Trump walks away from North Korea demanding absolute sanction end now on promise x y z happens maybe later…as a Trump wrong sequence son – revise yours to milestones for billions and I”ll say YES. Experts all wrong ( again ).

Media dances around Stormy Daniels and Cohen as IF political theater was either legal or even important. History is not going to remember that much about an old worn out D level porn star and her sellf promotion. In HE SAID SHE SAID high school recess yard drama WHO CARES against what is REALLY IMPORTANT priorities for our nation and the business of the nation. CONGRESS stop wasting money and time on election 2020 and political theater. GET TO WORK and conduct and complete the BUSINESS OF THE PEOPLE starting with congress criminal dereliction of constitution mandate – PASS A USA BUDGET as required by law – lest TORT LAWYERS impeach you in the largest class action – the MOTHER OF TORTS with millions of 94% ranking your Congress approval and grade as F – in 2019 – failing grade with 94% of all voters even after yesterday –  ( F- minus grade for Congress ). DO THE WORK YOU WERE ELECTED TO DO…..cut how the show.


Facts you won’t see while every channel on earth focuses on Cohen, who admitted he was rehearsed practiced and scripted by Pelosi’s team and special prosecutor BOBBY BOY – so that his already done REPORT to be released and never see any light of day – finding zero Russia Collusion – burning through over 100 million dollars of tax payer fully allocated cost – indicting all the Presidents buddies on Perjury Traps – on Taxes now not civil but criminal – creating appearance by associations as a political pay back for the same silly things with President Bill Clinton – as in America the pendulum always swings BACK.  The prize is the 2020 congress and President where power to WHO LEGALLY STEALS from the largest economy on earth versus WHO DOES NOT STEAL from this public tax payor conveyor belt  – will be decided as it it was not manipulated by super money.

Meanwhile in NOT REPORTED in any FRONT PAGE NEWS WORLD WIDE THE FOLLOWING IS FACT reported here first and tracked here until the only front page news is the ultimate terror event – EBOLA. Imagine if 6 only half a dozen ISIS lap top – suit and tie – terrorist VISIT CONGO and get suicide infected with Ebola and now with good travel docs – in best suits and ties – visit say at breakfast lunch and dinner – buffet lines across the EU in say 20 leading economies and in China and Japan.

Ebola would infect tens of millions in 90 days.

The world would quarantine travel

Markets would super crash.

Trade would stop.

Marshall law would be declared….everywhere.

No Nuke could kill more or kill faster.


Friday March 1st Ebola is out of control in Congo – and has been – in the worlds WORST EBOLA out break in history. All Ebola outbreaks have been worse than the prior outbreaks.

The last Ebola outbreak reached the EU and America.

President Obama in part from our input to the USA STATE DEPARTMENT ( taking place and repeating from  CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL and to the White House  – is taking place again – Obama sent troops to beat back the last outbreak. It took US and Global forces


  1. Last summer a huge Ebola outbreak took place in Congo.
  2. Radical insurgents have been killing the World Health Workers – and destroying medicines.
  3. This six months of armed attack on WHO WORKERS has made tracking . essential to control and containment – impossible.
  4. The last week of February WHO WORKERS were attacked and killed Monday Tuesday and Weds in Congo.
  5. By Friday over four peak infected patients ran for their lives and now are infecting unknown numbers along with others infected and never diagnosed because – WHO WORKERS are running for THIER LIVES.

Meanwhile the world Media reports about political theater – rehearsed as 2020 election strategy by democrats following the precise play book of republicans with President Bill Clinton to win the White House for George Bush.


While PAY BACK and POLITICAL THEATER are being PELOSI job well done girl executed – the USA is under the largest security threat of all time.

Economics can not survive a massive EBOLA infection.

Bin Laden stated – while we can not beat America militarily they remain vulnerable for we can BANKRUPT THEM…..

We see SUPER POWERS as POOF – anyone recall that SOUND BITE ? Chilling and true in 2019 March.

Do we need to send troops to Congo to contain Ebola?

The answer….


Keep in mind as you pour over Stormy Daniels HE SAID SHE SAID ( which I say who the fuck cares and why is THAT important – at all to anyone ) ?  You heard the EBOLA story first and repeatedly like MBS being a sociopathic dangerous ruler seeking a NUKE the other EBOLA is MBS….you heart those stories first right here.

The TRUTH about what is REALLY…..GOING ON OUT …….THERE ( world wide priorities in economic realities ).


Note: Your vote matters – write your leaders to SUPPORT WITH TROOPS BRINGING CONGO EBOLA UNDER CONTROL and send those letters in today…..the priority …if not acted upon…is the billion that will die or more and the economics of a WORLD DEPRESSION brought upon the nations of the world for misplaced priorities- when there still was time – as TIME on the EBOLA clock is running down now in Congo…..that is a FACT you can take to your own grave.





I never thought in my lifetime I would see political theater more mean spirited and nasty than the last President Bill Clinton to leave America economics in the black, in surplus, paying down on our debts. Really. Impeached on national television for a personal item in the Oval that has no business in our lives at all. In my opinion. Really? One of our truly great President leaving the USA in the full BLACK INK having a surplus every year earning more than USA spent – being racked over political theater – to win the White House for George Bush. Is that the AMERICA we want?

