Lets GPS the landscape. The one economy in the world with a direct over 3 trillion dollar annual economic model with trillions more in total annual buying power is MOUNT EVEREST – fiscallying towering over all others by many many times economic capacity. Tied for second place as China sinks today in 2019 are Foot Hills 8000 miles away from Mount Everest and unable to from their peaks see even base camp on the real mountain. These puny economies by comparison include ties for total economic standing as financial foot hills to include in order and the tie is close to each:

  1. China and the EU
  2. India soon to pass China
  3. Russia
  4. Indonesia fourth or fifth depending on the day largest economic foot hill under Russia

Now lets look at pre trade war. For ten years China growth has been declining. Draw a 10 year white board graph and show a red down ward flowing graph line that goes off the white board and travels to the floor. Got that in your mind?

Economically that is CHINA before the trade war China stated and Trump’s team who was not kidding around – as our blog noting TRADE RED INK TO THE USA IS A NATIONAL SECURITY FIRST PRIORITY OR WE EVENTUALLY GO BANKRUPT. The world is learning a TRUMP RED LINE ….love him or hate him….is solid as a steal wall…and predictable. China miscalculated suspecting another OBAMA red line was coming and then another red line and then another red line. Trump is BUSINESS NO LONGER AS USUAL.

Trump also ( if you read his books which I have ) suggests:

….my best more fair offer is always my first offer….in the deal….if you reject that offer…then fine…we move forward and every other offer always improves things on my side from the first offer you rejected…..and I hold a full house of cards in creating deal outcome and you hold two two’s in your hand….and finally I call….show me your cards…..Donald Trump birth to today

So Trump put forth trade deal after trade deal and noted is DEAL OR NO DEAL final time line – and stuck to that. Trade war became economic storm waves crashing an already slow downward SPIRAL of over TEN YEARS in Chinese economics to a SUPER CRASH in SLOW MOTION taking place in this moment of our lives.

The IMF and World Bank noted that China – operating a total national budget that like Russia is about the size of the budget for say the State of California for China and New York for Russia and they are close. These large nations execute budgets the size of one USA state.

Do not consider the contest here is among equals. The USA buys many many times more than it sells into China. In a negotiation with the LARGEST CUSTOMER IN THE WORLD BY FAR – THE ENGINE OF ECONOMIC ACTIVITY FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD….it is not a discussion among equals. The core damage for decades to China failing to end this trade war at micro wave time lines – is catastrophic. The compounding economic spiral is taking place today. Lets look at the pressures but first lets look at panic.


….chinese central planners following IMF warnings to curtail their 300% annual debt borrowing to run their state level economics – in the red – for noting ten years of doing so was UNSUSTAINABLE COMMUNIST ECONOMICS so says the IMF and World banks. Last year following over a dozen dire warnings to China by the IMF and our own Fed – China relaxed versus tightened – lending reserves for its banks – encouraging massive more lending to stabilize an economy becoming unstable in 2018 as trade wars created an on going run of trillions of dollars out of the cement truck debt saddle now on China’s economic. Five times in 2018 the Communist lowered the cash their banks – already booking sums as bad debts as good assets – by ratios not allowed in other nations – and now in FULL ON PANIC the Chinese planners massively opened flood gates of new debts and lowered for the 6th time in 12 months the reserves for banks we believe are technically BANKRUPT nation wide IF those banks had to recognize non performing loans as bad paper and write them off….there are no reserves to manage this today. China consumers and savers lack economic education to appreciate their own danger or they would RUN their cash out of their banks before the other chap loeses all their money because the bank % of cash is too illiquid and shallow to manage TWO HOURS of a bank run in China…that is PANIC IN CHINA today…..you may have missed it but central bankers the World bank and IMF did not miss this 6th reduction of the reserves a healthy bank must keep in cash reserves for real rainy days and China is having a CYCLONE of economic bad news in 2019….the one and only solution to this pain is a COOPERATIVE TRADE DEAL that Trump will ink…...and Trump is no longer messing around as the absolute WINNER of the trade war with China….a lesson the EU starting with Germany built by USA compassion after World War II – and Japan both of whom are dragging their feet in the mud puddle tug of war…which like China will not end well for the FOOTHILLS in dealing with Mount Everest…the asset they all miss is the prosperity of the deal and its stability outcomes ….


  2. Crash of China equity markets creating margin call spirals the can work to preclude recovery from the spiral
  3. Crash of China bond markets as record borrowing flips are rising in cost and interest to crash bond levels
  4. Runs out of China by capital as a trillion dollars of investment into the future are canceled or on hold
  5. Runs out  of China as a trillion dollars of hard money has already AI fled the nation in 2018 on going 2019
  6. Never seen before runs of manufacturing out of China to easier faster IP protecting nations nearby
  7. American changes in consumer trust moving out of MADE IN CHINA by numbers that are soaring
  8. Changes in Chinese consumers to not buy American staling investment job growth and stability foundations
  9. Global changes in trade that when taken as as whole create massive near term Chinese contractions seen now
  10. Communist Central Planner blind spot to an entirely new AI economy applying 40 year old rules that won’t work

China’s way forward and way out and way back up include:

  1. A comprehensive trade deal as an example of a COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM template for the entire world
  2. Reset to their sovereign debt current accounts with one 100 YEAR SUPER BOND via Roel Campos expert
  3. Fold new infrastructure into the one resetting SUPER BOND brought in tranches to markets globally
  4. Open new entrepreneur laws to click incorporate in nation and click permit removing all barriers to unicorns
  5. Allow Chinese Currency to be transparent – real time market based – with appropriate coordinated support to GNP

My father helped Mao and successors to modernize Chinese manufacturing TQM processes in the 1950’s forward in time and our family has a enormous emotional respect to honor and assists the Chinese prosperity to rise for centuries into the future. The RISK to system melt down and a SUPER DEBT BUBBLE CRASH is gynormous to policy errors by Chinese central planners.

As all this is flowing as part of an unfolding, real time, AI brand spanking new economic model no human has ever seen before – capacity for error using old economy tools in economics morphed by AI – can be fatal to error. Our fear is the planners educated in the old economy may fail to appreciate the new box top rules need to be developed by partnerships with the named names set forth above… first and the world next. Within a NO NATION LEFT BEHIND outcome to a new COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM – something new something better that with the correct information – we humans can improve and do better.

China is beginning to crash.

China may SUPER CRASH.

The outcome of a trade deal template for the world is prosperity forward in time for us all.

This weekend the Chinese issued the 6th bank accomodation to lower the cash they hold to massively lend hundreds of billions early in 2019. Why? Chinese economics are now rapidly deteriorating into full on instability overwhelming planners with the speed of the downward system wide DOWN BUBBLE the failure to deal with Trump to find a solution without trade war – not creates – as MOUNT EVEREST ECONOMICS is crushing to the foot hills in economic war with the mountain. It IS that simple and Trumps team knew all this on the SUMMIT of Mount Everest – AMERICA !

