Cooperation is the state of Heaven.

HEAVEN is a spirit journey into perfect memory of unity within source reflecting the absence of imperfections.

Cooperation is the Holy Spirit and is precisely perfect and eternal.

That which is imperfect ( competition ) and not eternal – is in fact – unreal and does not  in reality exist other than as a bad dream  – like a nightmare created only by ourselves.

Forgive yourself for creating your own nightmare. It is not forever. It is all a passing energy of remembering that you are not “here” in the nightmare – you are in fact with God and in heaven this very second having a bad dream the Holy Spirit will loving you – wake you up from – as you appreciate  the reality more and more.

All this we reside within in a dreams projection.


ALL THE RELIGIONS OF THE world are RIGHT ….”and”….all the Religions of the world are at the same time…wrong….

Looking at Christianity there are 29,000 sects suggesting believe their way or the soul burns in hell forever and ever.

In fact the idea that you exist separate and apart from God is unreal and not true. You exist in God.

Next the idea you have to DO THINGS in your own short  nightmare of competition inside your dream is creating as your method  to return to God is false. You soul needs to learn that it created the dream nightmare of sin death and destruction. You are in heaven absent of all THAT.

The Soul can not remain ignorant of its own true nature for an eternity. The Soul wakes up.

You mean to tell ME that God did not create this nightmare reality?


That which is not eternal and that which is not perfect is not a God creation and is our own nightmare creation – thoughts – and we can all change our minds on those thoughts anytime we so  chose. The core message from Christ from the Koran the Torah and from Buddha Tao and Hindu…all the same ….forgive yourself and everything else – love yourself as you love source – and make both eternal perfect and pure.

Your dream scape is projectred fake news gult hwich does not exist in heaven as reality that is the only reality.

That which is not perfect and eternal is not real. Nor is it of God. Grab hold of that pure thought while you embrace the truth in all faiths.

CELEBRATE what majority values are the SAME in all belief and find that which is different about all belief’s “interesting” never to be punished. No judgement. No blame. No gossip. Celebrate the soul projection of differences that are a dream any and all ways.

…..CELEBRATE that you and I are all orbs of illuminated breathing light of the source …never punish soul projections ( holograms ) in your on movie your creating frame by frame only you – forgive all your choices that failed to serve you in remembering HOW TO BE LOVED….all those times you forgot how to be loved. See every other spirit projection as …DOING THE BEST THAT THEY KNOW HOW…as you are the BULB of your own projection you are not the screen though you THINK you are the screen versus the bulb projection…as you forgot. best times my dream scape where those times and periods in which I remembered how to be love and I gave my love so freely and effortless to others. worst of times in my on dream scape video game where those times and periods where I forgot how to be loved and being so spearte and isoalted I became so guilty and lonely residing in fear and terror in my own dream walk…

But then I remembered again how to BE LOVED and I was each time every more grateful for the dream scape I gave of remembering how to be loved……I learned….so much….about love….and its absence…..only I could create inside my own nightmare – knowing I am safe and secure to awake in heaven with Source I was never apart of separate from outside my own dream I created myself…as fake news….wow…now I get all religion is one….and celebrate them all….

You forgot who you are – how fully powerful in heaven where you truly are for eternity and you imagined a night mare where you are separate from the SOURCE when a reality of that idea is in fact impossible outside your on dream. Forgive yourself for creating this dream state. Appreciate HEAVEN even more when you wake up again is all. The only possible outcome of this dream you are reading and falsely believe is reality versus a dream you in fact wrote these words for we my fellow dreamers are all one…in heaven …the only reality.

Your only wake up call …is your own higher work to step outside your own dream – and to begin to own your forgiveness of creating the ideas – of sin – pain – suffering – death separation from source ( dream not reality )   and more – all impossible in reality or heaven.

GOD creates only that which is perfect and that which is eternal.
God does not exist in anything that is not eternal and perfect. Illusion we project in our dream and God is not in a dream we have been allowed to rest within for an instant of existence that seems like forever as your dreaming the dream…fake news though.

The idea of separation imperfection sin and duality or lack of perfection with Source is false and unreal. A dream nothing real what so ever.


God has nothing to do with the dream of this reality and does not operate on this plane as God did not create CRAZY SPACE and has no idea of it at all. It started in your dream state and it ends as unreal when you wake up. The Holy Spirit gently provides encouragement for the truth so that you remember and wake up. The Holy Spirit operates in Heaven where there is absence of all competitive thought forms. They only exist in your own dream of duality and begin.