Now we have the President meeting in Vietnam where we lost a war, with the President of North Korea no President has talked to since the Korean War in the 1950’s. Nuclear Hydrogen Bombs have been perfected by the current President of North Korea bringing him into the nuclear family of nations. Threat from North Korea has fallen off a cliff from President Trump and his team for the first time since the Korean War ended. Peace is breaking out and ramping up.

President Trump may be nominated for the Nobel Peace Price.

Today we see bought and paid for Press 90% defining a disrespect for a sitting American President trying to REFORM bought and paid for politics and economics, not seen with any prior President ever in history. Today we see convicted perjurer – liar – con man – appear before the United States Congress. The Special Prosecution team have set up the statements that Cohen will deliver today – rehearsed them all like movie parts. Nancy Pelosi has secured what she needs to impeach so Cohen gives her that sound bite detail. What is the worst – as NORTH KOREA is historically removed as a nuke threat by the sitting President the world loves to absolutely hate or adore ?

Cohen Before Jail:

  1. That Trump personally paid for Stormy Daniels – we knew that.
  2. That Trump knew he was in failed negotiations to build a Moscow Trump Tower that went no where – we knew that ?
  3. Implications Trump lied from the liar. He said – she said – as both deny the other is telling the truth.
  4. Admission in Congress today – yes I was prepared in my rehearsed testimony by leading democrates.
  5. Yes I was set up and rehearsed by BOBBY special prosecution for todays political theater.


Evidence not of illegality but of personal HIGHLY PAID LEGAL ATTORNEYeWORK protected by Client Attorney privilege under the law only not PROTECTED under any laws today in congress with full on political theater to effect 2020 election. Most but not all voters on all sides moderate for the MESS we have today versus THE BEST WE HAD during say the Dirckson Scoop Jackson years ( I age date myself here ) wish to return to as HIGHER STANDARDS. The off to prison liar manipulator fatally self absorbed – has his day seeking to redeem as he says his stature and later books and movie deals and speaking fee’s for the truly huge money – with the American box office. COHEN IS INSIDE SPECIAL PROSECUTOR DOUBLE LINES AND DEMOCRATE SELF ADMISSIONS ON SET UP TO CONGRESS TESTIMONY TO ASSURE a) HE HAS NO JAIL TIME ADDED TO HIS SENTENCE AND b) THAT HE MAKES MILLIONS ON BOOK FILM AND SPEAKING CONTRACTS TO FOLLOW in his self interest pathologies to TRADE UP FOREVER on his relationship with Trump – the leading brand on earth – to MAKE MONEY FOR HIMSELF from todays’ staring role in Congress Feb 27th SET UP POLITICAL THEATER – and I”m sad for AMERICA over it. Nancy seeks to use the SET UP for President making in 2020 into office before the election.

  1. Economic Recovery for Cohen using today and his  Prison TIME to write up his  book, movie, and speaking deals, to set up his largest earnings in life as TRUMP BETRAYER – playing off fame wealth and power in one of the most famous brands ( love him or hate him ) since Elvis Presley or perhaps the most famous Brand bigger than say QUEEN……TRUMP !

So the President is in North Korea making real global full on  history for world peace for REAL. The weight of news on Cohen and TRUMP bashing over shadows any history in Vietnam …a reverse of a decade back or so before todays level of agenda. READ THE KILLING OF AMERICA from Amazon and globally you’ll wake up to what IS taking place from the bucks controlling it all ( data documented completely ) in YOUR NATION in 2019. A MUST READ and spread the word on THAT BOOK – trust me for the smarts it gives you when reading news today.

Nancy Pelosi has timed the Cohen event ( as the political master she truly is at the top ) and coordinated the date with the prosecution to secure the final report from the special prosecutor related to Trump’s team colluding with Russia to manipulate American voters. She has assured she got on congress record the sound bites she required for impeachment prosecutions as in the reverse with Clinton. All a great shame for the EXAMPLE AMERICA is missing as opportunity to the world.

Two years and a castrated FBI seen as corrupt to the bone marrow with the CIA ( read the KILLING OF THE USA FOR DATA on Both ) – and 100 million dollars of special prosecution pure waste – our poor could have better used – we se e indictments for prosecution in PRE SET UP  perjury traps – indictments for lying – indictments for tax issues which are civil not criminal in fact – but no indictments for Russia anything. How political “IS: all this unlike any prior event even Bill Clintons absolutely SILLY Impeachment trial by Republicans? Is Trumps endless bashing a feature of Democratic tit for tat pay back.

Right as India attacks first time Pakistan on their own soil and Pakistan returns fires for first time on India soils as the shooting war between two nuke powers – could go nuke this week or next – and we focus upon Cohen in root to jail line by line rehearsed testimony as a last Bobby Boy Special Prosecutor shoe up Trumps ass hole to Congress before he releases his already drafted REPORT ( no one will ever see ) and returns to multi million dollar consulting board positions country club parties and yachts. Bob wants to return to the MONEY PRESTIGE LIFE having made history that will be forever reported and reviewed in University POLI SCI Classes for generations.

Bob has made history. For himself.

