In 1988 I began blogging. I have made almost 100 economic predictions – all right – two off by say several months like the 2007 Super Crash.  Still precise to the time line for years predicting the “when”  This blog suggested in 2015 and 2016 and 2017 that the SPRING of 2018 would be a market correction. Our blog suggested your exploring moving out of all bond and equity markets into diversified insurance investing and we explained how to explore such asset protections as a new economy – a fully global AI digital casino capitalism existing out side regulatory frame works and we explained all THAT so you would have more perspective on the global economics for real. Following January 2018 record fun up to stock highs – as experts predicted that run up would rise to ever new peaks – and that oil would move to over 100 dollars a barrel in 2018 this blog stuck fast stating:

  1. The market would correct in the spring and become unstable due to Fed policies and we explained the economics from our point of view and opinion.
  2. This blog stated Oil would crash to the 50 dollar range and stay there when experts said oil was moving to 100 dollars.
  3. This blog said the market now increasingly unstable from Fed policy errors into a new economy they fail to have box top rules to manage at all – would in instability move around like a drunken sailor in volatility the world has never known before.
  4. This blog predicted that if Fed policy continues to apply tools and tactics for an economy of 40 years ago into 2019 the risk would rise into a major liquidity event in which the global system as we know it would come unglued and super crash into a world depression like none experienced in history.
  5. This blog explained in detail the facts on failed Fed policy suggesting the Fed now out of all control – obsolete and out of control – be merged back into the US Treasury for TIME to be restored to normalization policy as AI policy needs new AI tools in an AI economic pathology that have not been invented yet for the now merged FED where policy normalizes economics over ten years not ten months as the Fed in four destabilizing interest rate rises with 100’s of billions of Fed “crap bonds” sucking up system liquidity stopping SUPER FRAGILE SUPER DEBT BUBBLE induced recovery in the EU in Asia and now hitting the USA..
I started my THIS YEAR 2019 with a blog for MY CEO SPACE community of enormous data base in 150 nations of business owners all CEO’s and professionals in their practices world wide as their choices effect millions. The first blog of this year was for MY TRIBE which defines my own “why” in my own life– in my CEO SPACE core mission – which is to influence enough business leaders to embrace cooperation systemics as a better way forward – and seeing competition as a form of first human insanity a mid brain impulse humans should have bred out when raptors left the building. As a thought leader myself ( old is another why ) coaching other thought leaders world wide you all read and know…my prophetic first blog is about those SEEKING to personally grow themselves as leaders into their highest state of being. Everyone else forgive me if that blog is not your language…its all good…its all ok. For CEO SPACE I send you all the most prosperous New Year – hoping record numbers will join us March 23rd the real BUSINESS new year when we leave winter and spring forward economically. OUR FIRST CEO SPACE OF 2019 IN OUR FRESH HOTEL IN DALLAS – TEXAS.  For those registering into our New Hotel in Dallas Texas you enjoy the lowest 2019 price and the lower tax outlays  if you buy in January and you reduce in the first quarter for your required quarterly tax pay outs – assuring 2019 with CEO SPACE “INSIDE” MARCH 23rd will assist and help you ramp up into hyper growth this year and stay there. Thanks for checking out or


Puppy King MBS is a failed ruler of pure embarrassment for the Saidi people for now failed OPEC and for the GULF as a whole. This one kids cost to Saudi includes over 3 trillion of loss and rising in dollars a lot of cost to wealthy Saudis who at some point must ask…how much loss on my side is enough….I mean really 3 trillion dollars and soaring for one guys failed policy because the one guy is mentally ill and a sociopath killer murderer?