China is rapidly . approaching system wide instability. The worst outcome for the Chinese people. This condition occurs in economics whenever politics run economics versus economics running economics. 100% of all economic abuse in all systems world wide must eventually come back into balance or rebalance. That can be catastrophic in fact.


PS: President XI should call me for options…smile…don’t hold your breadth – but keep in mind this blog’s accuracy over decades of time…if your keeping score….and always you know FIRST on what IS really going on…out THERE !



So the markets in October 2018 caught the Flu. The Flu virus was contracted as China and Russia digitally attacked our markets and made a trillion dollars at peak of the market – manipulating share prices to influ – ence the November American congressional election. The goal was to pour salt on Trumps tail feathers with Congress weakening Trump’s powers to negotiate final form new world order trade agreements which depreciated subsidy trade for sovereign nations at great advantage to the trade nations the USA deals with. If you read THE SECRET WEAPON by Kevin Freeman you KNOW the data that 2007 was a digital asymmetrical digital world war III first of its kind AI attack on the Western core economic order. This was so successful it almost sank all Western economies as when institutions closed in the GREAT DEPRESSION.

The world is engaged in a real economic world war III. If this full on economic combat – tips back to the USA which is in fact happening now – a shooting war may be yet avoided. All wars begin economically.

Since 2007 ever smarter AI digital weapons have been used in the EU and in the USA to:

  1. Hack every Government agency. All of them. We have been losing all first battles in the new digital warfare landscape as our first decade of economic pearl harbor – 2007.
  2. Hack every major industry and steal all IP and technology – no exceptions 100% success in the industry hacks.
  3. Transfer maximum wealth by trade imbalances accelerating digitally to bankrupt the USA slow enough the tipping point is reached economically as outcome to asymmetrical warfare. Documented in GAME PLAN by Kevin Freeman – get your own game plan as the book suggests from DOD contractor – our nation has none yet.
  4. Manipulate prices globally for wealth transfer to attacking nations using AI and digital warfare tool kits.
  5. Plant weaponized trojans into power – water – economic systems date bases – when triggered turn of the power and lights destroy all data bases and reset and turn on does not work because the USA lacks MARS a strategy beyond MADD – or Mutually Assured Destruction – now obsolete to ten minute soviet super sonic weapons of mass destruction – where Madd in 2019 only works with MARS – mutually assured reconstruction – a low cost national strategy to reset all communication transportation water and power in 90 days nation wide – why attack if you reconstruct ? No gain to the pain. Plus you get destroyed and can not reconstruct.

So the market Caught the FLU in October. Our NSA and DOD coordinated with TARA FUL meds. Attaching the attackers as the AI wars are REAL occurring outside the political news domination which is a villify and get Trump’s team out at any cost to preserve the deep state legal theft of national resources – where change is not seen yet – as improvement.


Putin stated when releasing his FIRST STRIKE strategy by passing all USA defenses – that – the nation that controls AI will control ( politically and economically ) the WORLD ORDER in the future. There is no pathology the USA or the EU will win the AI wars today as all our AI code has been hacked and our enemies are starting from our most advanced work with our own education of these AI leaders from MIT and Harvard now in war against us. Read to discover yourself the truth – two books THE SECRET WEAPON AND GAME PLAN and you yourself are so ahead for your own circles. I work with Kevin Freeman weekly in tracking the wars. A new Kevin Freeman television show is coming and millions will get the SECRET AI WARS taking place. Hold Faith the USA is on top top of this ( finally ) and working to step ahead and stay ahead – where SPACE FORCE is one example of that wake up into the AI future.

So markets have unnatural influences ( the FLU of foreign state manipulations ) to which TARA FLU includes – consistent strength in USA economics – with huge tara flu meds rolling back the high fever and chill shakes in the night to our markets – with employment numbers that stunned the market.



AI at war with other AI in 10,000 super money pools moving hundreds of billions faster than you or I could even click today has already priced in the down turn in China and Iphone sales in 2018. You saw that. Now a 10% one day drop is AI taking profits before other AI – the best AI makes MOST – in full on AI wars between the money pools – also taking place in a New Economy the world has never known nor has theory to manage into 2019. The SUPER CHANCE of AI wealth consolidations and market price manipulations into trading ranges also reacts with profit maximization and risk protection as NEVER EVER BEFORE instantly to sound bytes – one to the other AI to AI in markets. So the 10% drop in Apple was factored in and the 10% drop is a new market condition of SUPER VOLATILITY – itself a feature of AI over reaction. Programers are working at fever paces to moderate the OVER REACTION of the new AI ECONOMICS which remains very much in a toddler state to AI market outcomes. Unintended consequences are a feature of all human activity of test – see outcome – retest – reset algorithms – and retest in never ending AI evolutions a new species of digital rising to its own self awareness which is what Putin discussed and is not here yet. But we are getting closer. Prediction based on old economy modeling when the old economy died a non digital death in 2013 as the new AI digital economy dominated the world market space. All new and never known before realities reported first here and consistently to the world only here. Although many economists are waking up and Nobel Prizes will occur when Schuller and the Tribe publish NEW ECONOMY THEORY for the Digital AI Super Change Economics unfolding as you read. Every day is new. Entirely AI new.

We believe Apple earnings will be solid enough to sustain multiples and adjustment to price levels will solidly come in with year end overall performances. China is a risk. Chinese without an agreement soon risk the following:

  1. American made products will be shunned by Chinese consumers.
  2. China without a fast trade deal may crash as we reported to you – crashing all consumer buying across all boards.
  3. America hurt by Chinese lack of reciprocity at consumer levels may forever shun buying CHINESE anything taking the RUN OUT OF CHINA by capital and corporations to a STAMPEDE in which China has no recovery for decades…as consumers are the real dog and the national trade deals are the tail. If the tail doesn’t resolve the consumer shift may bury multi national buying in new consumer patterns for decades. That risk is new. Real. Unfolding now.

Trust is forged from integrity.

The crises i not in leadership it is in integrity.

Apple Bet on China for a century. Will that prove a bad bet and Apple has to regroup – which if the landscape is not restored by a multi national deal – impacting 1000 Apples from Ford to Pharms – to Agriculture – Apple will in fact redirect which with the 1000 others will create CONSUMER BACK LASH. Make no mistake China can not fail to super crash if the largest buyer on earth leaves their market due to consumer resentments rising up right now. How many Americans looked at Labels and chose not to buy “made in China”? Millions ? And that is just starting. The Risk is restoring trust between consumer nations to foster trade where NO NATION IS LEFT BEHIND.

A new world order that is sustainable is coming. Nations in trade deals must pledge both sides:

  1. To stop AI digital war fare
  2. To trust and cooperate
  3. To celebrate and no longer punish each other’s differences as a cultural human tapestry no longer in competition
  4. To protect one another AI in rule of law applied globally
  5. To foster NO NATION left behind trade modeling for inclusion of world prosperity and solution resolutions together

This new world is rising out of the DIGITAL AI ECONOMIC WARS taking place now as the USA steps in front and is demonstrating new AI warfare abilities to rapidly off set AI incoming – and instantly cost the attacker fortunes in their own markets. China bond and stock markets are one example but it extends from Russia to North Korea – President Trump has hit the AI dealer and is rewarded with a FULL HOUSE OF CARDS ( no pun intended to the popular tv show ) in which the enemy is “informed” by increasing cost to their economics – MAKE A DEAL THE COST OF YOUR AI WILL UTTERLY DESTROY YOU.

