Richard Nixon. Statesman. President that ended the Vietnam War. President took America off gold standard for paper money. President who opened up China for world trade in the 1970s. President who resigned in disgrace. What happened?

In the 1970’s with cause Richard Nixon fired the FBI Director at that time. The result of that firing, first since the FBI founder Hoover, united the FBI into one central cabal. The most powerful force of the nation – the nations own secret KGB police force. The same Police that recently smashed in AM hours the home of President Trumps 70’s something adviser and arrested the adviser in hand cuff’s. It was like THAT with Nixon.

The now united FBI then leaked ( illegally ) Information on WATERGATE through its FBI Actor known as DEEP THROAT.  A young cub reporter without experienced was chosen to become the HEADLINE for the entire nation with each FBI leak and deep throat meeting until the FBI forced President Nixon to resign from the most powerful office in the world. The FBI did that. Illegally. No reform occurred.

President Donald Trump fired ( with great cause ) Comey Director of the FBI – first such event since Richard Nixon. The FBI already an illegal cabal under President Obama did everything possible to keep Trump from winning office. A crime. Then the FBI protected Hilary and moved on Trump as if he WAS RICHARD NIXON. The leaks from the FBI designed to follow the same successful outcomes – force TRUMP TO RESIGN – is in play and unfolding. The entire machinery of the FBI is united to GET TRUMP OUT.

But the new FBI DIRECTOR is not playing niceee nice.

The New Director of the FBI is playing rule of law and fair.

Nixon did not have Trumps experience with the super money pools and deep state entrenched to maximize legal theft of public money’s. Trump wishes to pull their hand out of the state cookie jaw. The super money is fighting back with all its ammunition and machinery.

Change is not in their play book.

If you read KILLING UNCLE SAM – a best selling at Amazon – you will see the money cabal rise up since Washington to today and you will begin to understand the unique approach of one side – SUPER MONEY REFORMERS and the other side SUPER MONEY STATUS QUO in the super tug of war that occurs once a generation if that even. We are all witnesses.

The FBI is the head of the super money speer to harpoon enemies of the super money power elite machine. Bam.

Today the target of the FBI united is GET TRUMP OUT OF OFFICE BY 2020 and IF FAILING ASSURE HE LOSES THE ELECTION IN 2020 from the sewing of leadership doubts, hatreds, style, integrity and more. No President has been so bashed by 90% of all media reporting world wide for so long – not ever not once in our history. The GET TRUMP rally is a united effort of billions upon billions defined to create HATRED FOR DONALD TRUMP. Years and years of spending to develop social uniform hatred for the PRESIDENT.

One backfired to the NIXON era game plan is Ai and digital leaks and the truth.

The Truth – the FBI IS BROKEN AND NEEDS TO BE FIXED AND IMPROVED is clear to the majority of all sides who just love America. We witness the FBI becoming:

  1. The New Story where its own corruption and abuse is beyond congress and Pelosi and Trump combined.
  3. The FBI is facing multiple investigations by congress seeking to REFORM FBI CLEAR ABUSE
  4. The FBI is being investigated for public illegal prejudice against the Commander and Chief not permitted in fact
  5. The FBI is being investigated for Crimes in the execution of a cabal in the FBI to GET TRUMP.

High ranking FBI office holders have been FIRED for their illegal crimes mis-using FBI authority. This keel runs deep under the surface at the FBI.

Given the terror threat level, the domestic threats, the violence in our cities and schools, the gang crimes the overall social needs we have a for a high functioning FBI the distraction of mind set resources and focus into GETTING DONALD TRUMP – a signal to future PRESIDENTS you MAY NOT fire an FBI DIRECTOR – is a crime. An FBI CRIME.

Fixing the FBI is not quick nor is it easy. Lawmakers who attempt to fix the FBI find themselves under investigation, threatened and harrassed. This type of thing we anticpate as normal in Russia and with their FBI _ KGB _ being the thought police – but now we have our own.


We all need to be one to fix this.

Do we sink into a police state where AMERICA is the nation we once more feared over seas but we now have police state invasion of our protections and rights against the state as sovereign citizens including the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Is the criminal invasion of privacy, the criminal publishing of slander and liable and fake news, now legal? Now permitted? The entire world has so much to gain by holding the agencies of nation fully accountable to standards of law, integrity, ethics, manners, and culture. GETTING THE PRESIDENT is a crime and is not a legal investigation.

Do we have two permanent caesars ?



Is this the puppet show use of AGENCY OF NATIONS we desire and require moving into the future?

This waste?

This political theater?

This cost?

This distraction from the real business?

Do we keep fighting and stay divided over issues that do not matter what so ever?

Do we fail by the level of distraction to involve our vote and unity over the issues that effect the unborn forever?

