps all Presidents the Pope and Rock Stars – at 4 to 6 billion – tuning in.

Media print airwaves and Televised have never experienced ratings like Trump. It does not matter what they  write. If they Write Trump has AIDES – they have more like 6 billion for that story – or TRUMP getting DIVORCED – their ratings go above six billion on that story – both are not true. Truth no longer matters. There is a 24 – 7 demand for Trump NEXT no matter what TRUMP NEXT IS.

The one that knows most about this new and never seen before eye ball control of the masses of voters is in fact TRUMP himself. The First Media Savvy President SUPER STAR earning 800 million in annual ordinary income, who cares less if he is President or NOT PRESIDENT as leaving is such an enormous gain in privacy and a pay raise beyond anything Trump has known to date. Trump you see can’t lose in any way.

Plus Trump knows it. The Impeachment makes Trump a bigger star. The Senate lacks the votes to win impeachment guilty vote – so it is an exercise in Media as the case outcome is already understood. The voters will have to decide – is this political pay back for Clinton indictment – and is this a justice all political today – gone off the charts to the shame of America and her rule of law base line? That sentence is going to effect voter final form.

Trust me.

Today we have the USA indicting and charging China private industry by taking a firm that is hands down beating American technology like apple and microsoft – Huawei – leading the world in pads and smart phones – is charged by the USA whose firms are falling way behind technically – especially in 5G switching which Huawei leads. Does Chinese Communist partnership with all technology firms, lead to back door monitoring of everything. Your business trade secrets. Which porn sites you really click on. And so much more….back door more?

China is so upset that in Canada their trading partner CANADA has agreed to cooperate with the USA charging and deporting the Huawei CFO and relative to the founder – from Vancouver to the USA to stand charges and present her own defense. She is under HOUSE ARREST today with or without leg monitoring as we are unsure of that item.

Now Canada will deport the CFO to America for criminal charges. We can assume the US Justice Department – now broken as to constitutional protections afforded to the innocent – will deny the CFO the respect of bail and release to her full on POLITICAL TRIAL delaying Huawei to market – while American giants catch up and pass them buy – using Justice to win in competitive race around the trillion dollar global track. This all is not lost on China of course.

Meanwhile we can also assume US Justice unbridled until BROKEN US JUSTICE IS REFORMED will once in full possession of the Chinese CFO of one of the worlds largest winning smart phone technology institution, Huawei, will THREATEN the CFO and tell HER that she faces a lifetime in prison, without any hope of ever coming out in her entire life time, which all goes away if she does implicates her daddy and others in the back door conclusion American business need to assure they can leap past the firm, that hacked and stole our technology in the first place?

Today America is taking off the gloves and playing like her enemy. We are hacking them. We are destroying firms that would seek to hack our IP ( steal our trade secrets ) and use these IP’s to advance past our own IP today and then take our markets from us. Today without the gloves on anything goes to rogue nasty criminal nations seeking to win by theft of a nations wealth – the IP designs of her forward technology. Today America has NO MERCY for all that and the tools never used before are being applied for real. Just like they do in communist China to get a confession. Now US JUSTICE is tit for tat matching China ways and her means – starting with her all start theft in chief company -Huawei – TIT FOR TAT and ratchet that up and we will raise you by three.

We told you the USA has a full hand of a full house and China has two twos.

We told you that China has a multi year run on the nation.

Capital has left China by over one trillion dollar in future investments to neighbor hosting nations. Never to return.

Cash over ONE TRILLION has left in flight from China in 24 months and its markets have crashed to the floor.

Companies are running out of China – another trillion – or failed Chinese policies and lack of a USA new world wide trade deal – have in 24 month – beyond any China leadership planning expectation – lost over 3 TRILLION of GNP underwriting capital resources related to job creation and economic expansion. This RUN OUT OF CHINA is on going and irreversible.

Much of China’s trade with the USA is California based. California now with a net negative migration for two years is facing a RUN OUT OF CALIFORNIA that is historic economic disintermediation. We anticipate the long reported here RUN OUT OF CALIFORNIA into more rich lifestyle centers of the USA is irreversible of data my new book SUPER CHANGE reports to you about – out this October from publishers. SUPER CHANGE. Things are economically changing so fast in the new age of SUPER CHANGE that leaders are unable to adapt and be agile enough to predict and control future unfolding realities. California has no option but to DOWNSIZE as revenues are running out of the state itself with core population now declining for the first time in 200 years. Why is SUPER CHANGE IMPORTANT?