  1. MBS at 28 declares war economically with the USA using OPEC to flood markets with oil crashing prices 80% from 140 Dollar barrel at peak to 37 dollar barrel of oil at low. Opec lost so much revenue it passes one trillion dollars before it was clear – America won the oil war – MBS lost the oil war and control of the oil markets – and America’s victory brought oil output from America to over 12 million barrels a day – rising over all OPEC including Sasudi and passing last year Russia as the # 1 oil producer on earth – and the loss is total as America will remain the number one producer.
  2. In the OIL wars American higher quality than sulphur rich Opec Oils – are lower priced than OPEC always and lower cost to refine. Oil customers of OPEC see a less stable ocean based pipe line of lower cost oil and always oil the supplier SAUDI seeks to raise cost on using a criminal cartel OPEC. The shift of buyers out of OPEC is a run on the GULF and OPEC and will continue costing Saudi over 1 trillion dollars. By 2018 in losses.
  3. Qatar leaves Opec over the Holidays as OPEC is falling apart now. MBS is the OPEC destruction. Just him.
  4. Putin on a slow Holiday News day said Russia is not permanent  in a temporary only agreement with OPEC as one by one OPEC falls apart.
  5. This Blog predicts IRAN will finish OPEC by terminating their relationship with OPEC another policy failure cost of MBS as IRAN profits in economic war and market share for its people by quitting. Cut back? Let MBS cut back as it is  Saudi and Saudi failed policy alone that has punished OPEC to lose market share the longer they remain in a criminal cartel seeking to raise cost artificially.  OPEC is dead because MBS failed oil policy cost Opec members trillions of dollars from 2014.
  6. OPEC is dead because SAUDI lies about demand and their 2018 lies into 2019 show crashing truth to oil growth graphs 70% lower than Saudi MBS lied about to the world. OPEC see’s with Fed slow down globally – China in full on hard landing from Massive Crash in manufacturing in Dec ( moving markets in 2019 down at opening ) that – oil demand growth is gone and crashing entirely – MBS policy totally failed policy in economics – and faster than Saudi can keep pace with AI and SUPER CHANGE in oil markets the demand for oil will in fact fall from 2020 forward for which OPEC has no plan and Saudi has no contingency a crises of economics for the Gulf.
  7. MBS started and is badly loosing a war with Yemen. This war is the most brutal on civilian non combative populations since Adolf Hitler – MBS is Hitler he just does not control Germany. The cost of the war in reaching another trillion and Saudi lost to Iran and lost regional prestige and America got sucked in by MBS – odd as MBS declared economic war on the USA in 2014 consequence free till this Holiday.
  8. The Congress of the United state voted unanimously that MBS is a sociopathic murderer – that MBS operates outside civilized norms and rule of law and that Khashoggi was butchered at orders and direction of MBS. This will not cost due to the CIVIL war taking place in the failed kingdom of MBS – instability which will remove business from Saudi by America and its alliances – already stopping over 1 trillion of investment on pause until Saud family plants in a new King – and runs out of Saudi banks and institutions of another trillion dollars. One failed Puppy King has cost Saudi its future. 2019 is not pretty for debt super bubble Saudi.
  9. This Blog predicts the civil war started with arrests of Saudi Royal families – shaking them down for over 100 billion for cash strapped MBS from failed policies – now created intolerable cultural insults to Royals who the sociopathic murderer – says give me absolute loyalty and your cash or I will erase you and your entire family tree as the only rule of law for MBS is not Saudi history or culture or tradition but is the law of the desert. Saudi royals invested 70 years to build a nation of global respect. MBS has shattered Saudi as a rule of law nation.
  10. Politically economically and socially the worst is yet to come for MBS led Saudi. The longer the Saud’s delay installing a new leadership the greater the economic destructions and the vastly longer time frames to recover – decades now. If MBS continues we suggest MBS may evoke war with IRAN in which without NATO support – Saudi will lose and MBS dies. If MBS continues to error in economics we suggest OPEC will self destruct forever and Saudi may go bankrupt as a consequence no one see’s right now. Remember you heard that first here.


