MBS orders plans executes and slaughters Jeff Bezos owned and controlled Washington Post Journalist Khashoggi as Khashoggi was hoodwinked into getting his Saudi wedding license so he could marry his fiance in Turkey. Caring nothing about rule of law, civilization of war crimes, Hitler MBS crosses into a sovereign state with an 18 person assassination team that reports to MBS confidential right hand man each team member picked personally by the Puppy KING himself and reported only to him. Asked after the crime had successfully butched Khashoggi the King Said ” oh we have Khashoggi leaving our Turkish Embassy – he’s fine we don’t know where the journalist is”. LIE. Like a bad child stealing cookies from his own brothers cookie jaw and getting caught on audio and on video films – Endgame in Turkey surviving a coup against his family where MBS teams tried to take over Turkey as a wedge against Iran, financed the coup that almost killed Endgame and his wife and his children as head of Turkey – Endgame had ( illegally ) bugged the SAUDI ( evil backer of that coup attempt ) Embassy. Endgame has more than just the KHASHOGGI MURDER and MBS Knows he’s caught cold – the Audio’s make all so clear whose hand is in the cookie jaw. The USA has a long relationship with the SAUDI and FAUD Families that rule Saudi and the USA is patient. We believe the rulers who were arrested as royals by the 1000’s and who were forced without rule of law of any due process or any process but – MBS stating give me – my kingdom over 100 billion of your dollars or I will kill you your family your families children generationally and your family tree wipes out right here right now.

This PUPPY KING is trying to buy a nuke from Pakistan from India from South Africa from North Korea from nations that might for a price sell some nukes over coming all USA sanctions. Iran knowing this nuke purchase blitz leads to the secret against all our treaties and understandings MISSILE LAUNCH FIELDS MBS has spent a billion constructing and preparing with all ballistic missiles Saudi and MBS now control aimed at IRAN. They only need that secret NUKE to tip those missiles. Iran knows this and knows MBS Is insane. Iran who fought right by our side against Saudi and MBS funding ISIS and Taliban in Syria ( all to great loss and embarrassment in the gulf for MBS as the Gulf leadership has this IP solid as a boulder in the desert ) – while they all play niceee nice – no one is following OPEC Or MBS Guidelines any longer. Its all lip service. OPEC members will no longer lose market share to the insane policy of oil from a desperate MBS now costing SAUDI more than three trillion in capital flight and investment collapse as well as mounting never ending SAUDI debt piles rising like a force 8 earth quake to Saudi and its Kingdom – IRAN IS NOT AMUSED to be nuked by this insane King taring framing and labeling IRAN as terror when it is all Saudi all of it.

We don’t like leaders who use fear to make policy. Iran – fear of USA and SAUDI. Saudi fear of terror and IRAN. USA fear of Putin and Russia and fear of IRAN so we have enemies and threats and increasingly fear of CHINA. If you read the KILLING OF UNCLE SAM you ponder are the SUPER MONEY POOLS threatened by FEAR OF TRUMP TEAM REFORMS TO THEIR LEGAL THEFT OF NATIONS – planning on war – to derail Trump and distract attention from real issues to their agenda – war. How does real WAR get set up ? Oh you are all watching it. WAKE UP as we all oppose war because the few against the money slaughter all of us for profit in war

Competition and competitive thought MBS resides within is a form of human insanity and creates repeated patterns for bad policy – driven by fear – and sets up ( always ) over time wars. The World as Gaborchaf nobel prize winner in his 80’s wrote all world leaders saw as clearly as this blog does as he request – YOU STOP YOUR MARCH TO WORLD WAR SIRS AND LADIES.

No one paid any attention at all as the KILLING OF UNCLE SAM defines by research how SUPER MONEY POOLS are marching toward war and why and what you can do to stop them. If you wake up and get active as voters who really have the power world wide wish – to take back control and stop them. The weapon used against you and me is ignorance and distraction. Modern media owned by the SUPER MONEY POOL AGENDA is operating on outcomes in secret unknown to you to effect a one world government for all the best reasons they hold as dear and true. Keeping you ignorant and distracted is easy for the SUPER MONEY. If you learn the truth and keep reading say the truth documented in the KILLING OF UNCLE SAM you make go viral into a global best selling book the like of which we have not seen in centuries outside the bible. Do that and folks get smart and act differently while we have time to prevent war.

