Britt Exit Vote defines the divisions. Markets will price in a NO EXIT deal departure and a remain in EU ultimate outcome. Why? SUPER DEBT BUBBLES. The Debt of the EU is not sustainable. As the EU GNP’s crash within trade wars, and the main EU Trade war has not HIT THE EU but it IS coming – the USA which buys so much more than it sells to the EU has the patience of the US Dollar the world trade reserve currency …waiting is killing China. China and the EU are caught in economic abuse rebalancing – which happens within SUPER CRASH or more soft landing and zero in between as ALL ABUSE ACCOUNTS MUST REBALANCE in global AI markets. In 2019 moving into 2020 all accounts must rebalance faster due to AI capital transfers in the new economy, like ocean tides rebalancing coastal water lines.


  1. The EU following ten years of stimulus and FREE MONEY from their central banks printing more than the USA – kept the system from melt down and the EU currency from becoming worthless paper. The OCEAN of a SUPER DEBT BUBBLE remains ( see Italy ) and now the economics of growth are crashing in the EU.
  2. The EU has had dollars soaring in value ( the real cost of everything else ) and the interest paid on loans that must “roll over” by over trillions this year alone – soar in TURN OVER COST.
  3. The entire economy of the EU is crashing at pace levels never known before due trade war and tarif costs and China contracting and the Saudi Gulf in Civil war instability.
  4. Economic contraction ill timed to NOW as Trade Wars in the EU just begin indicates given the USA “friends” are protectionist nations and wish to PROTECT their industry to sell much more than they open markets to USA goods for and allow US sales and trades to balance. The OUT OF BALANCE TRADE ACCOUNTS at 1/3 a trillion dollars for China alone 2018 . create every three years with only one nation – taxing our goods 10x what we tax their goods – creates economic abuse and a ONE TRILLION DOLLAR red ink – loss account to the USA which over time will bankrupt a nation in that wealth transfer – abuse of core economics.
  5. The EU now in free fall declining GNP in 2019 and 2020 until the Trade DEAL replaces the trade war  has member economic crises brewing and debt super bubble crashes as risk to EU investing. The UK stepping out of the SUPER DEBT BOMB without an EU deal has elevated risk to work economic abuse out of the EU system.

MARKETS will react to all this and perhaps more moderating than AI investments of the past as all economic abuse must rebalance


PUTIN 2019:

Ukraine PUTIN with Syria added in has cost Russia economics more money, in a DEBT DRIVEN energy nation, than any ruler since Stalin in World War II. Trillions have been lost with the cost to Russia in trade sanctions, lost revenues, lost market share with failed MBS alliance which is wealth shifting from RUSSIA to AMERICA. America is taking Russian customer from more costly to refine oil products to lower cost to refine and lower cost to buy American oil. These customers are lost due to failed oil policy from Sociopathic KING MBS – where Putin is the only leader high fiving Khashoggi’s murderer in public, while MBS has cost Russia more cash than any other factor above the enormous totally Putin election choice, for Ukraine – with world sanctions – rising the cost by the day. This illegal war take over or sovereign nation territory is a cost Putin Pays. Nothing like a USA humanitarian take over of near to our coast Venezuela where the USA now owns the largest oil reserves more than Saudi 260 billion barrels which combined to USA reserves creates the smashing destruction of MBS and OPEC and PUTIN has zero influence in such an event. If Russia take over in Ukraine has set up NATO responses – enormous war coast ramping up to both sides without a return on investment.


  1. 22% of Russia is now ini abject poverty and this poverty is rising.
  2. Putin popularity has fallen from 88% favorable ratings to 60% favorable rating and sinking fast
  3. Protests are now everywhere
  4. Voters are talking about getting RID OF PUTIN ( which is in Russia dicey if that is a happily ever after event )
  5. Putin sanctions from Ukriane representing a death sentence for the economy of a nation the tiny size of NEW YORK STATE…….

Putin has started the MOTHER OF ALL ARMS RACES today. The arms race where total destruction of the USA or EU occurs ( both when he has it all installed by 2025 ) in 20 minutes and no defense. When we say no defense Russia would cease to exist one hour later. But as Russia in free fall decline economics where oil manipulated to over 80 dollars in only last OCTOBER to fall into the 50 dollar ranges 60 days later – a crash of oil price by enormous % of revenue to Russia. Then Russia says to all its market share clients under PUTIN – hey we’ll work with crazy KING the murderer sociopath HItler ruler and we’ll try and double the price our best customers pay as we economically ABUSE market supply demand pricing and attempt as a criminal cartel to manipulate that price.