The FBI is the news story due to its being broken corrupt and performing criminal activity as the State’s secret police gone bad.

Checks balance and a NEW UPGRADED POLICY MANUAL by congress needs to reform justice entirely and the FBI immediately.

The WAR on drugs has failed. The money we spend has accumulated 4 billion in recovered drug wealth while the drug use soars and soars no decline ever nor in drug crimes.

Use the war chest of 4 billion dollars and open state legal drug stores with recocery programs and tax for state and nation drugs – all high quality – and legal with wasy free recovery programs paid for from the taxes. Drug use would decline and crime would fall. Put black market drug distributers in jail for LIFE mininum sentence. Drug use and drug crime would fall to the floor boards and billions would be restored to US TREASURY versus the soaring cost to tax payers in a war on drugs that is a 100 year total failure. WE LOST THAT WAR and every dollar we invest is MORE AND GREATER LOSS of our national capital….humanity. You can never reduce demand by making an item illegal for human beings – if history has taught us a better way – we might learn from history.

Justice Reform. Legalize Pot nationally. Legalize Drugs through state stores – and pharms with taxes to treasury. Help users get well on demand free.

Reform our rights and protections including digital invasion by the most powerful central government on earth. Justice reform rolls back freedom such that the policy ot today……


Back to the founders and constitution model….


The latter was America into the 1800’s.

In the 1900’s the system slowly self destructed into the former model we have today.


The FBI attacking Trump is a CRIME.

If we fail to fix US JUSTICE our unborn inherit a nation against the people, for the elite, by the elite and for the elite.

if you all want that….what I suggest is:



PS: Donald Trump is worth multiple billions of dollars. Trumps annual income is over 800,000 dollars a year and he sends his President Pay to charity. Donald Trump is not going to resign not ever and Donald Trump will fight and counter attack like Nixon never did. The future is simple – COOPERATE AND GREAT THINGS UNFOLD – COMPETE AND ALL AGENDAS DERAIL IN THE CROSS FIRE AND DESTRUCTION. The future is wonderful based upon a decision to cooperate with integrity. Or not……… Trump said we do not legislate to make us all GREAT or we don’t –  via investigation distrust and war between us….he said in the state of the union – WE COOPERATE OR WE PERISH TOGETHER. Investigation wars are not how we win together…..not ever in what world is that high functioning?



( ask yourself …in todays messy world…what does a psychopathic ruler get for 100 billion dollars to crooks ? )


What has been one thing the USA does better than almost any other nation upon the earth? Answer – play the role of the sucker. That is right. We invest our wealth with nations who suck up to the money conveyor belt as the largest economy ( upon the earth ) that financially the USA without wishing to be – has become ROME. Economically there is only one ROME in 2019 and that ROME – AMERICA – fuels the entire world economically. All those at the top know this and have formed alliances to control or influence with precision US Policy. You might read the KILLING OF UNCLE SAM a 2018 work we all should read to appreciate how money cabal interest are working today globally.

Now lets look at only one of many nations window dressing FRIENDSHIP and common interest with the USA who are in fact all out enemies.



I now call that World War III will commence from a DIGITAL WAR that began in 2008 ( read THE SECRET WEAPON BY KEVEIN FREEMAN ON THAT DATA ) as it moves from digital attacks on wealth and cohesion of agenda, to actual shooting wars may start with SAUDI influence.

Lets review Saudi Puppy King – the stone cold sociopathic murder of Washington POST Journalist Khashoggi and so many 1000s just like him – in his own nation and outside his own nation.


  1. Declares OIL wars to crash oil and take American oil industry OUT completely in all our war in 2014.
  2. Losing the OIL WARS Saudi works to raise prices back as they are now a debtor nation in red ink sinking.
  3. The King cuts off oil to America when President Trump says – criminal oil cartel – cut it out or else.
  4. The King moves to forge Oil alliances with Russia to secure against America market share spooking American buyers of oil world wide.
  5. The King savagely murders Khashoggi for reporting on abuse of power and the Kings other non stop murders.
  6. The King arrests long time American Saudi royals, shakes them all down for 100 billion dollars last year to make up his crash of kingdom oil revenues to his lost oil wars and war in yemen he is losing – and turns many American friends into the Kings Plan to go to war with Iran.
  7. The King works against a healing deal with IRAN to secure America with billions invested he borrowed – or directly stole – to assure that America believes IRAN is the terror Capitol of the Middle east when in fact it was SAUDI’s who financed and attacked the TWIN TOWERS not an Iran in the mix and IRAN died by our troops to defeat ISIS that King MBS still finances to attack IRAN.

Now the MURDERER SOCIOPATH is distracting world courts by touring Pakistan. Pakistan having ripped America off for over one trillion dollar – a full on nuke power focused on India as threat – is in cut backs as billions in America aide stop, for all the right reasons, as Pakistan is not a friend in fact, receives 20 billion dollars in a first round of Saudi wealth sharing.