The President is out making history for America – history in North Korea – History in China – working all night on History to resolve issues in India and Pakistan – keeping in mind MBS King of Saudi the mother of all wars starting with 911 just left Pakistan with his political agena for nukes – dropping 20 Billion Dollars off setting all American funding slow downs, and another 100 million to Hindu Buddhist India seeking Nukes over there. MBS wants to NUKE IRAN before Iran nukes Saudi. Both have the missiles to do just that right now. Only nukes are missing and both are shopping in a race against time.

Remember you read this fact – first here – in the world as always. Keep it mind for when the world press catch up.

The Press is helping Cohen get his big bucks book and movie speaking deals lined up today – while not reported is the unfolding world war III saga – started in digital pearl harbor attacks in 9/11 – continued digitally today.

Historically what created the FALL OF ROME…????? The most powerful rule of law nation until the British Empire?

Those opposing Roman rule acquired through stealth defections and engineering THE WEAPONS OF ROME.

Today by hacking the enemies of America have:

  1. Acquired the WEAPONS OF AMERICA – nukes – stealth super sonics – AI – hacking it all
  2. America now faces the GAP CLOSING on end game pathologies to world change via AI it invented

But we watch Cohen in carefully designed ELECTION 2020 political theater. Congress with a 6% approval rating where 94% of all American Voters HATE HATE HATE the failure of the US congress to pass annual budgets and conduct the business of the people by the people for the people and of the people. A complete SIT COM Saturday Night Live World Joke after today. Every convict going to jail gets to soap box in congress to advance that …I DID NOT REALLY DO BAD THINGS OUTSIDE MY BLIND LOYALTY TO TRUMP. My questions – what did you get year  paid by Trump each year from day one — next year — next year — did you ever return any of that fantastic income Donald Trump entrusted you with as one of his many attorney’s? You spent it all. On lavish life styles you never knew before. Now to reduce your jail time you will say ( as a liar convict ) anything – do anything – to reduce years and years from your jail time?

Lets all watch that as if Moses was bringing tablets to Congress from God himself.

What wrong with today as we see the President team, flip the finger to the special prosecutor and the many fired FBI leaders for political corruption of US JUSTICE ( no one goes to jail for that larger crime ) as the TRUMP TEAM historic work is over taken by news everywhere on liar Cohen such that we lose track of:

  1. North Korea and the historic moment of magnitude to this outcome unfolding
  2. China trade deal framing Japan EU and the world to follow
  3. Revised Nafta and billions on the US side
  4. Reduced invasions at our boarder as never in recent years
  5. Venezuela change without war
  6. Pakistan India issues unfolding
  7. Iran deals to follow North Korea

Seven and the world moves into heaven ….while we focus on liar criminal ( for real ) Cohen….who made his last tricky deal with Bobby Boy to assure he ….did a short easy white color stint in prison…writing his book with a million dollar or more advance – movie deals for millions …and lecture deals…..worth many millions more……with the book an election year final law book up Trumps ass hole by his old trusted attorney who would not stay bought in self interest. Did Cohen make the best choice for himself? He wants in the end his own CELEBRITY STATUS – perhaps his own TV show.

Folks – follow the money in all this scripted political theater to manipulate votes.

The Truth?

Folks in all nations today – given the bias of reporting – we have to uncover the TRUTH for ourselves. What is real. Spin. Wrong. Right? Illegal ?

Most of what I hear about Trump ( and I”m neutral always economic never political ) but I think when I hear it – whats wrong with that? Is NOT that what a rich guy would do? He didn’t break any laws. SO WHAT? I view policy on economic outcomes as good or bad regardless of party. Good economics. Bad economics. Because folks in the end it is all economics.



Well I have for contempt of court criminal act related to a public broker selling a legal junk bond for  87,000 dollars = no fraud – no security law violation – not taking any money or mis- using any money – no – none of that – for criminal contempt of court (the lowest level category of any criminal allegation – related to what the prosecution told the jury that  I as founder of the Public Brokerage firm I had resigned from – that prosecution SET UP stated that I  SHOULD HAVE KNOWN related to a risk in the junk bond sold by a public brokerage firm. At the time of the crime I was an outside consultant making $ 3500 a month – on unrelated issues –  to the public brokerage firm. I did not own stock. I did not vote stock. I was not on the Board of directors as a control person. I was not an employee. I was not an officer. I was not a director. I was not a control person under the law.

The Jury was told by the prosecution I was the single and only control person – no employee President Chairman ( an security Attorney ) . JUST ME the consultant. This false statement to the jury related to my voting control of the firm was in fact false and prosecution  fraud to that jury  in my opinion by the prosecution to the jury. Upon conviction federal guide lines for the lowest crime level in federal criminal code, is probation no jail time. The prosecution then violated my constitutional rights and having successfully as the most powerful prosecution machine in human history – ENHANCED THE SENTENCE to outcomes the jury never heard or voted upon to secure a multi year jail term with huge fines restitution and penalties. In America convicted for an 87,000 dollar contempt of court jury trial, I was sentenced to hard time in chain gang Alabama, for years of jail time with fines and restitution of over $ 1,000,000 for the crime of $ 87,000.00.  This ABUSE OF PROSECUTION is now fully  precluded tp be a clear violation of constitution protection as abusive prosecution today…as defined by years back  Supreme Court RULING AND LAW – in  the now famous  Apprendi Case before the US SUPREME COURT that such constitutional violations may not occur forward in time to anyone else. I was a long time before that protection became due to wholesale prosecution abuse of their powers – became Supreme Court Law telling prosecutors CUT IT OUT. . When constitutional abuse of my rights was “legal” I got killed by the abuse allowed back in the 1980’s.