All of New York State economics – Russia itself – now crashing down – are spending for military as if Russia was at war while 22% of her people are starving to death.

The USA not amused by Putin reaching out to kill his enemies in the UK just like MBS feels rule of law does not apply to them – at a cost that both have yet to regard is cost to powerful OTHERS in the trillions of dollars and the OTHERS are no longer amused at those costs. To them. All the while MBS and Putin get richer and richer. If they need more money they arrest the royals or the OTHERS in Russia and take their money – just steal it. What rule of law? What civilization.

The Greed NEED is coming to its absolute economic stretch point. Today:

  1. The USA which already has SUPER SONIC weapons and SPACE NUKE LAUNCH can vaporize Russia to never recover in 1,000,000 years in less than a half hour.
  2. But the USA now in an arms race with slowly bankrupting Russia ( New York State level economics ) is creating massive EU resistance to Russia in border NATO areas.
  3. The USA is ramping up SPACE FORCE where Russia can be gone entirely in 10 minutes not 20 minutes.
  4. The USA is ramping up SPACE FORCE to take out Russia Hyper Sonics in flight with new AI.
  5. The USA is ramping up AI warfare to a level no enemy can catch or master on a New York State budget.

The USA outspends and out thinks China and Russia in the economics and in the real technology of tomorrow. The USA has the weapons of today. The USA has weapons never seen or used and that systemic military leadership is unmatched in the entire world. More than ROME and its global dominance, AMERICA has a distance from its closest rival where the FULL FAITH CREDIT OF THE ENTIRE UNITED STATES IS NOW FULLY GAME ON WITH NEW YORK STATE LEVEL RUSSIA where its own bills are increasingly hard and harder to pay due to soaring state debt.


China is spending as a state budget the size of the state of California over 300% more than it makes each year for over ten years. Meanwhile GNP has fallen from 25% a year to only 6% and is as down bubble for 15 years – down down down – will this free fall never end. The trillions of debt is now a saddle that does not permit the Chinese or Russia to fund its military growing budgets without social costs too great to bear. The new dice on the table?


Peace is profitable.

Cooperation between nations is profit making.

Competition is display of first human virus of the mind – first form of all human insanity – competitive thought impulsing.

War is bankrupting. Humanity threatening.

The cost of COMPETITION BETWEEN NATIONS is presently on tract to bankrupt both China and Russia if alternative closures are not undertaken. Trumps team see all this and understand MUTUAL PROSPERITY DEAL MAKING TO reset the truly failed model for competitive capitalism – and competitive socialism into a new form of COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM – humanities way forward and way to NO NATION LEFT BEHIND economics. Mutual prosperity policies.

Keep your eyes on BritExit unfolding to world markets and the EU Super debt Bubble in 2019.

Keep your eyes on China and Russia as AI capital flows are on hold from their oceans until the two forge cooperative capitalism deal making to cooperate versus compete in policy as all politics in the end either abuse economics ( which one day must rebalance ) or balance economics where economics drive political policy or politics drives unsustainable out of balance economic abuse which is largely true today for all nations as competitive economic modeling and systems ( all dead and buried ) now exist in more rapid rebalancing in a new still fully competitive AI first generation new economy which we believe will from AI being sane and insanity in competitive AI being well insane – the future belongs to the smarter AI which will be cooperative and not insane. One DAY AI will in one day remove competitive impulse from all human’s.

What would life look like with;

  1. No crime
  2. Mutual prosperity
  3. Creativity uncorked
  4. No competitive thought form remaining upon the earth
  5. Cooperation and collaboration presents all choice in organizing humans in anything.

My FIVE STAR BOOK on Amazon REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION is the new economy BIBLE for universities and corporate leadership. How does one reform national silo’s – corporate silos – from old obsolete in the new age of SUPER CHANGE – cultures in each silo from competitive systemic management of output to cooperative based systemic management of output – always with improvements for performance always with far higher accuracy for forward prediction and control? You buy my backordered book Amazon will ship in 72 hours and you have your team leadership read it and come up with mile stone time line everts to move from pyramidal management systemics to hub management systemics uncorking performance efficiencies impossible without the HOW TO STEP BY STEP for the leadership set forth in this BIBLE for culture reform – home space and work space.


