CEO SPACE was founded ( by me ) 30 years ago, in 1988, to advance a new model to assist small business owners, and professionals in practice, to hyper grow their business model, and to secure elevated exit price when owners sought to sell or go public. CEO SPACE over time became the oldest largest and most respected global brand helping business owners and professionals in 150 nations.

Today CEO SPACE exchanges a low 1988 tax aquisitio price, swapping first quarter taz withholding dollars for a lifetime corporate membership asset. The lifetime membership permits the BOSS to attend five “CEO SPACE MARKETS” that deliver fastest growth for the enterprise. During the interactive intense CEO to CEO master mind and networking week, proprietary networking game theory advances relationships between CEO’s at the top, to bottom line develop new alliances affiliations and customer relationships. A basket of SUPER MENTORS many with Fortune 1000 Company advanced management tools and tactics improve plans for the ownwers, remove challenges facing the owners, and assure owners have better plans improved teams to execute plans and missing resources to step into hyper growth and remain in faster growth.

IF CEO BUSINESS GROWTH CONFERENCES – THE FORUMS – Fail to accelerate an individual business owner agendas life time membership investing is refunded before the guest departs their host hotel from their first experience.

In this current decade CEO SPACE has been the # 1 Ranked BUSINESS CONFERENCE In the world by third party press year after year after year globally in all nations we support entrepreneur rapid growth.

It cost less in time and money to reach owner growth goals with CEO SPACE and it always takes longer and costs more outside CEO SPACE. CEO SPACE is the short cut for the owner.

CEO SPACE makes invisible options visible to the owner.

CEO SPACE assists in growth forever once you are a member….our slogan….we just will not quit until YOU win…….

CEO SPACE members invest tax dollars to own a lifetme access pass to all five annual CEO SPACE markets. CEO’s attend to close their own compitency gaps, to grow as leaders, to massively grow community, to develop new customers faster, and alliances and sponsors faster or and to get investor connections.

CEO SPACE begins its best series, ever, March 23rd. The Dallas Based Event ( details on our web site click the QUICK LINK TAB for our short video library for every industry category.

March 23rd:


  1. Bonus three days of intensive networking and skills acquisition on NEW LAW 2019 CAPITAL MASTERY education instructed with licensed security legal counsel authorities. Guest CEO’s acquire the master skill option of capital for their own otpion and enterprise or for others they guide mentor and network – a CEO ESSENTIAL CORE SKILL now developed in YOU this March. You are more valuable with the CAPITAL MASTERY SKILL downloaded on board the computer above your neck …plus the new CEO COMMUNITY you networked with for three days in a FREE $ 15,000 bonus class we charge non members for Capital Mastery you enjoy FREE as a new member or graduate. March 23rd Denton Texas Embassy suite ( group rates under hotel tab under QUICK LINKS to rserve in out dates ). Easy.
  2.  Tuesday to Saturday ULTIMATE CEO TO CEO MASTER MIND RELATIONSHIP MIXER. Massive community building in a space CEO’s cross mentors and assist each other, with break through out comes to profit, made possible by proprietary CEO SPACE game theory, that works to create DEALS while the program is progressing.
  3. Every 60 days a new conveyor belt of new customer connections or investor connections occur, and are loaded in to grow your profit faster. A money back guarantee assures you have no risk what so ever. You grow faster. You become a far better more skill infused leader to solve forward growth challenges and you have SO MUCH HELP. Once the CEO SPACE Business GROWTH CONFERENCE BEGINS – THE BGC NEVER ENDS FOR YOU. You have support that traded a tax buck into a 10 x profit over time and regular use – as you made so much money. CEO SPACE is not a seminar or workshop technology. CEO SPACE ranked # 1 in 2019 ( again ) by third party press – a first this decade the dominant Business Conference ranked # 1 by third party prestigious world wide press for all the right reasons. CEO SPACE is NOT a seminar. CEO SPACE is not a work shop. Like 11,000 other offers to get your money’s WORTH. CEO SPACE stands alone as # 1 in the world devouted to get your money BACK – a business building machine – a business building engine that step by step helps owners reach goals in years less time and for oceans less cost. We remove delay as the cost you no longer pay for growth. Guaranteed.
  4. The March Series begins our CEO 2019 five to thrive series. Owners reduce first quarter withholding income tax by acquiring a membership now. Swapping taxes for an income producing asset. CEO SPACE begins to network and help you upon completing registration with teams in 150 nations to assist any service or product firm to grow faster.
  5. CEO SPACE is the one process to keep OWNERS current on their options quarter to quarter inside the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE challenging leaders everywhere – as to what is THEIR PROCESS to be brought current, where invisible options in the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE are made visible, and leaders upgrade skill and options to the quarter they are in and which follows. Yesterdays skills without growing new skills required to lead in SUPER CHANGE quarter to quarter – will not win growth goals if left obsolete and out of date. All leaders require urgency to CONTINUE to UPGRADE CORE SKILLS For the BOSS to shrink time and cost to reach growth goals. CEO SPACE Is # 1. Our customers are LEADERS who insist on being the best within like mnded leadership Ladies and Gentlemen prestige exclusive CEO communities, that elevate the essential of growing community to trade within faster. Nothing is more profitable or faster than CEO SPACE that we know of to move into hyper growth and remain in hyper growth.