Today a tripping point has been reached in 2019.




You all get this first if you just scroll – the data can not be off set. The truth can not be under minded forever by lies.

So today in what as Flu risk to economics do we now default into:

  1. The most divided bitter hatreds in politics of all time in America never yet seen or matched.
  2. Warfare between reform leadership and those resisting reforms – the deep state status quo
  3. Redistribution of economic wealth to stabilize circulation dynamics – as 1% owning more wealth than 99% is failed economics and ultimately requires rebalancing from abuse.
  4. Political all out warfare to totally destroy the Trump Team as villians criminals and as reformers take them out.
  5. Grid lock and endless rain on Trump crimes and villifications that dominate news to 2020 all timed to dethrone Trump in the 2020 election. No one knows as Trump fights back like no other has ever – how the political wars will come out in the end.

American economic stability, peace,  and prosperity for the entire world would benefit from the outcome now flue effected and impossible it would seem of a more business like cooperative collaborative congress discovering ways to resolve all conflict for the best interest of the nation versus the disrespect and bad faith negotiations taking place today. America failing to understand its own economic self interest voted for 20 years a dysfunctional congress now institutionally entrenched.

America GETS ( economically ) what it voted for.

Bought and paid for news via the top 100 super money pools now manipulates public opinion as a science. No laws exist to stop it or improve it all. Americans must become discerning past the limitations the majority of American’s receive. Americans reside in fifty miles around a Mac Donald with a mind set of SUPER SIZE THE FRIES AND A BIG SHAKE TOO. A bedouin in my experience in the desert on a caravan ( yes I’ve been honored to be a student on those rides into the night ) herding sheep into the twilight in the Desert at age 19 knows more about world politics – knows Pakistan is as large as the USA and is not Rhode Island and has 300 million in population as a nuke power – and that it touches which nations – to which American 19 year old’s can’t find the nation on a map laid out in front of them. The voter of tomorrow insures democracy with economic and educational literacy . When I grew up I studied required civics into college. My children never learned what it means to BE AMERICA what rule of law means one to the other and lack social norms our culture once handed one to the other.

The largest risk to America is the emergency need for educational reform without which our way of life and leadership is at peril into the future long term. Every other nation knows this so well. We protect “that is the way we have always done it” as 50% of our largest high schools fail to graduate at all. Against standards totally behind and anemic to every other nations system but our own. Today we all participate in a great party engineered and paid for by the GREATEST GENERATION who failed to pass on their culture and values of what it MEANS in fact to BE American. Until we massively upgrade AI education into the future we are in slow train of America derailing but no one on the train in the party feels the cars are shaking off the tracks. As a nation the majority is too under educatred to see it. One Kennedy one Reagan one inspired leader can change all that…but today we have the cards being played.

The truth in politics as we advocate in our own small way in the beltway for 30 years for small business friendly legislation. The majority of law makers are legally trained and political science trained. They rely today on obsolete economic advisers totally out of touch with a New Economy created by AI in 2013. They rely on the bad input because they lack economic education as do their staff and they trust the flawed information they are now receiving. The Truth. The majority including Trump and his team are like Obama and Bush and Clinton good men and woman doing the very best they know how. They are not criminals. They are not crooks. They are not bad people. They all could be better prepared and trained and educated but they are not. They are all doing the very best they know how….and in my opinion working with them…we need to all in America respect them ( and globally respect the sacrifice and work hours of public service ) ….and renew our own franchise. Governments are also evolving in real time Ai information world. Nations are coming due to AI and digital implosion of information – more together – and the revolution slow as we go but sure is the COOPERATION REVOLUTION – CEO SPACE defined decades ago as the trend line – now effecting business culture world wide is unstoppable. The largest corporate culture redirection in history is uncorking raw human potential moving failed competitive system modeling into cooperative system reform in the work spaces. That revolution of thinking is now effecting nations. Personally I am consulting increasingly to larger institutions on cooperative culture change, speaking on SUPER CHANGE MANAGEMENT LEADERSHIP AND TO NATIONS ON SYSTEMIC RAPID DEVELOPMENT OF DEBT RESETS AND ENTREPRENEUR DEVELOPMENT……with 2019 pride. The Cooperation revolution for a home or work space or nation is blue print outlined in my work REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION a forward read of tools and tactics for leadership. The economic flu killer.

The employment numbers released on the first weekend of 2019 moved the New Year markets ( as we suggested ) almost 1000 points again of wealth restoration in only one single day. AI Super Volatility is the new normal.

The Flu is market stability. The longest boom in recorded history may be on going with Congressional Infrastructure Pelosi knows is vital and is her PRIORITY LEGISLATION. Infrastructure restores America stability economically beyond 2030. The global AI markets may soar to unseen wealth high following this passage. No one can predict the time line against political issues for the 2020 election all of which are FLU RISK to economic prosperity of the world and of America. As you all will soon see that rip tide tension moving forward. We predicted the following for business leadership:

  1. A Super Volatility AI market space unseen in history until now in a new economy.
  2. A stability core systemic risk due to Fed policy error we call FEDCESSION 2019. As potential in the new economy and why.
  3. A strong core economy in the USA that with trade deals can advance your business success for years. Invest in growth.
  4. Accelerate early in the final years of the expansion building momentum for the next contraction period.
  5. Invest in diversified insurance investing and step out of the AI market allowing the superior AI money management for you.


The EMPLOYMENT NUMBERS IN DECEMBER and THE FINAL 2018 EARNINGS COMING UP NEXT will be TARA FLU for the Flu that defines a SICK MARKET temporarily until the political policies of trade deals immigration and infrastructure become known. Stability is enhanced as the outcomes are positive for NO NATION LEFT BEHIND first as example with China and USA and then with North Korea and Russia – and with EU trade deals as TARA FLU inoculations to the current flu outbreak to the 2019 markets attempting to recover from an October illness contracted and passing through the world system today. SICK MARKETS CAN RECOVER with forward global economic cooperation versus competitions. WIN WIN no win losers by policy.

