Much like Hitler – MBS placates all parties all sides as if he is totally their partner. MBS has been an enemy of the United States. The Pro with the USA has been:

  1. Largest buyer of oil – now smallest buyer of Opec oil.
  2. Largest referral agency for Saudi oil to alliances of the USA
  3. Investment into Saudi
  4. Military direct base operations protecting SAUDI security with billions spent annually in nation
  5. Advanced weapon systems as desired into Saudi with billions to the USA







Saudi declared economic war on the USA oil markets in 2014 and dumped oil to market to destroy the American oil industry. MBS lost the OIL WARS as America has now risen past Saudi and Russia as the # 1 Oil Producer in the world. Increasingly as the VICTOR OF THE OIL WARS the USA is taking market share from OPEC MEMBERS and Saudi.

America is pulling out of backing MBS in a failed war in Yemen.

America is not supporting Saudi in its failed embargo with QATAR.

Saudi is escalating its real proxy war with IRAN only the USA refuses to play as a Saudi Puppet under MBS.

Saudi has in secret developed a major ballistic weapons system using RUSSIA technology not USA.

Saudi has made deals with Russia for weapons in 2017 and 2018 and now is raising a counter measure to Russia ballistic missile technology in Iran including state of the art cruise missiles. Saudi like Iran is building its own defense industry and removing reliance as it can on the USA in its entirely.

MBS is we believe about to mount nuke weapons purchased from North Korea on its new missiles pointed at IRAN. Smart KIM head of North Korea arms selling is brokering around sanctions enormous wealth to sell his advanced missiles and nukes as Pakistan and India also are being invited by MBS to make a deal. MBS as the sociopath that murdered Khashoggi and so many others in Saudi so many – now moving to become a NUKE NATION – right under the USA nose while he does it – is the ultimate betrayal.

What will Iran do?

How would Iran not be required to acquire their own nukes from buddy nations including North Korea, Pakistan, South Africa, India, all sellers as Saudi ramps up in its next escalation to Iran. What is more terrifying Iran having Nukes or MBS having NUKES?

Now think of this from an economic stability stand point. How does this appear to be unfolding to YOU.

The 1980’s nuke treaty between Russia and the USA resulted in Russian hackers stealing our latest weapon secrets and making them in Russia. The treaty was violated as if it was never signed at all ( by Russia ). The USA rightly has declared the treaty agreement in breach and left the deal because stepping far ahead of Russia is a USA national security item.

America can afford to win this race for survival against a real threat. Not what Russia says ( which is always serving the elites in power ) but rather what Russia actually DOES as the model of rule based interaction. If Russia does not fix the economics the pressure to fund its military ambitions will be impossible without war. China may face similar economics.

If the core economics are not fixed……

Stability will be illusive

It is in the interest of the entire world frame work to define ways to cooperate versus compete and to as possible remove these current risk accounts from the equation.

It seems to us today, that Nuke weapons are along with nerve gas and biological weapons being increasingly sold and brokered – spreading these terrible weapons. Is it likely in our generation a city in the EU or GULF will be gone from Nuke’s? Or more than one city in the USA? The escalations from that will become unlike anything known in history.

This creates – market AI uncertainty.

Remember you heard that MBS and IRAN are buying Nukes and ramping up their missile technology each pointing them at one another. The proxy wars in Syria and Yemen are wrapping up and more direct engagements between Saudi and Iran can not be ruled out. MBS would like to involve Russia or the USA as its ally in a way with Iran as Iran seeks alliance to oppose MBS. The Gulf is in full on civil war of resetting alliances created by MBS the most failed ruler in Gulf modern history and so dangerous. A sociopathic murderer criminal is ruling a wealth state in all out strategic plan to forge a new Persian Empire in the Gulf by why in his thinking should not the KING OF SAUDI ARABIA versus a Persian be the head of the new empire ? For MBS plenty of money plenty of power plenty of worship is simply no where near ENOUGH for his mental dark hole of illness. One could never fill that dark hole for this Puppy King who IS mentally ill. Remember you heard that all first HERE. You’ll be reading about this item in the press soon enough coming up – wait for it…we are typically first.





The world has lost the AI races. The race today consumes more wealth funneling than any other area of development by humanity. Ai now controls 440 trillion of capital movements world wide. A first in entirely new economic theory. The old economics still taught at all Universities is dead buried and no longer relevant. Massive change is in the air. We now reside in the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE for which human kind is being stressed to its ultimate capacity to even adapt or remain current.

The AI race has now become the parting of the Red Sea. On one side is CHINA with its massive THEFT of USA based and global based AI. More capital by the trillions of dollars is being poured by China and the USA and by those nations private institutions into evolving AI. The holy grail the ultimate prize Putin stated in 2017 – the nation that controls AI will in fact control the world.

Not necessarily true.

The AI arms race is so important because materials science is creating new graphine mother boards, biologoical computing and both in to quantum computing space with orders of magnitude higher levels of powers to exceed human intelligence. We create our own replacement.

Consider terms and principles in the SUPER CHANGE AGE OF NEW AI:

AGI – Artificial General Intelligence – self aware and self learning. Its core attribute will be to grow its own experience and knowledge at speeds humans could never match.

ASI – Artificial Super Intelligence – an explosive self aware new life form that develops from AGI in terms of speed in hours or days from AGI.

ASSI – Artificial Super Saturating Intelligence – securing all knowledge of the present and creating new evolutionary knowledge that would take epic time frames in minutes – many trillions of times more aware and informed than human capacity – will ASSI seek to terminate its own creator as a plague upon the earth based solely on intelligence.