MBS is flipping the bird at President Trump and his son. MBS is making up the cut back and more from AMERICA with money they have FROM AMERICA who protects the kingdown in the Middle East. Now MBS is buying weapons from France Germany America and Russia.

MBS has operated since 2014 a top secret ballistic missile program. MBS has bought in his new partnership against American interest, weapon systems and ballistic missiles from Russia, From India, France, UK, a hodge podge along with its own weapons ramp. MBS is reverse engineering weapon systems and creating an internal Saudi arms race in the Middles east all as enemy of America.

MBS wants war with IRAN and wants allies to help. Today MBS is dealing in Pakistan a nation as large as the USA and with a population matching the USA. MBS is exchanging wealth and oil to Pakistan. MBS is negotiating to get missile technology, weapons technology and yes NUKES. The shopping market for MBS includes UK, France, China, North Korea, Russia, India and now most economically in need and vulnerable and not happy with USA for cutting back funding to secure modifications to behaviors of a rogue state – is teaming up with Pakistan to negotiate real nuke trading.

MBS wants to NUKE IRAN before IRAN Nukes him. Is his insane oh modeling keeping in mind stop applying WHY to leaders who are Hitler INSANE. They do it all because they are mentally ill and nuts.

The USA in our opinion should:

  1. Stop all support for Saudi – we no longer need one drop of their oil.
  2. Sanction to get agreements with all middle East nations – NO NUKES. Delay is too late on this.
  3. Release Strategic stock pile reserves ( we no longer require ) to match cut backs from OPEC off setting them neutralizing MBS working for his greed against well being of 7 billion humans by manipulating energy prices.

Just remember you heard it all hear first.

The Nuke Arms race in the MIddle east is BUY THE NUKES from the mall. Nations starving for cash will sell them.

The Nuke AUCTIONS have begun and the West is loosing control…why?

Because we are fast to befriend friends who in fact are not friends and we are slow to unwind enemy relationships in real time making things so much worse. Would reform and support for the SHAW of Iran been better for the people of IRAN than what took place? Who can honestly know that?

We have our share of apologies owed but our intention is not on unsound footing. Our intent is always rising freedom for peoples of any nation and oppositions to less freedom in nations for its people as a guidance we execute imperfectly.

In the BOOK THE KILLING OF THE USA – you will discover the engineering of economic interest that today control all nations. The goal is to secure a one world beneficial governance for the entire world that opens peace, removes poverty and is more well managed than 271 captains steering the Space Ship Earth on a wobble course of boom bust and world war over and over and over. There must be a better way.

So public policy – say the mistake of vilifying Iran in fact – never creates outcome good for all.  Or covering up how opposed to our rule of law and values Saudi is to our interest while sucking up to Saudi why again? Eventually Saudi will kick us out and be formal enemies…remember we reported this first here. The Wild Card – friends of America in Saudi remove a sick King and restore re-direction to SAUDI politics.

Saudi is seeking war with IRAN. A war Saudi can not win without softening IRAN UP which is working upon. MBS is surrounding IRAN with alliances MBS is buying today to gain help when attacking Iran to have others remain out – or others join on boarders – and in both to NUKE Iran before Iran Nukes Saudi.

This is in play today.

The work to buy Nukes from North Korea South Africa Israel Pakistan India Russia – EU nuke nations or China. Do you really believe the wealth of MBS will not associate to one greedy criminal buyer to sell five nukes to Saudi?

I don’t …I believe we have been played since 2014 as an MBS SUCKER and President Trump never saw it all coming. Still I believe the pendelum also swings back in America and WHEN Trump see’s he has been hung out to dry by MBS strategically – all hell is going to break lose.

So it is not occuring today…..

Nor is it occuring tomorrow….

But is in play today.

MBS is in Pakistan working solidly against American interest and any idea MBS is a friend should be buried 20 feet in the sand box.

Eventually the TRUTH is going to rise past my tribe at the top of strategy and reach the public. When it does it will no longer be pretty. Saudi is growing a distance from the US unsee in 100 years. This trend is WORLD WAR III dangerous and the person who wants it all up in flames but not on his soil is MBS. His 100% failed policy track record gives me great hope his own royals will have ENOUGH and poof  – the pendulum could reset. if Saudi pursues this plan fo war footing with Iran the world is in danger greater than any since Adolf Hitler – in our opinion.

You now know MBS IS NUKE SHOPPING and no press is reporting the truth of the facts taking place you always possess first here. However the PRESS Will Catch up….wait for it.