So tally up 3 TRILLION DOLLARS OF LOSS TO SAUDI since 2014 and rising like Mount Everest along with a SUPER BUBBLE Of Saudi Debt. Anticipate further down grading of Saudi credit which also happened during your Holidays expect more as debt cost soar until no one will lend to a fully unstable Saudi now engaged in a Sand Castle civil war. The MOVIE MBS is going to be a box office super smash. The Screen play is right here 1 through 10. You follow the impact on markets from all this – and say – when is the cost of one PUPPY KING’s failures at 100% now – zero wins for the Saudi Nation 100% shame and loss – enough? Too much? The longer this takes the greater the cost and time to recover.

So when Putin said he was not staying in agreement with MBS he opens the door to America talks being planned right now and protects the Russian People from market share losses he can’t recover from inside OPEC MBS failed policy. The russians are the smartest players out there.

Not to worried about Sears. The jobs lost are picked up by starving entrepreneurs needing folks and Amazon with two new home offices brings on billions in new jobs. Trump tax policy has returned HALF A TRILLION DOLLARS in 2018 from off shore to America and that number may pass 1 trillion in 2019 as a total.

Trade wars are crashing those who for the first time are BEING TAXED as they tax AMERICA – tit for tat – oh they lie and yell but the truth – those who fail to quickly adjust to RECIPROCITY TRADE – the largest buyer on earth now taxes YOU just like you tax us – how does that feel ?

Trump says tax the USA at zero and we will tax you at zero – free open trade versus your protection trade. America is not protectionist. America is no longer taking a five decade suckers pathology to trade subsidy in the greatest wealth transfer in history from America to the rest of the world.

China may in its hard landing still require more matching tax – higher tariffs – matching their own more faily. As with MBS the longer China takes to make new trade treaties as an example of COOPERATION VS COMPETITION ( read my first blog of this year ) – the greater their hard landing and the risk of TOTAL CHINA INSTABILITY AS A GLOBAL MARKET. Think of these changes”

  1. China competes with the US as in communist rule of law private companies are partners with the communist party. The nation and industry are one. They subsidize industry to assure unfair competition to develop global market share. By dumping. Destroying national core industry by engaging unfair criminal economic tax and subsidy policy to economically dominate the world as strategy.
  2. China steals the IP of all nations using new AI and digital or partnership in nation policy permitting the leadership of nations to fold as China applies STOLEN ILLEGAL TECH for AI – for Space – for Military – for advanced weapon systems – for internal infrastructure all paid for from the low cost of theft of technology as a rogue criminal nation outside any rule of law. Engaged in full on economic war with nations of the world.
  3. China has driven its nation forward with economic abuse beyond any nation on earth – to hold growth and economic stability communist system abusers – have spent 300% more than the nation earns – for over ten years. The ratio of debt to GNP is soaring as GNP collapses from the complex run out of China due to all these issues and the economic realities set forth here. Instability. A SUPER DEBT BUBBLE is not sustainable in China says the world banks and the IMF over 22 times since 2016. China losing the trade war soon risks a DEBT DEFAULT CASCADE effect which may ripple into a global system challenge at core far worse than 2007.
  4. China failed political stability and protection of 100’s of trillions in GLOBAL IP ( they steal ) in economic warfare pure and simple – has in Trump’s trade war a run on the China at strategic core. Capital driven BY AI largely has run out of China. Plants are popping up all over Asia with INDIA being the largest winner. The economic run out of China includes new investment – 2 trillion – capital 3 trillion – and counting – plant relocations and move out of China 2 trillion and rising rapidly – China debt loads can not economically withstand 7 trillion dollars of liquidity evaporating into your Holiday seasons. INSTABILITY IN CHINA is facing a 2019 SUPER CRASH if a trade deal is not resolved and fast. China is in real danger today of failing as a state due to the world’s largest SUPER DEBT BUBBLE in which 100 trillion is carried as good loans over decades none of which are anything but failed bad paper – none of which are assets. This communist musical chair game can not end well as economics must rebalance from all abuse eventually.
  5. Like Saudi faced with economic catastrophe does communist leadership go to war to inflate its economics delay the bankruptcy of the state and move to unite its population fully engaged in mind control – with a South China Sea regional war. Economically a final fatal mistake as nothing but COOPERATION wIns in the new AI economy and all competition or economic war fare results in unwanted instabilities moving forward. All past rules of economics no longer apply and if such decade old theory is applied to the New Economy the result may core shut down the system due to liquidity implosions only possible for the first time with AI controlled capital flows outside any traditional economic theory. No one knows if China has any understanding the economics of the world are new and leadership lacks a play book for the SUPER CHANGE in core economics ( well documented if you scroll the last 7 blogs or so ) – for anyone to adapt …YET. Finally China is seeing its strategy to rule nations by debt loans in economic co dependency as global nations understand the Chinese agenda more fully and now contract with new terms – however – China borrowing 300% more than it earns than lending by trillions money it can’t afford to lose to nations how historically fail to pay back loans – has China core risk to core economics that compound China capacity to preclude a SUPER CRASH and Chinese economic collapse. Future policy error in the AI capital flows will prove catastrophic as Chinese debt abuse is an economic sling shot that must rebalance in the end to a new normal bullseye following that outcome of rebalancing – no way round THAT. Remember for years this blog suggested 2020 forward China was reaching an economic tipping point of no return if mis managed further. China is not understanding the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE into which we all reside moving into a new future where no man or economic or nation has ever gone before. NO GPS exists. Yet.