Who thinks most competitively or insane thinking?

MBS. Track it yourself.


MBS is investing one billion dollars to caste SAUDI well and to make Khashoggi to GO AWAY. Sound bite by sound bite seeing the King is powerful OK and doing fine with world leadership. All of which is illusion. MBS is a sit com joke with world leaders and behind his bed sheet the world is talking about other than the size of MBS balls he is simply insane.

One mark of MBS being HITLER just like we told you seeking a nuke just like we reported to you first – scroll you’ll see – google you’ll see we were right – that MBS is insane – is Bezo hack.

So we told you MBS IS AN ENEMY OF THE UNITED STATES. Saudi is our friend. Our bases in Saudi preserve the Kingdom at our cost not their cost. The USA has to wait for Saudi royals to sort this out. Eventually due to the scale of MBS insult upon royal families the families will off and disappear MBS and his daddy. When MBS departs our friendship with SAUDI will be on going and gulf stabilizing. MBS has attacked our oil industry and tried to negatively impact our economy. Supposed friend of Kushner and Trumps MBS is raising oil prices caring less what Trump tweets and doing all he can for the MANY to destroy the economic recovery by raising the cost of energy to the world so the KID CAN PAY HIS BILLS which he is unable to do at oil prices declining now matter what the kids idiotic immature oil policies are all of which 100% of the kids policy work since 2014 have FAILED – destroying OPEC and Saudi economics. At some point royals losing 3 billion and climbing with capital flight out of SAUDI not in – because smart investment capital can the see the political civil war landscape going on inside Saudi which will break into real war inside SAUDI. No one invests into that insanity MBS has created for his young immature unable to see it forward self. MBS narcissistic insanity makes it impossible for his brain to act sanely versus insanely – Hitler had the master race MBS has the master faith far more dangerous in insane thought patterns.

INSANE MBS orders his nation to hack JEFF BEZO’s phone. The Jeff Bezo ‘s who owns the WASHINGTON POST and is keeping Khashoggi alive despite the billion dollar PR around the puppy king to make him the saudi God – because in MBS’s mind he is all powerful – fuck the trillion dollar Bezo’s coming after me as KING OF A NATION he just is a entrepreneur who got lucky once in MBS mind.

So MBS attacked to the bone by Washintion Post – telling the truth over and over against MBS crimes and lies – over and over – MBS commits another crime against humanity in the tit for tat with countless warnings to Bezo’s – all of which in Jeff’s braveary and feeling of what it means to BE AMERICAN and to hold AMERICAN VALUES including bringing down KHASHOGGI”s real killer and murderer we all know all of us is MBS the insane PUPPY KING – embarrassing SAUDI and its future as long as he is wrongly given any power – BEZO”s presses on.

MBS hacks his phone and then:

  1. Leaks Jeff private life with a lady
  2. Jeff now moves to divorce – the story is now JEFF as MBS Planned not MBS at all not even linked.
  3. Until today when Jeff security third party consultants – as JEFF strippped of half his wealth by MBS – but still is far more wealthy than MBS at half – releases HIS CELL WAS HACKED BY MBS PERSONALLY – A SAUDI HACK.
  4. The Hack took photos and Jeff was told do this or do that or we publish the photos and MBS controlled the agenda.
  5. Until today when Jeff moved the spot light back on MBS because what insane hitler brains can not stand is the TRUTH OF THE FINAL SOLUTION AND HOLOCAUST – and MBS CAN NOT STAND THE TRUTH that he is slaughtering thousands who oppose him in any way – is ramping up war with IRAN his game plan and sucking the USA in as MBS game plane – which Iran must make a DEAL WITH TRUMP and derail and counter balance MBS inside  THAT deal –  while Trump releases strategic oil reserves at say 500,000 gallons a day rising to one million a day over weeks bringing oil where our PRESIDENT NOT MBS wants it putting pressure on MBS NUKE shopping before it is too late – its close now -and investigate the hack halting all USA investment in Saudi while the investigation goes on – while Congress passes SAUDI must pay their own defense cost in the Gulf or we move our bases to the UAE and ore sane versus inane venues to balance in the MIDDLE EAST.