Redemption – the book – is a leadership tool and tactic work to reform culture to control and prediction in the new economy that works better. A better way. With proofs and examples in the book on data.

In the end if your brain is infected by the competitive virus you exist in never ending fear storms.

If you remove that virus from your brain synapse structures you wake up into the full potential of your own life experience.

To that end the most awake work for the masses is REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION while the most awake work for the few already awake enough to read it…is the DISAPPEARANCE OF THE UNIVERSE….I personally study all the time.

My new Work OCT 19th is the sequel to REDEMPTION a mass marketing book on how to remain and stay relevent in the new AI global markets of SUPER CHANGE:

  1. Super Changing lifestyles and family box to rules
  2. Super Changing social and global rules of our culture faith and related diversities now all imploding together.
  3. Super Change in product cycles and work space brand renewing strategies in ever compressing time frame.
  4. Super Change in Technology that impacts 1 to 3 in its entirety
  5. Super Change for individual relevance in work and home space.


Answer – read SUPER CHANGE this fall.

Next CEO SPACE a process to be brought current in your whole brain leadership software and remain current five times annually – is March 23rd in Dallas – a free three day CAPITAL MASTERY skills training for those wishing to possess new law capital skills for any leader executive CEO or professional in practice – as a tool enhancer – free – just arrive early for the CAPITAL MASTERY WEEKEND – the only Leadership program offering:

  1. Lifetime individual pay once ( 1988 price never raised ) for lifetime access to global 150 nation community and five Business Growth Conferences annually for life. One pay benefit for life.
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Investor Daily the most well read by the prosperous investor leaders on earth – presented the first article of its kind on the life story of MicroSoft CEO today and the milestones he has created in share wealth for MIcroSoft – so brilliant and so young at the top.

The Links Below let you quick scan the article I would make a book mark for future reference. My short quote in the Article defines the stature and regard financial press have for CEO SPACE opinions on trend lines.

As you must have seen this weekend blog information always first:

  1. Defining the CRASH taking place in China and rolling into economic instability moving forward
  2. The SUPER DEBT BUBBLE has head wind to Fed error in policy on recovery executions

Is Monday FRONT PAGE NEWS across the world….as leading journalist use this Blog site as resource for their work. The Super Short Sellers who made billions off this blog from our work in 2006 and 2007 are not focused on the Corporate Debt Bond instability potentials from Fed failed policies since 2015 – where MORE TIME is the strategy the Fed fails to appreciate in a new economy the FED has no experience in managing ( yet ).

Blog to FRONT PAGE NEWS – one day in time – demonstrates the increasing rising leadership to the Blog Readership using this blog for trend prediction and safe harbor planning in all markets.

We now predict a SUPER EXCITED earnings period with surprises as with China in its 1/3 trillion dollar all time record trade surplus in 2018 we predicted correctly – every three years if unchecked the USA is red ink by over 1 trillion dollars if the 2018 super red ink record on trade is not readjusted seriously. Trump teams knew that yesterday is already too late. If China balks or delays it will take 100 years to work forward of the China SUPER CRASH and potential internal instability politically from failed economic choices.

We predict a wild earnings reporting season with UPS for General Motors and Downs for GE and CITI CORP. We predict surprises – nothing normal – and wild wild volatility into the summer. We anticipate a reverse of 2018 – down bubble in the first half and up bubble in the second half – the wild cards include Trade Deals and Britt Exit and Fed policy delays on resetting TIME LINES to normalize to ten years versus ten months – to secure stability in the system working out a super debt bubble the central bank stimulus of a FREE MONEY DECADE requires for stability.

Now the click in today’s investor daily – share on your walls boards and social for me – thank you Scott Smith for the honor of being included ( also a CEO SPACE Lifetime Member ) as are so many leading journalist today.



Satya Nadella Hit Refresh With A Bold Vision For Microsoft’s Future






This weekend MBS continued his F grade in policy for OPEC and chose to sociopathically lie as deception about his murder of journalist Khashoggi ( MBS feels he has won on that too ) as others pay the cost of his failures. Lets review the scope of the worst Gulf Failed Leadership in modern History. MBS THE PUPPY KING IS BAD FOR BUSINESS.





