Will Nancy Pelosi execute her plan…..DESTROY PRESIDENT TRUMP AT ANY AND ALL COSTS. If she and the democrats hold true to one national and global policy – destroy the economic recovery and return the world to economic crises, blame all that pain on Trump, and win congress and the White House in 2020.

This policy plunges the entire world into economic uncertainty, trillions in lost wealth for all sides, and economic pain for billions of our seven billion humans. Why? To win a political agenda versus say DO THE BUSINESS OF THE PEOPLE and keep America prosperous. The agenda for the majority democrats in congress by PELOSI Policy – is DESTROY TRUMP. Nancy is placing a wool over coat on Trump. Nancy is placing fishing hook ( large ones ) with lead weights, that provide 400 pounds of weight to the Trump Over Coat she forces him to wear – where every blame for every possible negative outcome, especially economics which the Pelosi House controls with 100% of all spending authority. Nancy ssks of legislation does this help destroy Trump or not from litmus paper our Lobby folks suggest is the only staff level mantra – will this help DESTROY TRUMP in one year into the elections.

The NEW – NO – OPEC BILL which failed to pass in the Bush White House and was revised ( twice ) under Obama. The Bill failed to pass under Obama. Now the Bill to make criminal price manipulating cartels as rule of law, sanctioning any nation that trades with PRICE MANIPULATION CARTELS made evil and criminal under NO OPEC bill now winding through Congress – not our budget required by law – not a wall which pays for itself in lower social service outlays – but a NO OPEC BILL that is flowing through under Nancy’s fine hand. Why? If Trump fails to sign the bill he sides with MBS a sociopathic murderer. The Same MBS that said in public …I WILL USE A BULLET FOR KHASHOGGI. The SAME MBS in Saudi who just assured Washington POST CEO – Bezos would have hacked ( by SAUDI and Putin ) would have Bezo emails leaked related to his mistress and wife and divorce. Saudi caught again red handed do what Saudi does – they lie with a poker face – we had nothing to do with Khashoggi death with 9/11 and with Bezo’s revenge by our King. The richest man in the world ( before his divorce changed all that ) remains richer and more wealthy than 30 million LA sized nation ) and will continue until MBS is out of King Space – the truth is known and well known – and Saudi is seen as a source of Terror far worse than Iran ever has been. Another Saudi lie – Iran everything. Keeping eyes off their cause agency of terror in a Middle East MBS thought he could rule over – now an OPEC he has destroyed utterly. MBS has cost Saudi three trillion dollars in outcomes. One little boy three trillion in loss. Saudi is now a debtor nation about to see what the market already knows, OPEC is a joke, an item of humor and the worst of the jokes are all about MBS as a fool. No one respects MBS and no one is surprised to hear MBS is gone and no one knows here….kind of like Khashoggi – revenge is best served Saudi Style for the sheer drama effects.

Putting OPEC aside, we have Krugman the Princeton Nobel Economist say this weekend in the oil patch in the UAE that – a 2019 recession is now likely and worst the nations of the world have no plan or response set in place when deflation and the continued bubbles bursting in air return into the markets. Experts are fully divided globally.

Some say there is zero chance of recession in 2019.

Some say 2020 is the year.

Some say they need more data.

All agree the diversified floor of economic back bone is strong world wide. Trade wars and events like sanctions on Iran and sanctions on Venezuela with projected 2019 10 million x inflation in one year – eggs costing 1.00 would cost 10,000,000 dollars by year end – eggs are going up 100 x per MONTH or per WEEK. No one can afford eggs. It takes two weeks of average worker pay to buy one dozen eggs – two weeks of work and labor for eggs. Millions upon millions have left the nation and more are leaving next. The failed government can not fix this because to fix it requires confidence which the leadership a former school bus driver has lost entirely – confidence in present leadership – zero.

France is down. Germany is down. China is down. The EU is down. Italy is now in recession we declare. EU recession is likely in 2020 without trade deals with the USA. The recession outside trade deals could be server. The USA is being raped by unfair fully protectionist World War II trade partners world wide. The Rape is economics the USA can no longer afford in fact. The USA wins trades war as trade wars shift consumer buying interest to local trade based on patriotism to nation. Consumers backing off of Japanese and German Cars for one, and buying back into America cars, is permanent shifting of trillions of dollars of trade. Getting that trade back following consumer reactions to trade wars can be impossible and take decades. The nation losing 5 buying dollars from the USA to only one buying dollars by China to the USA is math that suggests China has a 5 to 1 and future even worse ECONOMIC CRUSHING DEFEAT in trade wars as American buyers back off of MADE IN CHINA a 5 to 1 math problem that has no china solution in this next decade. Trade deals are the only repeals. Trade deals heal. Trade Blocks stop the clocks. Political forces are often not economic and work against sound economics. Eventually all economic accounts must rebalance.