Saudi was a strategic long time ally.

Saudi is not an ally of US interest today as the largest OIL producer on earth MBS see’s us as a competitor to be dealt with not a friend to play ball with. His actions speak louder than his lies.


Jeff a GREAT AMERICAN is going after MBS when the USA will not and the USA politely asks Jeff to stop – for all the WRONG REASONS . Congress has the dial up number for MBS and congress is going to exact a cost for the ACTIONS LOUDER THAN THE LIES. Saudi is now a full on enemy of the USA under MBS.

Who does not see the hack – the extortion and black mail – of MBS to Jeff Bezos – a MOUNT OLYMPUS WAR of the GOD’S themselves – a movie script any jewish talent should make into a movie MBS THE PUPPY KING – which say 3 billion would go watch – or the movie KHASHOGGI with MBS planning it all and having his bed sheet caught in the cookie jar – and we all saw that cookie – that Hitler slaughter. The North Korean kid whacked his closest family members on a wall with batteries of high velocity enrormous anti aircraft shells tearing the folks to shreds – at least no torture and it was instant and that KID stopped – MBS is not stopping. There is no point but worship me as a GOD KING and bow way down. I wish to rule the world and the GULF.

Bad news insane brain.

Jeff is not stopping. This weekend the release that SAUDI our ENEMY had hacke the owner of the Washington Posts phone and then did PAY BACK on his divorce and we assume even more attacks to Jeff will be coming as SAUDI has no rule of law. SAUDI evil intelligence crosses into Turkey into USA and acts as a criminal terror organization worse than HEZBOLLAH funded annually mostly by SAUDI money against the USA and against Israel. Funding every anti Iran move just like they attack Bezos.

This IS WAR FOLKS before the shooting war breaks out.

Like a necklace of abuse these abuse steps:

  1. OIL WARS 2014 dropping price from $ 140.00 a barrel to 36.00 dollars a barrel 80% drop in oil price to utterly DESTROY AMERICAN OIL at price they could not drill and pull up oil profitably. But MBS Failed in his OIL WARS as America technology made profits at 36.00 a barrel and rose our output from under 4 million barrels a day to over 12 million passing Saudi at only 9 million barrels a day in preset price raising cut back mode – and going to 20 million barrels a day. MBS loss here is the utter destruction of OPEC itself. MBS rolled the dice and lost in America like Hitler in World War II that big an economic loss he is paying for now and for decades. Loser.
  2. Yeman wars . to distract Saudi from how badly MBS lost this oil war he engages full on war in Yemen. MBS has lost the Yemen war is stuck in a billion dollar annual loser boon doggle – and the winners are lobbing missiles at MBS castles.
  3. Yemen USA breach – as ENEMY OF THE USA IN THE OIL WARS – MBS an insane brain – does not honor any written treaty or agreement as former Saudi leaders always DID as they were sane rulers and MBS is Hitler bat shit crazy. So MBS takes our latest most advance weapons into Yemen where these weapons are not to be used by agreement. These advance drone and weapon systems are captured over and over and the technology moves immediately to IRAN and RUSSIA where it is instantly reversed engineered closing the gap advantage the USA has in war. Further trillions the USA spent to develop top secret advanced weapon systems are gift wrapped by MBS cheating the USA violating his agreements with the USA and allowing in his criminal breach – the full on worse nightmare for the USA keeiping our advance systems from our enemies – the leader of which today IS MBS HIMSELF. Congress get this sound bite in your law making in 2019.
  4. Yehem torture death camps – mass murders – Hitler Saudi bombing schools hospitals sports marriage events and more the United Nations says MBS IS THE WORST HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATORS OF OUR TIME. Russia and Iran keep MBS safe from UN resolutions vetoed – because they want those top secret weapons – no change in policy as MBS is losing and they our enemies are winning as we back almost always the loser. Putin backed the King of Syria the winner we backed the losers SAUDI funding factions killing USA soldiers. As we have our prime gulf bases in SAUDI WE REMAIN LONG TERM FRIENDS OF THE SAUDI RULING FAMILY TREE – NOT MBS FAMILY TREE – AND WE REMAIN FRIENDS WITH THE SAUDI PEOPLE. OF COURSE. The worst human rights violations is not China it is not somalia it is not venezuela and thats hugely bad and wrong its not IRAN and its not even NORTH KOREA it is MBS and SAUDI. Crimes against humanity like economics one day must rebalance all abuse as global will unseats the GODS in Olympia ask Endgame if MBS must go? Jeff and Endgame will not stop until the insane brain is out of theater.
  5. Khashoggi – killing a US Journalist for the Washington POST like a Russia Mafia message to the world – message one attack the puppy King like I’m doing today at your own risk as MBS will slaughter you and perhaps your family – and we all assume that risk when taking on the insane brains of the world one at a time. MBS is next for the entire world. Jeff put the nail in MBS Coffin today. Everyone gets the most powerful influencer Super Money is a truth teller – as he managed the THREAT FROM THE HACK not doing what MBS DEMANDED which cost more far more than any one has had to pay in modern warfare from a DIGITAL HACK OF HIS OWN PHONE And NUKE from the hack into his own life – and Jeff stood tall and continues to correctly label MBS as a freak of nature in the world today. This weekend he tagged MBS with his worst nightmare – the TRUTH. Check mate MBS.