The 2020 election will be won or will be lost….by leadership that understand SUPER CHANGE …as 2020 is the first AI election …we’ll have lots more to report to you on that. Leadership of both camps – phone me? Without upgrades in AI super change strategies – what you did in the last election will fail 100% for sure if you don’t adapt to the SUPER CHANGE election – the first AI election of our life time. Folks it is not RUSSIA manipulating your final vote any longer – no sir – today it is AI that manipulates your vote – to those investing to back candidates asses their AI stratageic plan in the FIRST SUPER CHANGE election in history – or loss or  profit is so likely in your final outcome – call me I’ll make you smart quick. 


if I invented as Facebook core patents become public domain, a super change opportunity exists in 2019 – say you want in SUPER CHANGE 50% of Face book market share.

PERSONALBOOK – for personal content

BUSINESSBOOK – for business collaborations

Assure privacy outside any other platform.

With rules where 5000 friends was free in either and after buy in points to 10,000 – 20,000 – 30,0000 and up occured I would take market share from Face Book 2 billion and revenues that would lead the industry with just that one SUPER CHANGE ITEM – the specifications of which I have – but I’ll keep that unpublished in case a partner out there says – I’ll do it you AIA it for us we’ll code it and own it all together. I”M IN. Super Change. Bam the Kingdom of 2 billion subjects FACEBOOK loses half or more of its population in ONE SINGLE YEAR due to quality upgrading as technology generationally only offers ever MORE and MORE.

California can only prosper for its declining population IF California resides on state policy to sustain ever rising internal state consumption driven by state policies to propel exploding entrepreneur class in state – to drive the rising internal consumption.

California law makers are not self reliant free enterprise law makers. California law makers are borrow more than you make socialists. Cradel to grave make the largest state population dependant on the state for everything possible. To support the exploding cost of living or conducting business in California – now the worst state in the nation and perhaps the world to conduct business within – THE MOST HOSTILE STATE – to business – and the most pricey state to reside in with a life stye a standard of living that is declining at Super Change pace. California over taxing its population now drives the population in mass by tens of millions in ONE YEAR to leave the state and those who would migrate in to the state are choosing other better locations than California.

Jerry Brown socialistic LAWS in California while well intended from the law maker point of view are now creating a full on RUN on California – China’s largest most stable customer – and now about to go bankrupt. No state can pay its debts and bills to operate with a year after year net decline in POPULATION as the RUN OUT OF CALIFORNIA is creating. You have in California lifestyle factors that include:

  1. Run out of the State of California to other far better states due to tax and retained income – lower in California.
  2. Soaring housing cost that is not sustainable and housing in California with run out of state will super crash.
  3. Tax on everything else creates from gasoline to goos and services the highest pay out to live state of any USA state in the nation – population is RUNNING into a better life – California is now a nightmare state
  4. Fires – Draught – Earthquakes – Climate change – exploding taxes – declining roads communication brown outs with rolling electricity black outs – as California becomes a third world nation
  5. Customers of California can only see declines in trade as California population declines as the RUN OUT OF CALIFORNIA is picking up SPEED in a SUPER CHANGE Migration state law makers executing failed policy have no system to hold themselves accountable or change their toxic trend in socialist laws. China is shifting trade to other states and California is losing on its own self inflicted RUN OUT OF CALIFORNIA – last one out please turn off the lights in California state – and her trading partners are running OUT OF CALIFORNIA as well sensing defaults on bill paying is next. China already crashing has its own California nightmare coming up next.

SUPER CHANGE is here folks.

Super Change created the first ever global AI capital economy where AI not humans control 96% of 440 Trillion in capital flows across the world today – a new economy no nation has theory yet – to operate within – where even the FED see’s something massively new is under way in economics – hence their very smart pause to undermine system core stability – job # 1 for Super Change regulators.

Super Change created the first digital process to hack one anothers IP and now the digital counter attacks to any naton who violates DIGITAL RULE OF LAW – AI does all the hacking today and AI is protecting itself against AI the smarter AI in the AI arms race rules the world economically.

