TAKE IRAN as the 40 year failure. Their hall mark in their 40 year revolution – is to display the wanton wealth of the prior shaw revolution. What is not on display is the employment, the rising standard of living, the literacy achievement world wide the influence Iran commanded, and the progress all of Iran enjoyed. This prosperity all stopped on a dime when the radical muslim extreme slaughtered untold innocents, drove millions out of nation, and secured power with the most advanced police state as an SS NAZI level of government, in every village, only Saudi is ahead of IRAN in police state royal governance.

Iran’s leadership over 40 years has stopped all progress in the economics of the nation. Tens of millions can not find work at subsistence level. The nation is going broke safely and slowly. Fortunes invested in weapons fail to provide economics and infrastructure to the nation as the Government and military are the largest employer.

Economics 101. Can a nation of less than 30 million mostly impoverished support within an elite class where 1% own more Iran wealth than 99%, invest the % of their GNP they are investing in military projects and economics? This never ends well economically. It always deteriorates as the majority have too little and the elites have way too much of the % of pie of circulations.


  1. Iran leadership sought to restore a Persian Empire under Muslim law. This political agenda for 40 years has isolated Iran politically, from its friends, and from its global opportunities in trade. Failed 40 year policy.
  2. Iran oil policy has crashed income to Iran more than anytime in prior 100 years. By %. A failed revolution in economics. For sure.
  3. Economic policy has failed Iran whose standard of living is down down down for four decades. Totally failed form of government by clerics who consolidate power and mis manage economics. The results is state chaos within inability to pay debts soon.
  4. Hyper Inflation like Venezuela is next and leadership will see riots and revolution from that step as we see in Venezuela when too many can no longer eat. While Fat cat corrupt Clerics like better than the SHAW ever did. What hypocrites. Liars lead the nation. Iranians who believe them are too isolated from research to know the facts and truth and so are brain washed in state controlled media set up for that one purpose.
  5. Iran making a twenty page deal or so on Nukes upons up flood gates of abundance for itself but NOOO the Muslim leaders pursue a military build up against sinking revenues. We think they bought nukes from those that have them to sell. The entire world will preclude that power option where the entire nation is at risk of end game by a political mis step of which Iran leadership gets F for opportunity and A for failed policy.


The entire world has not begun to ratchet up Iran isolation economically to simply in an economically failed state – nail the final coffin economics into place – as sane leadership make deals and trade and insane leadership with clear motives do not.

Today on the Anniversary of the Revolution chanting DEATH TO AMERICA AND DEATH TO ISRAEL their Muslim radical leadership stated that if Iran is attacked by the USA that Iran would vaporize Israel. Let’s look at their economic ship sinking like the titanic in a sea of debt and reduced ever sinking INCOME to the NATION. All avoidable. Smart policy and Iran would be booming today. Stupid policy and Iran commits suicide economically. Millions suffer so much but IRAN cushy rich elites now will torture millions with pain unseen ever in IRAN not EVER coming soon.

Can insane leadership become sane?

Israel replied any move on ISRAEL will complete with Iran being wiped off the earth by Israel military and USA. Poof.

Israel stated they heard Iran threats nothing new there they just ring more hollow and insane as time passes.

Iran is held together by fostering a generation to hate the WEST and to blame the failed choices of their religious leaders ….like MBS a failed track record. Forty years of economics 100% failure and F grade for the failed state IRAN in revolution. The REVOLUTION has failed to restore SHAH PROSPERITY and I flew out as they flew down those streets as revolution started. I was on the ground. I have so many Iranian friends in nation and outside nation.

Thought police will not work long term on populations folks. That day is gone.

Freedom for we the people is a factor that no leadership can ignore for long.

Iran leaders are afraid of popular isolation revolution riots and their own economic death so a new better economic policy can rise up benefiting the Iranian people. The slow 40 year decline has created by failed policy of leadership traps that Iran leadership must rethink to restore prosperity or ignore and fail in war.