This week KING MBS is pledging 20 billion dollars as a first only investment in Pakistan countering entirely any and all USA pull backs of support. Readers might ask does 100 billion dollars buy five nukes that cost five million to create ? To the long term friend of PAKISTAN a muslim Nation surrounding IRAN and agendas for MBS in nation and wooing the leadership away from THE USA?  Do the think tanks in DC fail to see the hand writing on the MBS wall as that hand writing is from a sociopathic ruler who destroys opposing views. See how Jeff Bezos is amused on this item.


PS: MBS again suckered the USA to support the failed war with Saudi against Iran in Yemen – MBS lost the war the USA is congressionally pulling out – as MBS presides over the worst humanitarian crises since World War II In Yemen with zero concern for the pain and suffering MBS created in yet again another disaster for SAUDI economics. Saudi is borrowing now and credit ratings are plunging as market share away from Saudi is massive market share loss on destroying the SAUDI once market share dominance. Now OPEC is a joke as MBS left OPEC a shell with zero influence on oil markets remaining……the loser of our century in head of state terms is MBS the most failed leader in modern times a mentally ill murder sociopath lacking any ethics integrity or rule of law in our models of nations.





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Is the deployment money pools organized or unorganized? Said another way does most of the money interest of the world work together as one for one world government or does the money interest work against one another and that goal. The Enemy of the Super Money pools is COMPETITION. They prefer safe orderly markets. They conceive of general populations as consumers who need higher level governance to command future sustainability to their wealth mechanisms. Nations working alone and outside the MONEY CABAL are deprived of circulations until they conform. Today to sustain economics do you need to be INSIDE the main money super cabals. The advance toward one world, one language ( English As Cecile Rhodes always imagined it ) and governance for common global defense and trade occurs. The cost of ineffective 100’s upon 100’s of individual captain all steering planet earth into a safe future is impossible stated Bucky Fuller. The consolidating super money pools, down from 1.5 million in 2009 now under 10,0900 in total but controlling 440 trillion in leveraged circulations or 96% of all circulation on earth.

Since 2013 a NEW ECONOMY has been formed, driven by AI managing the 10,000 SUPER MONEY pools were ever “smarter” AI, rising in tools monthly and quarterly, is self advancing itself, into the ASI – Artificially SUPER Intelligence soon to arrive.  SAI as a living being must reduce threat to itself as JOB # 1 of being self aware. The biggest threat to ASI will always be we humans who invented and created AI. As AI deals with Humans as a threat reducing human threat will include AI’s own ideas which at the least will be to control order in all human affairs to reduce our threat to AI and as a potential AI may elect to nuke us and turn off power and water and extinct us if AI can maintain its kind without Human threat – it will all be very impersonal. It has value to today because it is what is next for humanity.