I’m not bitter.  I’m grateful to BE an AMERICAN where second chances for Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels occur and for Berny Dohrmann too. This is the most amazing nation. When Justice is broken – as it is in America –what is RIGHT ABOUT AMERICA will always repair and fix what is WRONG AND BROKEN WITH AMERICA over time. That is my belief and I”m sticking to it. I BELIEVE IN MY AMERICA WITH ALL MY HEART AND ALL MY SOUL.

Now America free  of any Russian Collusion  and  not in an 87,000 dollar high risk junk bond item in court, but rather in a 100 million dollar outlay of tax payer revenues to reach Congress today with Cohen pre jail testimony – which if it does not go just right – his jail deal is revoked as we have seen with others. He testifies prepared by democrats in political theater under THREAT to maximally GET TRUMP.


Nazis created Justice as did KGB where due process was – give evidence on your mother your father your brother your circle or your friends and we won’t put you into death camps. Faced with the STATE VILIFICATION MACHINE and never ending press bashing – any human just wants it all to stop. There is no innocent to proven guilty. Indictments mean the prosecution can as KGB and NAZI SS SECRET POLICE ( FBI ) leak – sound bite and slam GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY until proven innocent at about 1% of all prosecutions as the SYSTEM is 99% your done. Is this the America hope and promise or constitution you desire and require?

Hey if it had not happened to me personally….I would never have believed how it all works right now before reforms…myself….and unlike the tribe that just wants it all to stop – where in my “crime” my best friend from four years of age was the prosecutor – as it was also personal. I refused to plea period. When you refuse their plea they throw two books at you….the prosecution lead counsel leaned back in his chair at start of trial and whispered to me alone – NO MERCY. I could read those lips….and there was no mercy as I failed to plea GUILTY under their threats – and in governments across  the world I believe today folks in HIGH PLACES convicted by Bobby special prosecutor – would not go to jail where others all free would in other nations  for real crimes against the constitution be in prison in fact …and my question why are none of the real crooks going to jail? Banks? Wallstreet Firms? Read THE KILLING OF AMERICA and that one book will inform you why.

…are you more or less afraid of your own government today than you were only ten years ago…….be honest !

…what if Cohen where You and YOUR FAMILY with press on the lawn – what if it all where YOU what would you do with such threat ? What if YOU JUST WANTED IT TO STOP AND KEEP YOUR REDUCED JAIL TIME IN YOUR DEAL?

Trump? Doesn’t care if he wins a second term as the history and pay rise to him if he loses is a relief. Meanwhile he gets reform creates challenge and enemies and disrespected like no President Ever – billions can simply NOT watch TRUMP enough – like ROYALS watching hate or adore Trump either way – no one can get ENOUGH of what comes next to the HIGH ENTERTAINMENT of the top sit com in world history – THE WHITE HOUSE 2019. Trump will fight as we all know. Trump doesn’t care about Cohen today but Trump is sad for Cohen and his family…in private ….I suspect.

Republicans impeached Bill Clinton for nothing.

Democrats impeach Trump in response. PREDICTABLE POLITICAL THEATER all such a waste of doing the buisnes of the people in respect so missing today.

REMEMBER you can only cooperate inside INTEGRITY. Remove integrity as the real crises we saw today – WHAT INTEGRITY. The crises in INTEGRITY globally makes ME sad. You?


PS: I do not believe Cohen is a criminal nor should this attorney have gone to jail…but in America today…..if the most powerful nation on earth wants you….your done. Believe me I am secure that I personally well know THAT ! As an American I am sorry in fact Cohen is going to prison sorry for his family and more. As to character and personal integrity I think Cohen is WEAK not a criminal is all and in other nations he would be FREE in my opinion.







The SEC charges Elron Musk with Contempt of Court today – for tweet decks on share value from the controlling shareholder – that are not approved by his board by prior agreement. I reached out to Elron Musks lead counsel on these matters ( also CEO SPACE long time counsel and a leader cross mentoring together for decades ). I suggested if Elron needs to CHAT UP with someone who WENT INTO FEDERAL PRISON for contempt of court – for only 87,0000 dollars related to a security junk bond – not for what I as shareholder ( not an officer director as Musk IS ) – but for what I “SHOULD” have known – ( what kind of standard retroactively is THAT for public company leaders ) ?

Musk boy – the Dohrmann case is now historic and will come to BITE YOU RIGHT IN THE ASS – as the SEC enforcement team has zero sense of humor. Today the Stock in Tesla drops 55% and triggers massive margin calls as investors lose not 87,000 dollars but say a billion of loss here and a billion of loss there and pretty soon we are chatting Elron on pretty serious money sums. Of unnecessary loss.


Note to Elron: YOU sir …are so important a treasure to world change ….but you sir are NOT Donald Trump. Desist. Relent. The SEC will otherwise teach you the critical lesson…on power……which is:

….sonny Elron had all the money in the world worth some four billion before he alone crashed Tesla stock for no reason whatsoever – and – the Security & Exchange Commission holds all the experience in the world……you are one more tweet son with the SEC from trading places…where the SEC has all your fines penalties ( all YOUR money ) ….and you have all their experience …say in Federal Prison thinking it all over……as today on Tuesday son…you fail to see the danger sonny…..you need some new glasses to lead and protect yourself and your shareholders….

