In the 1920’s my famous Father Alan G. Dohrmann was born in Saint Mary’s hospital in San Francisco where his famous father and grandfather were also born. His first born son Bernhard J. Dohrmann would be born on Feb 7th one day before Alan’s birthday in Saint Mary’s hospital on February 7th 1948. Berny was premature. Alan’s movie star wife Marjorie was playing tennis a little over sign month into her pregnancy. It was a gorgeous summer after noon in San Francisco in February.  Marge in her white shorts and trippy tennis outfit did not look six months pregnant at all and her tennis game was going splendidly as she beat the boys hands down. But then her back pain became so alarming Alan took his wife from the Tennis court to the ER.

In the Hospital as the on duty physician was scrubbing up, to do the pelvic examination, my mother Marge with her feet up in the stirrups waited anxiously, at that moment over three months premature Mom’s water broke. I never could wait for the appropriate introductions. In to the world I arrived.

Now in those days an incubator for a 3.6 pound t premature child  was a shoe box and a light bulb. Technology was in 1948 shifting into post war, following the drop of the first atomic bomb and I arrived to save the world from itself. The family all gathered in the Hospital waiting rooms while Priests came in to baptize  this first born male into an as yet all girl family, unsure that the child would survive at all. It was over a month before my parents could actually bring me home for the real Christening at the historic Marine County Mission Parish of San Rafael where I was baptized in the Mission church itself. The photo of the family Christening dress ( a Dohrmann Family tradition ) I still have from 1948. Thanks Mom.

Now the little boy did not KNOW the Father was the founder of the human potential industry from the 1940’s forward. Berny did not yet know Michael Murphy of Estlan or Clement Stone of Positive Mental Attitude or his famous Publisher of Success Magazine Dwight Chappin President Nixon’s appointment secretary that would all come much much later. Nor did Berny know the Baron royal title he would inherit by birth as the first born son, including history of his father importing the new German invention. Today when we see craines that rise with high rises and bridge construction we think of jobs and big money flowing into a vibrant city alive with growth and construction. Such cities could not exist without the new Craines invented in World War II. My father first imported this craines to America and changed construction in the USA forever when he did in the post war 1950’s. No one remembers the construction firm Dad did it for today but everyone remembers my father who did it. I can remember riding up on those craines at construction shows as a young boy, pushing the lift buttons as a ride as at Disney World as the buyers looked on getting every smaller as i went up up up and Mom was never pleased with Dad putting her fragile precious miracle baby who lived that day over three months premature on February 7th – one day before my Fathers Birthday Feb 8th – where we always celebrated these birthdays together. All these years after Dad’s graduation we still do celebrate them together in our family.

Hey I never knew. I had no clue that I would grow up with Father having over to the house the thought leaders of the century. Jack Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, Og Mandino, Bucky Fuller, Walt Disney, Clement Stone, Heads of many leading Fortune Companies like John Gallagher of Pepsi Co. I knew Warner Erhardt of EST and Landmark Forum from age 13, and John Hannley of LIfestpring and Tom Wilhite of PSI WORLD SEMINARS because my father wrote the course material for those programs originally or contributed to them. I would later come to appreciate the privilege of being raised in the mentor circles my father was mentor to. Dr. Edward Demining and my father collaborated for over 40 years on corporate performance system reforms and training inventions. Out of these two men’s companies flew the founders of McKinsey Booze Alan and Accenture – some senior members of these institution have instructed at CEO SPACE in honor of my famous father as full circle.

Dad forever changed and inspired the multi billion dollar human potential industry with all its truth and forward suggestions for our growth as beings, unfolding as we grow together today. Todays leaders like Tony Robbins stand upon the real shoulders of GIANTS and I was fortunate to know them all – past present and future. In the Thought Leader Industry I have been blessed to be mentored by the founders of the human potential industry, as well as to mentor the leaders of the industry alive today including Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, John Grey, Wayne Dwyer,  Steve Covey ( these two we recently lost ) Brian Tacey, Mary Morrissey, Michael Beckwith, Greg Reid, Sharon Lechter, Steve Farber,  Stedman,  Bobbi Deporter, Bob Proctor, Lisa Nichols, Jill Lublin, Adam Markel, Richard Tan and Veronica Tan, Harv, Fortune senior management from 3 M to AT&T, John Lee, Bill Walsh, James Dentley, Ashly Burges, Eve Hogan, Jim Britt, Michael Gerber, Paul Edwards of Whole Life Expo fame my dear brother in the work for environment, Jane Wilhite and Shirley Hunt of PSI WORLD SEMINARS my fathers highest last work, Dan Clark, Jeff Flam, Roel Campos, Lee Pulos, Sharon Lechter, Braschard, Ruke, Captain Lou and Tom of the Marketers Cruise, Peter and the leadership team of THE BUG FREE MIND, heads of state from Africa to the Gulf and too many to name here. in honor of my father.