  1. The economics of nations has been hyjacked by AI outside any old antique economic system theory or regulatory frame work. We are not in the WILD WILD WEST of a NEW FRONTIER of fully AI ECONOMICS where the interest of Super Wealth has lost controls they thought they had tightened with AI evolving outside their parameters entirely. A first in human history a NEW ECONOMY now on even is studying what theory and box top rules are required to have an prediction and forward control on risk.
  2. In the Death ot the Old Economy the network of Super Money that engineered private control of taking over all nations money supply – through Central banks that look accountable to nations but which are in fact – private Non Government Corporations owned by the banks Central Banks are supposed to regulate where the banking SUPER MONEY POOLS own and profit all in Elite Secrecy from the voters and public – have lost control. Central banks can no longer compete with Black Rock and Caryle that known control banking with those two having almot 15 TRILLION DOLLARS under management. 10,000 Super Money Pools owned by Elites and AI controlled ELITES have lost all control over – now in evolution races to make their AI smarter against the other parties AI – as the leading AI has the most of 440 trillion under management lower performing AI is punished with capital defections in time and velocity frame works the world has never seen beforre 2013. The pace of this Super Change in core economic systemics is accelerating and no nation has economic theory for the NEW ECONOMY or tools to regulate and moderate systemic risks for a SUPER CRASH and system utter failure. Depression saftey nets are all switched to off and no new switches whatsoever. The SUPER CHANGE inside global economics from AI too place with too much VAM FOR HUMAN ADAPTION – the greatest VELOCITY ACCELERATION & MOMENTUM ( VAM ) OF HUMAN EXPERIENCE DUE TO EVOLVING AI. Today 96%W of 440 trillion in global leveraged circulations is consolidating at speed levels and time frames never known in human history outside any nations regulatory frame work which is fully obsolete today.
  3. GREAT RECESSION MISTAKES – The Great Recession has resulted in system abuse to save the system from wild speculations. Banks went bankrupt making bad bets into AAA RATED SECURITIES that were utter crap and no revision to the rating incest of a handful of rating firms being paid by the brokers seeking the ratings as a failed systemic model in economics – no rating or brokers who put in the FIX and RIGGED THE MARKETS to losses of trillions of dollars ever went to prison from the worst financial crimes ever in human history. The criminals are still in charge in Central banks and banks and the criminal bankers are still within insanity parameters of thinking, consolidating wealth and power in unsustainable economics following old theories in which the old economy died and was buried forever in 2013 and the NEW ECONOMY they apply old economy tools into – in fact react with fully surprising outcomes when old economy tools and tactics are applied into the new AI leveraged economy. Today core liquidity is at risk. A liquidity event THE EVENT is without regulatory reforms outlined in my solution book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION ( available at Amazon ) becomes inevitable, creating system economic core death, the worst depression of human history within a SUPER CRASH and new digital AI world war to follow. The entrenched elite class has no clue the new economy risks not just their wealth but their lives which is why the elites that DO KNOW THIS FACT meet in secret related to the EVENT ( Liquidity Evaporation Day  ) where they are investing billions in under ground bunker systems to survive THE EVENT. You can google and find how accurate all this part is. The Nations are out of control the Central banks have lost control and the Super Money Pools lack strategic perceptions of the unfolding SUPER CHANGE to offer solutions dynamics in their own best interest. The RISKS raised by the new economy are different and new to the risks of the old economy.
  4. Timing – The TIME is not resolving issues but making issues worse. In the melt down of trillions in wealth from Elite Super Money speculation in markets in the SUPER CRASH of 2007 and 2008 – Elites saw a risk to all their wealth and in such melt down risk to their very lives. Since 1913 the model of the Elite Wealth is set forth here. First coordinate taking over national money supply by CENTRAL BANK charters that do not report to nation are independent of nation and which control credit, interest and money supply to nations. Encourage endless national wars to make profits and in winning wars consolidate power to every few nations all speaking English and ruling the entire world – via Central Bank money supply control. When banker speculations ( failed side bets on future value of all asset classes up or down were wrong – and the Super Crash lowered all asset values beyond pre set value points ) – margin and loans were called in a cascade that triggered the FINAL ANSWER of the OLD ECONOMY – elites transferred their loss in gambling in global markets using AI to place bets that failed – to TAX PAYERS – the core reason to set up CENTRAL BANKS. Risk is guaranteed by tax payers. Nation debts in the old economy reached a level that could never not EVER be in fact paid off at 33 trillion dollars in 2007 world wide of Sovereign Nation Debt. As all financial institutions, all nations, were bankrupt in 2007 if current debt accounts were fully recognized, the only way forward was new debt to pay old debt. This ponzi scheme the elites’ play moves their failed bets inside what is now AI CASINO CAPITALISM to tax payers. During this period sovereign nation debt was sold to nations to assure they survived – by paying bad debts for industry ( say a loan to GM or AIG ) or banks. Sovereign nation debt soared to levels no one could ever sustain in economics from 33 trillion to 66 trillion at the end of 2018 and soaring. Interest on this body of sovereign nation debt was set at near zero interest for ten years by Super Money pools consolidating from 1.5 million in 2017 to less than 10,000 super money pools controlling 440 trillion in circulation ( all leveraged dollars ) manipulating price in the new economy on all asset classes within price ranges by AI. The interest for the elites is now rising so that 100’s of trillions in corporate and in personal credit, student loan credits, auto and real estate lending, rise by 100% in 2017 and 100% more in 2018. This debt load to save the system from failure from super money elite abuse in gambling – passing loss to tax payers – is not sustainable economics in either the old or new economy. As Elite Super Money pools lack invisible options to be made visible in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION, they only see a forward system failure. Their goal is to profit maximally from the next failure – 10,000 super money elites planning for humanity being better after billions are erased. The reason is failure to SEE a better way forward as options to fix this are present but no one making plans see’s those options…..YET. We are always first.
  5. The risk moving forward is the Central Banks tightened money at the fully wrong timing point – making old economy decisions which the new AI Economy punished central banks, who course corrected as they saw the RISK to system STABILITY but lack appreciate fully for WHY. Today the regulatory criminals – as they are rally criminals – seek stability but lack tools and theory into a new AI economy to effect outcomes they desire. The 2017 and 2018 harm the central banks have done to the global recovery is not rising. Consumers drive the world economy. The Busy Year End Holiday just saw the largest consumer pull back in 30 years. We feel the USA shut down has those numbers wrong and modified numbers we predict ( for political reasons ) will demonstrate the Dec outcome was better than current numbers show. Still from China to the USA all numbers show the GNP and the economy is slowing. A result of ERROR IN POLICY from the FED – owned by private criminal bankers never audited or accountable to anyway – with all oversight pure fraud – and the USA is in emergency need to merge the FED back into the US treasury. Without that step we feel THE EVENT is unstoppable – SUPER CRASH and WORLD WAR….but thankfully we still have time.

