The MBS team are sociopathic murdering hit teams that care nothing about LAW and have as much morality as Adolf Hitler. Should it concern America that KING MBS launched a full out war to DESTROY AMERICA SHALE OIL by dropping prices under what America could profitably build an old INDUSTRY upon? I think YES IT SHOULD. MBS Lost those oil wars not due to policies of our Government who were not participating in the GREAT OIL WARS which could have re-written evil cartel criminal price manipulation in oil markets forever. Instead AMERICAN INDUSTRY all by itself without any help what so ever from the Government under President Obama, elevated America to the worlds largest Energy producer and now a net exporter of OIL versus a depending on the cartel importer. The PUPPY KING losts trillions of dollars from his own people, until he reached a point he had to arrest thousands, with zero due process or court anything – and shook those Royal Families down for over 100 billion of legal theft to his own people by the new PUPPY KING.

Next MBS and his old ill daddy visit MOSCOW. They make extraordinary deals of 100 billion into Russia, which places our wealth for cartel priced OIL product from the Gulf, into RUSSIA making sanctions mean noting. MBS by himself off set any sanction damage to Russia which remains in the black even with Sanctions thanks to China and Saudi flipping the finger at the USA – same with North Korea and MBS.

Meanwhile MBS sucks the new President into his WAR ON YEMEN where he fights Iran influences on his own border and wishes to involve the USA in an all out WAR with Iran – a war he can not win without the USA. MBS is angry the EU is still trading with IRAN and providing a mechanism to go around IRAN sanctions with the USA due to the USA at MBS hard lobby work – pulling out of the all nation pack with IRAN on Nukes. MBS won again in the belt way after making Russia a wedge to US policy in the GULF. What friend does THAT?

MBS has secret missile testing sites and is far more troubling in MBS search for NUKES than IRAN. Iran is trying to BUY NUKES and advanced MISSILES – than reverse engineer an internal weapons industry as Iran has developed for export. MBS is diversifying oil wealth into weapon’s industry economics without any notice to the USA who protects Saudi in region with USA bases in Saudi.  MBS has paid nothing or the American investments of billions. During the OIL WARS our MBS cut oil supplies to America  – sending a message to DC. MBS has never been a friend to the USA.

In 2019 we discover that over the MBS Yemen wars ( wars MBS as with 100% of his policies costing Saudi trillions in total loss – just idiot economics where MBS  loses 100% of his ideas – they all fail ) where billions of US most advanced weapons are being used by MBS – THAT – MBS is giving these American invented weapons to fighters – who represent taliban – syria – Iran – and ISIS. Even ISIS factions now have our advanced weapons.

This BETRAYAL with secret missile development, nuke purchasing from nations that have nukes today, weapons industry, and now taking our most advanced systems and having Russia and our enemies possess these modern weapon systems, reserves engineer them, steal all our most important defense technology, all in betrayal of American legal ethical and moral agreements in writing to never allow our weapons to reach enemy hands. MBS has turned them over to negotiate with factions as MBS has lost the war in its entirely. In the GULF nations like Yemen they all understand what America fails to see with political blind masks over our eyes – that:

  1. MBS Is a Hitler
  2. MBS is mentally ill
  3. MBS is an evil sociopathic murderer ruler
  4. MBS is a traitor to his own people and the Royal family rule of law
  5. MBS has betrayed the MUSLIM faith advancing terror making IRAN look like kids games related to betraying America – the source of 9/11 terrorist – SAUDI born and raised – not Iran born and raised.

SO today MBS is building missile sites for only one reason  – to be able to strike Iran. In our opinion KING MBS is the one to fear for the safety of ISRAEL and not Iran. What if our Intelligence on Iran is wrong and our intel on Saudi is misplaced thinking they are a friend and failing to see what a pure enemy KING MBS versus the SAUDI PEOPLE are to America. Perhaps Great Britain who far better understands Saudi as they drew up her map lines- should assume the economic and political cost of baking the one nation with 260 billion barrels of oil that seeks to lower out put to artificially raise prices for an ELITE group of Super Wealthy as a political cabal against 7 billion humans who require lower cost energy to sustain food security and shelter security – impossible with ELITE pricing of the cost of everything else – energy.