This birthday a select coven of thought leaders gathered on the beach on February 2019 and we agreed the notion I would over achieve to over come never being good enough for my father ( which was my own thought never Dad’s ) we did a ceremony and released my highly decorated World War II Daddy into the sea as a final burial. The notion by Dr. David Gruder my half decade partner in the work on my personal growth in leadership and my integrity coach to elevate year to year my personal ethics and integrity. As you pass age 70 working on YOURSELF as a thought leader although required, for leadership currency in a Super Change universe, the work is never easy. It is HARD WORK to put yourself first and to be vulnerable to self inspection at micro character levels. As years go by you hope you grow better or at least I do. The work on my birthday on the California beach this year with my closest friendships was to claim ownership for my own work without attachment to my fathers work which came before. So we did that. Happy birthday. As an addicted GIVER receiving is never easy for me. I want to thank Dr. David Gruder his wife Lauri and Adam Markel and his wife Randi and my mentor Wendy Darling and her puppy Max for being in that holy circle on the beach with me this birthday.

I’m open to receive a 100 million dollar CEO SPACE endowment from one of my blog readers to elevate CEO SPACE to effect and benefit millions of entrepreneurs in my own watch time, versus the 100,000’s of thousands we serve today in 150 nations 30 years later.

As I walked into the ocean with the sun putting forth a Hollywood Light Show through the clouds and through a Hawaiian leigh – one around my neck for myself – and one for my father – that was thrown into the stormy California waves and sea where my father the NAVY Commander would be well pleased to reside – I thought of the scores of lives CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL benefits in our five Business Growth Conferences annually. I sent forgiveness to Ben Birch and his prosecutor teams for decades ago prosecuting me in a malicious prosecution the ultimate betrayal where only a death sentence is worse. I did a lot of personal inside work on my birthday this year. I said a prayer holding my wife’s hand in a circle of powerful friends on the beach in gratitude for my marriage and family. I thanked my wife silently for her elevations of CEO SPACE formats and achievement with her all lady leader teams ( as I resigned in 2015 from CEO SPACE management ) where September Dohrmann ( my wife and CEO of CEO SPACE  ) has won journalistic recognition to position CEO SPACE in third party prestigious global press the # 1 Business Conference in the world 2014 to 2019. What a blessing to have the next generation take the legacy of the entrepreneur contribution forward into the world one generation to the next as an institution now  serving business owners and professional’s in practice  members world wide. Click and make a book mark for: next Business Growth Conference is March 26th and you are invited to join the membership.

I have only known two careers. I ran one of the fastest growing publicly traded global full service investment banking firms with offices globally and in Twin Towers ( 1960’s to 1980’s ) and San Francisco. The firm was sold when my father contracted cancer. For some time I ran his global Corporate Consulting business, which we morphed on his passing in the 1980’s into CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL. As an investment banking economist, by experience, I mentor Presidents of Companies today as a volunteer, and work with heads of Sovereign nations – to reset their sovereign debt accounts using a proprietary economic new class of bonds known as SUPER BONDS exclusive to sovereign nations.

This Blog is a 1980’s to today personal opinion report of economic trends and outcome suggestions to assist CEO SPACE business owners and CEO’s world wide, including the press, and financial institutions including hedge funds private equity banks and investment banks to effect policies collectively with added information for systemic stability. As an entertainment this blog is one of the fastest growing blogs in the world. Our reporting on ISIS early on resulted in ISIS hacking this blog site down and off line ( never getting to our data base to which there has been zero breach ever ). Even so we restarted the Blog following the SOVEREIGN NATION HACK ( which brought even more press to check in ) from zero subscribers in early 2018 to 35,000 subscribers we will top this month. The rate of growth of the Blog is soaring and 100,000’s of read as a favorite but are not in the subscriber count yet – though we encourage you to subscribe. We guarantee privacy protection – we do not market or sell anything to you ever outside invitations to join CEO SPACE from time to time. Data base privacy policy is extreme for this blog which is read by heads of state and the WHO IS WHO in industry. The Blog circulates by word of mouth. We have never promoted this blog or done a pay to click advertisement. Over 200 nation’s are reading this blog and sharing this blog with their tribes hence the pace of subscriber readership is becoming one of the super star blog sites on line.

A recent interview on a pod caste got 18,000 clicks in 72 hours from this blog alone making their click ranking a top 10 pod caste item do to speed of click circulation now going viral. Often a story on this blog is front page news in 48 hours. We strive to be first with data reporting on trends from our research teams globally and our CEO membership always giving us insider input first. Thank you for reading as we try so hard to keep you truly informed versus bias information. We never report politically we always report economically.

What is good for economics is good for the world for 7 billion of us. What is bad economics is bad for 7 billion of us. We advocate for transition from the failed model and box top rules for Corrupt Competitive Capitalism and Corrupt Competitive socialism and Communism. There is no master race. There is no master faith. We celebrate all human diversity in every expression as interesting and fascinating. We judge and punish ( competitive virus software on the brain ) nothing in human diversity. What is different about us we celebrate. These principles are released in the book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION best seller five star book ( leave a review it helps us ) and when you order my book on Amazon, it is always backordered but they fill those orders in 72 hours.

It is a great read birthday week or not.