THAT which is not perfect and eternal is not of God and is not real and does not exist at all.

It is a dream. Your own nightmare. Dreams sure can feel real sometimes.



You can make your dream like heaven itself if you just KNOW –  that nothing in the dream you not Source is creating here is real – only heaven is real. Once you have the power all faiths bring you you celebrate every power of your own dream creation of new year 2019…and more.

The trick si to define Competition as the ultimate separation from one another and from God leaving us so lonely as we inside our own dream only came into the dream for two experiences….to remember how to be PERFECTLY LOVED our best of the best times in our own dream….and in our dream we project how we forget how to be loved …the worst most lonely guilt ridden times inside our own dream….but then we will again remember how to be loved all over again. Then we wake up in like an instant and display new gratitudes for heaven itself.

YOU are alive and real in heaven – forever perfect – this is only a dream after all.


If you ARE A SEEKER of remembering your in heaven in reality and this is all a dream you create read  and study two items in sequence to advance reality into your own dream state:

  2. The Course Of Miracles – Amazon next click – both audio and books – read these studies first to grow faster

if your not ready for that higher state growth of your very own’s souls mission to awake take on some of these principles: In to your future dream scape unfodling as you will it to….unfold….


  1. The source of all pain is the “idea” of separation

  2. The idea of spirits competing in this dream state is the first expression of imperfection in the from of insanity.

  3. Competition in all thought forms is insane.

  4. Competition is the source of all lack of perfection in relationship.

  5. Competition is the source of all pain in parenting.

  6. Competition is the source of all pain the work space

  7. Competition is the source of all pain in nations and sovereign expressions in the dream state


Anything less is not of God nor it is even real. God is not listening to the bulb mind projecting billions to pray for a larger flat screen inside one dream you dreamed up -as the Holy Spirit does not operate inside the dream you created as your  very own nightmare nor did the Holy Spirit create 29,000 sects of one faith Christianity to compete with one another or same for Muslims Jews Hindus Tao and Buddhists – only in dream could such competitive fake news and competition to reality ( heaven ) exist at all…..its a dream only a dream…..


  1. Absence of competitive thought form in its home and work space.
  2. Celebrates all differences the soul creates in the dream state – race – sex – size – appearance – stuff poverty or abundance – same soul creating it all – we are all one – in fact –
  3. Never punishes differences of ideas creed nation politics or anything – as all differences are INTERESTING with the false illusion of our own dream state – and differences for those remembering and awakening to their spirits true core eternity and union – no DIFFERENCE THE SOUL PROJECTS IS EVER PUNISHED.
  4. Awake spirits create circles of Cooperation and guard the circle and guard the guards on thinking alone.
  5. Awake circles create heaven on earth by removing competitive thought forms as insane from their dream states.

My work REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION read now by many world leaders defines tools and tactics to reform home space work space and political space from the nightmare of fear and punishment competition insanity delivers in the dream state for those seeking to upgrade their own space…if that work is appealing to you. If not consider this Blog Diamonds that flow into your open hand. Take the diamonds that call to you and discard the Diamonds that don’t serve you.

Religions made up by man not by God as source does not operate in the finite dream state we not source created…and the highest form of competitive insanity from the inquisition to radical muslim’s following man rules not source cooperation rules – as source lacks any capacity for competition or imperfections expressed by punishing differences souls project into a dream state. That is insanity.

In our dream we are raised to be savage insane competitors. Babies are taught to memorize and obey they are not taught to explore think and co create in freedom. Spirits are rewarded for thinking competitively. You have been mis -educated and mis trained to be insane. To develop contests with other immortal spirits.

Lets pretend for a second I might just be on to something. That a UNITED NATIONS OF RELIGION CELEBRATES ALL THAT IS THE SAME ABOUT FAITH THE VAST MAJORITY OF VALUES COMMON TO ALL AND CELEBRATES ALL THAT MAY BE DIFFERENT IN FAITH THE MINORITY OF STUFF AS INTERESTING NEVER PUNISHING DIFFERENCES VIA SOUL PROJECTIONS IN THE DREAM …SEEING ALL COMPETITIVE THOUGHT AND OUTCOMES AS A FIRST FORM OF SPIRIT INSANITY IN THE DREAM STATE. TEMPORARY NOT ETERNAL IN A NIGHTMARE to which all joy is countered by equal pain all life is off set by suffering and death – a space in which divine immortal souls engage in video game combat for a short span of dream lifetime – and if killed are reborn in the dream ( by you not God ) to play new roles in a video game you create and which is just a dream a game and all games start and they end. Heaven never started and never ends. Heaven the absence of all insanity all competitive imperfections is sane not insane. Reality not unreal. Games start and they end. All games. All dreams. Heaven is forever. You are alive in heaven right no win 2019 ponder that concept my dreamers.