MBS in 2019 is on an on going betrayal to AMERICA distributing our most advanced weapon systems to Iran and Russia through proxies in YEMEN. As a sociopath a) MBS believes he will never get caught b) If caught as Khashoggi the world forgets as he just denies and denies the truth endlessly and c) doesn’t care outside his own vision of power for his Kingdom and for himself. Against all others. With wealth and power with sick mentally ill brains that can never be cured – that ill brain – see’s money and power where plenty is never not ever – ENOUGH.

….assume Hitler sociopathic brains willa act in their own best interest at your own great peril….


  1. Foreign aide moves to terror world wide – 9/11 planers were Saudi backed in attacking America
  2. Oil Wars to crush American oil industry
  3. Alliances with Russia to under mine America influence in the Gulf
  4. Khashoggi slaughter in Turkey while arresting US Royal Friends of America to shift their loyalty
  5. Top secret missile programs – nuke acquisition programs before Iran – and weapons transfer to our enemies

MBS has one consistently policy since 2014 when he first came to power in 2014 – REDUCE AMERICAN INFLUENE IN THE GULF – WORK AGAINST AMERICAN GULF INFLUENCE  – AND STEAL AS MUCH FROM AMERICA AS POSSIBLE IN THE YEARS AMERICA IS ASLEEP STILL THINKING SAUDI IS A FRIEND OF AMERICA …WHEN NOTHING COULD BE FARTHER FROM THE TRUTH. How stupid are we? Historically? Why our ignorance and self developed ABUSE – is the stuff of legends – but its all true in fact.

AMERICA you are so stupid and it costs our unborn trillions…..can we agree to do better ? Just that much?



The Press reported the speech on political bias lines. The majority of left socialistic press reported noting new and panned the speech. The right loved it. I was surprised. I saw President Trump being well more PRESIDENTIAL and running a high ground State of the Union Speech. President Trump took credit for the State of the Union being strong and America being the leading economy on earth. Why should he not?

The President called for COOPERATION and for PEACE AND LEGISLATION versus political war and investigation. In fact he wants historic things for the future vision but he is well entrenched to battle what he see’s as DEEP STATE interest to legal theft of public money. HE called for huge areas of COOPERATIVE LEGISLATION including – Health Care – Immigration Infrastructure and National Security. He let our enemies know in no uncertain terms there is a new sheriff in Dodge.

My biggest take away was when the President of the United States asked Congress to define that America would never not ever become a socialistic nation with government in control of everything in life – as a trend leaning of some – and we saw Republicans rise stand and commit that AMERICA WOULD NEVER BECOME A SOCIALISTIC NATION. What was telling to voters was Democrats 100% say down and would not stand and would not commit to the policy America would not become socialistic.

I believe in the coming election – this single OPTIC will come back to deeply haunt the growing enormous field of candidates dividing the democratic party right when Trump’s base who elected Trump who were weak in turn out for the MID TURN election – rise up in 2020 – and depending on things then – may well take back the Congress based on grid lock and dysfunction that no voter in fact wishes for in fact. The Majority want America to BE GREAT AGAIN and in fact Trump’s policies – irrespective if you do not like Trump personally as a top rated Movie Star in office – versus a conventional President – his economics are working. That is not up for debate in congress or anywhere else. Give the team credit for their job well done.

So hating Trump is a policy of politics.

Hating Pelosi is a policy of politics.

The business of the United States should be the business of the people. However the business of the United States is presently the business of power in 2020 and that election is going on today in 2019 and every optic and construction is MANIPULATION OF VOTERS as POLICY.

Now that – is the great shame of Congress and the blame only starts and stops there.

A first act of Congress might be to SANCTION SAUDI ARABIA – cancel all forward arms trade with Saudi and return our boys home and remove ourselves from the Gulf. We no longer NEED THEIR OIL at all. Let the Gulf Sort out their issues without our influence of stabilization. The USA has invested trillions into the Gulf security. WE have invested almost 75,000 seriously wounded over a never ending war series spanning 20 years of time – with almost 10,000 of our own young men and women slaughtered – and the Gulf uniformly hate us for our sacrifice and investment in them. Why are we doing this when over 30 million of American’s are on food stamps – why again?

