CEOs world wide inquire – Berny what is the good news? Really the GOOD NEWS is very good and there is lots of it. Here is some of 2019 good news.

January we saw the largest ramp of stock and bond valuations in the month of January historically EVER. This was not last years Pony Show. The breadth and scale of the wealth rise across all industry sector was telling. Driven by Dec really ridiculous OVER SELLING and the year end profit beats across so many anticipations – the scope of the rise and dept of the rise shows a massive diversity to economic drivers to both sustain and see growth in the wealth asset classes rise all year. Slower than 2018 ( which was so volatile anyway ) in a ramp that is more sustainable into 2020. Consumer Confidence and buying is consistent with a forward BULL into the market without third party unforeseen events…that STUFF Jamie Diamonds keeps speaking to us all to weigh in on as well.

Although the EU and ASIA are slowing there remains no global recession and America is booming.

There is presently tens of trillions in cash world wide – a huge % created by 2018 Oct to Dec profit taking the SELL OFF. That literal ocean of cash profits will now after tax – flow back into growth smart infusions with wave after wave flowing into AI leading outcome platforms. AI is the choice most make to place their money back to work. Increasingly AI is diversifying investment portfolios without human involvement. This new economy is simple new.

One of the outcomes of the new economy is AI manipulates and controls price. This appears as it is still so new, to hold promise of a new market economic. AI will pre-establish trading ranges – rewarding performance outcomes and punishing performance misses – creating yet another pressure on shorter term performance versus needed longer term outcomes in investment deployments. In the new SUPER CHANGE AGE capital investment to remain current, in software hard ware culture in work space are all moving targets. Management of the FUTURE must define their PROCESS to remain fully current in the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE. New investment strategy to stay relevant in SUPER CHANGE economics is a new economic factor.

The majority of University economists teach and ascribe to the old economic theories they were raised with. The old economy died in 2013. The New Economy is new – nothing like the old. Old theory no longer works in the New Economy world leadership is yet aware exists at all. Why? the shift from old economics 1700’s to 2013 – was so fast that it as is now becoming more common outpaced HUMAN ADAPTION.

In 2019 a new set of box top rules is required for the Central banks and IMF and WORLD BANKS and for national planning. Applying old tools of the old economy….into the NEW ECONOMY can be instantly a disaster or destablize the core system to super crash and world war. The rip tide period is the time for world leadership to become more fully aware there IS a new economy ( entirely ) already controlled by only first generation AI with second generation coming on line this year and third generation in 2020. The pace of change itself IS accelerating. This presents opportunity for those with better tools and information…..who will prosper in SUPER CHANGE as…….

Tony Robbins is advancing a new protein industry from advanced stem cell technology. Imagine the best KOBY Beef and poultry and fish products all factory quality plants without the cows fish or chickens. Bam SUPER CHANGE. Imagine the issues of economics shifting as we are from oil based energy to natural renewable energy soon with hydrogen. Now pretend the oil industry will always be here – but – its present profit and form will massively alter and in the start of the largest slide of an asset group in modern history – THEY IN SUPER CHANGE must diversify into alternative energy – and reducing future oil based products to maximum recycles and minimum toxic effect. SUPER CHANGE. Now imagine the largest pollution of earth globally, is cattle. Say 400 million adults – above the USA population in China are now middle class with millions more joining yearly. They all crank up their protein. They all want the BEEF.  SHOW ME THE BEEF until the toxic waster of cattle breeding, the methane gases and CO 2, are greater from cattle than all transportation and energy production combined together. HOW TOXIC IS THAT to CLIMATE CHANGE?

Now then think of brother Tony Robbins leading out front in AI in his 54 institutions rising in SUPER CHANGE, and his leadership to transform food security for billions who lack it. imagine unlimited protein – without the animals – no cruelty – no antibiotics genetics – chemicals – steroids – or toxins in your food – all organic highest quality all natural – no pollution – those working in cattle now move to AI controlled protein FINE FOOD PLANTS world wide. SUPER CHANGE is accelerating and models of the old economics must transform into new models for the new economics of SUPER CHANGE.

And thats the good news.

My boyhood mentor NAPOLEON HILL author of THINK AND GROW RICH said in his famous book more read than any book but the BIBLE. Imagine growing up on his LAP. He drove into my eight siblings and I the core truth of the book….