Now every leader and every investment decision makers knows their phone could be hacked by state terrorist MBS. That MBS will attack anyone . MBS is clear by actions that he is at economic and political war with the USA. Standing by none of our policies – not the Capitol of Israel or the Gaza recognition to spoils of winning a war – America drew lines of what we won from World War II and Israel brutally surprised attacked on holiday in 1967 and I was there – so I know – won that horrible Syrria created war and the Egytpian war and assured high ground that previously was used to bomb isreal is not under israel control so enemies can not lob weapons into Isreal cities less than 20 miles away from those Golan heights even less…as duh of course. Give back the hill high ground our folks got slaughtered in retaking as you bombed our cities and our people without mercy and 50 years later the war losers want that tiny strategic land back – her losers – never gonna happen. NOT EVER.

MBS is working against the USA and anyone with their money tongue up insane brain MBS’s ass is a traitor to the USA.

SUPPORT MBS and today – after Jeff Bezo phone hack by MBS who wants Khashoggi Slaughter to go away so he can get away – fully GET AWAY with his crimes against humanity like Hitler are only escalating with time and rising in complexity. Folks he is dripping our weapon systems to our enemies breaking all his agreements – he has secret precluded by us missile launch systems and sites in nation – top secret with top technology in ballistic missiles from MBS trading partners – they now make missiles as MBS wants his own weapons systems and his engineers in secret are reverse engineering our weapon systems for next generation improvements they own against AMERICA ITSELF NOW. Get the weapons of Rome. Work to defeat those top secret weapons internally. Until you counter America as influence and threat from your own nukes and internal systems.

Last week in secret Trumps team provided totally secret but we reported it here on the day of – agreements – to waive nuke power plants to Saudi from various providers from France to the USA. These multiple technology plants induce tech to make nuclear weapons now MBS can develop to tip his missiles pointed at Iran today with Nukes.

Iran can’t let that happen.

As they both move to get nuke weapons if no one can stop them – if they had them either side – can anyone see MBS not using them? I can’t . If hitler got Nukes what would the UK look like today?

If MBS gets nukes what will the world look like tomorrow.

This story is not press super focused.

WE submit this story will become THE STORY and watch our congress who knows all this – is going to act again and again to clip MBS feathers as he is dripping red ink and economically vulnerable such that one day the ruling families will simply have enough embarrasment of MBS police state – and rights crack down – only .a GOD INSANE KING BRAIN could even unfold and really today SAUDI is in unseen under currents of full on civil war also reported her first in 2017.


A war of GOOD and of EVIL and the outcome is in the books.

We know who wins Good and Evil so sit on the right side of the stadium as war is coming.






When investment banker teams see 30 billion flowing out of EU equity investing, and that sum is picking up steam what is UP with that. Bank of America has fear indexed the EU as a market likely to do worse than the EU and Asia and the slow down in the EU is picking up speed. Finally the impact on the EU of a no deal britt exit not one saw coming – is now a likely economic EU impact and UK impact all negative. The trade issues between Germany and France the solid economies in the EU but with breaks slammed on to slow down levels not seen in 25 years in both nations. Both nations from yellow vest in france and Muslim rising issues in Germany are sinking economics across the EU zone.

