Lets review the facts about Cohen Licensed Attorney professional law practice New York City:

  1. Cohen represents wealthy clients personal business issues.
  2. Cohen accepts millions in legal Fees from Donald Trump who is protected by client attorney privilege.
  3. Michael Cohen receives subpoena from special prosecutor.
  4. Knowing HE IS smarter than Nazi Bobby in a suit Cohen calls into democrat Bobby’s PERJURY TRAP
  5. Knowing a BOBBY closed loop Perjury indictment IS coming Cohen in press flip flops on Trump
  6. Cohen then is indicted and deals with Nazy Bobby Boy to get jail time to lowest possible level.
  7. Cohen has ZERO CRIMINAL EVIDENCE on Trump over 1000 of files over years of time…so he lies on “stuff”.
  8. Cohen led by Nazi Bobbi Special Prosecutor next meets Nancy Pelosi and House Democratic leaders.
  9. Directed and produced by Pelosi and Bobby Cohen FRAMES TESTIMONY to a record to beat trump in 2020.
  10. The mean spirited REVENGE Billion watching political theater – has Trump client attorney rights and freedoms any one paying legal fee’s relies upon totally trashed – as Cohen now protecting his own JAIL TIME DEAL three years versus 30 years – as Nazi Bobbi made so clear to Cohen disbarred from lar 24 hours before testifiying as .convicted felon who pled guilty to multiple multiple lying – now is SET UP by the Democrats to to keep his jail time safe – with threat of 27 more years of jail time IF the Federal Government under justice Czar Nazi Bobbi Boy does not get his pound of flesh – in HE SAID SHE SAID – no law broken – but still over and over Cohen said – NO COLLUSION WITH RUSSIA none.t

Cohen breaks legal protection of client attorney privilege and turns evidence as Trump Lawyers over to the committee none of which is a CRIME item in any way. The Goal is that Nancy Pelosi directing these proceedings to diminish AMERICA EFFORTS to secure a NUKE DEAL with North Korea to keep world PEACE SAFE – no mercy – no a day before or after the most historic peace talks since WORLD WAR II – NO WAY – maximum prime time theft – to HE SAID SHE SAID in political theater with the # 1 watched SUPER STAR celebrity on Earth the TRUMP BRAND.

Bash the brand.

Chip away at that brand.

Imagine if you…yes you…were set up like this by the most powerful government upon the earth. Framed in the court of public appearance. To move voters in 2020 to vote for anyone BUT TRUMP. To secure legal appearance paper work to enable an impeachment trial to also assure Trump fails in 2020 – but the sheer weight of the POLITICAL WATER. Pay back for Bill Clinton silly wasteful impeachment…..and with democate leadership who suffered in those political theater SET UPS BY REPUBLICANS….


No end till the election.

Mean spirited.

Border line legal.

And not the AMERICAN real justice we all desire and require.

Manipulated JUSTICE IS NOT MY dream for America.

Not by a very long ways.

Nancy and democrats had a hemorrhage with their ONE BILLION WATCHING – half with anyone else but full up within Nancy Bobby SET UP to frame BOBBY BOYS report – all written and everything- ready to go to Justice closing the most costly wasteful political special prosecutor once and for all so BOBBY can return to super big buck income as reward for his service to the controlling party now in power. Why did Bobby and Nancy have a STROKE this week?

Off Script for Pelosi:

  1. Sir do you know about any films with Russian hookers that PUTIN can blackmail Trump with – NO SIR I DO NOT – and that is nail in the coffin over and over NO COLLUSION with Russia two years in to democrate witch hunt paying back Clinton saga. NO COLLUSION on the record.
  2. Sir did you go to prague ( we have the tapes and film ) again to nail Trump – no sir I did not – I stay around Long Island New York sir never been to Prague meetings. Smashing theory on collusion to the floor boards democrats like bears swiping paws  at air – even the liar can’t lie and nail TRUMP in fact growl implied. Bear Growls.
  3. Did Trump ask you to lie to congress – no sir. Did that on my own now going to prison for that perjury trap I fell into that Nazi Bobbi Boy set up for the opposition party – now I’m stuck with multi million dollar book tv and film deals plus speaking gigs …and I’ll get out early its all good – for the Cohen family due to Trump celebrity fame boys and girls. Take millions from Trump for TEN YEARS then betray Trump for my own jail time reduction and trade on opposition who control TV media and publishing assured of huge multi million dollar contracts for 2020 election winning – Cohen the SUPER STAR – his ego could to say no – every mud sling at Trump elevates his audiance who hate Trump by the tens of millions although – an equal number adore and love Trump in this ballet of political pre SET UP and the FRAME IS IN – theater.
  4. Did you rehearse your SET UP to this congress testimony with democratic leadership ( who hate Trump ) YES SIR I did my rehearsal for the words today with Democratic leadership and their puppy doggie Nazi Bobbi Boy prosecutor in Nancy’s pocket we call Justice when its as far from justice as a Chinese Court Room by the communist ruling power or MBS trying Khashoggi’s killers – about as justice and fair as THAT in the USA.
  5. I say again do you have any evidence on Russian Collusion – no sir I do not.

Well then off script save for the name calling is my free speech right to say now that is not going to pardon me, no longer paying millions to me, THAT, Trump is a bad man in my opinion – Trump has moods and gets angry at times – Trump is a liar cheat a racist and no black should vote for Trump and no republican should vote for Trump for Trump will bring you all down – look at ME – as a perfect person in New York striped disbarred Attorney and that is all Trumps fault none of that is my fault you’ll all see – I’m a good redeemed Betrayer liar con man fixer and I ask you to believe me that Trumt and his entire family are spans of Satan pure evil upon the earth out and to find out just HOW EVIL and how BAD Trump is…why read my book series – binge watch my television show COHEN and watch the theatrical film – THE TRUMP YEARS. Make me millions and I’ll show you name calling only a nasty true mother fucker like myself can ever pull out of his hat and look – I just fucked the DEMOCRATS totally on a global billion watching without adding one month to my own jail time…..remember that song I see John and Abraham and Martin? They will have to add Michael now.

Almost with a smirk Michael Cohen leaves the theater play house – believing …why I”ll win an Academy Award for this act and make millions off the Trump Brand – I hated law anyway – now I can be THE FIXER and no law restrains me when I return back to business as usual…this time for democrats as I am disloyal anyway and now everyone knows THAT.

The Michael Cohen Story dominated news this week – legally Michael Cohen gets F in front of congress – as all of us on all isle sides get how PREDICTABLE this 30 years or do it our way testimony – in US JUSTICE – was FRAMED IN AND SET UP by Cohens own under oath admission….the democrats made me do it.

Is this the way YOU want America Justice to be really…..I mean really…..?