The nation that re-regulates the new economy….the AI economy – will rule the world. This will not be China.

The news over the Holidays on economics defines an AI market that is new. This blog presented the one and only definitions of the new economy – tips on stabilization policy for leadership – and action our readers could take to effect positive stability outcomes. Now we will see if our readers are passengers on the loop train flying into their futures or if they have any control on their journey by taking back prediction and outcomes by taking real actions.

Personally I took time off and had the best Holiday with my family focusing on wifie children and family circles. It was the best of the best. Claimed for my own memories all precious.

Now then back at it – wifie at the first TAMPA BAY LUNCH GATHERING our members in 2019 – and me serving you all across the world.

The problem in markets I predict is the following:

  1. Lack of perspective to predict and control outcomes in a entirely new AI economy by policy makers.
  2. Risk to system core stability globally by policy error in the new economy.
  3. Political stability internal risks economically due to political total warfare versus business of nation globally.
  4. Risk of terror and wars upon economics.
  5. Trade war miscalculation by non USA nations to their own core economic stability into super crash.

Hacking war fares increasingly are being met by the USA and nations pay extraordinary cost moving forward as the USA AI rises to the attack by other nations AI – our loss for a decade is coming to a close and our ability to destroy national economics with DIGITAL AI weapons the world has never seen before complete ahead of all nations with the advent of SPACE FORCE. However the risk is high as those attacking the USA realize their economics and their weapons are becoming impotent and the USA is rising like a AI digital wave to consequence upon all how attack us.

It may be in the full on digital economic world war III that started in the 2007 attack on our markets THAT – you might wish to revisit – those how disapprove of Donald Trump and team in any and every context in America – may for some years into the future have just the RIGHT team and leadership to reform these conditions globally dodging a war at any level and forging a new economic policy in which NO NATION IS LEFT BEHIND or in unfair advantage.

THAT is what is going out there – and all this is quite clear to the white house and Congress.

In time of real economic war perhaps the nations of the world might united all over again…we shall see.



PS: If politics destablizes markets further volatility will continue to be AI dramatic – otherwise record earnings from the fourth quarter and Sears being saved – should create a volatile rally back up as the expansion should continue without new third party risks – the biggee’s reported here – may in fact continue as this blog projected into 2020 – our call will remain adapting to events as they unfold….keeping you on the economics of it all to the best we know how.