Now starting decade # 4 with the Top Ranked Business Conference ( for hard profit results ) in the world today as ranked by third party press including 2019 – CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL works to rapidly advance entrepreneur community in nation.

This little boy remembers like yesterday graduation day in the new parochial school for the 8th grade at Fairfax Calfornia Saint Rita’s ( my prosecutor later in life was my best friend and was present by my side on that graduation day as little boys ).  The Super Hot Screen Play for the box office film MALICIOUS PROSECUTION features a movie trailor at My work in public education with SUPER TEACHING ( brother Tony Robbins cut the ribbons on the Super Teaching Institution, for the University of Alabama, is all featured on

Looking backward on my life from 1948 to today, I see a world of achievement like we all see when looking back and I treasure the lives I have positively impacted and I forgive MYSELF for errors when ever I was unloving in life where I should have been generous kind and more loving. We all make mistake and learn earn and return for more. Hopefully always improving ourselves. Which is my work in the world.

So my birthday wish which I posted on my FaceBook Wall ( if you friend me let me know your a blog reader as I have 5000 friends and have to remove some to let you in but I shall ) – was – to blow out my candles which I did in a wish for your effortless abundance in 2019.

My birthdays moving forward hope to maximize my life contribution to most effective outcomes for those I mentor and coach into their best possible futures. That is my pure joy. I’ve made enough history and suppose I still make history in my life, but increasingly my history is to maximize your history in your own earth walk. If any reader wishes a free hour coaching session with my mentorship on your venture growth plans, call our office at 256 850 4700 ext 16 and ask for a free coaching session world wide and by conf call or zoom your choice.

My birthday offer to you all.

Now back to work and blogs will report moving forward how MBS and Saudi are now being isolated as a pure MONEY LAUNDERING NATION FOR CRIMINALS in which King MBS makes overrides on the criminal money laundering. Hitler is running a nation today. Until the Saudi Royals change all that – which trust me we reported it here first – they will make the change. When they do stability in the Gulf economic world will stabilize as integrity returns. In the largest decline in oil demand 2019 to 2050 – pure downward plunge as the world moves off oil faster than any “expert” ever could predict – creating inability of the GULF nations to survive in present form without reforms. Trying to end the denial of Gulf Nations, and to plan and execute emergency revised economic game planning, means the longer the Gulf remains in denial and may poles around dead and buried OPEC ( now a joke in the big leadership circles world wide ) the more their nations risk instability and social unrest. Our goal is to serve Gulf leadership in positive options and game plans they are missing today. Options its all about making invisible options ( in economic outcomes ) visible. Which in the end I’m so good because of my mentors and the age factor of seeing it all over so many years at the tippy top of capital flow dynamics systemically at core. Being head of a global public investment banking firm provides lifetime access to the top tier decision makers in capital resourcing, along with unique perspectives of liquidity sumps to keep the system lubricating. Bringing invisible options such as SUPER BONDS presents financial INVENTIONS that once in markets resolve instability pressures where nothing else as alternatives can provide matching quality for outcomes desired.

This work drives m into my young for my age move into large Speaking Stages world wide bringing the message of hope and promise for our actions to effect positive outcomes for the unborn generations on our watch towers today. That is our integrity leadership where anything less breaches integrity in the modern crisis of integrity plaguing global leadership world wide. Fix cultural integrity and we fix everything. Shift celebrating all human diversity including sex lifestyle choice – race – faith and political system – with zero punishment of any diversity in human expression and only celebration for what every diversity has to teach us all.

My life work revolves around:

  1. Systemic rapid development of entrepreneur class in community to sustain thriving economic foundations.
  2. Cooperation versus Competition revolutionizing human organizational theory for ever higher performance.
  3. Creating COOPERATION CULTURES for switched on turned on home and work spaces via CEO SPACE.
  4. Resetting Sovereign nation 66 trillion in non sustainable debts rising to 100 trillion with SUPER BOND THEORY
  5. Advancing Entrepreneur Class in Nation as adviser consultants to foster rapid entrepreneur state prosperities.

And being a GREAT versus a GOOD husband to my wife September and father to my nine children all raised but two.

Happy Birthday Alan G Dohrmann

Thanks for being…my father. You were perfect Daddy OH.

Berny Dohrmann – One Son Working to make his daddy proud as the legacy continues in human potential


PS: Bob Proctor 85 year old young Thought Leader this July 2019 stated at a Nightingale Conant lifetime Achievement award event we both where honored at in February a stormy snowy Chicago evening with 5000 and press attending – stated to the group – CEO SPACE is the Top Illumiated Capstone of the Human Potential Pyramid of modern offerings – the Super Bowl of HUMAN POTENTIAL GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT of all the IP’s in the world today – the # 1 work in Human Potential serving 150 nations – Berny and i founded in the 1980’s and masquerading as a business training. High praise still on my daddy and my own birthday Feb 7th and now Feb 8th….so you all know the other side of my story. I apologize for the self indulgence today. It is uncommon and rare in my blogs to make it personal to my own story but….I thought you would enjoy the back ground. Some I know just did.