Elron get agreement you never tweet without your wonderful lead counsel and my dear friend – review of the tweet – not once not ever. Before you send – copy review with the best most mentor wise counsel of your life time ( mine ). If you doubt….phone me sonny. I’ll learn you up how in goldilocks all the money in the world would not make that porge just right too hot or too cold for the US SEC …its like that son when humor as a sense has left the building…..fun and game time is truly all over now….and your own calls and time distractions will be horrendous and you can lose your rights….into even Prison trust ME on that step of guidance….as my case wrote the book on what they are doing today to YOU !

SMALL WORLD…and now your cost won’t soar form 10 million to 20 million like last tweet error – it will be a cost you never in your life imagined was even possible in the United States. Options? Oh I have options for you only one who has lived it can produce ….but thats another story. Son make up with the SEC.

So the United States of America versus ELRON Musk on Contempt of Court today – overshadows news of Trump in Vietnam on North Korea – as Tesla stock crashes literally from a tweet? Are you kidding me. Then Elron lashes out attacking the SEC….in the press – ELRON MUSK against the most powerful nation on earth. Folks if your dealing with Nazis in suits the rule of leadership if you KNOW that is true…don’t tell THEM that you ARE in fact Jewish. Elron get this principle. I’m not saying the SEC are Nazis in Suits far from it – they protect investors from insanity…say like this.

Investment banking advice to Elron – get your attorney to syndicate with Blackrock and Carlyle or just Buffett – taking Tesla private – at prices that make sense son. Speed IS the NEED and zero tweets…just my opinion.



The State of the WORLD is Strong. 2019 and 2020 will be orderly growth markets. Volatility overall is down since October election year theatrics. Go boldly and ramp up VAM – your VELOCITY ACCELERATION MOMENTUM. VAM.

Now IS the TIME.

Tesla investors – this theater will pass – it is a passing energy to a great stock with upsurge in China Model 3 just as China Trade Deal completes.

Trump may be Nobel Peace Winner.

We predicted after North Korea Iran WILL BE next as peace breaks out world wide.

MBS the SOCIOPATHIC KING has dropped 20 billion in Pakistan to try and buy a Nuke for his missiles and Billion dollars from his own cash starved nation ( the 100 billion he stole from his own fellow royals on pain of death without due process of any kind ) seeking to buy nukes from India – he’ll buy his nukes to bomb Iran and he unlike others will use them. Sociopath’s fail to see consequence, such as their own demise. Adolf Hitler was bad but not long…….

Congress after ROASTER STRUTTING (political theater at Academy Award level ) is settling in and REAL WORK of the People is unfolding and hey – deals are being made on really great legislation winding up for the future. I have HOPE. Congress has touched even their own third rail SOCIAL SECURITY with a FIX first in decades – I vote for that as they improve benefits removing nothing and securing the fund decades into the future. GOOD JOB drafters – lets see if we can comprise into a FIX. Restores our USA credit rating in my opinion.

Political set up – republican derail the fix to the THIRD RAIL of fixing SOCIAL SECURITY and in 2020 – that goes down like fatal to them again in my view of Nancy frame work on this. I tip my hate to the girl.

GE is up with its huge asset sale.

Intel has pipe line magic growing its stock.

Security on five G is not going for China with back doors into 100% of IT in state controlled humanity world from its AI. America is behind on 5 G and about just about to surge ahead ( like always ) – trust me. America will own 5 G quality security and futures. Trump is in my opinion needing a LEGISLATION FOR TAX CREDITS FOR FIVE G and TECHNOLOGY to reform earth temperature in the seas and earth gases in the air – easy – low cost – and off loading our carbon footprint by RECYCLING IT at low cost. A bi partisan TAX CREDIT LAW for non oil transportation innovation in air – shipping – truck and autos – technology to scrub out air pollutions – and sea pollution and water pollution – fans over LA mountains solar driven air resetting technology and sea floating solar platforms for temperature and air gases and sea water gases – 24.7 – low cost planet tara-forming and SPACE technologies for environment and internet security and 5 G to 100 G – TAX CREDITS and our industry leads the entire world. Congress its game on.

The Fed is taking a breather and is reviewing we are inside a NEW AI ECONOMY the world has never known before with box top rules that no one has written yet. Our blog has suggested from my book REDEMPTION the BLUE PRINT on setting up global new economic box top rules for the G 100. Smart. The Fed is correctly assessing their beta test into the new economy to normalize money cost failed – as old tools do not work in the NEW ECONOMY as anticipated. We have suggested a Fed NEW ECONOMY POLICY which includes:

  1. Isolation of sound bites and signals to market three times a year once every four months. Less information is more in the NEW ECONOMY at source levels.
  2. Scrub Fed meeting minutes for stability versus forward guidance.
  3. Alliance with Trump and Congress on one vital new economy issue – move public reporting to every six months bi annual reporting for long term execution. Pony express monthly reporting rules fuel wild speculator AI UNWANTED market price and asset class price manipulations removed by this single common sense NEW ECONOMY RULE which helps you restore control.
  4. Normalize interest with two to three 1/8th point rises with zero telegraphing – surprise the markets does better with more moderated individual levels of increase – plan a 15 year normalization game.
  5. Balance sheet into peak market liquidity and truncate into any market liquidity stress periods – assuring ease to normalize without speculator impact  bond prices.

