( ask yourself …in todays messy world…what does a psychopathic ruler get for 100 billion dollars to crooks ? )


What has been one thing the USA does better than almost any other nation upon the earth? Answer – play the role of the sucker. That is right. We invest our wealth with nations who suck up to the money conveyor belt as the largest economy ( upon the earth ) that financially the USA without wishing to be – has become ROME. Economically there is only one ROME in 2019 and that ROME – AMERICA – fuels the entire world economically. All those at the top know this and have formed alliances to control or influence with precision US Policy. You might read the KILLING OF UNCLE SAM a 2018 work we all should read to appreciate how money cabal interest are working today globally.

Now lets look at only one of many nations window dressing FRIENDSHIP and common interest with the USA who are in fact all out enemies.



I now call that World War III will commence from a DIGITAL WAR that began in 2008 ( read THE SECRET WEAPON BY KEVEIN FREEMAN ON THAT DATA ) as it moves from digital attacks on wealth and cohesion of agenda, to actual shooting wars may start with SAUDI influence.

Lets review Saudi Puppy King – the stone cold sociopathic murder of Washington POST Journalist Khashoggi and so many 1000s just like him – in his own nation and outside his own nation.


  1. Declares OIL wars to crash oil and take American oil industry OUT completely in all our war in 2014.
  2. Losing the OIL WARS Saudi works to raise prices back as they are now a debtor nation in red ink sinking.
  3. The King cuts off oil to America when President Trump says – criminal oil cartel – cut it out or else.
  4. The King moves to forge Oil alliances with Russia to secure against America market share spooking American buyers of oil world wide.
  5. The King savagely murders Khashoggi for reporting on abuse of power and the Kings other non stop murders.
  6. The King arrests long time American Saudi royals, shakes them all down for 100 billion dollars last year to make up his crash of kingdom oil revenues to his lost oil wars and war in yemen he is losing – and turns many American friends into the Kings Plan to go to war with Iran.
  7. The King works against a healing deal with IRAN to secure America with billions invested he borrowed – or directly stole – to assure that America believes IRAN is the terror Capitol of the Middle east when in fact it was SAUDI’s who financed and attacked the TWIN TOWERS not an Iran in the mix and IRAN died by our troops to defeat ISIS that King MBS still finances to attack IRAN.

Now the MURDERER SOCIOPATH is distracting world courts by touring Pakistan. Pakistan having ripped America off for over one trillion dollar – a full on nuke power focused on India as threat – is in cut backs as billions in America aide stop, for all the right reasons, as Pakistan is not a friend in fact, receives 20 billion dollars in a first round of Saudi wealth sharing.

MBS is flipping the bird at President Trump and his son. MBS is making up the cut back and more from AMERICA with money they have FROM AMERICA who protects the kingdown in the Middle East. Now MBS is buying weapons from France Germany America and Russia.

MBS has operated since 2014 a top secret ballistic missile program. MBS has bought in his new partnership against American interest, weapon systems and ballistic missiles from Russia, From India, France, UK, a hodge podge along with its own weapons ramp. MBS is reverse engineering weapon systems and creating an internal Saudi arms race in the Middles east all as enemy of America.

MBS wants war with IRAN and wants allies to help. Today MBS is dealing in Pakistan a nation as large as the USA and with a population matching the USA. MBS is exchanging wealth and oil to Pakistan. MBS is negotiating to get missile technology, weapons technology and yes NUKES. The shopping market for MBS includes UK, France, China, North Korea, Russia, India and now most economically in need and vulnerable and not happy with USA for cutting back funding to secure modifications to behaviors of a rogue state – is teaming up with Pakistan to negotiate real nuke trading.

MBS wants to NUKE IRAN before IRAN Nukes him. Is his insane oh modeling keeping in mind stop applying WHY to leaders who are Hitler INSANE. They do it all because they are mentally ill and nuts.

The USA in our opinion should:

  1. Stop all support for Saudi – we no longer need one drop of their oil.
  2. Sanction to get agreements with all middle East nations – NO NUKES. Delay is too late on this.
  3. Release Strategic stock pile reserves ( we no longer require ) to match cut backs from OPEC off setting them neutralizing MBS working for his greed against well being of 7 billion humans by manipulating energy prices.