You can never harm another soul. Dreams are not real and heaven is perfect and eternal where your spirit resides in reality. This is a dream you created.

Competition invents insanity =insane thought forms – like a master race or a master faith.

The tapestry of the Dream State has only one lesson – to appreciate heaven with a souls perfect unity to one another and source – from the nightmare of the insane thought you are separate from source – you invented all that. A world created by dreamers based on sin – original sin  – and pain suffering and death. A Source that only creates perfection begin is eternal and no other reality does not participate in projections of your own making in a dream. God is not in your dream outside encouraging your soul at core to….

…..remember how to be loved… wake up from a dream of suffering and pain that is not real – competition is not real.

Cooperation as set of thought practices and exercises outlined in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION ( order the hard copy they fill backorders fast ) – for those who desire to remove competitive thought form from their home and work spaces create a heaven on earth reality in the dream state…for those who do not – they rot. If you are SEEKING tools and tactics to reset the dream scape – awakes flock to this work of their onw REDEMPTION the book that reads you as you read the book.

Cooperation is life.

Competition is death.

There is only one virus on the collective global thought form – the virus of competition. Those who wish to blame judge and divide those who enjoy the comfort of the familiar – competitive thought forms – stay in the old happy spot for yourself – forever locked in struggle – forgetting how to be loved and perfectly return love – remain in the distrust and negotiation forever unsafe with one another – because society in family and education failed to educate us to the truth – that cultural expressions of competition are insane. You addicted sports enthusiasts might know our work with team owners and players – that define – each team educates the other team that the highest form of cooperation is always undefeatable. In all games taught in cooperation principles teams share their superior cooperation to demonstrate not destroy opposition that spirits in higher cooperation always manifest desired outcome. There are only learners never losers of defeated. Insane ideas of souls.

Competition creates our own worst nightmare.

The future IS up to you.

If nations all cooperated within a United Federation of Nations ( not anything like the Den of competitive vipers we call the UN today the ultimate combat insanity between nations ) within rules of law all cooperatively inspired the peace on earth would be more like heaven than hell.

You do not die to go to hell. The gnashing of teeth and the stabbings on New Years in the UK. No you do not. You are in hell creating hell frame by frame in the insanity of your own addiction that Competition is from God and is GOOD. The dream has institutionalized teaching this madness to create an insane dream world created in the likeness and image of insanity.

All that divides us is illusion

Let us Pretend we improved our own dream:

  1. America elects a President as a fresh start.
  2. America removes competition and sends love only to the elected leadership.
  3. America forgives on the job learning and the elected leader receives unconditional support and love only that
  4. America cooperates and the absence of competitive thought as insane is removed from policy
  5. American defines a hope and promise for the entire world from the example of our cooperation.

The art of not being a victim of insane thought while remaining free of competitive expression in doing so is the art of living life ever more awake to the souls true form and nature. Christ how never in fact in the dream – told us – all this and more can you do for if you understood you could move mountains in the dream game…you just forgot.

Christianity like all Cooperation Based faith studies ….is a great idea….just never been tried….like all faiths.

If you distort teachings to be competitive you express insanity in the game board.

The choice is always your own.

For those who wish to remain within the insanity of brutal competitions with one another – to read competitive destructive stories and watch endless violent porn and films as your fodder of thought – to express vicious tribally mean and individually cruel ever violent expressions of insane competitive thought have at it. Nothing new there. Compete with the buffalo the whales the dolphin the elephants – all far more ancient than humanity in the dream – wipe them all out – kill rare rhino’s to powder their horns to get harder erections for those competing insanely for such outcomes compete with the earth. Destruction is the outcome of competitive insane thought. Creation is the outcome of cooperative thinking absent of competition. To the extend competitive thought is seen as pure evil as insanity itself we begin to awake and outcome is more like heaven than hell. Its our choice you see.