The Fed is a wild card we well reported. The Fed we believe need to pause and develop new BOX RULES for tools and tactics in a global NEW AI DIGITAL INTERLINKED ECONOMY the world has never know before – with a priority focus not on price or inflation but on stability and then price and inflation. The NEW ECONOMY remains in DEFLATION and a TIME ASSET of normalizing the markets over TEN YEARS as policy from the FED would restore growth stability and permit a policy that lowers risk to system failure and insures prosperity globally still with collective inflation controls. Inserting 40 year old tools and tactics from an old paper trading economy now dead and buried into an entirely new economic landscape of AI DIGITAL INTER LINKED GLOBAL ECONOMICS requires new THINKING at the FED missing today in policy execution. Errors can restore the flue to ebola to the system in 72 hours. The risk of system liquidity and circulation the L&C the FED fails to focus on as the new JOB # 1 in the NEW ECONOMY. The Fed reads this blog so we’ll see if they learn earn and return. I wish them the best within my frame work new rules to restore INTEGRITY into a criminal banking system where the largest crooks pleading guilty over and over again to crimes against nation and humanity are the largest banks and their central bankers collectively unpunished as they continue pathologies you and I would be put in prison for. Again the nation is sufficiently under educated to resolve the upgrade to RULES and legislative reform of the economics into a new forward SUPER CHANGING ECONOMY EVOLUTION unlike anything in human history world wide effecting all nations.

For economists I suggest Naomi Klein’s great work SHOCK DOCTRINE as to the WHY old policy errors should not be continued now into the new economy Naomi herself failed to see was uplifting her work in a giant wave of pure confirmation how ahead of the economics Naimo has been and remains.

So the FLU was moderated this weekend by the TARA FLU of employment numbers which restored the APPLE ROT taking AI hold of the market earlier this week. We’ll see if Tim Cooks final earnings surprise on a bit of upside and if planned become yet another TARA FLU for the market. GM did well in China while Ford failing to invest in AI innovations following old economics the Ford family fail to appreciate is now upon them – fell behind in China ( again ). The new economy is simply unforgiving for error in policy.

Finally the FLU includes SUPER DEBT BUBBLES ( CEO SPACE is working to reset for nations in new 100 year innovations to a new class of sovereign nation bonds we invented called SUPER BONDS that reset debts to 100 year time frames with Hughs and Hubbard leading sovereign bond institutional law firm – with Roel Campos former SEC COMMISSION leading this exclusive IP for nations to reset debt and infrastructure against ).  Global nation SUPER DEBT BUBBLES are flue to the system that is fatal with FedCESSION policy errors continuing. A stability killer to the core system. The old saying TIME HEALS ALL WOUNDS as abuse of economics must always rebalance. In the SUPER CHANGE AI ECONOMIC resetting sovereign nation capital accounts by inserting the missing new economy CORE ASSET OF “TIME” ITSELF becomes new theory to new economics – that resolves the stability risk to nations of SUPER DEBT BUBBLE MANAGEMENT. Without the TIME REFRAME the risk remains core system failure is possible from the new event we call THE EVENT or SUPER DEBT DEFAULT CASCADE…CASCADE IS A GAME CHANGER ebola to the new economy . System failure is the only risk policy makers should plan to preclude as priority moving forward in TIME.

Great detail on data and tools and tactics was presented to policy makers world wide in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION publication. Today at Amazon with 5 Star Ranking the Book is always SOLD OUT but they fill it typically in 72 hours order your copy and gain the information for your own stability.

The patient fever and chills are lower moving into the first weekend of 2019. Now we’ll see as politics take over from economics. One law makers is always presenting President Trump impeachment process to the new congress ( 100% no chance of every succeeding outside political theater ). As rain like a Florida ( my home state ) down pour of investigations and labeling of Trump and his team unfold politically the stability system wide in a SUPER DEBT BUBBLE new economy is dangerous in the extreme to a market already flu infect – the bull market is not over its just sick today. You know why now. The WILD CARD remains a predictable political wild wild ride – with unknown consequence to policy error in a new economy. Law makers with best intentions to their base and views fails to see the core system risk from their under education on the economics and with terrible old economy advisers giving them obsolete and out of reality based advice. Mechanics ( economist ) expert in internal combustion model T automotive motors are impotent when that tribe to a dead and buried economy provide advice on how to manage the STAR SHIP ENTERPRISE NEW AI DIGITAL ECONOMY…which is what is taking place in all nation capitols today. Why? The SUPER CHANGE of economics occurred with evolving AI and the consolidation of wealth from 1.5 million super money pools to less than 10,000 occured in our new age the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE. Today the changes are too fast – to adapt to and economists have lost relevance. The Super Change occurred to fast for human adaptation.

The new age of SuPER CHANGE requires new brain software. Old brain software resists change within frame works of THAT IS THE WAY WE HAVE ALWAYS DONE IT. Old brains work collectively to protect the old models failing to see change as core improvement. We upgrade our software at every device we own with pride and satisfaction. Yet the software in the super computer above our neck has not been educated to adapt to super change.

Global Education turns out entrenched old software brain education. In the New Age of SUPER CHANGE education must download software to create adapting brains – brains with new education software to much faster than any brain in human history become relevant to SUPER CHANGE with core software in thinking process and decision process that:


The leading C Suites world wide are seeking these brains arising in spite of education today as the leadership fo tomorrow in the rapidly evolving age of Super Change. We thought things were going to slow down but they are NOT slowing down they are accelerating vastly and the pace of change itself is accelerating. What we need to DO is calm down and become far more objective to our own thinking and mental software to adapt as a new model of thinking itself. Memory bot education needs to be retired. Why? Because that is the WHY GOD created SEARCH. Today we require SUPER CHANGE ADAPTING THOUGHT in leadership at all levels of human competency.

I disagree with President Putin. I believe it is not the nation that leads in AI that will dominate the earth I believe it is the leadership in SUPER CHANGE EDUCATION that will lead the future of the entire world we share together and can’t get off of.

Happy first weekend of 2019 and I hope the information presented helps you accelerate growth and success in the NEW YEAR.





The Saudi Government is hosting an MBS PR Trial as far from transparent and as opaque as MBS is himself. This days following a UNANIMOUS VOTE OF THE UNITED STATES CONGRESS INDICTING MBS FOR MURDER.

Saudi has refused to return the 18 folks who actually did the CRIME to Turkey.

On New Years Day ENDGAME the MBS coup survivor where MBS tried to slaughter ENDGAME and his wife and his family – released film of Saudi ASSAIN TEAMS taking suit cases of KHASHOGGI body parts from the Embassy. The crime violated rule of law in Turkey but MBS having funded a COUP in Turkey to further oppose Iran IF MBS wss successful but as with MBS War policy – oil policy – political policy – economic policies 100% have failed for the PUPPY KING.

This failure has resulted in unmatched Gulf instability as factions now align with each other against Saudi. Iran is watching all this with winner opportunity against MBS their primary rival in the GULF community. We suspect IRAN will soon quit OPEC a nail in the MBS coffin.

The MBS show trial seeks to PR manage the final fraud that MBS did not control his own security machine as a roque operation to convince Khashoggi to return home. Khashoggi a Washington POST Journalist seeking only to get his official wedding documentation where he felt safe in his own embassy in TURKEY – discovered the 18 person MBS personal assassin professional at the top a Mitch Rapp level HIT TEAM in Turkey was under no wiggle room orders from MBS. The same MBS who said on national media – hey Khashoggi left the building and duh uh duh really who knows where the boy has gone. The boy MBS hated for writing the truth about the mentally ill sociopathic leader.