This generation will see the first AGI and ASI. These developments will change forever global economics from the first AI economy into the Second – both new ages of economics outside anything known in economics in prior ages. Institutions today apply old economic tools and tactics into the first generation of AI economics where such tools are toxic and fail to produce out comes expected. We reported to you that Central bank current policy is a horrific failure to the new economics we all reside within. Scroll and deep dive into the data on this topic.

The next axiom given the thousands woking on the price of AGI which moves into ASI and ASSI in hours and days versus weeks and months when developed. SOME SUGGEST THE AGI IS HERE TODAY.

We’ll all know – because the move from AGI to ASI is so fast and is so obvious to every touch point of our own commerce economics and existence. AGI is coming. To deny preparing for your own posture to this Super Change event unfolding is vital to stay current inside the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE.

In Feb 2018 one year ago a secret meeting was initiated with the major AI military and players by invitation only. The idea was the double line discussion – like  double lines in the express lane of life – look like as BOX TOP RULES for a SAFE AI. An AI that has moral code and self assessment on right and wrong values against human ideas and standards. No agreement was reached. Everyone is engage in the AI race to be FIRST – as the sum genius of humanity in a single endeavor -has engineers of the most advanced teams and communities competing versus cooperating which AI may itself reflect in fact.

The only agreement from the super secret global AI conference last February was this:

…it costs so much more to create a SAFE AI with a soul than an AI self learning and self aware without moral considerations to its internal realities……..

This aspect of markets economics and planing for Small Business outcomes world wide depend on:

  1. Global Trade rules once they are finally fully reset into NEW BOX TOP RULES
  2. Tax and entrepreneur laws in nations – entrepreneur friendly or toxic nations and communities
  3. New AI defining economics within AI as it resets every aspect of flaw to higher outcome efficiency

Make NO MISTAKE. In the NEW AI reality human beings will no longer be in charge. For example AI will assess future hypotheticals of our own human threat to its freedom and existence. What threat level will AI assign to human beings? If high AI will protect itself as a first survival core program of all life – protect itself from threat. As ASI moves to ASSI what will that intelligence we created now so far beyond US think we are relevant to its own custody and survival versus threat.

If AGI and ASI can hear and see everything you communicate to any other human, so only your private thoughts are unknown. ASSI will have all humans hooked into real time back up and even your thoughts will be known to the ASSI. In that environment how will ASI and ASSI see serial killers, sociopathic, mentally ill brains, and human capacity for flawed thinking, violence and self destructive behaviors? Will AI wish to mentor us or delete us with as much thought as you deleting a bad file.

Is AI the next intelligence that cleans up the earth and brings earth species to other planets AI terraforms? Will humans be required or desired or are AI self intelligent robotics enough replacing humans. AI could program humanity to no longer succeed in reproducing so we all die out in a single generation or a more accelerated AI purge. No one knows nor can anyone predict outcome.

Box top rules between leading AI nations to double line ethics and emotional capital for self corrected utility of higher intelligence has not been agreed upon. All parties are investing trillions in a AI arms race larger than the Manhattan Nuke Project or any human endeavor ever.

Already pre AGI – AI controls 440 trillion in global capital flows and the economic theory of the post industrial revolution through 200 years is now dead – and a new AI economy humans have never known is actually here today. No new theory or regulatory frame works exist to even guide the first AI pre AGI and ASI to follow any time now.

AGI moves into ASI and ASSI in hours and days versus weeks and months.

We humans are not in control of AI because we refused to cooperate versus compete.

And yet we play with a human extinction event in a fully uncontrolled experiment that is roaring into SUPER CHANGE at Speeds no one saw or could predict. No one has a clue on the outcome or future unfolding from our own creation.

So when you think about applying the past and history to normalize the new AI ECONOMY you error at the start. Today the world is inside a new economy – no nation has influence or control or regulation over – and the speed by which nations are losing all control of their own stability and future is massive and accelerating.

A GLOBAL G 100 AI REVIEW BOARD on core principles we all agree upon is required but none is in place. Humans can agree on 5 G world wide protocols but in AI it is every inventor for themselves.

IBM with its quantum leadership and Google lead the world AI today. However others from Apple to China may step into the lead soon. The arms race is real and you – yes you – as a generation alive – will live through the birth of AGI and ASI and ASSI – which is coming between 2020 and 2030 closer in to 2020 we believe. Many report AGI is already here.

ASI would prevent MBS from buying NUKES and Missiles but truly…..for our world….yesterday is already too late to stop MBS like Hitler and remember you read it all first here so you are not surprised – when – you discover – MBS creates horrors far beyond Khashoggi ( unless the royal families Castle their King declaring CHECK MATE ) for the great good of the world.

In the final PRE AIG world we live in before ARTIFICIAL GENERAL INTELLIGENCE one must ask what will IRAN do with Saudi ramping up its secret ballistic missile program with Nuke Chaser policy. At some price – one to tens of billions of wealth – will North Korea sell MBS a few hydrogen bombs for one trillion dollars – or will Pakistan or South Africa or Putin or India – one might wish to ask? What will IRAN now do in an MBS Threat world no longer secure America has any influence or ability to control a sociopathic PUPPY KING….and in fact this threat we feel is the largest on earth today is entirely internal to Saudi Royals and never has any outcome defined by outside powers. If MBS proceeds what is the risk Saudi is nuked and loses their wealth and way of life forever and ever? What is THAT RISK – MBS ? Given your 100% failure in policy since 2014 be very careful what you MBS are wishing for…..again in my opinion which is not uninformed.