Can a sinking debt rising nation in red ink and a slave to debt and investments drying up now as never before, with the largest % of work force in the world impoverished and unable to find good employment – engage and pay for a 1,000,000 soldier standing army to control all populations to remain in tow with the Religious leader edicts and total bullshit? Then pay for all the weapon systems instead of industry jobs and food. Can they afford the growing percentage of GNP flowing to military to assure their power remains?

More important WHEN does the MILITARY see its own down sizing as economic crises loom in Iran, and seek to trade up their military prosperity and better futures with a NEW SUCCESSFUL POLICY LEADERSHIP? I think when the pain is great enough for the military leadership seeing the economic handwriting on THEIR WALl you will see the IRAN shift.

Will leaders wake up the inevitable outcome of reform now and prosperity now or not making a deal with Trump say they languish in ever declining incomes and they implode on failed policy and are out which is economic history or they opt for wars that then devestate Iran totally and new government ( as they are all dead now ) rebuild from the Ashes a NEW IRAN.


  1. SO leaders wake up and create more successful policies.
  2. Leaders drain the nation to the bone – worse than today – and the Military facing impoverishment – changes the guard.
  3. Leaders insanely move to war and the Iran nation as we knew it loses the war and is devastated the worst of all failures for their leadership.

How many Nukes does Israel have pointed at Iran?

How many does the USA have on bases in silos and on subs – enough to tar mat all of Iran into fused glass.

Showing up with a few nukes or just bombs against the most powerful military the EU and USA is a zero sum gain unless you are truly certifiably insane. Why would policy risk that as good economics? Trillions of investment red line Iran until these policies mature to success from failure.

Iran is now economically a FAILED NATION.

40 years of FAILURE and elites controlling all Iran wealth ….so what has changed. The guy you see as the CHIEF FAILURE OFFICER is far wealthier than the SHAW of IRAN ever was and lies about sucking in what little there is left for his own team at the top….as for them PLENTY OF  POWER is NEVER ENOUGH. No one wants invade Iran my God.

Everyone wants to make an honest deal and welcome Iran back into the family of nations.

The leaders wishing to mind control the majority into revolution loyalty which is blind….may be at the last time zone for their utterly failed political and economic ( which is how one measures nations ) now down to bone and next is bone marrow.

Military leadership you have no future without a wealth deal to assure Iran prosperity for your team first and your nation second. If you back the LOSER you have today your pay will and your budget will shrink coming up to levels you have not known in over 60 years. Failure in economics is military failure ….

You might wish to back a winner and change policy before you ….the outcome is a very rapid removal of your tribe upon the earth. If Allah were with you – cooperating as God desires of his children and celebrating diversity versus punishing it – or residing by the Koran’s call for the PEOPLE OF THE BOOK ( Jews ) to be respected by Muslims. Why are you FAILING as Allah never fails. Muslims with right blessings from Allah have inspired policies of inclusion not preclusion. Allah is not blessing ISIS or Taliban nor Iran. Why? Or Saudi why?

A billion muslims living with all faith and contributing massively to the future can’t be wrong.

Those who act outside the Koran can’t be right no matter how they spin the brain washing.


  1. Insane economics
  2. Police state in every community
  3. Thought police
  4. Limited global access to information
  5. A people managed suppressed and less free not more free than under the SHAW with abuses there to be sure.

The PARIS of the Middle East is now the SLUM of the Middle East. All due to 40 years of failed leadership.

Iran is an economic historic event moving to its forward apex.

One might wish to look back to the future to reform tomorrow in IRAN.

Time is against the people of Iran as delay is the highest of the costs to pay….

Revolution day – was predictable and the vast majority did not attend save to have a day off if they had jobs at all. Iran is awash in protests and movements to change 40 years of failed policy and economic abuse.

Mis-mananged economic potentials with no let up.

I wish the people of Iran in all believes new successful policies – a far more promising better future – with the hope war and tragedy are fully avoided.

I wish you only hope and promise today. Happy Anniversary and I wish the truth was different but facts are reality. I hope you might share this item with Iran friends who may have issues getting this blog on line.


Point: Can IRAN DO BETTER…..my God with new policies of course they can and it is all so immediate. Why then?