Capital is flying out. Protectively.

Some economists believe the EU zone is over sold. Many and I’m one believe the EU will surprise in the Spring with winter effects departing – on the upside. Capital may rebalance as that upside is reported in the Spring. I would not sell the EU short.

Oil producer no matter what they tell you or the market want oil at $ 75.00 or above out of pure greed. The oil producers are economic criminals. They have no interest in delivering their product to consumers at the lowest price with the highest quality. They desire to falsely price oil using criminal cartels to place the ultimate TAX upon the more poor of 8 billion humans – say 7 billion – so that they paying such high false premiums for energy the cost of everything else – lack food and shelter security with average ages and life expectancy of say 45 years tops. Why? Oil criminals.

Billions of humans need energy at the lowest possible price so no nation is left behind. It is better for all if more oil is sold at lower price than less oil is sold at false phony pricing for the ELITE OIL Producers the wealth of the world to get fantastically wealth con men and criminals to get even more unbalanced and extreme wealth. While avoiding taxes to their host nations via depletion allowances and other 1900 incentives that long ago should have been removed by nations.

President Trump is wise to flip MBS the bird as MBS flips the USA the finger – by releasing 1 million barrels of oil a day from our strategic stock pile. This act brings oil premium from criminal cartels from over $ 70.00 a barrel to $ 50.00 with average America prices around $ 45.00 where it should be kept.

The tug of war in the oil trades is the economic factor beyond the FED that leads to recession. Higher cost of oil leads to recession like higher cost of interest.

The NEW AI economy punishes failed policy on these issues with speeds never seen before and globally in a click.

No one can predict the future in oil. We think over any sixty month period you short oil and you bet on the price collapsing as the earth is drowning in oil. More oil than Saudi has in total is being discovered each YEAR and the totals are staggering. Venezuela pumping under two million barrels a day sitting on the the worlds largest oil lake – larger than Saudi 2 billion barrels – yet the communist mis managed their economics for 20 years leaving after theft and cheats to their people – no fuel to rebuild their crashed crushed destroyed failed state economy.

Good news coming up SPRING and sunny days with 4 billion going back to work as global stimulus unfolds.

Bad head winds include Britt Exit – Trump legal in USA via Manhattan New York actions – natural disaster cost outlays – the failed Britt Exit event to the EU as a whole – the Span bank crises which can escalate into bank runs and a full on CASCADE of failing italian banks the largest EU crises and risk unfolding now as runs on Italian Banks by smart depositors are game on as folks are fleeing banking in italy – last one out turns the lights off on italian banking.  Iran and Saudi are in arms race to get nukes to lob them at each other. First. Pakistan and India are nuke pointed at each other and one button push from atomic game on in those nations. Russia is supporting Iran and Venezuela as well as Syria in the Gulf opposing US everything.

Outcomes to these head winds? Do they speed up EU capital flight at 30 billion and soaring? Contracting EU options?

Or does the EU brighten up and surprise everyone.

We are about to see are we not?





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Cental Banks are private corporations of criminal bankers. The central bank is a corporation owned by criminal banks like Wells Fargo and City Corp. These banks own the controlling stock of a 1900 institution incorporate by the banks for the banks against the people. A cartel of the money like OPEC is to oil. These banks rushed through a secret congressional act to contract to their corporation with zero oversight audits reviews checks and balances or any nature. The structure is fraud. The Fraud appears to over sight when there is none. No congress court or agency can over rule a FED decision or even review it.

The central banks exist to profit their bank shareholders maximally by controlling interest rates of nations. They also charge governments to print money – when printing money was free as done by treasury experts on monetary policy. The Currency of nation did best when there was no central bank. America abolished central banks more than once.

If you want to read how HORRIBLE the FED is for America – as we can never not ever be GREAT AGAIN with the FED as a band of criminals controlling our money supply. Keeping the public ignorant of economics and capitalism is the pathology of keeping their powers. YOU ARE IN THE DARK AND LACK FACTS. So read:

THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAME – the documentation of the horror of central banks on all of us. THE FEW AGAINST THE MONEY FOR GREED AND PROFIT. No criminal action falls ahead of the FED. The FED is the ultimate criminal organization – stealing more than all the mafia drug lords and gangs sapping the wealth of nations like giant leaches.