I mentor Jeff Magee a Fed adviser we’ll see if 1 to 5 to thrive can get on agenda for new economic policy making in a new AI economy the Fed must learn to lead to revise policy to STABILITY FIRST with other matrix second.

I am so optimistic right now. You should be as well.

Turn off the news and get out and make money. CEO’s are registering into our CEO to CEO ultimate master mind event Tuesday to Saturday in Dallas March 26th – as the high value to VAM into the SPRING with the # 1 ranked Business Conference year TEN from Inc Magazine – thank you journalist Steve Farber for that honor in 2019 !!!






iran has zero interest in creating a Nuke manufacturing nation. Iran rather given is ballistic missile leadership in the Gulf, needs only to buy five nukes. Driven BY sociopathic King MBS paranoid criminal and illussional. Iran follows the Shitie interpretation of the Koran and its principles. MBS and Saudi lean ihe Whabbi track for koran one of the most radical extremes of the SUNI opposing views of the Muslim Koran. Half the Gulf is SUNI and have the Gulf is Shite. Saudi wishes to remain the – as in “THE” – the most out front – economies and weapon systems thank you Germany France UK and USA with a little Russia. Iran is the historic 1000’s of year RULER in the Persian Empire of the entire Gulf – great years which Iran would like to restore herself into -as a RELIGIONS GOVERNMENT of SHITE PRINCIPLES. MBS feeling their family Kingdom would be destroyed under IRAN GULF RULE seeks to once and for all destroy Iran’s ability to challenge Saudi national interest under is puppy socipathic criminal King. This is the most dangerous receipte in modern history.

Across the MED the Indian Nuke Nation is at odds with Pakistan Nuke Nation both closer to all out war than any period since both became NUKE Powers. In this critical environment we have Muslim Pakistan wishing to be dominant over India Hindu and Buddhist. Hindu and Buddhist India wishes to be outside threat from Muslim Pakistan.

Readers – now imagine – Iran influence in Shite Pakistan – US foriegn atide to Pakistan by billions in btween and MBS seeking to counter weight Iran in SUNNI Muslim India and Pakistan. How is that playing out?

So Iran is shopping for nuke to tip its Saudi facing Missiles.

And MBS is this week shopping for Nukes from Pakistan – donating in conflict with the USA cutting 10 billion in Foreign aide – MBS is investing 20 billion into Pakistan which is down to 8 billion in its foreign reserves account running out of cash. We all must assume MBS now fostering a top secret SAUDI Missile weapons systems with existing networks of launch pads to assure they can protect against Iran. They need a nuke before Iran gets a nuke. Iran knowing MBS is shopping for Nukes must use its network – North Korea – France – South Africa – even israel to buy five nukes – which can take out water and power in Iran and weapon counter attack with five launches in 30 minutes. Iran not amuesed by what they consider OUTRAGEOUS FRAUD on Iran’s role in the Gulf – and threats to IRAN which are direct. They must acquire a NUKE before MBS. They KNOW that MBS will USE NUKES if he can buy them.

Today MBS has left Pakistan’s new Prime Minister – placing a 20 blllion dollar first bet on a Nuke from Pakistan  Then the very next day he is in Pakistan Enemy Modi’s office in India pleding India the enemy of Pakistan 100 billion to aqquire Nukes from India.

This opens a BIDDING WAR on NUKE PRICING from world Nuke Producers ito Saudi. WWID? WOULD WILL IRAN DO? Is the slogan. So IRAN is an arms race with Saudi who has better war planes and US protection . can not allow its people to be nuked and millions upon millions die because an insane brains rules Saudi today a proven sociopathic HITLER having NUKES in the GULF – America will so lose by being suckered into the SAUDI MBS Plan to rule the Gulf with SUNI powers over Shite Powers.

The contest is decades and decades old and the West will never resolve the conflict. Only a cooperation where differences in faith are celebrated versus punished – sanity versus insanity – rise or not. Millions of lives are hostage to outcomes. MBS is shopping for Nukes. Iran is shopping for Nukes. The first to get Nukes tips them to their missiles. Will the FIRST also FIRST STRIKE? Given Gulf mind sets at the tippy top they just may well strike having values for life so different then western values. At the very least the West needs new understandings. The West needs to be far more objective working with Russia and China to prevent ( if even possible any longer ) the Nuke Ramp to Iran and Saudi.

HAS MBS WITH 120 BILLION OUT – bought five Iran nukes from its benefactors for say 100 million a Nuke – at 500 million for five plus the many billions for those host nations to grow or launch Pakistan to India or India to Pakistan brack gropping SAUDI strike to Iran unless IRAN gets North Korean or Russia NUKES – say five minute Russia Nuke delivery Iran to Saudi – water power and palaces – five nukes five minutes. President Putin today – that is today folks – stated – that – President Trump and Congress can THINK ANY WAY THEY WISH. But if they now breaking the nuke short range missile treaty – place nuke missiles even one – more – on EU soil – that Russia will target all decision cities in the US with new weapons – nukes – delivered in 20 minutes max to all those decision cities. Putin asked his Parliment to elevate confidence that RUSSIA IS SECURE AND SAFE AND PROTECTED. That she never seeks war. That she is aboslute in her own defense from threat. He stated he would not longer knock on treaty limitation discussions with America as Russia was done knocking on vault doors sealed shut to her. He ended by saying to congress – YOU ARE FREE TO THINK ANYTHING YOU WISH….BUT CAN YOU COUNT? DO YOU SEE THE WEAPONS THAT CAN FIRST STRIKE NOW DESTROY YOU – you are 20 minutes from making no more decisions – so think anything you want America but can your leaders COUNT? Can they appreciate in 20 minutes America is gone and possibly her ability to strike back.