It cost nothing to explore. Our highly trained Club President account manager for CEO’s will serve you never selliing only telling facts you alone assess. We address your questions. CEO SPACE is the most customized program for individual CEO agenda’s in the world today…which is why we remain # 1 year after year. We were personally to serve your goal attainment. We deep dive and learn about you and yoiur venture to enable superior outcomes. When you call the number on our web site or 256 850 4716 ( the 31 year phone that never changes world wide ) ask that a CLUB PRESIDENT be assigned to you if you do not have one. Request a man or a woman and we’ll match your click factor for high resonance. Then just explore. Get all your guestsions addressed.

When YOU not we – conclude – you will make a high profit on lifetime membership acquisition at deep discounted prices as my blog reader – tell them you want the BERNY BLOG READER DISCOUNT – grads or new members – you save and you earn faster. Once you KNOW the lifetime cost is coming back in super high profit making, and you have a money back warranty if you feel your not accelerating removing any risk, plus its just tax dollars buying the asset for your business – you are IN as a March member. You chose to accelerate and not wait.

Good smart choice making.

If the market grows into 2020 you develop more momentum with CEO Space than you can develop without CEO SPACE. Study on line and with Club Presidents. Plus you get free mentorship as a SIGN UP REWARD from our best and as BLOG READERS you get free mentorship with ME – upon membership registration just ask.

You get all five to thrive.

You profit faster and get more customers faster.

When the longest boom in recorded record keeping ends, as it must, you will be in safe harbor and do so much better because of the community building inside CEO SPACE you rose to safe harbor inside of, and will remain behind the sea wall from financial future storms effecting others more than you behind your CEO SPACE larger community sea wall and safe harbor.

Both CEO agenda’s are urgent. In the last of the boom cycle rush to build more momentum with greater help and support as tax smart investing.

Grow your safe harbor for the rip tide when the boom stops and the next contraction occurs, you’ll be safer because of your March insurance policy to grow and build community to trade within now versus later.

These facts call to business owners who conclude profit growth and goals are best obtained with more help than less help. The cost to join CEO SPACE is a high profit return on money investing, proven and documented, and we wish to explore with you – just explore. The steps to grow profits faster include in the ideal:

  1. Call 256 850 4716 and ask for a highly trained service support from a CEO SPACE CLUB PRESIDENT ( man or woman ) with high click factor to your industry specifics.
  2. Explore with on line and direct deep diving on zoom the FIT and get the facts and questions addressed.
  3. Save tax and ramp up income faster
  4. Register for hotel and membership on our full service site on line
  5. Begin FREE MENTOR REWARD following registration and our networking for you which starts immediate service to our members as our # 1 ranked benefits by third party press – commence for your profit and venture.