READ THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM and you will join the vote to MERGE THE FED INTO US TREASURY a pathology for all nations for all central banks. MERGE THIS BANDIT INSTITUTIONS Back into their treasuries.

This Blog Reported in 2015 and 27 times since that:

  1. There is a new economy – an AI managing 440 trillion dollars that took place from 2013 to today.
  2. The FED Is using old economy tools on a new economy which always fails to work.
  3. The Fed policy has raised interest rates following the sub prime crises the Fed created far to rapidly.
  4. The Fed raised too frequently too high each time and and far to rapidly killing the fragile global recovery.
  5. The Treasury needed to normalize rates over 15 years not fifteen months. This mistake is fatal to core economics.

In the NEW AI economy Fed policy errors can create CASCADE. CASCADE is a debt defaulting contagion that locks up the entire global economic and institutions banks and investment banks all fail. With AI economics this can occur in 72 hours versus 72 days. The danger is greater than any time in history as all accounts are so globally entwined due to the Fed elevating risk to the entire system because they are out of touch obsolete and antique to forward economics.

Treasury leadership has the expertise without a conflict of interest to criminal banks who own the FED.

Once you wake up to how awful this all is – google it – you begin after reading the KILLING OF UNCLE SAM to vote for candidates who stand for merging the FED and all is processes back into US Treasury. What happens?

  1. You keep all Fed processes.
  2. You print money for free no interest cost.
  3. You pile up no forward debt to the fed.
  4. You pay off your old debts in fact and go into the black from red ink – red ink the fed profits from.
  5. You issue a 100 year SUPER BOND via Hughes and Hubbard and pay off all USA debt now – and we repay that new Super Bond in 100 years only paying interest until then. This puts America into the black with oceans of money for infrastructure.

Keeping the Fed is economic suicide as the Fed in the age of the pony express was one thing but the Fed in todays complex economic requires Treasury oversight – as criminal policy making is not working of course.

The Fed is the cause of recessions all unnecessary.

The Fed is the cause of all depressions super crashes and world wars.

What is the largest killer of humans?

The Central Banks creating all the wars and economic crashes for nations.

Why do we keep these criminals in power?

Because the law makers are bought and paid for by the wallstreet lobby the largest lobby pool of money which is owned by the FED or the other way around.

To restore integrity you need a system of integrity.

The constitution says only the US Treasury can print currency.

How did constitutional authority permit the congress to violate the constitution and allow a third party private corproation owned in secret by the banks to print the money of the USA for fantastic profits and fee’s? Who would take the right to print and control money ( no interest ) and now charge tax payers interest to print money once for free by treasury now our largest line item – national debt service to the FED.

Central banks are criminal institutions enslaving nations using debt.

You think this is radical have you seen this film:


Will you share this site with your tribe so they can see the film and subscribe for me its free. Stay ahead.

So the criminals are talking about raising interest in 2019. Congress is saying they must lower interest but they won’t.

They are out of touch.

The new AI economy requires new thinking to manage and Treasury has this item in tow and the FED is 50 years obsolete. The Fed is applying policy from old economics all dead and buried into a new AI ECONOMY they have zero tools or understanding for.

The largest Danger moving forward is the failure of law makers to enact emergency legislation to terminate the FED right ot print money and merge the FED process into US Treasury.








Saudi Arabia has one of the worst human rights violations and cultures of all 271 nations upon the earth – a top 1% horror on human rights and dignity. The Worse in the Gulf. Worse by far than say Iran. Saudi is the home of terrorist for 911 – the Gulf terror and global terror in general. Saudi is a finance source for radical Islam which Iran opposes. Saudi is the source of funding ISIS and Taliban.

Saudi is the funding for the human rights absolute atrocities in Yemen the worst in the world at this moment in time with one million in starvation illness and distress. Saudi is the source of the SLAUGHTER of Washington Post USA Jornalist Khashoggi hacking him to bits when he tried to get his legal wedding paper work. King MBS planned and executed all that and now sacrifices his A team to death to save the KING which won’t work in fact.