Can America COUNT?

The parliament in Russia yesterday gave a standing ovation to PUTIN on they CAN THEY COUNT item, for 30 minutes. When it comes to the top dog in the mud puddle that well be America. In 2019. There is ANOTHER BIG DOG out there and this dog has weapons we can’t defend against.

Worse the Russian model is to saturation bomb 200 essential American Cities our largest. To overlap strikes in five mile circles in 360 degrees for 75 miles out. This provides a 1000 mile circle of fused glass in which only insects will inherit that hot zone for 10,000 years. Worse is the fact that saturation bombing like Russia strategy provides assures the planet is inside a planet wide extinction event from that higher radiation blanket that will cover the entire earth including Russia. Russia has underground cities they feel they can rise from and dominate the earth after America is removed.

Now with 20 minute weapons what is stopping them?

Will Russia allow MBS to get a NUKE and use it against their ally Iran …or will they assure Iran can take MBS out? The battles shaping up focus on Iran and Saudi and Pakistan and India – where the larger dogs in the mud puddle can get engaged through their proxies.

The world is in 2019 a far more dangerous place than the world was in 2010.

Of that we are so sure.

Meanwhile the effects of the Fed double whammy – Greed on interest and dumping their crap bonds into the market – have created a manufacturing recession moving into negative numbers in January. While everyone is debating how long this will last, the housing market dipped to its lowest level in three years? Why ? Fed failed policy ripping the bottom out of the ship of recovery. As we reported.

If you want to see how HORRIBLE the FED is in fact, read THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM and you’ll have data that the world can apply to their central banks world wide. It is worth the read to consider our long reported tip – Merge the FED back into US TREASURY.

Stay tuned….we’ll keep you up to speed first. Meanwhile how does Muslim Buddy Pakiston fighting with India in shotting wars right now over Kashmir – when MUSLIM King provides 20 billion of investment into cash starved Pakistan. Then MBS Leaves and moves to rival hindu buddhist rival INDIA and the very next day – no cooling off period – gives his new Buddies in India 100 billion dollars.

Again what does five nukes cost really?

100 million or 500,000,0000 US for Five to put on MBS Iran pointed missiles?

Plus the billions of other investments flowing from the NUKE purchase?

MBS is shopping.

Iran and the world seem to be asleep while King SOCIOPATH is at the two largest NUKE MALLS on earth today.

How do you think Pakistan felt seeing their enemy they are fighting with get 100 billion in cash one day after they only got 20 billion?

Perhaps its just me seeing the truth out there?


PS: Meanwhile Trump is nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize and hangs up the phone to California as in done with them – seeking a billion cash returned for their failed rail road. TIT for TAT only Trumps Tat is one billion and California’s tat is a hissy fit on the phone. We’ll keep a light on for you all.







The politics of bashing Trump get as they say in Alice and Wonderland….stranger and stranger.

Today the investigations in what 7 billion people after billions of BASH TRUMP has been spent like a drain waste down a rat hole, as to the production and wall and infrastructure TRUMP HATE has cost as a failed investment. Trumps base is growing. Trump’s approval ratings in a low last summer are soaring again. Fence sitting Democrats are tipping over to COMMON DAMN SENSE in Congress as are voters as the billions spent to just brand trash and end Trump are failed investments by some pretty smart brains out there.

Worse the FBI manipulation – the 7 billion that just know our Justice today is broken and requires REPAIR – a FIX – and that the crown jewel of Justice Flawed is the political agenda of the FBI, who work at the pleasure of the President of the United States not Congress – and who are pledged loyal to our President once elected and are morally obligated to be loyal and faithful to the President as commander and chief. Period.

However the FBI illegally has operated to GET TRUMP OUT OF OFFICE as a crime. This criminal game planning has been at the TOP of the FBI and includes criminal law makers who indicated they could protect those in the CABAL to GET TRUMP OUT of OFFICE.

Now if you HATE TRUMP or less or if you LOVE TRUMP or less – no PRESIDENT should ever face an FBI working faithfully for the boss – immune in office – to use the unlimited power of the most powerful nations secret police, the FBI to challenge the PRESIDENT with wave after wave of crimes to GET our President duly elected OUT OF OFFICE. That is an FBI that we have to FIX RIGHT NOW.

This has all happened before with Nixon and Clinton.

However this time President Trump a MULTI MULTI MULTI MULTI BILLIONAIRE earning 800 million in ordinarly annual income, when he sits across any table, has real power and attitude. President Trump and his top team of brains across many belief’s – all in support of Trumps agenda – will stop at NOTHING to HOLD the criminals inside the FBI and far more important the law makers and staff involved in the criminal secret game planning to GET TRUMP OUT OF OFFICE. This is NOT THE JOB OF THE FBI.