Opec Liers have rolled the liers dice one too many times. Khashoggi brought Saudi lack of integrity to the attention of 7 billion people. Any students of Saudi history well knows an 18 person top assassination hit team, paid and under authority of King MBS, could not in any world we reside in, have practices, prepared, flown with BONE SAWS to the Turkey Embassy and within minutes of confronting Khashoggi on video and audio slaughtered the Journalist seeking a wedding permit, cut his body into parts and then handed it over to local’s employed by MBS to make the body parts disappear forever. Than MBS lied and lied, and was caught in each lie. MBS has proof Khashoggi left the embassy – where is he – show me the body kind of lie. Then the films and video. After that MBS handlers in PR elected to spend 100’s of millions to make it all go away where the ATTENTION OF THE WORLD COULD Never remain on purpose over time. The truth however can fix attention for Hitler heads of state till they are as sick ho brains removed from power. Mental illness may no longer govern.

Now a NO OPEC BILL is moving through congress that will cost MBS and Saudis trillions of dollars sinking Saudi into financial chaos. All MBS economics. The alliance of ROYALS to restore sane governance and economics will act and MBS and his daddy will be…for sure sooner than the world expects… GONE.

So that has to unfold as does Venezuela. What if the USA makes Venezuela a protected territory with its own government like Puerta Rico? The larger lake than Saudi would be USA giving us oil price setting forever after. Does America see the opportunity for the people of the country – 25 million left or so – and our own safer future? Would this flip the finger at MBS without a media photo op?

Is that a likely economic event? One of many variables all unknown globally.

Recession is not one off events in fact – though if large enough – a city nuked – one event could tip the world economy. Recession is a long series of events converging. The first RECESSION CAUSE is the FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD raising interest on 66 trillion of sovereign nation debts soaring into the worlds largest DEBT SUPER BUBBLE ever recorded. This bubble will burst and when is now the item of tea leafs economist are trying to read. The majority with old economic score books like Krugman who lacks any clue the economy is new and nothing like his prior theory papers. The economic is entirely AI controlled today for the first time in human experience. Only five years new with ever consolidating AI % control over 440 trillion dollars of circulation globally…now 94% controlled by AI …only 64% in 2013.

Today some 240 press articles since october report a recession is likely in 2009 due to downward movement of majority of world G 100 economies.  97 report a recession is unlikely until 2020 or 2021.

What is true is that NO ONE can predict the timing of ups and downs over markets that are new economics. We feel a recession will not occur in 2019 without a horrendous upset. The recession may not occur in 2021. A boom could continue into 2030’s if Congress passes infrastructure and a budget. if Congress by majority owns one policy – destroy TRUMP – than Nancy Pelosi can sink the entire world into recession – risky global economics that could result in a rapid deflation study impacting system liquidity to super crash and world war. So Nancy is toying as policy not to preserve prosperity for the American people ( at any cost as her day job priority ) degrading her service into DESTROY TRUMP at any cost short term to win power back for her party in 2020 ….as political agenda versus economic duty to the nation.

The NANCY PELOSI WILD CARD is now the policy of world economics in fact. As all wars wish to surprise and trap and ambush their enemy ( TRUMP and any family member or team mate ) little forwarning of the next shoe falling is likely. Like a necklace of TRUMP IED’s  Nancy’s Pelosi’s super money teams and paks – will surround Trump with so many distractions and attacks the duty to govern will cease …if Nancy gets this all right. If she can be mean and cruel enough she may force him ( her dream come true ) from office in utter disgrace – by by TRUMP.

Her party who on prime time State of the Union all sat – none applauded – to secure their visual role – we stand for America becoming a SOCIALISTIC COUNTRY with Government in control of everything – republicans all stood to a person and pledged WE WILL NEVER ALLOW AMERICA TO BECOME A SOCIALISTIC NATION. Not one democrat would make a pledge to the constitution in this regard. Voters now have a clear red line. Vote socialist or not. If a majority want socialist economics which have failed in every nation they are applied into ending in disasters – vote and choose. But don’t think America as we knew her survives that vote.

It is not about Trump in the end love or hate a personality entertainer. it is about a team that is working to increase freedom and reduce government including taxes on every day folks. Or the party that socializes it all and increases taxes a lot and government controls everything you do. Voters who are informed of these issues are encouraged to vote their wallets – vote economics – because the GRID LOCK and intention of congress today is NOT TO DO THE BUSINESS OF THE PEOPLE but to use Political theater and power to DESTROY TRUMP creating new scorched earth box top rule set for any political office, lacking any integrity and fully engaged in the raw abuse of constitutional powers. Any expression of congress that fails to discharge forward budgets for the nation, protecting our credit rating and good standings globally, is a BREACH OF CONSTITUTIONAL LAW AND DUTY by congress. They are in fact under the law liable for a TORT SUIT to impeach Congress and hold new elections. As one untried solution if things get hairy enough.