1, Hey guys my prior five years of oil policy have destroyed OPEC and our oil ability to price control markets. Lets raise prices from my prior 2018 failed policy and now cut back supplies by 1.2 million barrels a day. Only since Dec its all Saudi paying a loss of customers as they try and raise price on all their accounts. Who loves or remains loyal to a supplier always trying to double the price for the cost of everything – energy? So 800 million barrels a day is SAUDI alone as Russia Iran and others fail to play – why lose customers to America the largest oil producer. The NEW AI ECONOMY now includes oil and all the Puppy Kings men and all the Puppy Kings Horses can not put OPEC the criminal price cartel taxing the entire world of 4 billion energy needing humans for the elites to have wealth against the many who need low cost energy to full partner and develop. No greater crime ( outside the murders in Saudi and outside Saudi ending with Khashoggi so the world could see a real sociopathic Hitler brain ruling in 2019 ) is the crime of MBS on energy. So his plan – last Kingly UTTER TOTAL FAILURE IN ECONOMICS “IS” – we will short the market which is now impossible from OPEC. So prices went DOWN MBS not UP again as you get F grade on 100% of your economics hurting your own people as no nation on earth – lucky your debt offering essential to King now in red ink, went through at market with your 260 BILLION BARRELS OF OIL – with BP just finding Billions in new oil – ALONG WITH BILLIONS OF NEW OIL last year – THE WORLD IS DROWNING IN OIL which is nature renewable energy – is not scarce – and the earth has endless supply of energy for all time – Saudi uses FRAUD to manipulate price – now impossible with American rising production as the largest producer joined by oceans of oil from non Opec Producers – with huge production from Venezuela and Libya and Russia rising versus falling as everyone seeks MARKET SHARE in the new oil economics of AI and OPEC is a failed institution that members remain in to lie – fraud – and try and manipulate price. Today Saudi asked others ( meaning America to join them in reducing oil supply to artificially return criminal cartel pricing ( elites versus the many ) versus market rate supply and demand pricing – that is the only market moving forward. Why? MBS in five years destroyed 50 years of OPEC authority. How?

2. Opec UAE leaders today lied and committed fraud saying OPEC was not an enemy of the USA. Opec led by MBS failed policy waged all out war on the USA in 2014. OPEC attempted to absolutely DESTROY THE OIL SHALE MARKETS IN THE USA as a threat to OPEC. America was a non exporting energy nation importing energy at one time 60% from OPEC. After the OIL WARS of MBS America rose to the # 1 oil producer globally at 12 million barrels a day and moving to 20 million a day double the Saudi capacity – and now the price controller to the world market. The OIL WAR POLICY OF MBS caused imports of Gulf Oil to America as a customer to fall from 67% to 27% and falling more. OPEC economics were destroyed by PUPPY KING 28 to age 30 MBS THE BIGGEST ECONOMIC LOSER OF MODERN TIMES SINCE WORLD WAR II. Now panic and desperate failing to understand the world is a new economy and AI economy and oil is long long past OPEC influence or control – going down on their cut back and loss of more customers forever – insane policy on oil – the old market tools and tactics all failing in the new economy – MBS is a loser. The cost to the GULF is more than the cost to SAUDI alone and a collective in the Saudi CIVIL war supports a change of leadership in Saudi as the entire world does – a murder sociopathic mentally ill leader – has lost the confidence and respect of capital markets and the world leadership in its entirety – all at once – the fairy tail the KING HAS NO CLOTHES comes to mind as the truth of MBS waving and smiling. Only a mad man self deluded can appreciate in his own mental illness he appears naked in truth to the world – a Hitler bad brain temporarily mis leading a nation in fact.

3. After losing the OIL WARS then MBS used the old tactic of distraction and engaged his now borrowing nation into a war Saudi is badly loosing with Yeman. The war crimes by MBS in Yemen will end with his label as a war criminal against humanity. The Yeman losing war includes direct missile attacks for the first time on Saudi Palaces targeting MBS and his ill daddy not in charge today.  Saudi blames iran but it is not Iran. MBS lost the oil wars. MBS lost the Yeman wars and the cost to now borrow borrow Saudi is fantastic today as oil under MBS went from 140.00 a barrel as criminal cartel price to open market price of 37.00 a barrel low and now the 50 range where this blog said it would be since the 2014 failed OIL WAR economics of the PUPPY KING – 18 times defining oil in the 50’s correctly – for those keeping score. Blog 100% – MBS absolute F and total failure in all policies of economics for Saudi – becoming such a loser nation.

