Today there is no SPECIAL PROSECUTOR investigating the fraud lies and theft of American wealth and political tampering – timing interest and related policy – to assure no one drains their private swamp. As the parting of the Red Sea took place – those on the Trump team who understand that under all political manipulations of the public is the core economics. One side of the Red Sea wishes for economic revolution of the old rule book of insider elite’s now seeing 1% own more wealth than 99%. On the other side is more super money wealth than the world has ever known. The other side – the swamp of insider rule making and theft of national wealth – or consolidation of wealth versus re-distribution of wealth – is the swamp deep state. The economic war is fully engaged and no one can say how this war will close. Could the elites take Trump out all together and will they if SUPER CHANGE over takes their powers into re-distribution of their wealth franchise? The battles are on many fronts. All economic. As the swamp controls the powers of state ahd 90% of media the battle for the hearts and minds is long and brutal in America. How did you see it inside or outside America as anything but an economic full on war ? The ability to see through the media manipulations is up to you. As the war goes on the army is the Fed Estate to wealth itself. The Fed is creating a world recession to protect the financial powers of the deep state – wallstreet and its financial institutions all shareholders of the Fed as a private non government corporation with 80 page powers of congress that entitled the Fed and its shareholders to control the money supply of the nation. This evil act of economics has consolidated versus redistributed wealth into institutions that rose since 1900 to develop the largest American customer – the largest buyer – the largest employer and by far the most powerful central government experienced in human history since ROME Itself globally. The precise opposite of what the founding fathers wanted in a first legal constitution designed to hold government fully accountable to one and to all citizens who are sovereign with rights that are protected….until they are not. Checks and balances except upon the Fed as a violation of constitution which stipulated:

  1. Only the US Treasury could print money for legal US currency and only then within rule sets.
  2. Citizen property could not be seized ( by nation or state ) – all gone today
  3. Government could not enter private property which was protected – gone today.
  4. Indictment by grand jury has been weighted so individual rights once protected are now gone entirely
  5. Central government enjoys a 99% conviction rate on a justice system entirely political now such that any citizen indicted inside a rigged system in which media has no check balance or privacy accountability to law assures you are GUILTY period unless you have wealth for a 1% acuittable if by fluke you win against your own central government. A lotto winner in bought and paid for justice today..Today we all lose unless we re-install the US constitution with reforms the swamp wishes no change upon.

Unless we all see economics under the manipulations – triggering emotion versus thinking – it all through – we assure the unborn generation remains in a nation of lies and deceit today. The Deep State as we predicted rising up with its entire powers wealth and class warfare – facing reforms for the 99% working to manipulate hearts and minds to the good of the swamp protecting the 1% will work to finally indict a sitting President for tampering with the swamp having warned his team and warned his team.

Still hidden in the swamp news today is one DIAMOND…for its own wealth estate – is the promise to pass infrastructure where each tax dollars creates 100 dollars in return to the swamp itself…this will raise America out of FEDCESSION.

So today the Swamp plan is:

  1. Throw sand in the giants eyes…the voter to assure in 2020 Trump’s swamp draining team is defeated soundly ( no sure thing today at all ) as a message is sent to reformers join the swamp or we quick sand you into your own oblivion.
  2. Destroy world prosperity sinking the entire world into a short panic and economic down bubble. Scare the shit out of voters.
  3. Victory in the 2020 election proving the point – the swamp rules beyond challenge of a revolution.
  4. Pass infrastructure.
  5. In 2020 infrastructure investing and spending is a tide that lifts the winner in 2020 into prosperity into 2030 and beyond as our blog reported as economics.

So read the manipulation or news with economic and swamp political eyes in economic game on warfare for real. And ask only one question…as you think versus react emotionally as the triggers seek to influence your view as the Trump team is villified in the war with all the swamp power and wealth to go where Putin never dared to tread – only one question….


……are you more or less afraid of your own government ( for the swamp is global and the swamp is one ) …today then you were some short years ago….your true answer should define your future vote…..swamp or no swamp…economic not political…..constitution and wealth re-distribution – or entrenched wealth elite consolidation to the future…..

The swamp leads to global lack of circulations and a new global depression and war as track record you can rely upon in economics – reforms lead to re-distribution of wealth and global prosperity with new cooperations in which no nation is left behind.

The Fed has created a political manipulation into recession to keep itself from merger back into US Treasury at all and every possible cost. That is the war taking place in the swamp.



Tim Cook following a pathology of buggy software and hardware has trashed Steve Jobs brand. Tim Cook as a final error released the highest priced IPHONE line into the FEDCESSION of politically motivated prosperity slaughter by assuring liquidity would collapse creating global slow down at SUPER CHANGE SPEEDS inside a new economy the FED itself misjudged and is not aware even exists. Tim final error – raising prices in a global slow down trashed APPLE STOCK more than any time in six years following Jobs death. If any CEO but Tim at Apple had lowered the price by 1% the outcome would not be the worst Jan price drop in six years. Apple share holders like me might consider Tim the ultimate stock buy back guy – sunk the stock – will now buy back at manipulated prices ( which is criminal ) enormous stock wealth – when first quarter earnings demonstrate resilience for Apple stock value – shrinking supply of shares – lowering price perception of value to create 2019 upgrade incentives – to soar apple shares to restore value and confidence. Tim failing on this will be removed as the source of Apple Rot by the Board of Directors now under legal law suit exposure. The entire market is following Apple Rot.