Read THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM to understand the SUPER CHANGE ECONOMICS we are discussing here. The planners in the KILLING OF UNCLE SAM are now caught in the full rip tides of SUPER CHANGE that challenge their plans as AI not the planners – now controls the NEW ECONOMICS no one has theory for yet – as SUPER CHANGED moved the 1000 year adam Smith economic theory into full on obsolescence.

Today the bullet mag lev super sonic tube travel is moving down the track in core economics with the G 100 nations throwing down track from the train cow catcher as they continue to pick up velocity.  No one has a clue as SUPER CHANGE is too fast and on going and no one – one now is ahead of Super Change.

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Consider bets in moving forward:

  1. China is in hard crash turf without a USA trade agreement.
  2. China has a  capital run out of nation due to failed communist economic policy – 3 trillion out and rising
  3. China has a chilling down graph on economics with no level or back up movement in over ten years now
  4. China had a period of sunrise and now is experiencing a period of sunset
  5. California the largest economy in the USA is now in permanent decline and soaring net population loss

Trillions are flowing out of CALIFORNIA and out of China.

Debt defaulting is next when sovereigns such as Italy or China default on some of the 66 trillion ( up from 33 trillion over 200 years to 2010 – in only 8 years we grew more debt on nations – and every other debt category than in – prior 200 years. 200 years 33 trillion only eight years 66 trillion rising to 100 trillion China and California leading the Debt parade.

China and California have rapidly aging populations to work force ratios – while young workers are relocating to superior job and lifestyle – a net loss to those two communities at SUPER CHANGE pace levels. The demographics of aging promise on going decline in China net economic outcomes ( without entrepreneur policy changes ) President XI call me. Or read REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – lots of Mau in that publication – keep what works throw out the rest. Keep your best throw out the rest.

Now a company say FACE BOOK or Google give one consumer vast powers at a click FOR FREE. The deal is we sign contracts AI data about our trend as a consumer – is used and sold – so we get the service FREE.

Now comes socialist democratic Gov Newsom. He proposes this very weekend  – lets pass a law that at least in our one state we get paid – so every consumer gets a DATA DIVIDEND for the use of their data. Now the California based company and all others doing business in California the most populated state – though now in a run out of the state with net decline in population – would with the SOCIALIST NET LAWS – require firms to charge a DATA DIVIDEND to their clients – to pay for the DATA DIVIDEND  AND TAX ON DIVIDEND Communist NEWSOM proposes – which will now drive more folks – the largest state employee firms – Facebook – Google – Sales Force and others as they all face a DATA DIVIDEND unless their lobby work can defeat the trend – cradle to grace state dependency for everything – as CALIFORNIA rapidly leads as a STATE WELFARE STATE that endlessly over taxes business where soon a BREATHING TAX I suggest NEWSOM Explore – as his TOXIC ENTREPRENEUR LAWS drive revenue job creating business to migrate out of the most TAX AND REGULATORY HOSTILE STATE IN THE WORLD TODAY – CALIFORNIA – and the Super Change migration of wealth and income out of the STATE OF CALIFORNIA promises debt defaulting without a California regulatory reset and SUPER BOND to insert TIME into this TIME BOMB of economics. California may be the first economically failed state in the USA History of economics. WAIT FOR IT….as the DATA TAX is a symptom of hostile entrepreneur laws that assure negative versus positive economic outcomes wherever hostile entrepreneur legislation unfolds in the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE AI economics. WATCH CALIFORNIA the disaster is not trillions in fire damages over five years of time ot ditto for earth quakes and storm damage – no – it is rather the layers of hostile entrepreneur laws that are driving the back bone of California economics OUT OF STATE FOREVER never to return – like the sinking sound in China – the consequence of FAILED LEADERSHIP IN POWER. Forgive them all father for they know not what it is that they do economically……call me !

Super Change defines the prosperity of states nations and corporations. Management that has C suite SUPER CHANGE LEADERSHIP chose a circle of brains to lead – that learn faster – unlearn faster than that – and relearn even fasater than that – any lesser brains who dwell on the human super change fatal thinking error – THAT IS THE WAY WE HAVE ALWAYS DONE IT – perish in super change economics – while others thrive.


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