4. Then MBS having oil still dropping and his customer base furious over never ending policy to raise their price by double for cost of energy – cost of everything else – arrested all his royal family opposition – no due process – nothing but a TONY SOPRANOs mob shake down – taking over 100 billion from these royal families or they would be killed – and making them in fear and terror swear allegiance to the Puppy King as he would monitor them to emails and arrest them and kill them with even one breach. This rule of law is HITLER LAW with his SS Secret Policy everywhere in Saudi where freedom is set back 70 years in a culture that had it all moving forward until this family sect divided the nation royals into full on civil war. Saudi royals are now in civil war – the truth against the lies – to which the ending can not go well for MBS at a cost of three trillion in mistakes and errors without one successful policy moving forward in time.

5. This blog reported the world is drowning in oil. Saudi has reserves of 260 billion barrels out this week from third party audit. There is no shortage of oil. In the ideal there is more than enough low cost oil to power development for 200 nations rising into full partnership if the elite criminal oil price is broken. The criminals failed when MBS went to economic war with America. Saudi nations executed 911 not Iran or terrorist. Saudi’s . Bin Laden ( Saudi wealthy elite and financed by Saudi elites ) built the Taliban which is slaughtering Americas at a ratio of 1 American dead to 1000 Taliban dead. Saudi’s lose again. Saudi’s financed ISIS not Iran. Iran fought with us and the Kurds to 1 of our team dead to 1000 to 1 – ISIS departed. Saudi loses again. Now Saudi finally is losing in labeling IRAN the source of middle East Gulf Terror when it is all Saudi radicals with cash now dwindling. If Trump makes a deal with Iran it creates Gulf Stablity and flips the finger to MBS for the Murder of Khashoggi.

6. America does not need its strategic oil reserves. Trump in our opinion should flip the finger to MBS by releasing 1 million barrels a day until Opec returns to normal production – with TRUMP now in absolute control of oil prices world wide – use the power or what good is it. Show MBS his war with AMERICA has a consequence right down to the Hitler like murder and dismembering of Washington Post journalist whose only crime was correctly reporting MBS was a mentally ill sociopath ruling a nation in error destroying Saudi freedom values and creating a dictator police state nation arresting and killing all opposition even an American reporter attempting to get his wedding license. The lies that flowed next define mental illness. No King has authority to rule as a sociopath as the world will cut them off and out.

7. MBS track record of losing policy from Qatar to ALL OUR WAR UPON AMERICA IN 2014 and real war now lost in Yeman with the US pulling out by congressional law – and unanimous vote of the US congress – 100% hands up – that MBS Saudi’s Naked PUPPY KING is a mentally ill brain – a known sociopath criminal brain with zero responsibility or consequence for his inward focused narcissism. The murder thinks he is good and a winner. The loser brain has cost Saudi 1 trillion in capital that is flying out of the country since the Khashoggi Murder the straw breaking the Mentally ill Puppy Kings camel back in front of 4 billion who judge him like the US Congress – billions in PR are just dollars invested in the toilet for Saudi – 1 trillion of investment in Saudi now on pause most of which never turn back on until new leadership appears – and 1 trillion in lost oil customer base and price to oil when MBS lost miserable his war with AMERICA which destroyed OPEC ECONOMICALLY and became the largest fastest growing oil producer on earth challenge with all out WAR from SAUDI and OPEC who ARE NOT FRIENDS TO AMERICA.

Today MBS led Opec to report globally that: 








  1. OPEC is not an enemy to AMERICA ( fraud and lies ) read the oil war Opec of 2014 and 2015 till they lost.
  2. OPEC is doing great no more is needed ( as oil plunges in price ) but hey if America would join us in manipulating prices up ward – it would save us and help American greed – with elites against the many. Only America creed is the many for the many and labors to offset such criminal price manipulation to free market prices now in control.