YOU ARE BORN TO CHOSE….that is about it really.

Cooperation or competition – given it is our culture to reward insanity and competition any wonder our world is as it is?

They are not responsible. You create the choice – competition or cooperation for reality is your creation .

Consciousness that we don’t teach and educate ourselves concerning is the only lesson we all must master. Loops of insanity is hell. Loops of higher states of knowing this is all a dream we create by choice one frame at a time. Our very own movie. Your soul is the bulb of this dream a breathing orb of light. You are the bulb not the dream.

As you compete with yourself in dream state ideas like you are separate from God ( a lie ) that you are needing to DO things in the dream to fry and burn forever or to return to source where you exist anyway but forgot – and now you fire away in the arcade you alone created with game rules you alone set up ( not God ) and you fire away in endless hellish pain and suffering trying to win by beating other souls in endless insane competitions – as your idea of God’s play book. All faiths led you to awake up. All faiths have dream state created dilutions of the message to restore cooperation and the Holy Spirit…who does that. All faiths have dream state ( man made ) dilutions of the core message that divide and separate versus the only faith the all faith that unites and brings us back into one -ness.

Your soul knows this. Pure state of its core being reality. Heaven.

You can step back and look at your four box walls as insane comfort within program rules for the life game in the dream given to you as core beliefs by others you do not know today nor can you remember or recall. Their software their god awful buggy always blue screening your life into reboot from surplus into struggle in divorce bankruptcy and loss as great as gains and always with fear of loss via threats that exist only in the dream and never in heaven. If your addicted to your own core program of video game violence and cruelty remain inside that state.

Can you exist defining the flaws in the game we see daily expressed in the news economically but from the higher state in fact? Yes.


In 2019 I will open a thought leadership blog for those who wish to plan forward within competitive economics we all see dying as cooperative economics replenishes what competitive economics destroys. You are helped with choices on future outcome potentials right here.

If you wish to create heaven on earth in your home and work space you will do the following in your own new year.

  1. You will read the works I set suggested here and begin to restore heaven in your own dream.

  2. You will bless others who join your awake cooperative community.

  3. You will enroll in March 23rd CEO SPACE Dallas to make a priority to build cooperative community in the highest box top rules for dream state heaven tools best practices for CEO SPACE is in fact the competitive virus removal tool for your brain – upgrading software to always remember more perfectly how to BE loved…if that becomes a priority at home and work space for YOU – CEO SPACE is the SUPER BOwL of human potential self growth on the planet earth today…masquerading as the # 1 ranked Business Conference in the world in 2019.

  4. You will guard your forward growing cooperative community and you will love guard your guards.

  5. You will dream state project SURPLUS versus LACK AND STRUGGLE and you will project as the Bulb of your very own reality BLISS LOVE JOY GRATITUDE PURE FORGIVENESS FOR ALL INSANE EXPRESSIONS AS UNREAL as your reality returns to heaven in the dream with full absence of pain suffering fear and threat.

Competitive infected brains are focused individually and in groups upon expressed discussions of past 120 days of memory ( past dwellers slaved in their thinking process ) of pain and suffering from people places and events in which those insane souls are victims of other souls enjoying in their own SELF LOATHING the elevations of criticisms of people places and events backward focused in endless judgements blames and gossips about other spirits. YOU shall know them….by their works.

CEO SPACE is a gathering community builder for the more awake leadership on earth to drop out of the competition reality and to co create unlimited abundance and pure INCREASE as your birthright by expression unconditional love and support in endless collaborations in the new dream scape absent all competition as a heaven in your dream scape should you chose that higher community to reside within as your dream choice….or not. I spent my life inside CEO SPACE as the self correction and competition removal program for dreamers dropping out of the competition game as e we all return together to the heaven state by choice of mind. That is why a soul choses CEO SPACE versus remaining in the competition game in the dream scape. You’ll know when you wish to shed fake news software for the truth and it is why leaders bring their families – as children grow in cooperation in CEO SPACE and shift realities in the dream scape of their lives and the lives of others. YOU are born to chose…..all powerful if you can remember….only that.

If you project being the top white shark in the competitive feeding frenzy then YOU will never not ever enroll into the higher state of being at CEO SPACE. If you are seeking and wishing to speed up your transformation away from competitive thought forms than for you CEO SPACE is a soul sprint to the highest work of human potential presently on earth – such that YESTERDAY IS ALREADY TO LATE TO JOIN THE MORE INSPIRED SOULS ADVANCING INTO HEAVEN IN THE DREAM SCAPE. Choose….you already know the answer …you always have known have you not?