…..B ….listen to me. The magic is one truth. Find out where the next trend industries are headed….learn everything about the one that thrills you….become an expert in that new unfolding next….and then build your satisfaction of your customers needs so they get MORE than they ever expected….as your surf board is now inside a rising TSUNAMI and it is this more than any other truth….make yourself unique satisfying a core need for your customers…..improve your relationship with each customer so they get WOW that was more than I thought from you and build your brand on leadership and uncommon excellence makes you wealthy……

I applied these principles in my two careers. Building a Investment Banking public institution customers loved and so did the stake holders….and for decades now CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL the leading Business Accelerator to grow venture’s faster now # 1 in the world by Third Party Press for SIX YEARS in a row making history in journalistic records. The bigger good news is I resigned in 2013 and the press high praise is all from new management running CEO SPACE into the future, while I work with relief solutions for SOVEREIGN NATION DEBTS.

Lets review:

  1. Good news rally 2008 to 2019 with wealth at all time record high levels across many asset classes.
  2. Stable outlook for no recession into 2020 as set forth by this blog and the IMF in February.
  3. Undervalued opportunities from real estate to stock and bonds promise attractive profit making
  4. AI controls 440 Trillion in circulations without human intervention creating a new economy in the world.
  5. Super Change is evolving new economic conditions we must adapt to to sustain system core stability

AI to this point in time, as set buy and sell ranges of trading for projected future trajectories in all asset classes world wide. Price is not AI outcome versus other factor controls in final answers. The new ultimate influence for C suite leadership must now include the new economy reality of AI in making decisions. Capital for nations rolls in and out on sound bites. AI is in the new economy:

  • Controlling trading pre set ranges upon which over time value must rise on averages
  • AI weeds week performance to improve or remove itself
  • AI moderate risk.
  • AI  makes nano second weighted trades in and out – flash trading – both long and short – with upside pre set projected profit making.
  • Risk is so hedged that AI is working toward RISKLESS RISK. Controlling a GE journey all the way down and all the way back up with a new risk technology that no one yet can know outcome for.
  • If stucks plunge the weighted AI shorts make money.
  • As the market rises again which AI globally inside 10,000 super money pools working mostly as one, assure liquidity, overall system stability, circulations, while profiting up or down on both sides of the rope.
  • Less than 10,000 AI Super Money pools now control capital flows and markets in the new economy.


Those who get in front as Uncle NAPPY told us so many years ago of THIS you win big time. Thats all the good news really and its strong world wide news.

My bad news remains data. 66 Trillion of Sovereign nation debts has increased 100% just since 2008. Further the Sovereign debts continue to soar. China in melt down – worst on records – spends 300% more than it earns. This is not sustainable. After ten years they run economics on a mount everest of state debt.  Sovereign nation debt is expected to pass 100 trillion dollars before 2030.

AI has never experienced a world crash event.

AI has never seen a market in which all orders are sell orders for weeks and months with no let up and there are ZERO buy orders to off set the sell orders. The Markets freeze up. Banks close. You have a real global depression as never seen in the old economy. The new economy can create a LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY when AI in present generations has market super crash conditions,  Where the SPEED of AI selling, removes market liquidity as an unintended consequence – as humans no longer temper and moderate data for interpretation with emotional human intelligence, empathy, ethics, interpretive, inspiration, cautions, and fear factors AI can’t equate to – so we are gone from markets today in THE NEW AI ECONOMY. The risk is real market events overtaking programer parameters which may, until AI evolves enough, create an LED DAY. That risk is the bad news. All else is positive as SUPER CRASHES as AI gets “smarter” may be precluded from markets forever in AI world. AI profits in ranges and lacks capacity to panic. Thats the good news to the bad news.

Also AI an restore that which it has taken away – as you have seen. It can profit on losses going down selling short and holding both positions weighted for expectations well considered – and profit again all the way back up – as AI itself are collectively by % always moving where more than 50% of AI trades flow as AI monitors and matches AI outside any old model of regulatory frame work.  Regulatory agencies must re-tool to remain current in upgrading in the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE. It is always  a challenge to catch a star ship in an SUV.

Looking into the future i suggest you adopt THE SECRET KNOCK or Tony Robbins Business MASTERY or CEO SPACE but pick a PROCESS – these three being THE BEST – to assure you are brought CURRENT IN SUPER CHANGE and you STAY AND REMAIN CURRENT. What is your process?

The opportunities of 2019 depend on your elevate skills in NEW LAW CAPITAL, Digital and social profitable outreach to client bases – and new strategies to reach customers within your cost of sale acquisition budgets and make sure every dollar works like five dollars versus every five dollars working as only one dollar as is so often the case. The three programs above make YOU LEAD BETTER in SUPER CHANGE. Chose one or all and keep in mind the one COST too great to pay in the new age of SUPER CHANGE……is the cost of DELAY !

Tens of Trillions in cash will be returning into the world markes in 2019 and the solidness of the expansion even with trade wars is not a recession event yet…unless something new happens. The wealth infusion from trillions in cash will speak for itself – watch as profits turn to profits all over again. Now you know WHY. Ten Trillion why’s.