MBS has cost Saudi over 3 trillion in economic contractions, pure loss, on failed policy over oil and consequence for the inhuman savage slaughter of Khashoggi as a mentally ill damaged sociopathic brain. No division on that across the world.

MBS is the most dangerous ruler on the planet earth today.

MBS has been shopping for nukes in Pakistan where he traded 20 billion to get some nukes. Then MBS went to India like the two nations were friends which they almost nuked each other this month – and gave 100 billion to MODI to get Nukes from India.

Upon returning home Pence and team have in secret waived for MBS the permission to get from various global suppliers nuke power plants into Saudi. These nuke power plants provide enriched weapons grade fuel for nuke weapons Saudi can now make if they don’t buy them from South Africa or from Israel ( to attack Iran ) Or from their buddy in North Korea who needs cash to offset US Sanctions.

Also in secret and against agreements with the USA – Criminal Brain MBS has in secret again – constructed advance missile launch sites with arsenals of short and long range missiles on the secret missile launching site. All missiles are pointed at IRAN.

What do you think IRAN is doing while this threat to their people from a 30 something sociopathic puppy King who wishes to and has stated that he wants full on war with IRAN. MBS is spending millions to PR set up war with Iran.

MBS has been very busy since he murdered and got away with murder for Khashoggi last October only. We have not forgotten. The Press will never forget. Eventually the COST of MBS to Saudi rulers will become so fantastic both his father and he and many in his family who have shaken down the Royal Family tree in human rights abuse – for 100 billion dollars and MBS is still broke. The royals paying out the 100 billion are not say – happy or forgetting their insult from the KING MBS any time soon.

The CIVIL war in Saudi now includes the camps seeing MBS setting up a possible Iran take over of Saudi unless MBS is taken out. Saudi and Iran can make a great unity deal with MBS and his dad removed from power. That shift is a process to stop the loss and damage MBS is doing to the SAUDI NATION.

Soon we pass the SAUDI Point of no return.

When that happens GULF Chaos will explode and disrupt markets around the world. If MBS errors to massively third parties from Russia to the USA will take MBS and his father out. It is far preferable the SAUDI royal families replace KING MBS and his family and tribe to stabilize and restore the future of SAUDI in the world community.

MBS is a liar. Any thought MBS did not AIA and execute the criminal horror of Khashoggi and so many so many others – others being slaughtered right now in Saudi.  Gays thrown off buildings. Beheadings. LImbs cut off. Horror of tortures beyond imagination and then deaths that are beyond cruel.

Saud is the capitol of human rights deplorable abuse and violation of international law in the world today. This rogue nation is now with missiles – launch pads – all in secret all ready to go now – all they require for GO TIME TO IRAN is their nukes. MBS is buying NUKES or he can now make nukes from the power plants the USA this week just in SECRET approved.

You read this story first here ….and where is the global press on MBS who kills them as if they were fleas not journalist? Where is the loud free PRESS On the lead story – SAUDI NUKES TO IRAN and the MOTHER OF ALL WARS.

No one seems to have a strategic plan to contain MBS.

MBS is an enemy of the USA.

Take that to your bank and deposit it. Meanwhile oil is dropping as we so accurately told you and MBS is economically in the red borrowing and borrowing ( billions ) to avoid social unrest and a SPRING in SAUDI if the royals fail to replace MBS. Saudi is going to become very unstable as IRAN is not going to allow the threat of MBS to acquire that NUKE.

Iran may acquire a Nuke first and strike first. In pure self defense against a mad man.

If you are seeing the landscape through other tea leaves you do not see the larger threat unfolding before your very eyes. As a student of the Gulf with Offices for decades in the theater – I can assure you – this information is google and verifiable. Long time readers rely on our research accuracy and history of being first and accurate.

This BLOG LEADS THE NEWS and journalist world wide use this BLOG site as one of many resources to scoup the competition and to develop the stories you see tomorrow. Watch this topic rise to front page status as MBS comes back into the illumination of his secret shames.

What a bad evil wicked man.

Berny Dohrmann – Rooting for balance with IRAN who is falsely labeled by MBS PR bought and paid for…..