The senator who led the unanimous vote cleared the fog completely when he reported to world press following lie after lie – after which ENDGAME released another video another audio another proof right to the latest and rest assured ENDGAME is not done to the MBS COUP founder and planner to his own death not by far…as the senator reported:


After 45 years of doing business and being a master student humbling instructed by Gulf Leaders including prior Kings in Saudi it is my opinion – as this Blog reports – that the Saud family will truncate the cost of the Puppy King with a new King. Saudi isolation economically is only starting.

Today a world crash in China a complete reverse into SLOW down in the EU and now in the USA from Apple to US manufacturing numbers in December – income or oil – is crashing in demand. Oil price can not stay up at only 1 million barrel reductions which no one starting with Qatar now leaving OPEC and Russia not about to lose more market share to the madness of MBS, against ever falling 2019 demand for oil as economics SLOW WAY DOWN – the optics of the economics suggest the fraud of MBS must be addressed once finally and for all. Think about that bone saw item.

Today the USA warned travelers on any forward 2019 China Travel. This warning moves US tourism and business travel to a fraction just as China economics markets stocks bonds and manufacturing from auto’s to nuts all CRASH. Consumers in China are in panic. Auto sales fell for the first time in a decade – expected growth stopped dead. Now billions upon billions in 2019 travel to China is in free fall crashing economics even further. Consumers in China are approaching panic and those applauding the theft of US technology to land on the moon must ask – how can we pay for the moon when we can’t pay for food?

Trump will without a trade deal raise tariff to China by triple and the effect will be overwhelming in China. A trade deal with the US is the only way forward and the time to make that trade deal before a SUPER CRASH in China may be passing us buy – while the MBS team host a sham trail with the leadership for MBS not even being tried at all.

MBS is a dead man walking today.

Time will prove this Blog was prophetic…why?

The Truth is why…in one sentence the world must never forget ….as the billions in PR are additional wealth burned to a crisp by the PUPPY KING in 2019:


Putin understands clear english words folks and OPEC is also a dead criminal cartel made impotent by USA OIL today.




Today there is no SPECIAL PROSECUTOR investigating the fraud lies and theft of American wealth and political tampering – timing interest and related policy – to assure no one drains their private swamp. As the parting of the Red Sea took place – those on the Trump team who understand that under all political manipulations of the public is the core economics. One side of the Red Sea wishes for economic revolution of the old rule book of insider elite’s now seeing 1% own more wealth than 99%. On the other side is more super money wealth than the world has ever known. The other side – the swamp of insider rule making and theft of national wealth – or consolidation of wealth versus re-distribution of wealth – is the swamp deep state. The economic war is fully engaged and no one can say how this war will close. Could the elites take Trump out all together and will they if SUPER CHANGE over takes their powers into re-distribution of their wealth franchise? The battles are on many fronts. All economic. As the swamp controls the powers of state ahd 90% of media the battle for the hearts and minds is long and brutal in America. How did you see it inside or outside America as anything but an economic full on war ? The ability to see through the media manipulations is up to you. As the war goes on the army is the Fed Estate to wealth itself. The Fed is creating a world recession to protect the financial powers of the deep state – wallstreet and its financial institutions all shareholders of the Fed as a private non government corporation with 80 page powers of congress that entitled the Fed and its shareholders to control the money supply of the nation. This evil act of economics has consolidated versus redistributed wealth into institutions that rose since 1900 to develop the largest American customer – the largest buyer – the largest employer and by far the most powerful central government experienced in human history since ROME Itself globally. The precise opposite of what the founding fathers wanted in a first legal constitution designed to hold government fully accountable to one and to all citizens who are sovereign with rights that are protected….until they are not. Checks and balances except upon the Fed as a violation of constitution which stipulated:

  1. Only the US Treasury could print money for legal US currency and only then within rule sets.
  2. Citizen property could not be seized ( by nation or state ) – all gone today
  3. Government could not enter private property which was protected – gone today.
  4. Indictment by grand jury has been weighted so individual rights once protected are now gone entirely
  5. Central government enjoys a 99% conviction rate on a justice system entirely political now such that any citizen indicted inside a rigged system in which media has no check balance or privacy accountability to law assures you are GUILTY period unless you have wealth for a 1% acuittable if by fluke you win against your own central government. A lotto winner in bought and paid for justice today..Today we all lose unless we re-install the US constitution with reforms the swamp wishes no change upon.

Unless we all see economics under the manipulations – triggering emotion versus thinking – it all through – we assure the unborn generation remains in a nation of lies and deceit today. The Deep State as we predicted rising up with its entire powers wealth and class warfare – facing reforms for the 99% working to manipulate hearts and minds to the good of the swamp protecting the 1% will work to finally indict a sitting President for tampering with the swamp having warned his team and warned his team.

Still hidden in the swamp news today is one DIAMOND…for its own wealth estate – is the promise to pass infrastructure where each tax dollars creates 100 dollars in return to the swamp itself…this will raise America out of FEDCESSION.

So today the Swamp plan is:

  1. Throw sand in the giants eyes…the voter to assure in 2020 Trump’s swamp draining team is defeated soundly ( no sure thing today at all ) as a message is sent to reformers join the swamp or we quick sand you into your own oblivion.
  2. Destroy world prosperity sinking the entire world into a short panic and economic down bubble. Scare the shit out of voters.
  3. Victory in the 2020 election proving the point – the swamp rules beyond challenge of a revolution.
  4. Pass infrastructure.
  5. In 2020 infrastructure investing and spending is a tide that lifts the winner in 2020 into prosperity into 2030 and beyond as our blog reported as economics.

So read the manipulation or news with economic and swamp political eyes in economic game on warfare for real. And ask only one question…as you think versus react emotionally as the triggers seek to influence your view as the Trump team is villified in the war with all the swamp power and wealth to go where Putin never dared to tread – only one question….


……are you more or less afraid of your own government ( for the swamp is global and the swamp is one ) …today then you were some short years ago….your true answer should define your future vote…..swamp or no swamp…economic not political…..constitution and wealth re-distribution – or entrenched wealth elite consolidation to the future…..

The swamp leads to global lack of circulations and a new global depression and war as track record you can rely upon in economics – reforms lead to re-distribution of wealth and global prosperity with new cooperations in which no nation is left behind.

The Fed has created a political manipulation into recession to keep itself from merger back into US Treasury at all and every possible cost. That is the war taking place in the swamp.



Tim Cook following a pathology of buggy software and hardware has trashed Steve Jobs brand. Tim Cook as a final error released the highest priced IPHONE line into the FEDCESSION of politically motivated prosperity slaughter by assuring liquidity would collapse creating global slow down at SUPER CHANGE SPEEDS inside a new economy the FED itself misjudged and is not aware even exists. Tim final error – raising prices in a global slow down trashed APPLE STOCK more than any time in six years following Jobs death. If any CEO but Tim at Apple had lowered the price by 1% the outcome would not be the worst Jan price drop in six years. Apple share holders like me might consider Tim the ultimate stock buy back guy – sunk the stock – will now buy back at manipulated prices ( which is criminal ) enormous stock wealth – when first quarter earnings demonstrate resilience for Apple stock value – shrinking supply of shares – lowering price perception of value to create 2019 upgrade incentives – to soar apple shares to restore value and confidence. Tim failing on this will be removed as the source of Apple Rot by the Board of Directors now under legal law suit exposure. The entire market is following Apple Rot.