This open letter provides FIVE and less notice to you- and is shared by readers of . My free blog site has subscribers world wide, leading business owners and money pools and press along with government leaders. You are privacy secure and protected and invited to subscribe and share the blog with business owners in your circles, heads of not for profits and your circles of professionals in private practice hedge funds private equity and family corporations. Investment institutions join free ( meals only ) for hedge funds private equity and family corporations subsidized to present superior deal flows to their agendas making each BUSINESS GROWTH CONFERENCE richer.

CEO SPACE is bringing leaders current in SUPER CHANGE quarters dealing with next generation on line everything, new applications, click tp pay, conversion sites,  marketing, brand strategy, IP audits and reviews, expert mentorship one one one in every category of your need list or challenge list removal, social engineering, outsourcing, distribution, administration, accounting, customer service, product re=invention, sequence development stages, capital infusions, and more. CEO SPACE is the largest SUPER STORE under one room for lowering cost and time for owners to task complete – another value added to our membership.

CEO SPACE is a mature global support system to accelerate growth for our membership. Half our community are lady leader CEO’s. One third are in development space and solo entrepreneurs accelerating growth. One third are three to fifteen year mature business owners and professionals working on securing higher exit price outcomes thorugh faster ramp ups using CEO SPACE to accelerate. One third are higher level business owners including management from Fortune companies in career ramp or transitions after M&A or downsizing.

The market is a community growth of contact quality that would consume ten full years to duplicate outcome quality for one March week. Videos on line define CEO praise for the ONE AND ONLY # 1 BUSINESS ACCELERATOR IN THE WORLD IN 2019 – CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL:


  1. Full Value memberships at deep blog reader discounts for March 23rd – Saturday to Saturday.
  2. Full membership acceleration March 26th Tuesday to Saturday ( missing Capital Mastery weekend before )
  3. Grad returns for Thursday noon to Tuesday networking closing FREE as a membership forever value

The March FIRST OF 2019 SERIES is our most improved by product offered ever. We invite those seeking to accelerate growth and not wait….to register – swep tax and invest in high profit outcomes to your anticiaption to make high returns on your first quarter taz reducing investment plan. Smart. Faster growth in 2019. Guaranteed.

Your next step is to ask something like this as a hypothetical:

…....if a one time tax investment shared on two or three credit cards…..exchanged around $ 5000 for a lifetime profit of many times the investment with a money back guarantee….why would I delay a faster profit economic UP RAMP this March versus going more slowly and losing the high return on investing CEO SPACE membership…highest BBB rating allowed – highest Chamber standing  – lobby for small business legislation on member behalf – leader in business growth accelerations – # 1 in this space by third party press all decade into 2019 still # 1 world wide – why would I delay higher pay? …….

Take time to explore a process that over time with regular use works to triple your income and double your time off.

The most proven PROCESS to grow faster and remain CURRENT in LEADERSHIP in SUPER CHANGE. May we close your leadership competency gaps to make your outcomes so much richer? May we just explore that as a brand promise?

When is the most opportunity rich time to join CEO to CEO Ultimate master minding in the world today by press ranking? Answer….yesterday is already to late – click now.

Why do I trust this process – because you will in exploring find CEOs in our community define – CEO SPACE customers never leave – not ever….once they believe. It is just too profit rich and nothing else comes close – press ranked world wide. Now serving 150 nations and you – you are invited to March from every nation on earth.

You have permission to share this blog and letter with your mail list your social walls your blogs and repost anywhere it will hep a CEO in that lonely posture of driving profits into the future as a huge long boom comes slowly to its end. Are you ready to prosper in any market? Do you need some help and greater support ? May we offer you both? May we turn a tax dollar into ten of profit?

Yesteday is already too late when the opportunity is this guaranteed and immediate for you.

Thank you for keeping March 23rd free noting you are in a break in CEO SPACE PACING to run your business virtually from the all new SMART HOTEL showcased to our membership by Hilton.

We appreciate your becoming a CEO SPACE MEMBER for the profits.

Berny Dohrmann
Chairman and Founder CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL 1988 to 2019


PS: Our teams will schedule a REWARD MENTOR CALL WITH ME for your March registration as first fruit just click and call to enjoy your account manager appointed Club President at 256 850 4716 as our team lives to serve…