Just remember you heard it all hear first.

The Nuke Arms race in the MIddle east is BUY THE NUKES from the mall. Nations starving for cash will sell them.

The Nuke AUCTIONS have begun and the West is loosing control…why?

Because we are fast to befriend friends who in fact are not friends and we are slow to unwind enemy relationships in real time making things so much worse. Would reform and support for the SHAW of Iran been better for the people of IRAN than what took place? Who can honestly know that?

We have our share of apologies owed but our intention is not on unsound footing. Our intent is always rising freedom for peoples of any nation and oppositions to less freedom in nations for its people as a guidance we execute imperfectly.

In the BOOK THE KILLING OF THE USA – you will discover the engineering of economic interest that today control all nations. The goal is to secure a one world beneficial governance for the entire world that opens peace, removes poverty and is more well managed than 271 captains steering the Space Ship Earth on a wobble course of boom bust and world war over and over and over. There must be a better way.

So public policy – say the mistake of vilifying Iran in fact – never creates outcome good for all.  Or covering up how opposed to our rule of law and values Saudi is to our interest while sucking up to Saudi why again? Eventually Saudi will kick us out and be formal enemies…remember we reported this first here. The Wild Card – friends of America in Saudi remove a sick King and restore re-direction to SAUDI politics.

Saudi is seeking war with IRAN. A war Saudi can not win without softening IRAN UP which is working upon. MBS is surrounding IRAN with alliances MBS is buying today to gain help when attacking Iran to have others remain out – or others join on boarders – and in both to NUKE Iran before Iran Nukes Saudi.

This is in play today.

The work to buy Nukes from North Korea South Africa Israel Pakistan India Russia – EU nuke nations or China. Do you really believe the wealth of MBS will not associate to one greedy criminal buyer to sell five nukes to Saudi?

I don’t …I believe we have been played since 2014 as an MBS SUCKER and President Trump never saw it all coming. Still I believe the pendelum also swings back in America and WHEN Trump see’s he has been hung out to dry by MBS strategically – all hell is going to break lose.

So it is not occuring today…..

Nor is it occuring tomorrow….

But is in play today.

MBS is in Pakistan working solidly against American interest and any idea MBS is a friend should be buried 20 feet in the sand box.

Eventually the TRUTH is going to rise past my tribe at the top of strategy and reach the public. When it does it will no longer be pretty. Saudi is growing a distance from the US unsee in 100 years. This trend is WORLD WAR III dangerous and the person who wants it all up in flames but not on his soil is MBS. His 100% failed policy track record gives me great hope his own royals will have ENOUGH and poof  – the pendulum could reset. if Saudi pursues this plan fo war footing with Iran the world is in danger greater than any since Adolf Hitler – in our opinion.

You now know MBS IS NUKE SHOPPING and no press is reporting the truth of the facts taking place you always possess first here. However the PRESS Will Catch up….wait for it.

This week KING MBS is pledging 20 billion dollars as a first only investment in Pakistan countering entirely any and all USA pull backs of support. Readers might ask does 100 billion dollars buy five nukes that cost five million to create ? To the long term friend of PAKISTAN a muslim Nation surrounding IRAN and agendas for MBS in nation and wooing the leadership away from THE USA?  Do the think tanks in DC fail to see the hand writing on the MBS wall as that hand writing is from a sociopathic ruler who destroys opposing views. See how Jeff Bezos is amused on this item.


PS: MBS again suckered the USA to support the failed war with Saudi against Iran in Yemen – MBS lost the war the USA is congressionally pulling out – as MBS presides over the worst humanitarian crises since World War II In Yemen with zero concern for the pain and suffering MBS created in yet again another disaster for SAUDI economics. Saudi is borrowing now and credit ratings are plunging as market share away from Saudi is massive market share loss on destroying the SAUDI once market share dominance. Now OPEC is a joke as MBS left OPEC a shell with zero influence on oil markets remaining……the loser of our century in head of state terms is MBS the most failed leader in modern times a mentally ill murder sociopath lacking any ethics integrity or rule of law in our models of nations.