Politics is now run by AI for the first time. AI interpreting poles – trends – twitter and face book feeds and consumer ultimate postures on anything. This permits data to run propaganda to brain wash citizens with AI helping control your thinking. If you cut off that noise and research on line carefully you an rise to a far more informed voter spam filtering both sides paid for messages to reach you. It may look like news but its all bought and paid for AI spin to manipulate your thinking …make no mistake how that looks when you shift channels. You can see it. My god.

Fist time all this.

So the economic consumer spending and government spending is robust enough no recession without big unforseen third party events – will keep global prosperity afloat if only just – into 2020 elections. Then we’ll see how ferocious and mean Nancy Pelosi politics will be.

Trump regular income is 800,000,000 plus dollars a year. Nancy Pelosi earns over 100,000 a year and is not intimidation to TRUMP – who thrives on conflict – here Nancy has in fact met her own match in a perfect chess game. I personally do not bet on Nancy to win. I understand both sides have wide separations but when politics runs economics we all loose world wide when economics run politics we all win world wide. Agendas that are political have no business in the BUSINESS OF THE PEOPLE day to day. Without that FIRE WALL we lose our democracy as integrity crashes.

IT IS THE CRISES OF INTEGRITY that is the RISK ON for recession or no recession.

We saw OIL as we predicted go back down today. Why? American stock piles are soaring. American rig count is soaring in 2019. Russia is not playing as MBS relied upon. Russia is pumping more and not cutting back. Why? Market share. Russia is unwilling to lose more billions to American Market share. MBS needs 70 dollar oil in Saudi just to remain in the black for the Saudi extravagant economy. Every Day oil is down in the 50’s or lower MBS is hemorraging so much RED INK in Saudi only borrowing by the 100’s of billions can keep the nation afloat – afloat not in oil but in mountains of debt piling up under MBS crazy brain economics. MBS has failed at 100% of his policy choices since 2014. MBS has lied about oil capacity stats and price theory since 2014 111 times in the press to February. SAUDI and MBS have no credibility as a rogue nation toxic to the region and in open war fare with its own muslim neighbors who fail to embrace the more extreme terror faith of Wahhabism Saudi created.  Sunni and Shite have proven they can govern together. Not so when Wahhabism rises and radical sects are encouraged by MBS to work against the shite majority and IRAN. MBS is Hitler with a MASTER FAITH complex versus MASTER RACE to unite his deluded followers who fail to appreciate this brain is mentally ill and sociopathic and lacks authority to rule at all….mentally ill brains can no longer retain power for long. You’ll see.


  1. Corporate earnings down 2019  from peak 2018 highs but still ok.
  2. Trade War with China.
  3. Budgets from leading nations . budget wars creates uncertainty – moving markes down by law maker suicide.
  4. Sovereign nation Debt Defaulting cascades
  5. Central banks drying up liquidity – a new economy policy fatal error to the core system
  6. Trade War Japan
  7. Trade War Germany
  8. Trade War France
  9. Trade War UK
  10. Trade War EU
  11. Trade War Russia
  12. North Korea
  13. Iran
  14. Russia acting out
  15. AI arms race and real arms race including new nukes from space and death rays with high energy and nano swarms and AI armies at new wars with new high tek weapons the world has never known before and hacking war fares

The head winds in the strong economy are strong but so is THE ECONOMY. The Fed stopped liquidity draining just in time. The NEW ECONOMY FED POLICY should be regular infrequent never pre announced interest normalizations – at 1/8th point rise – say twice a year . beyond any one to predict. Selling bonds from their portfolio should be after Treasury Peak auctions complete and then opportunity moments into maximum trading liquidity periods and off when liquidity declines a bit – pausing until next option to sell into extreme liquidity – normalizing over fifteen years versus 15 months.

Treasury should pressure full boat congress to pass a budget as should the FED working as one – and to assure infrastructure is passed in first half of 2019 or recession may arrive simply do to timing of Congress delays in doing their duty under the law.

As law firms are now TORT WATCHING CONGRESS as CONGRESS IS NOT IMMUNE Under the LAW if they breach their duty which is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY AND ILLEGAL UNDER OUR CONSTITUTION. Congress failure to pass a US timely budget IS and will ALWAYS REMAIN A FULLY IMPEACHABLE EVENT TORT TO THE ENTIRE CONGRESS one which the majority of American’s will sign into petition if asked. Imagine TV ADS AND IMAGES:

Are you an American who loves your nation and rule of law?

Are you an American tax payer who has rights.

Are you also an American voter who votes to assure YOUR RIGHTS are fully protected.

Did you know it was a crime for Congress not to pass a USA budget ?

Did you know Congress has a 6% approval rating while the President has almost 50% approval ratings?