Cooperation souls refuse to participate in GROUP video game wars on past dwelling thinking forms. Cooperation souls express a lack of competitive comparison. Cooperative spirits praise everyone without limitation refusing to remove one drop of self esteem from the vessel of another spirit or their own. Cooperation spirits focus upon the future 180 days and always expressing full measure of gratitudes for their home and work space elevating and replenishing the GREAT DEPLETION of Competition as the toxic drain oh for the soul itself.

Competition institutionalized in our dream here is the first human insanity populated as an idea you chose and renew by the second as comfortable for you in the video game you believe is reality when our life together is a dream – and we are residing in heaven not the dream we made up as a nightmare…to help us recall the joy of remembering how to be loved…that is all. Or the insane opposite of existence where you forgot how to be loved which is insane and not possible in Source and perfect eternal creation that is the only reality. This is a dream you project no one else just you.

New Years is an illusion of time whence you can restore heaven to your own state of being if you simply change your mind and embrace the opposite of competition. If you fail to trigger in competition and you only return love – you return roses for rocks being thrown at you. Insane dream state souls must be forgiven for they not what it is that they do….

The video game is INSANE WORLD.

INSANE WORLD is a dream you create no one else.

You exit to level 14 and leave insane world when you say the serenity prayer in your on heart


….I surrender my life to Source as I myself am powerless to manage the insanity of my own dream and I completely surrender my SELF my EGO my individuality knowing that we are all one in Source and I allow the Holy Spirit to awaken my soul lifting out of Insane WORLD as I am restored from non reality to heaven and pure reality in the Holy Spirit and one ness with my source. I chose DELIGHT versus the absence of being delighted in my being at core state I chose SOURCE not my nightmare as reality………

For one reading this blog in the New Year – your soul may tingle with memory.

Play the video game of your dream in any way you desire and chose and die and be reborn in the game as any gamer does in all their games – keep on playing but the way out and the way back the graduation is – you changed your thinking and saw this reality as fake news and you saw heaven as your reality and you chose to remove all competitive and thought error ( insanity ) from the dream….others being insane no longer include you – and heaven is restored to you even in the dream.

I wish only that for my readers as …

YOUR HAPPY 2019 new WORLD that will be your new game in 2019…be patient and allow yourself gentle new thinking practices to remove the virus of competition from your mind ( so much more than your brain ) as the bulb projecting your movie – awareness is simple – becoming awake to who is the director and the producer of your dream state movie has always been you and you and you and your. Source did not create your imperfect dream world of pain and suffering and death and horrors all not eternal nor of GOD. You created the dream state but you exist and reside in heaven. Once you see all duality all competitive thought is a form of spiriti insanity that we all wake up from so grateful and you will as well and THE ” when” does not matter as the “when” is illusion and in reality takes no time at all…..its all good.

So enjoy your own dream and as you project from the bulb rather than being in the screen projection as only your source light has power to change dream scenes at will – you’ll decide when your good and ready to decide.

I wish you effortless abundance the most perfect possible future and the cooperation virus removal tool for the insanity of soul competitions in the first instance of restoring reality from the fake news of the dream you are creating one frame at time.

Finally the law of attraction in the dream state is powered by the law of pure love in reciprocity If you wish to change your reality first love without condition those who have betrayed and hurt you in your own insane video game. See their soul in heaven projecting the dream scape. Tell them you forgive them for their nightmare and you love them unconditionally and in doing so all your perceptions of sins all of which are dream scape illusions you created in a dream fog are forgiven unto you. GIVE THAT YOU SEEK MOST FIRST….give unconditional love as you are loved by the Holy Spirit how is so nuts about you today. So crazy loving you this second.

Practice makes perfect. Effortless abundance in all aspects of your dream scape is what as a thought leader I wish you all…for those have illuminations to see and super nova’s to hear beside …all one …in source as pure reality.

It IS all good….and so are you truly you are……the good




PS: Express only pure love to that which in 2018 you hated in the first of 2019 – pure love  – see the dream scape with new eyes of being – express only pure love and preclude any other insanity and your dream scape will transform into your  heaven in your 2019 reality. Graduation is returning to heaven as we yawn and wake up….no hurry. It is all a dream…anyway…