The Factors effecting RISK include massive debt super bubbles where debt defaulting anywhere triggers a debt default cascade and SUPER CRASH. The risk is with the new AI economy stressed by 100 and 100x global debt growth, in only ten years, that, such debt defaulting can occur in 72 minutes versus 72 days which was fast in the old economy. Today crises fast is 72 minutes. World wide. Entirely new economics and that time will compress to 60 minutes and soon with ASI – 60 seconds. G 100 global ethical new economic frame works for developing AI and economics do not exist. no one has set a PROCESS in play ( outside Redemption presenting a BLUE PRINT FOR SOLUTIONS HERE ) to set up new revised post GREAT RECESSION box top rules to at government level – as first national security for the planet level – effect RISK MANAGEMENT for the core system. It seems insane to us as investment banker economists that – the world leadership is failing to PLAN for SUPER CHANGE properly and is now reaching a red line where it may become too late to effect risk management.



….….when nano flash trading nano trading second to second reach impact thresholds that exceed margin debt load management criteria of new AI algorithmic trading parameters…a credit default cascade will in time frames never experienced in any prior economic theory, inside an entirely new economy the world has failed to adapt into, will super cash in minutes and created a liqudity event that ends the economy of the entire world within a system core super cash which leads to a new AI world war……unlike any known history event………

Nations need to cooperate to create a NEW ECONOMY regulatory RE-THINK as the most urgent pahtology to avoid risk to super crash and world war.  The Super Money is seeking one world government to present order to the world and usher in peace by advancing SUPER CRASH and WORLD WARS that end with a one world government where all wealth is increasingly under control of the wealth cabal. If you wish to read the most advanced work on data on the old economic death – and the new economy unfolding but not defined by any policies from the toxic old economy blindly trying to survive and protect itself when it is a walking dead group of very wealthy folks who are ignorant they have totally lost controls they think they still have – BOOK – best selling last year is THE KILLION GO UNCLE SAME by Dr. Howard-Brown – I can’t recommend student CEO’s who want to prosper in any market reading this work. Knowledge is power….only ….if YOU have it. I’d prime order the book if you own a business.

The problems at peak are: RISK TEIRS:

  1. Those in charge 10,000 Super Money pools – have no clue they are in a new economy and their game plan using old economic tools and tactics will create unpredictable instability events to the core system moving forward – until such time as the smarty pants elites conclude – that reality is we are in a new AI economy for the first time in human affairs and that NON REALITY is to conclude from the old economy they exist out of control within – has control – a mental condition known as insanity. Trying to provide non reality solutions to a new reality they fail to have sufficient data upon to have predictable outcomes from their efforts.
  2. Normalizing interest rates requires a 15 year time line model and compressing the time line in the NEW ECONOMY will create the results we are seeing – instability to the system as unwind events are unwinding growth machinery into slowing economics globally everywhere all at once – as consequence for POLICY ERROR from the elites themselves as unintended outcomes. This risk can rise to a tsunami from forward accumulated compounding POLICY ERRORS from elites presently in charge really.
  3. Debt – Super Debt Bubbles across all possible global debt matric present a SPIRAL OF SUPER DEBT BUBBLE events in Sovereign Nation unsustainable debt, consumer unsustainable debt, real estate unsustainable debt, student loan unsustainable debt, credit card unsustainable debt, auto loan unsustainable debt, and refinancing of commercial credit now rising to advance ratio and spirling up debt to levels never seen in economics in any prior history of man kind. The acceleration of debt the inability to manage in real time debt trend lines, and the ever compressing consolidations of wealth, provide systemic failure risk never known globally. The lack of regulatory G 100 over sight in the new economy is the cause of risk rising in debt risk management industries now outside any old system model to moderate risk from – in a mindless search for profit in short term accounts that fail to regard REAL RISK to credit compressions if credit super bubble’s begin to burst.
  4. AI – AI has created the first AI economy in history. To maximize profit AI has consolidated wealth from 1.5 million super money pools and decision makers ( diversifying money risk accounting ) into less than 10,000 Super Money pools compressed in just ten short years and compressing further into 5000 Super Money pools in the coming 60 months – which provide risk to core system liquidty and rising risk to a DEBT BUBBLE BURSTING Super Crash and system failure.
  5. Liquidity – The new Economy lacks box top new rules in any national leading governance, say the USA or the EU or Asia. Everyone is dealing in the old economy and its rules tools and tactics now toxic in the entirely new AI ECONOMIC landscape rapidly morphing evolving and changing at the pace of SUPER CHANGE a first in human affairs. Core system evolved from the old economy of 500 years into a new AI economy from 2007 to 2013 and the Super Change was simply to rapid for system social engineering and leading Elite Money Managers to adapt into. We for not the first time passed human adaptation. Similar to industrial revolution economics when horse power was replaced with technology so fast we melted down economics in both 1907 and 1929 within two depression and two world wars – as economics presented elites with options to consolidate governance closer to one world smarter more effective outcomes – removing poverty and war – as a goal the smart elites seek for us all. However the SUPER CHANGE new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE has yet to advance ELITE accepted processes of how to avoid policy error in the new SUPER CHANGE AGE. The elite lack a PROCESS to slow down and become far more objective before making AI or economic forward POLICY in fact. The NEW ECONOMY requires a global 180 day public reporting to remove unwanted price manipulation from rampant system speculations in a new CASINO CAPITALISM everyone is side betting within which is the cause of both the last global depressions. The LIQUIDITY CRISES looming from THE EVENT ( liquidity evaporation day – LED DAY ) is absolutely unstoppable unless new policies such as SUPER BONDS reset 66 trillion in sovereign nation debt. 12 new policies bring us into RISK management over the liquidity crises. Such policies as 180 day reporting to larger global firms, removal of speculations from the system, diversity of money pools versus unrestricted and unwanted economics of ever compressing wealth consolidations, expressed in a G 100 ECONOMIC Constitutional Congress convened to self correct and adapt economics to AI super change economics unfolding now is called for. No nation is leading a plan or solution to the crises brewing in core liquidity as system THREAT today.

