Spring and summer of last year we predicted a shift in AI driven markets to non historic record breaking volatility. We suggested a FALL CORRECTION ( but not a SUPER CRASH like 2007 ) would occur – as a political item in the congress election. We predicted a last week Santa Clause Rally back up but were were wrong in May to December by only ONE WEEK in time – as the rally took place in the first days of January 2019.

We predicted the Federal Reserve Board was risking system core stability inside an entirely new AI economy the world had zero rules or play book to moderate. Old play books would no longer work. System instability appeared in the final quarter of 2018. As if a magic break man put the breaks on the economy we now show from 3% growth last summer rising to 5% growth – a reverse. Today experts predict 0 growth in the first quarter in AMERICA – that is zero growth. Globally where the 267 nations of the world deal with the pressure of all time record Debt at 66 Trillion ( READ THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM to appreciate debt used as political strategy and documented data on my WHY for suggesting the FED be simply merged back into US Treasury ). This book the KILLING OF UNCLE SAM may be the most important read of your adult lifetime ….IF….you want to know and understand the truth of the economics that is in fact the engine of everything else. We predicted POWELL AND TEAM would be forced to PAUSE as old tools and tactics destabilize new global AI economics at speeds never known before and outside charts to explain the new outcomes. Call me Chairman Powell.

The Fed has paused just in time or the new AI economy would move into Super Crash and THAT could still occur yet.

We predicted that IF voters elected a democratic majority at this point in time the following outcomes would occur:

  1. Congress would step into grid lock like never seen before
  2. Nancy Pelosi would plan and execute election timed IMPEACHMENT PROCEEDINGS against Donald Trump.
  3. Donald Trump will be impeached by the house and the charges will if you look under the hood be the same exactly as Bill Clinton – pay back in fact.
  4. America will lose trillions in forward economics while the congress fails to conduct the business OF the people and in stread conducts its own 2020 agenda to win back the entire congress and the white house – as no stakes as to WHO will steal from the largest economy on earth – exists.
  5. Small business in America will be largely unaffected. Record new business start ups will be formed. Record employment will occur in small business space CEO SPACE Serves in 150 nations ( our next Business Growth Conference is in Dallas March 23rd – you all should be on site to make money behind an economic safe harbor ).

We also wish to point out that 70% of the world and America has been under record breaking winter snow and ice. Temperatures set cold records – at 30 below zero across much of the USA. Tahoe typically records a high to date of 57 inches of Snow. They report record snows now at over 500 inches and it is snowing right now as yet another super cold arctic layer shuts down millions of business’s this winter as no winter in modern history. How much of lower GNP is simply WINTER WEATHER? Answer about 90% of it.

The cold has been blistering and life taking. Record deaths in America. Covering more of America into the South than ever in record keeping. For more days. One after another after another from New York to snow in San Diego – record cold at Academy Awards ( I was just out there and BRRRRR to my birth state ) SNOW Shut LAS VEGAS AIRPORT ( I mean really what did that cost Vegas on that weekend ? ) Two more March weeks of record cold hit 70% of American land mass. It is all why “I” live in Florida – best standard of living – lower cost for everything – and warm all the time. Perfect. Plus gasoline is lowest in 49 states – yahoo.

My good choice.

We predicted in 2017 California would have a net negative migration reversing 200 years of migration into California. In 2018 California saw the first net negative migration EVER. More folks moved out of California than moved in or where born in. Taxes, over priced housing, highest cost of living in the world, home owners have to be net energy zero at thier own cost by date in time – worst business tax and regulatory environment than all by a dozen of foreign nations and worse than all 49 states – nose diving education – once # 1 in education and roads – when I moved out – now around 37 and declining down down down. Now millions are simply trading up for their happier and better quality of life itself outcomes. I wrote WILL THE LAST PERSON TO LEAVE CALIFORNIA PLEASE TURN OFF THE LIGHTS? Why? the killer fires are all caused with find out by faulty maintenance on PG@E largest power provided on earth – now in Bankruptcy as it can’t provide damages to the fires it created over years of time. Millions moving into California have done a U turn and are moving into better option states for economic advantages which are huge. Millions more are leaving California. How does cash strapped California pays its bills with year after year population tax payer net decline by millions of tax payers leaving California. Which brings me to my quote from Redemption the Cooperation Revolution 5 stars on Amazon – back ordered but they fill em over 72 hours not  to worry and the quote to world leaders is:

….no nation or state or community  can prosper outside a strategy of ever rising internal consumption by consumers in nation created and assured by state or national policies to foster explosive development of in jurisdiction entrepreneur class – to drive the ever rising consumption and prosperity……..