The Fed has a political agenda. Set forth here. The Fed is anti American. The Fed has raised interest in a new Super Change AI economy that no longer responds as the Fed predicts. Stability is the required policy the FED has no clue about fostering at all. The Fed puts forth 40 year old inflation policies in a 2019 deflation global new never seen before AI driven economy. The SUPER CHANGE as too fast for Fed historic policy makers to even understand in the first place. Introducing 40 year old economic policy into AI new economics in 2019 is dangerous for global systemic stability. The Fed has no clue until it becomes economic acid in their face as the blame game shifting begins. Already has. The global new economy is entrenched in sustained deflation 100 Trillion infused money printing world wide has failed to stop or restore inflation. FED POLICY IS HORRIFIC UPON the new economic stability into the core system. Congress passing infrastructure may band aid the immediate effects of the FED ECONOMIC SYSTEMIC WOUNDING. ONLY MERGING THE FED BACK INTO TREASURY will allow the global hemorrhage to economic systemic stability to self heal. All other Fed roads lead to systemic failure depression and war – the swamp makes fortunes in wars and rebuilding after wars. Human life matters not all to the swamp wealth elite thinker deluded on core values for humanity as potential.

Let’s look at FEDCESSION and Trade wars. In an AMERICAN TRADE war to stop insane wealth transfer by the USA, o stop red ink for AMERICA – A PATRIOTIC FED would accommodate the economic war of its host nation by going slow during the reset to world trade on:

  1. Reducing dollars in circulation – sharply turning liquidity inside out in 2018
  2. Go slow on normalization policy over ten years not ten months
  3. Give time to reform trade rules for the good of the system taken as a whole
  4. Avoid 40 year old policy error in a rapidly new economy that is AI driven for the first time
  5. Learn the new economics before you create policy failure that risks core system stability globally.

The Fed has now done what in 2019 numbers pure economics:

  1. China awash in the largest SUPER DEBT BUBBLE ever known in human history – hard crashing.
  2. China is contracting at pace levels risking global debt cascading defaulting and system core stability.
  3. Ripples from the run on China and panic inside China at consumer buying levels is creating world slow down.

The slow down pace is stunning world markets as in the new AI SUPER CHANGE ECONOMY markets are punished for error at levels of capital flow dynamics that are entirely new and which fit no known theories or models. Today no one can predict the future. The market is out of control or regulatory influence.

THE FED has totally lost all control in policy errors it created.

Moving forward we see:

  1. Lack of prediction and control for outcomes
  2. Potentials for immediate panic and yes bank runs – those who delay pay
  3. A future of surprise and instability – consequence to fed policy errors in core economics

The cause of China’s hard landing in a SUPER CRASH your seeing in not so slow motion all compounding leads to massive debt defaulting. Yes China is applauded for its space event today and its investments in the technology it stole from the USA but – China can not afford today. China is bankrupt but still standing juggling its books.

The Fed is the cause not the trade war as economic reality.

The Fed in a stressful trade war China could have soft landed and managed around created:

  1. Massive change in global circulations and core liquidity still contracting way too fast and too soon
  2. Massive soaring cost of dollars the cost of everything in dollar price and interest cost to get dollars
  3. As nations settle trade in the world war II reserve currency dollars – massive soaring cost contracts economics
  4. China the largest debtor borrowing 30)% moire than it spends for over ten years is effected most
  5. China economics now due to FED error Super Crash

Last year Merger Acquisition in the USA slid by 94% while investment by China in the EU ( outside the Dollar ) moved up 84% but that will slide as China runs out of fuel by debt soaring costs. As China economically for the first time must now battle two FED forces at once – soaring cost of borrowing and dollars – and crashing run out of China in investment and growth China economics crash – as they are in 2019 – which leads to debt defaulting on scales the world has never seen overwhelming China leadership options – outside of our SUPER BOND solution suggested in 2018 blogs.

If the FEDCESSION adds gasoline to its economic bon fires of 2018 into China I suspect time to SUPER BOND solve the immediate challenge may be insufficient to execute as in the new economy unfolding at a pace of AI Super Change reforming economics as the world has never experienced before in history – pre AI – and no one looking backward see’s the commuter lane of economics is now a star ship enterprise in orbit -such that petal to the metal in the commuter lanes of economics now longer function on the bridge of the new AI starship of economics all of us reside in. The change happened too fast for adaption of economic theory to keep pace – a first ever event in economics.

I expect to receive a NOBEL PRIZE for my work in the AI ECONOMY 300 years after I graduate from life as my theory is a bit ahead of todays entrenched backward economic thinkers. NO THEORY ( but mine ) exists yet that I know of related to the data you become aware of first right here. Share this blog to protect your circle.

Today you may value the advice I presented to GET OUT OF MARKETS and safe harbor inside diversified insurance investment – the last place to park economic vessels in the gathering AI economic storms brewing.

I can promise volatility at levels such that …you an’t seen nothing YET.

Trust me.

Berny Dohrmann – Bringing vessels behind the sea wall safer from economic harms way….or not ?

PS: The decline in China economic output and stability is now in free fall only a trade agreement can fix if it occurs in time……backward economic thinkers do not see the real danger which remains the one and only real danger …..The obsolete failed FED policy removed TIME the one required economic asset from the SUPER CHANGE AI economic which punishes such errors instantly globally. Par 20 for the FED on a par 3 golf course….