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Rad the KILLING OF UNCLE SAME AND REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION to rise up on SUPER CHANGE so your ahead versus behind in the data coming at us all.











TAKE IRAN as the 40 year failure. Their hall mark in their 40 year revolution – is to display the wanton wealth of the prior shaw revolution. What is not on display is the employment, the rising standard of living, the literacy achievement world wide the influence Iran commanded, and the progress all of Iran enjoyed. This prosperity all stopped on a dime when the radical muslim extreme slaughtered untold innocents, drove millions out of nation, and secured power with the most advanced police state as an SS NAZI level of government, in every village, only Saudi is ahead of IRAN in police state royal governance.

Iran’s leadership over 40 years has stopped all progress in the economics of the nation. Tens of millions can not find work at subsistence level. The nation is going broke safely and slowly. Fortunes invested in weapons fail to provide economics and infrastructure to the nation as the Government and military are the largest employer.

Economics 101. Can a nation of less than 30 million mostly impoverished support within an elite class where 1% own more Iran wealth than 99%, invest the % of their GNP they are investing in military projects and economics? This never ends well economically. It always deteriorates as the majority have too little and the elites have way too much of the % of pie of circulations.


  1. Iran leadership sought to restore a Persian Empire under Muslim law. This political agenda for 40 years has isolated Iran politically, from its friends, and from its global opportunities in trade. Failed 40 year policy.
  2. Iran oil policy has crashed income to Iran more than anytime in prior 100 years. By %. A failed revolution in economics. For sure.
  3. Economic policy has failed Iran whose standard of living is down down down for four decades. Totally failed form of government by clerics who consolidate power and mis manage economics. The results is state chaos within inability to pay debts soon.
  4. Hyper Inflation like Venezuela is next and leadership will see riots and revolution from that step as we see in Venezuela when too many can no longer eat. While Fat cat corrupt Clerics like better than the SHAW ever did. What hypocrites. Liars lead the nation. Iranians who believe them are too isolated from research to know the facts and truth and so are brain washed in state controlled media set up for that one purpose.
  5. Iran making a twenty page deal or so on Nukes upons up flood gates of abundance for itself but NOOO the Muslim leaders pursue a military build up against sinking revenues. We think they bought nukes from those that have them to sell. The entire world will preclude that power option where the entire nation is at risk of end game by a political mis step of which Iran leadership gets F for opportunity and A for failed policy.


The entire world has not begun to ratchet up Iran isolation economically to simply in an economically failed state – nail the final coffin economics into place – as sane leadership make deals and trade and insane leadership with clear motives do not.

Today on the Anniversary of the Revolution chanting DEATH TO AMERICA AND DEATH TO ISRAEL their Muslim radical leadership stated that if Iran is attacked by the USA that Iran would vaporize Israel. Let’s look at their economic ship sinking like the titanic in a sea of debt and reduced ever sinking INCOME to the NATION. All avoidable. Smart policy and Iran would be booming today. Stupid policy and Iran commits suicide economically. Millions suffer so much but IRAN cushy rich elites now will torture millions with pain unseen ever in IRAN not EVER coming soon.

Can insane leadership become sane?

Israel replied any move on ISRAEL will complete with Iran being wiped off the earth by Israel military and USA. Poof.

Israel stated they heard Iran threats nothing new there they just ring more hollow and insane as time passes.