California was when I left the state decades in the past # 1 in transportation systems # 1 in education ( thank you Pat Brown Jerry’s famous father I knew and loved ) and the # 1 most business friendly state. Today California is over a single generation ONE of  the WORST in all those categories – owning the crown jewel today of the SINGLE MOST HOSTILE STATE TO CONDUCT SMALL BUSINESS INSIDE OF.

Business is net negative leaving California. This is too important to ignore as a trend. Today job creating and tax paying business is leaving California – the worst most unfriendly space to conduct business within – and is relocating to most friendly states a number with zero state income tax versus Californias 10% business income tax and 10% inventory annual tax and sales taxes on top of all that and in the end – business is taxed out of the California landscape.

Without a shift in Policy we see states like Illinois and California dying in red ink and creating first State BANKRUPTCY as they default on their city and state bond debt. Investors holding California assets are well advised to mitigate risk moving forward. Shift into BLACK STATE BONDS like Ohio and Florida and depart from RED INK negative debt riddled states with state income falling due to net exit migrations as a ….future trend. Remember you heard this here first.

Check it out with your own licensed investment professionals as we report trends but we never not ever give investment advice…we are reporting under free speech our opinion based on our research and data for you to consider as one item of incoming against your many others. You ultimately decide with professional input always required to sort out future action in fact.

Our job is to help our readers across over 100 nations today to have superior information to THINK it all through with.

CEO SPACE accelerates customer acquisition and market growth March 23rd. Why? We call the last week of March the world wide BUSINESS NEW YEAR. Chinese New years is over. Winter is over. Spring is thawing 70% of America the worlds richest economic engine as the entire nation and world GO BACK TO WORK. The GNP picks up and profit and earnings pick up.

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Hey a few years ago Google explored a Merger Acquisition but the head of Google M&A silo – conducting due diligence on CEO SPACE – came to the program – and subsequently came back – and started his own business and left Google – we are good like that – but the Google partnership dropped as he left. Jeff Bezo or Mark your next. Call me.

Warren Buffet turns in about his worst loses and earnings EVER. As the group punishes other CEO’s on such outcomes – they told their investors your looking at a tree and not our entire forest? Hey the entire forest is on fire. Warren.

So can old men with formulas remain relevant in the new unfolding AI economy – an economy that defies all old rules and is NEW -FRESH – DYNAMIC – EVOLVING. Watching old brains try to keep CURRENT in the new age of SUPER CHANGE is a score card we keep like betting on a horse track. Who is investing to stay CURRENT in the C suite and who is not – doing it just the way they always have to a risk they have never experienced. Why did the sage of Omaha and Charlie fail their test to lead out front fully current and drive their investors at Berkshire Hathaway once a failing garment firm – into such massive never seen before year end LOSS? Boys phone me.

Never in human history has core economics shed the old like a snake skin and created the new – it is like a caterpillar ( not the company in Illinois reporting record earnings in fact  ) but the insect as it transforms into a butterfly a new species to that crawling guy and it flies.

The economy of the world has left in 2013 everything every University ever taught you.

Today the new AI economy is evolving with the speed of self learning programing soon to be a new species of self aware and self educating life. Today 96% of 440 Trillion Dollars circulates globally outside any system of nation, law, or regulation, or model for core economics – without any human control or governance. The AI of Citi Corp wars with AI of Credit Swiss and with Bank of China and with 10,000 super money pools – where just Blackrock and Carlyle – say two out of what THOUSANDS – where the two alone with their all AI in now – manage over 13 trillion ( more than the majority of nations – say Pakistan has a total of 8 billion capital reserves which is nothing for a nation so large  ) and two private money managers control Pacific oceans of money flowing in or out of nations at 13 trillion – when leveraged properly control 300 trillion circulating in leveraged and margin bets.

NEW ECONOMY THEORY has yet to be invented although I’ve been screaming at Harvard about it all – in fairness I hold the record for canceling more key note speeches than any other player ever. I’m busy Harvard. Send the plane.

I miss my buddy John Nash as together I know he would as Nobel Winner – been all over the shift into new theory.

World government and investors need new theory to be safe.

While the core economy post world war II is dead and buried …and the NEW AI ECONOMY is born and rising dominating capital flow dynamics – the central bankers as you will read about in the KILLING OF UNCLE SAM book at Amazon have no clue…really….hey Powell Call me. You engage Jeff Magee at the Fed and I mentor Jeff. Call me.