The Fed has a political agenda. Set forth here. The Fed is anti American. The Fed has raised interest in a new Super Change AI economy that no longer responds as the Fed predicts. Stability is the required policy the FED has no clue about fostering at all. The Fed puts forth 40 year old inflation policies in a 2019 deflation global new never seen before AI driven economy. The SUPER CHANGE as too fast for Fed historic policy makers to even understand in the first place. Introducing 40 year old economic policy into AI new economics in 2019 is dangerous for global systemic stability. The Fed has no clue until it becomes economic acid in their face as the blame game shifting begins. Already has. The global new economy is entrenched in sustained deflation 100 Trillion infused money printing world wide has failed to stop or restore inflation. FED POLICY IS HORRIFIC UPON the new economic stability into the core system. Congress passing infrastructure may band aid the immediate effects of the FED ECONOMIC SYSTEMIC WOUNDING. ONLY MERGING THE FED BACK INTO TREASURY will allow the global hemorrhage to economic systemic stability to self heal. All other Fed roads lead to systemic failure depression and war – the swamp makes fortunes in wars and rebuilding after wars. Human life matters not all to the swamp wealth elite thinker deluded on core values for humanity as potential.

Let’s look at FEDCESSION and Trade wars. In an AMERICAN TRADE war to stop insane wealth transfer by the USA, o stop red ink for AMERICA – A PATRIOTIC FED would accommodate the economic war of its host nation by going slow during the reset to world trade on:

  1. Reducing dollars in circulation – sharply turning liquidity inside out in 2018
  2. Go slow on normalization policy over ten years not ten months
  3. Give time to reform trade rules for the good of the system taken as a whole
  4. Avoid 40 year old policy error in a rapidly new economy that is AI driven for the first time
  5. Learn the new economics before you create policy failure that risks core system stability globally.

The Fed has now done what in 2019 numbers pure economics:

  1. China awash in the largest SUPER DEBT BUBBLE ever known in human history – hard crashing.
  2. China is contracting at pace levels risking global debt cascading defaulting and system core stability.
  3. Ripples from the run on China and panic inside China at consumer buying levels is creating world slow down.

The slow down pace is stunning world markets as in the new AI SUPER CHANGE ECONOMY markets are punished for error at levels of capital flow dynamics that are entirely new and which fit no known theories or models. Today no one can predict the future. The market is out of control or regulatory influence.

THE FED has totally lost all control in policy errors it created.

Moving forward we see:

  1. Lack of prediction and control for outcomes
  2. Potentials for immediate panic and yes bank runs – those who delay pay
  3. A future of surprise and instability – consequence to fed policy errors in core economics

The cause of China’s hard landing in a SUPER CRASH your seeing in not so slow motion all compounding leads to massive debt defaulting. Yes China is applauded for its space event today and its investments in the technology it stole from the USA but – China can not afford today. China is bankrupt but still standing juggling its books.

The Fed is the cause not the trade war as economic reality.

The Fed in a stressful trade war China could have soft landed and managed around created:

  1. Massive change in global circulations and core liquidity still contracting way too fast and too soon
  2. Massive soaring cost of dollars the cost of everything in dollar price and interest cost to get dollars
  3. As nations settle trade in the world war II reserve currency dollars – massive soaring cost contracts economics
  4. China the largest debtor borrowing 30)% moire than it spends for over ten years is effected most
  5. China economics now due to FED error Super Crash

Last year Merger Acquisition in the USA slid by 94% while investment by China in the EU ( outside the Dollar ) moved up 84% but that will slide as China runs out of fuel by debt soaring costs. As China economically for the first time must now battle two FED forces at once – soaring cost of borrowing and dollars – and crashing run out of China in investment and growth China economics crash – as they are in 2019 – which leads to debt defaulting on scales the world has never seen overwhelming China leadership options – outside of our SUPER BOND solution suggested in 2018 blogs.

If the FEDCESSION adds gasoline to its economic bon fires of 2018 into China I suspect time to SUPER BOND solve the immediate challenge may be insufficient to execute as in the new economy unfolding at a pace of AI Super Change reforming economics as the world has never experienced before in history – pre AI – and no one looking backward see’s the commuter lane of economics is now a star ship enterprise in orbit -such that petal to the metal in the commuter lanes of economics now longer function on the bridge of the new AI starship of economics all of us reside in. The change happened too fast for adaption of economic theory to keep pace – a first ever event in economics.

I expect to receive a NOBEL PRIZE for my work in the AI ECONOMY 300 years after I graduate from life as my theory is a bit ahead of todays entrenched backward economic thinkers. NO THEORY ( but mine ) exists yet that I know of related to the data you become aware of first right here. Share this blog to protect your circle.

Today you may value the advice I presented to GET OUT OF MARKETS and safe harbor inside diversified insurance investment – the last place to park economic vessels in the gathering AI economic storms brewing.

I can promise volatility at levels such that …you an’t seen nothing YET.

Trust me.

Berny Dohrmann – Bringing vessels behind the sea wall safer from economic harms way….or not ?

PS: The decline in China economic output and stability is now in free fall only a trade agreement can fix if it occurs in time……backward economic thinkers do not see the real danger which remains the one and only real danger …..The obsolete failed FED policy removed TIME the one required economic asset from the SUPER CHANGE AI economic which punishes such errors instantly globally. Par 20 for the FED on a par 3 golf course….



In 1988 I began blogging. I have made almost 100 economic predictions – all right – two off by say several months like the 2007 Super Crash.  Still precise to the time line for years predicting the “when”  This blog suggested in 2015 and 2016 and 2017 that the SPRING of 2018 would be a market correction. Our blog suggested your exploring moving out of all bond and equity markets into diversified insurance investing and we explained how to explore such asset protections as a new economy – a fully global AI digital casino capitalism existing out side regulatory frame works and we explained all THAT so you would have more perspective on the global economics for real. Following January 2018 record fun up to stock highs – as experts predicted that run up would rise to ever new peaks – and that oil would move to over 100 dollars a barrel in 2018 this blog stuck fast stating:

