Well the Government Shut down is over. SORT OF. The nation has a common unity – which is not GET TRUMP at all costs. That mantra is a political strategy for POWER that derails the business of the people of the United States Congress is charged to GET ON WITH. I don’t see reflection of the majority of American’s – rating the US CONGRESS at 6% approval rating – or 94% F GRADE from all 400 million of USyou know we THE people – nope I don’t see it.


We reported on this blog for two years Chairman Powell and the Fed from Yellin into Power were making serious policy mistakes in an entirely NEW ECONOMY the Fed is in denial exists at all, and over which the FED has zero tools to effect of influence outcomes. The New Economy is being driven by less than 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS controlled entirely by ever smarter quarter to quarter artificial intelligence. Humans have moved out of control of capital markets. More serious is the unwanted economic consolidation of wealth – down from 1.5 million diversified global super money pools – a ten year spiral of wealth consolidation by 90% in ten years. Worse the 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOL of 440 trillion dollars in circulation globally are imploding into only 5000 Super Money pools in what may be only five year not ten.

In the new AI Economy the US congress and The Fed deny is even in existence, see tampering with policy tools that worked in the old dead and buried pre AI economy, become catastrophic in the new Economy. So the two facts for 2019 you can look backward upon with confidence:

1. As set forth here like a beacon in the dark night – THE FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD AND CHAIRMAN POWELL have with massive policy errors – destabilized a fragile recovery from a global almost depression, stopped growth, set recession frame work into place, and blasted the recovery to shreds. Trillions of Wealth and growth now in wealth transfer.
2. Nancy Pelosi working with Powell under her mandate – get TRUMP OUT at ANY COST – such economic crises and instability – created by Nancy obstructionist policy – creates a 2020 of economic horrors that Nancy who is the cause with Powell – united to GET TRUMP OUT – believe they can lay all blame via politics on Trump and not on Congress and the Fed. We’ll all have to wait and see how that all works out.

SO Democrats see winning the White House be de-stabilizing the American economy by policy – which is in our opinion high crimes and treason – impeachable offenses of the congress. Billions around the world will suffer and die many of starvation because of policy errors – the economy would grow versus decline – unless tampered with.

This hard fact of economics brings us to Mark Twains famous oxymoron: that politicians and diapers would be changed often and for the same reasons.

The most nasty bitter grid lock and systemic pause for congressional success and functioning, occurred under Nancy Pelosi last time. This time with all out war clearly stated in her game plan to GRID LOCK republicans, to over investigate Trump and if possible impeach TRUMP as she runs the economy to ground, within the largest DEBT SUPER BUBBLE IN HUMAN HISTORY with fully unknown consequences to Nancy and Powell grounding the USA economy upon the 2020 rocks. All the while blaming it all on Trump. If that all works their plan wins the Presidency at the largest human cost for any election in history world wide.

Moving forward policies of economics are buried into policies of politicians. The outcome is murkey for the smartest AI. Economics is unforgiving for idiots.

If political diapers have that much shit inside what can we all do?

Ah that is the topic of future blogs.

Stay tuned as it is an AI Mess out there because in the NEW AI ECONOMY no one can any longer predict future outcomes at all.

Strap in. The world is in for a wild wild ride coming up next.