Foreign AIDE in 2019 starts in Detroit and FLINT Clean Water not in Pakistan. America has following decades of trade wealth transfer abuse – reached economics where the luxury of being the WORLD PEACE POLICE is beyond our fiscal budgeting – we need to bring the wealth home into infrastructure and jobs – not off load wealth to other nations who in fact are not our friends in the first place. We have lost on this policy it is time to stop the losses.

So the STATE OF THE UNION address in my opinion – not politically on any side – by only economics expressed here – was the BEST SPEECH OF DONALD TRUMP’s PRESIDENCY. Many on the fence and in the middle will remember the OPTICS of the entire Democratic Party refusing to applaud or stand up – in the call to pledge That THESE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA would never become a socialistic nation – the majority of the Congress sat in protest and the contrast in 2020 became clear as a window washed for the SPRING TO VOTERS.


So the 2020 lines are clear outside all media to anyone who watched the STATE OF THE UNION 2019 that defined:


REPUBLICANS STAND FOR – Less Government intrusion in private lives – a free enterprise – self reliant fiercely independent people – WITH AN ECONOMY THAT REMAINS THE ENVY OF THE ENTIRE WORLD or

DEMOCRATS STAND FOR: MAXIMUM GOVERNMENT INTRUSION IN private lives – socialism and cradel to grave management of the population by the state – turning America into a fully socialist nation by policy and law.

GRID LOCK in Congress will set forth a dysfunction never seen before in Washington DC. Depending on the Democrate efforts to remove Trump from office as their game plan – forever teaching anti socialist a lesson – or Trump winning in 2020 even by larger ratio – with congress moving to ANTI SOCIALIST MAJORITY is the two outcomes.

No one can predict outcomes.

Recent Democratic movement to massively tax wealthy success in America ( a socialistic policy ) is shifting loyalty. Corporate America must debate the cost of FOREVER STEALING PUBLIC MONEYS – a socialistic process of electing your buddies in such endeavors – OR – protecting the franchise for FREE ENTERPRISE SELF RELIANT AMERICA – as to which policy is more profitable. In the end 2020 is about profit and loss and one must begin to see it all that way.

The lower rating of the President 38% approval rating – is temporary – ( his lowest after the risk of government shut down ) his right to illuminate congressional dysfunction to KEEP AMERICA SAFE which border walls in fact will do – and where corporate interest want oceans of virtual slave labor from undocumented immigrates exploited without rights and protections – legal immigrants have – divide the politics of the Wall. The 5.6 billion wall cost is returned in social costs to state and federal out lays where every wall dollar invested returns 10 to the states and nation. Also the cost of the government shut down to commerce exceeded 10 billion dollars double the wall cost – Congress appears to not do well at math. After the STATE OF THE UNION SPEECH Trumps approval poll ratings shot back up to 52%. Congress however following the SIT OUT – sitting for making America a socialist nation – as the only optic I kept from STATE OF UNION has plunged to 6% approval rating or 94% agree CONGRESS SUCKS – lowest congress approval in 400 years.

So moving forward keep this economic principle in your mind:

…socialist leaning in congress will grid lock – over investigate and secure – congressional dysfunction sinking by omission in policy America into recession – loss of credit ratings – and worse  – costing America trillions in wealth to secure power in 2020 elections ….while those oppossing socialism labor to assure all of us realize an America renewal that MAKES AMERICA GREATER ALL OVER AGAIN…….

Those forces are not fully defined while Congress remains fully alseep on MBS betrayals to our nation as we are being SOLD OUT one weapon at a time. A billion her and a billion there and folks one day we are talking about very serious wealth transfer which as that wealth transfer away from America reaches a tipping point – all the kings men and horses can not put America back together again.

So think about that historic item in 2020 which in fact is unfolding right now if you have eyes to see and ears to hear the money is flowing in rivers so loud and clear……


PS: The Press Read this blog watch as they pick up on headlines first reported right here for you all