  1. The market would correct in the spring and become unstable due to Fed policies and we explained the economics from our point of view and opinion.
  2. This blog stated Oil would crash to the 50 dollar range and stay there when experts said oil was moving to 100 dollars.
  3. This blog said the market now increasingly unstable from Fed policy errors into a new economy they fail to have box top rules to manage at all – would in instability move around like a drunken sailor in volatility the world has never known before.
  4. This blog predicted that if Fed policy continues to apply tools and tactics for an economy of 40 years ago into 2019 the risk would rise into a major liquidity event in which the global system as we know it would come unglued and super crash into a world depression like none experienced in history.
  5. This blog explained in detail the facts on failed Fed policy suggesting the Fed now out of all control – obsolete and out of control – be merged back into the US Treasury for TIME to be restored to normalization policy as AI policy needs new AI tools in an AI economic pathology that have not been invented yet for the now merged FED where policy normalizes economics over ten years not ten months as the Fed in four destabilizing interest rate rises with 100’s of billions of Fed “crap bonds” sucking up system liquidity stopping SUPER FRAGILE SUPER DEBT BUBBLE induced recovery in the EU in Asia and now hitting the USA..
I started my THIS YEAR 2019 with a blog for MY CEO SPACE community of enormous data base in 150 nations of business owners all CEO’s and professionals in their practices world wide as their choices effect millions. The first blog of this year was for MY TRIBE which defines my own “why” in my own life– in my CEO SPACE core mission – which is to influence enough business leaders to embrace cooperation systemics as a better way forward – and seeing competition as a form of first human insanity a mid brain impulse humans should have bred out when raptors left the building. As a thought leader myself ( old is another why ) coaching other thought leaders world wide you all read and know…my prophetic first blog is about those SEEKING to personally grow themselves as leaders into their highest state of being. Everyone else forgive me if that blog is not your language…its all good…its all ok. For CEO SPACE I send you all the most prosperous New Year – hoping record numbers will join us March 23rd the real BUSINESS new year when we leave winter and spring forward economically. OUR FIRST CEO SPACE OF 2019 IN OUR FRESH HOTEL IN DALLAS – TEXAS.  For those registering into our New Hotel in Dallas Texas you enjoy the lowest 2019 price and the lower tax outlays  if you buy in January and you reduce in the first quarter for your required quarterly tax pay outs – assuring 2019 with CEO SPACE “INSIDE” MARCH 23rd will assist and help you ramp up into hyper growth this year and stay there. Thanks for checking out www.ceospace.net or http://www.ceospaceinternational.com


Puppy King MBS is a failed ruler of pure embarrassment for the Saidi people for now failed OPEC and for the GULF as a whole. This one kids cost to Saudi includes over 3 trillion of loss and rising in dollars a lot of cost to wealthy Saudis who at some point must ask…how much loss on my side is enough….I mean really 3 trillion dollars and soaring for one guys failed policy because the one guy is mentally ill and a sociopath killer murderer?

  1. MBS at 28 declares war economically with the USA using OPEC to flood markets with oil crashing prices 80% from 140 Dollar barrel at peak to 37 dollar barrel of oil at low. Opec lost so much revenue it passes one trillion dollars before it was clear – America won the oil war – MBS lost the oil war and control of the oil markets – and America’s victory brought oil output from America to over 12 million barrels a day – rising over all OPEC including Sasudi and passing last year Russia as the # 1 oil producer on earth – and the loss is total as America will remain the number one producer.
  2. In the OIL wars American higher quality than sulphur rich Opec Oils – are lower priced than OPEC always and lower cost to refine. Oil customers of OPEC see a less stable ocean based pipe line of lower cost oil and always oil the supplier SAUDI seeks to raise cost on using a criminal cartel OPEC. The shift of buyers out of OPEC is a run on the GULF and OPEC and will continue costing Saudi over 1 trillion dollars. By 2018 in losses.
  3. Qatar leaves Opec over the Holidays as OPEC is falling apart now. MBS is the OPEC destruction. Just him.
  4. Putin on a slow Holiday News day said Russia is not permanent  in a temporary only agreement with OPEC as one by one OPEC falls apart.
  5. This Blog predicts IRAN will finish OPEC by terminating their relationship with OPEC another policy failure cost of MBS as IRAN profits in economic war and market share for its people by quitting. Cut back? Let MBS cut back as it is  Saudi and Saudi failed policy alone that has punished OPEC to lose market share the longer they remain in a criminal cartel seeking to raise cost artificially.  OPEC is dead because MBS failed oil policy cost Opec members trillions of dollars from 2014.
  6. OPEC is dead because SAUDI lies about demand and their 2018 lies into 2019 show crashing truth to oil growth graphs 70% lower than Saudi MBS lied about to the world. OPEC see’s with Fed slow down globally – China in full on hard landing from Massive Crash in manufacturing in Dec ( moving markets in 2019 down at opening ) that – oil demand growth is gone and crashing entirely – MBS policy totally failed policy in economics – and faster than Saudi can keep pace with AI and SUPER CHANGE in oil markets the demand for oil will in fact fall from 2020 forward for which OPEC has no plan and Saudi has no contingency a crises of economics for the Gulf.
  7. MBS started and is badly loosing a war with Yemen. This war is the most brutal on civilian non combative populations since Adolf Hitler – MBS is Hitler he just does not control Germany. The cost of the war in reaching another trillion and Saudi lost to Iran and lost regional prestige and America got sucked in by MBS – odd as MBS declared economic war on the USA in 2014 consequence free till this Holiday.
  8. The Congress of the United state voted unanimously that MBS is a sociopathic murderer – that MBS operates outside civilized norms and rule of law and that Khashoggi was butchered at orders and direction of MBS. This will not cost due to the CIVIL war taking place in the failed kingdom of MBS – instability which will remove business from Saudi by America and its alliances – already stopping over 1 trillion of investment on pause until Saud family plants in a new King – and runs out of Saudi banks and institutions of another trillion dollars. One failed Puppy King has cost Saudi its future. 2019 is not pretty for debt super bubble Saudi.
  9. This Blog predicts the civil war started with arrests of Saudi Royal families – shaking them down for over 100 billion for cash strapped MBS from failed policies – now created intolerable cultural insults to Royals who the sociopathic murderer – says give me absolute loyalty and your cash or I will erase you and your entire family tree as the only rule of law for MBS is not Saudi history or culture or tradition but is the law of the desert. Saudi royals invested 70 years to build a nation of global respect. MBS has shattered Saudi as a rule of law nation.
  10. Politically economically and socially the worst is yet to come for MBS led Saudi. The longer the Saud’s delay installing a new leadership the greater the economic destructions and the vastly longer time frames to recover – decades now. If MBS continues we suggest MBS may evoke war with IRAN in which without NATO support – Saudi will lose and MBS dies. If MBS continues to error in economics we suggest OPEC will self destruct forever and Saudi may go bankrupt as a consequence no one see’s right now. Remember you heard that first here.


So tally up 3 TRILLION DOLLARS OF LOSS TO SAUDI since 2014 and rising like Mount Everest along with a SUPER BUBBLE Of Saudi Debt. Anticipate further down grading of Saudi credit which also happened during your Holidays expect more as debt cost soar until no one will lend to a fully unstable Saudi now engaged in a Sand Castle civil war. The MOVIE MBS is going to be a box office super smash. The Screen play is right here 1 through 10. You follow the impact on markets from all this – and say – when is the cost of one PUPPY KING’s failures at 100% now – zero wins for the Saudi Nation 100% shame and loss – enough? Too much? The longer this takes the greater the cost and time to recover.

So when Putin said he was not staying in agreement with MBS he opens the door to America talks being planned right now and protects the Russian People from market share losses he can’t recover from inside OPEC MBS failed policy. The russians are the smartest players out there.