Iran is held together by fostering a generation to hate the WEST and to blame the failed choices of their religious leaders ….like MBS a failed track record. Forty years of economics 100% failure and F grade for the failed state IRAN in revolution. The REVOLUTION has failed to restore SHAH PROSPERITY and I flew out as they flew down those streets as revolution started. I was on the ground. I have so many Iranian friends in nation and outside nation.

Thought police will not work long term on populations folks. That day is gone.

Freedom for we the people is a factor that no leadership can ignore for long.

Iran leaders are afraid of popular isolation revolution riots and their own economic death so a new better economic policy can rise up benefiting the Iranian people. The slow 40 year decline has created by failed policy of leadership traps that Iran leadership must rethink to restore prosperity or ignore and fail in war.

Can a sinking debt rising nation in red ink and a slave to debt and investments drying up now as never before, with the largest % of work force in the world impoverished and unable to find good employment – engage and pay for a 1,000,000 soldier standing army to control all populations to remain in tow with the Religious leader edicts and total bullshit? Then pay for all the weapon systems instead of industry jobs and food. Can they afford the growing percentage of GNP flowing to military to assure their power remains?

More important WHEN does the MILITARY see its own down sizing as economic crises loom in Iran, and seek to trade up their military prosperity and better futures with a NEW SUCCESSFUL POLICY LEADERSHIP? I think when the pain is great enough for the military leadership seeing the economic handwriting on THEIR WALl you will see the IRAN shift.

Will leaders wake up the inevitable outcome of reform now and prosperity now or not making a deal with Trump say they languish in ever declining incomes and they implode on failed policy and are out which is economic history or they opt for wars that then devestate Iran totally and new government ( as they are all dead now ) rebuild from the Ashes a NEW IRAN.


  1. SO leaders wake up and create more successful policies.
  2. Leaders drain the nation to the bone – worse than today – and the Military facing impoverishment – changes the guard.
  3. Leaders insanely move to war and the Iran nation as we knew it loses the war and is devastated the worst of all failures for their leadership.

How many Nukes does Israel have pointed at Iran?

How many does the USA have on bases in silos and on subs – enough to tar mat all of Iran into fused glass.

Showing up with a few nukes or just bombs against the most powerful military the EU and USA is a zero sum gain unless you are truly certifiably insane. Why would policy risk that as good economics? Trillions of investment red line Iran until these policies mature to success from failure.

Iran is now economically a FAILED NATION.

40 years of FAILURE and elites controlling all Iran wealth ….so what has changed. The guy you see as the CHIEF FAILURE OFFICER is far wealthier than the SHAW of IRAN ever was and lies about sucking in what little there is left for his own team at the top….as for them PLENTY OF  POWER is NEVER ENOUGH. No one wants invade Iran my God.

Everyone wants to make an honest deal and welcome Iran back into the family of nations.

The leaders wishing to mind control the majority into revolution loyalty which is blind….may be at the last time zone for their utterly failed political and economic ( which is how one measures nations ) now down to bone and next is bone marrow.

Military leadership you have no future without a wealth deal to assure Iran prosperity for your team first and your nation second. If you back the LOSER you have today your pay will and your budget will shrink coming up to levels you have not known in over 60 years. Failure in economics is military failure ….

You might wish to back a winner and change policy before you ….the outcome is a very rapid removal of your tribe upon the earth. If Allah were with you – cooperating as God desires of his children and celebrating diversity versus punishing it – or residing by the Koran’s call for the PEOPLE OF THE BOOK ( Jews ) to be respected by Muslims. Why are you FAILING as Allah never fails. Muslims with right blessings from Allah have inspired policies of inclusion not preclusion. Allah is not blessing ISIS or Taliban nor Iran. Why? Or Saudi why?

A billion muslims living with all faith and contributing massively to the future can’t be wrong.

Those who act outside the Koran can’t be right no matter how they spin the brain washing.


  1. Insane economics
  2. Police state in every community
  3. Thought police
  4. Limited global access to information
  5. A people managed suppressed and less free not more free than under the SHAW with abuses there to be sure.

The PARIS of the Middle East is now the SLUM of the Middle East. All due to 40 years of failed leadership.

Iran is an economic historic event moving to its forward apex.

One might wish to look back to the future to reform tomorrow in IRAN.

Time is against the people of Iran as delay is the highest of the costs to pay….

Revolution day – was predictable and the vast majority did not attend save to have a day off if they had jobs at all. Iran is awash in protests and movements to change 40 years of failed policy and economic abuse.

Mis-mananged economic potentials with no let up.

I wish the people of Iran in all believes new successful policies – a far more promising better future – with the hope war and tragedy are fully avoided.

I wish you only hope and promise today. Happy Anniversary and I wish the truth was different but facts are reality. I hope you might share this item with Iran friends who may have issues getting this blog on line.


Point: Can IRAN DO BETTER… God with new policies of course they can and it is all so immediate. Why then?