Did you know that CONGRESS In failing to pass a US BUDGET required by Constitution and law, is in breach of their duties to all Americans all parties and all of US.

WE THE PEOPLE CAN ACT TO IMPEACH CONGRESS FOR BREACH AND DERELICTION OF CONGRESSIONAL DUTY. Congress who failed to conduct the business of the people for the people and by the people.

Together we can send a message for our unborn generations. We invite you to call THIS LAW FIRM heading the largest tort ligatino our nation has ever known. We are sueing CONGRESS FOR IMPEACHMENT and a refund to AMERICANS OF LOST WEALTH STABLITY for 1 trillion dollars to all 300 million Americans as a one time cost to the nation for a JOB BADLY EXECUTED AS BREACH OF LAW AND CONSTITUTION.

Call us to join the class action of WE THE PEOPLE IN AMERICA all parties as ONE.

Sign our petition on line.

THIS IS THE MOMENT WE RESET AMERICA FOR OUR UNBORN. It simply takes all of us and this is YOUR TIME to show the world AMERICA IS ONE when it comes to THE UNITED OF OUR STATES which is a way of BEING not a geographic bunch of wiggley lines on a map BEING AMERICAN is about standing up to be counted as one when it counts. Your call today matters.

Sick of it you change the channel.

But the ad is from the law firms on every channel – with a counter showing those signing into the class action passed 10 million, passed 15 million 20 million flying up to records never seen in a tort before. Can you see that wild car effecting market uncertainty as a potential if just ONE – of these head winds rises up – we have radical volatility to extreme volatility to risks of super crash – and system liquidity global risk where AI can trigger outcomes with unintended consequence, in risk time frames never known in old economics but new reality for new AI economies world wide.

Political agendas now impact economic outcomes maximally primarily through failed policies executed with full on ignorance of brains who failed to adapt to SUPER CHANGE and the NEW ECONOMY the world is in fact inside or a first time new AI ECONOMY evolving and morphing every 24 months into something. new.



Failed political policy globally is the largest risk in the new ai global economy as leadership is making economic policy for an old economy that no longer exists at all and has no clue there even is a new economy as it arrived at speeds beyond political process to adapt into. Today the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE ( my October book release explains it all ) requires new process applications to adapt to SUPER CHANGE and remain bleeding edge current, starting with policy making for leading firms and nations. Management falls behind when they are not fully current and make policy error applying what they knew which is now obsolete essentially.  Failing to remain current is the largest risk to the new economy on earth today.

Failure to re- regulate the new rapidly changing and evolving AI ECONOMICS of the NEW ECONOMY is the greatest second risk to POLICY ERRORS. Why? The unwanted economic outcome of unregulated wealth consolidation presents a core system risk to liquidity that can end the existing fatality of the old economy and the infancy of the new AI ECONOMY. The double edge RISK SWORDS of CONSOLIDATION OF WEALTH down from 1.5 super money pools in 2008 to less than 10,000 in 2019 in ten years is one crises continuing to distort market pricing and circulations. Humans have zero history for a new AI economy. Second the unconditional speculations taking place at 50 to 1 leverage in some cases with unregulated global shadow banking – money pools – dark pools and more distort systems and risk debt super bubble bursting that freeze up the system failure to super crash and world war greater than any seen in history more globally effecting and in time frames only AI can create. No one is dealing with this risk nor is any think tank sugegsting solutions. The ONLY SOLUTION we know of in print for money managers, policy makers and leaders of larger institutions is my sold out five star best selling book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION. Every library needs a copy in the office folks. The SOLUTIONS provided make REDEMPTION an essential SUPER CHANGE read for leaders today world wide. You’ll be better with solutions you lack in hand from that one read.

Between Nations and Central banks creating predictable likely ECONOMIC POLICY ERRORS the risk of system wobbles and massive unseen volatility is our # ! RISK ITEM until nations and central banks grow uniform and collaborative NEW ECONOMY AI POLICIES AND REGULATIONS.

Until then AI itself is the stabilizer with its “intelligence” to keep market trading in ranges that preclude unwanted SUPER CRASHES. It is our opinion AI is still NOT SMART ENOUGH to preclude market conditions outside the program parameters at this point in time – creating AI shift to all sell and no buy – which should program by ratio be precluded – collectively to standards yet to exist at nation levels. That is the risk short term. Longer term AI may become smart enough to remove boom bust cycles from markets at extreme ranges profiting up and down in ranges it sets. This new AI SHOCK ABSORBER may or may not be enough in 2019 to events. We’ll see.

You reading all this are the better informed to run your business and plan for growth in 2019. CEO SPACE believes 2019 is a great year for entrepreneur – professional – and not for profit growth. On March 23rd in Dallas we invite all leaders seeking to become current in SUPER CHANGE to acquire a lifetime membership and join

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