  1. NANCY CALL ME – impeaching President Trump is a failed strategy – will not produce the outcomes you desire most – and will as your PLAN unfolds pose a risk for super crash and CASCADE or debt default in soveriegns keeping the IMF and World Bank up at night. Hey phone me. You need to lead in the NEW AI ECONOMY for the first priority – system stability in the NEW AI ECONOMIC – as system stability is the GAME RISK in the rip tide of old tools and economic play books failing when inserted into the NEW AI economic landscape.
  2. A G 100 ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION hosted on the BIG ISLAND of Hawaii – see state legislator JERRY CHANG for free land and resources the state would provide. A three year new treaty for nations in COOPERATION forever discarding COMPETITION as a form of human insanity – driven by integrity – will produce a NO NATION LEFT BEHIND PLANET WIDE BOX TOP RULE UPGRADE for regulatory frame work tx and trade and centuries of prosperity for all 10 billion soon of US – we the people.
  3. Merge Central banks back into your treasuries – read KILLING OF UNCLE SAM for the WHY benefits to nations.
  4. Legalize Drugs world wide to state high quality stores and taxation while offering FREE from those taxes recovery for all – and put black marketing or drugs in jail for minimum 25 year sentences once its all legal globally. Between the cost of the war on drugs and exploding use world wide- why continue the LOSS NO NATION CAN AFFORD TODAY – legalize drugs and remove stigmas and whenever applied drug USE drops like a stone on graphs and charts and so does CRIME. The war on drugs failed and nations can not afford the cost…do the new economy math.
  5. Nations need to remove competition at core – starting together as one from the conference to remove terror and violence as RULE OF GLOBAL LAW is sane and those who are insane are deleted or locked up. Making us all safe again in a world where our mind set is not a backfire on a truck may be a terror event in say Orlando. GUN laws in Australia with lower crime – should be globally adopted where gun owners must keep guns under lock and key – and its checked – keeping us all safe.

We can do this 5 to thrive – but if we do not get the G 100 together – the system will CASCADE into sovereign nation debt defaulting – AI liquidity or buy orders will evaporate – liquidity evaporation day – or LED DAY. The way out here is reset sovereign nation debt with SUPER BONDS via one of  the largest sovereign nation bond law firm – on earth – call Roel Campos the father of SUPER BOND THEORY where in the NEW AI ECONOMY – TIME as our Fed just realized – is the missing ASSET FOR STABILITY – time itself.

As I chat with economists world wide – I find so many KNOW we have transmuted into an entire new AI economic system without any theory or rules. Everyone is so frustrated in debates – there is NO new economy versus humbug of course there IS.

Again you heard it all first….as always since 1988 to today – right here on line. Share this blog with leaders who are readers in your own circle and subscription is always FREE and privacy is absolutely protected.

Today we track the next enormous RISK FOR SUPER CRASH AND WORLD WAR as the system and banks stop on a time in AI driven LED DAY – and that risk is GRID LOCK AND IMPEACHMENT of Donald Trump on world economic theater. As the political theater final act is no impeachment as the senate controlled by republicans lacks the votes to secure final impeachment verdicts. So the exercise is APPEARANCE for the ELECTIONS and it all follows the Bill Clinton Play book – because it worked in the old economy. The risk ( noting the move fails in the end ) wastes opportunity time – economic prosperity – and security in America and the entire world.

As far as I can tell from last week with Cohen against North Korea and China last week – Cohen won in the press. The press is last week 80% to this weekend – setting TRUMP UP as an immoral unethical unworthy leader based upon not news but persecution by press never seen – and we have seen some really bad stuff – but in the new AI global news markets all reflecting the new AI ECONOMY – the united focus is 2020 and removing Trump so the powers of state return to old guard management.

A huge parting of the Red sea has taken place.

On one side is old guard super money.

On the other side is reformer super money wishing for progressive reforms.

To really understand the math and economics reading THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM which is the killing of the world order of the future to preserve the world order of the past – helps you see the data all in one book. You heard that here and spread the book to your circle…information is only powerful if YOU POSSESS the true data the true information.

As you read the book  – know some of the folks inside I knew well or know well.

Read that book folks. Order on Amazon you will comment into this blog I hope as you read it.

2019 and 2020 will be great years sans unexpected LED events for small business. This March we will work to advance CEO outcomes and profits as never before inside the larger COMMUNITY that CEO SPACE helps foster for ever member. A cooperative based – ethical based – integrity based – COMMUNITY is safe harbor for all and every future storm cloud ( in economics ) we can see – on the distant horizon into 2021 and 2022. Australia has not had one recession or contraction in 27 years of economics. Can the world copy THAT? Recessions are NOT inevitable in the new AI economy.

For those attending CEO SPACE you get ME and my mentorship as well. Live.

We wish all our readers the best 2019 of prosperity a March 23rd opens up BUSINESS NEW YEARS and the ice and snow depart and the entire world thaws as we all SPRING FORWARD TOGETHER FINANCIALLY.

Look forward to the reality from the famous poem…..ALL GROWTH OCCURS IN THE SPRING……