Trump is going to not fight back. TRUMP’s team is going TO DRAIN THE ENTIRE SWAMP. First Trump is the only President who is relieved if he is not re-elected – as that is such a pay raise for his global agenda. If he stays in office he sacrifices hundreds of millions in lost business options he would complete if he was not engaged in his time sacrifice to in his thinking and best efforts, try and reset American prosperity for generations into the future. Those effected by this real reset on tone – America FIRST not every other nation first – rally to get Trump out of office for their own financial interest not America’s. Keep that principle in perspective. No Office holder represents resetting American economics like President Trump in the past 100 years. He is hated and loved and he is in the largest sea change in modern history which creates predictable expected rip tides. Super Money is lined up on Trumps side. Super Money is lined up against Trump.

Today we learn that many not just Abe in Japan have nominated President Donald Trump for the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE for his work in China and in North Korea and soon Iran. If President Trump is not the top winning NOMINEE President Trump is now formally nominated.


This award places Trump with a small global leadership of influencers for global peace at such a high level.

The award infuriates Nancy Pelosi and her hateful GET TRUMP at all costs and at any means justifies that end. That tribe is soon to be under serious investigations by a NOBEL PEACE NOMINEE.

No one can take that away.

If Trump wins, no Nobel Prize holder will receive more global press and attention than this ONE NOMINEE. Not ever. The impact will effect voters in 2020.

Trashing TRUMP NOBEL NOMINATED FOR THE 2019 PEACE AWARDS billions invested to label tarnish and  impeach the reputation of his wife of his children of his family of his brand of his entire team in out or coming. The world is watching the political theater – AMERICA at its worst. America at its best elects a President and supports that President with RESPECT even in disagrement. To press ridicule the President in a disrespect not permitted in the majority of nations at any level, punishable by death in almost 100 nations our media diminishes AMERICA to the world. How? By failing to respect our system by respecting the President in disagreement. Until we restore that principle America is soap opera – a sit com. America being GREAT should be so much MORE.

America should be always the hope and promise to the world.

Today America is a sit com Saturday night live joke.

Still America works better than anyone suspects why?

BECAUSE real grown ups who think, on all sides of the isles, represent REAL AMERICANS by the millions who work to make AMERICA GREAT every day our mutual lives. In 39 small businesses. In millions working directly and indirectly for the government. An army of GREAT AMERICANS that foundationally MAKE AMERICA GREAT ALWAYS.

The minority – the tiny fraction – that control media with money and ownership and who demonstrate a new temporary never seen in our nation DISRESPECT FOR PUBLIC OFFICE is a trend that will also SWING BACK. It is not forever. New laws may come in to advance privacy and slander protections in media where a free press is responsible for lies frauds and deceit and political spin.

News and media on public airways and outlets to our homes should be NEUTRAL as it once was. And will be again.

It is passing energy. The Shame of influence and election manipulating. Russia has not influenced our elections nor has any nation. What influences our elections is from within and we need to see standards rise the bar shift the elevator of our values return to the PENTHOUSE In the WORLD. We need to example for other nations.

We are NOT doing THAT today however.

I would like to see any political office holder provide information in respect versus disrespect for all parties and offices. The lack of respect speaks oceans about us. TODAY.

I SPEAK all over the United States. This weekend at CITY GALA the Academy AWARD RED CARPET PARTY you can all buy tickets to attend with producers celebrities and billionaires. Google CITY GALA LA and get your ticket and see me live.

I find Americans in every part of the nation by enormous majority show respect the media lacks. I see congress graded at 6% satisfaction with American voters of all sides. I see Media ranked with a 1% approval rating 99% do not approve of media today. Think about THAT. We are one. United. On wanting a better way under the law for free press that does not mean biased press manipulating the public with AI and brain washing. Tens of millions no longer watch television and that number is growing. The ABC CBS AND NBC Monopolies are in the largest multi decade decline of market share since they opened their first tower. Down Down Down by failure to get this principle of Respect …..honor….integrity.

Soon we may see the BASH TRUMP minority – the majority elected President Trump by a large winning vote – will disrespect THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE WINNER we suspect next. Those spending all that money who own the media a small cabal of GET TRUMP super money – will waste more dollars never appreciating or seeing the BACK LASH they themselves are generating. I think if they continue they assure Trump’s re-election as a political trend reporter. We will see if this blog is right.

Half my readers by 100,000’s are in other nations than the USA. The same holds true globally. Trump is resetting America. As the largest customer and buyer on earth for everything else – and the final word on peace in fact – interests that incorrectly feel their profits are lower due to TRUMP POLICY will join the GET TRUMP AT ANY COST game players. Those who see they will do well and best supporting TRUMP join the TRUMP TRAIN for the ride.

IT is a long way forward.

My report longs for a KINDER more integrity driven AMERICA where the crises in the world is not leadership – it is and remains integrity. If we all respect one another and deal with one another with ever restore integrity the WORLD IS GREAT.

I think the WORLD and its people ARE GREAT and we are moving forward into a new age of global cooperation versus global competition.

This becomes the HOPE AND PROMISE for all unborn generations. In my opinion.

Mr. President Congrautlations on yoru well deserved nomination for work no one sees or truly understands that all Presidents alone know so well.