Not to worried about Sears. The jobs lost are picked up by starving entrepreneurs needing folks and Amazon with two new home offices brings on billions in new jobs. Trump tax policy has returned HALF A TRILLION DOLLARS in 2018 from off shore to America and that number may pass 1 trillion in 2019 as a total.

Trade wars are crashing those who for the first time are BEING TAXED as they tax AMERICA – tit for tat – oh they lie and yell but the truth – those who fail to quickly adjust to RECIPROCITY TRADE – the largest buyer on earth now taxes YOU just like you tax us – how does that feel ?

Trump says tax the USA at zero and we will tax you at zero – free open trade versus your protection trade. America is not protectionist. America is no longer taking a five decade suckers pathology to trade subsidy in the greatest wealth transfer in history from America to the rest of the world.

China may in its hard landing still require more matching tax – higher tariffs – matching their own more faily. As with MBS the longer China takes to make new trade treaties as an example of COOPERATION VS COMPETITION ( read my first blog of this year ) – the greater their hard landing and the risk of TOTAL CHINA INSTABILITY AS A GLOBAL MARKET. Think of these changes”

  1. China competes with the US as in communist rule of law private companies are partners with the communist party. The nation and industry are one. They subsidize industry to assure unfair competition to develop global market share. By dumping. Destroying national core industry by engaging unfair criminal economic tax and subsidy policy to economically dominate the world as strategy.
  2. China steals the IP of all nations using new AI and digital or partnership in nation policy permitting the leadership of nations to fold as China applies STOLEN ILLEGAL TECH for AI – for Space – for Military – for advanced weapon systems – for internal infrastructure all paid for from the low cost of theft of technology as a rogue criminal nation outside any rule of law. Engaged in full on economic war with nations of the world.
  3. China has driven its nation forward with economic abuse beyond any nation on earth – to hold growth and economic stability communist system abusers – have spent 300% more than the nation earns – for over ten years. The ratio of debt to GNP is soaring as GNP collapses from the complex run out of China due to all these issues and the economic realities set forth here. Instability. A SUPER DEBT BUBBLE is not sustainable in China says the world banks and the IMF over 22 times since 2016. China losing the trade war soon risks a DEBT DEFAULT CASCADE effect which may ripple into a global system challenge at core far worse than 2007.
  4. China failed political stability and protection of 100’s of trillions in GLOBAL IP ( they steal ) in economic warfare pure and simple – has in Trump’s trade war a run on the China at strategic core. Capital driven BY AI largely has run out of China. Plants are popping up all over Asia with INDIA being the largest winner. The economic run out of China includes new investment – 2 trillion – capital 3 trillion – and counting – plant relocations and move out of China 2 trillion and rising rapidly – China debt loads can not economically withstand 7 trillion dollars of liquidity evaporating into your Holiday seasons. INSTABILITY IN CHINA is facing a 2019 SUPER CRASH if a trade deal is not resolved and fast. China is in real danger today of failing as a state due to the world’s largest SUPER DEBT BUBBLE in which 100 trillion is carried as good loans over decades none of which are anything but failed bad paper – none of which are assets. This communist musical chair game can not end well as economics must rebalance from all abuse eventually.
  5. Like Saudi faced with economic catastrophe does communist leadership go to war to inflate its economics delay the bankruptcy of the state and move to unite its population fully engaged in mind control – with a South China Sea regional war. Economically a final fatal mistake as nothing but COOPERATION wIns in the new AI economy and all competition or economic war fare results in unwanted instabilities moving forward. All past rules of economics no longer apply and if such decade old theory is applied to the New Economy the result may core shut down the system due to liquidity implosions only possible for the first time with AI controlled capital flows outside any traditional economic theory. No one knows if China has any understanding the economics of the world are new and leadership lacks a play book for the SUPER CHANGE in core economics ( well documented if you scroll the last 7 blogs or so ) – for anyone to adapt …YET. Finally China is seeing its strategy to rule nations by debt loans in economic co dependency as global nations understand the Chinese agenda more fully and now contract with new terms – however – China borrowing 300% more than it earns than lending by trillions money it can’t afford to lose to nations how historically fail to pay back loans – has China core risk to core economics that compound China capacity to preclude a SUPER CRASH and Chinese economic collapse. Future policy error in the AI capital flows will prove catastrophic as Chinese debt abuse is an economic sling shot that must rebalance in the end to a new normal bullseye following that outcome of rebalancing – no way round THAT. Remember for years this blog suggested 2020 forward China was reaching an economic tipping point of no return if mis managed further. China is not understanding the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE into which we all reside moving into a new future where no man or economic or nation has ever gone before. NO GPS exists. Yet.

The nation that re-regulates the new economy….the AI economy – will rule the world. This will not be China.

The news over the Holidays on economics defines an AI market that is new. This blog presented the one and only definitions of the new economy – tips on stabilization policy for leadership – and action our readers could take to effect positive stability outcomes. Now we will see if our readers are passengers on the loop train flying into their futures or if they have any control on their journey by taking back prediction and outcomes by taking real actions.

Personally I took time off and had the best Holiday with my family focusing on wifie children and family circles. It was the best of the best. Claimed for my own memories all precious.

Now then back at it – wifie at the first TAMPA BAY LUNCH GATHERING our members in 2019 – and me serving you all across the world.

The problem in markets I predict is the following:

  1. Lack of perspective to predict and control outcomes in a entirely new AI economy by policy makers.
  2. Risk to system core stability globally by policy error in the new economy.
  3. Political stability internal risks economically due to political total warfare versus business of nation globally.
  4. Risk of terror and wars upon economics.
  5. Trade war miscalculation by non USA nations to their own core economic stability into super crash.

Hacking war fares increasingly are being met by the USA and nations pay extraordinary cost moving forward as the USA AI rises to the attack by other nations AI – our loss for a decade is coming to a close and our ability to destroy national economics with DIGITAL AI weapons the world has never seen before complete ahead of all nations with the advent of SPACE FORCE. However the risk is high as those attacking the USA realize their economics and their weapons are becoming impotent and the USA is rising like a AI digital wave to consequence upon all how attack us.

It may be in the full on digital economic world war III that started in the 2007 attack on our markets THAT – you might wish to revisit – those how disapprove of Donald Trump and team in any and every context in America – may for some years into the future have just the RIGHT team and leadership to reform these conditions globally dodging a war at any level and forging a new economic policy in which NO NATION IS LEFT BEHIND or in unfair advantage.

THAT is what is going out there – and all this is quite clear to the white house and Congress.

In time of real economic war perhaps the nations of the world might united all over again…we shall see.



PS: If politics destablizes markets further volatility will continue to be AI dramatic – otherwise record earnings from the fourth quarter and Sears being saved – should create a volatile rally back up as the expansion should continue without new third party risks – the biggee’s reported here – may in fact continue as this blog projected into 2020 – our call will remain adapting to events as they unfold….keeping you on the economics of it all to the best we know how.