This weekend if you read it correctly is OPEC DESPERATE knowing it failed but not as to the why? Why is that? Because in 2013 a new global AI economy was born that replaced all economices and theories of 5000 years of human history. We are now going where no human society digitally linked has gone globally before. There are presently:

  1. No theories for the new AI economics.
  2. No regulatory frame work for the new AI economics.
  3. Applying old economy tools and tactics to the bride of a star ship AI economy from a Model T ford older economy is high risk to new economy system stability.

The new elites understand the economy is NEW – going where no economy ever has gone before – and they alone profit maximally as they evolve the new box top rules for success in the new economics. OPEC is frozen in time – as are world central bankers – in the old economy tools and tactics – which no longer work as desired or predicted. OPEC especially fails in the new economy because they do not understand the change or the pace of change SUPER CHANGE now accelerating – the title of my New Book – SUPER CHANGE coming out in October watch for it. The new must read PROSPERITY BOOK in the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE ECONOMICS a first generation of its kind.

OPEC lies on everything. OPEC is pure FRAUD and trust in OPEC has cost capital markets trillions in loss. Oil is and economics requires everyone understands:

  1. Growth for Oil is shattered and demand for oil is falling at a pace the world models are 100% wrong in predicting.
  2. A 25 year trend off oil for transportation its biggest market – off toxic fertilizers and pesticides replaced with now creating Jurassic Park yields wherever used with better non toxic all organic crops – 50% of all oil barrels are used for 11,000 products that are toxic to land fills and crops, now falling like a meteor shower upon the earth. OIL DEMAND will crash to levels never imagined over time frames never seen. Oil even cheap oil on all charts produced by OPEC a criminal institution – are fraud. The new economy CHARTS show oil demand not rising but falling to 50% of oil use today is gone in 25 years forever. Gone for POWER now moving to natural gas and renewable non polluting fuels – cheaper than oil – transportation is moving at Super Change to driverless electric cars and oil demand at pumps is over – and the 11,000 toxic land fill pollute the oceans product lines are being EARTH FRIENDLY REPLACED with new less costly less toxic packaging across the world with laws increasingly smashing oil market demand. OIL is the most declining natural resource on earth – the most toxic to Climate change and to we humans and the criminals who taxed the world to economic war and death for oil with demand ABSOLUTELY CRASHING ( MBS never saw that because a criminal believes his own criminals failure to project truth over lies ). The FRAUD ENDS – the world is drowning in oil and price spikes in a crashing demand market are beyond even criminals to effect today. Keep in mind when the OPEC group says this weekend HEY WE ARE NOT ENEMIES OF AMERICA – yes they are – and they have proved it – and they are losers American keeps them all safe and America won. Russia by the way helped in defeating ISIS and we should never forget the cost to Saudi backed wars to defeat Syria – a war they lost backing ISIS and other factions – while the Kurds Iran and Russia fought with America to defeat ISIS with billions more than tiny Saudi could front – winning with blood guts and dollars – destroying ISIS 1000 to 1 – who seems with MBS unable to do basic math. While criminal brains will exist their real estate is shrinking as the world cooperates against all forms of COMPETITION as insane versus COLLABORATION which is sane. Competition exists in a crises of integrity – insanity – Collaboration exists in Sanity and Integrity leadership between nations and communities. Cooperation celebrates all our differences ( sanity ) competition punishes all our differences ( insanity ).  Why is this common value not taught world wide in public education imploding us all together. In integrity and right thinking?


So the mark of the end of the old economics is the Failure of MBS in 100% of his policies internally and externally the worst Saudi economic cost in 70 years over sixty months. Failure has long term consequence.

As Saudi is isolated in ways it can’t see fully yet against a crashing market for its debt rising nation today, respect for Saudi Puppy MBS is zero globally. The mad man thinks he’s good. The mark of insanity. Inability to correctly assess reality.

The journalist of the entire world will not let the Mad Kings Failures die – taking their cue from this blog to report the entire record of FAILURE and real cost from ONE MAD MAN to the Saudi People from this blog source site. Always first with data and the truth which if you scroll the data on MBS remains over whelming.

History will reward each nation that leaves OPEC first – as hero’s of integrity and free oil markets. Losing customer share to lower priced oil is as insane in economics as MBS is insane to politics. Nations who leave OPEC FIRST – Russia is out already – not holding to quota’s to lose their customers when Russia needs MORE MARKET SHARE and Russia is going to get that market share from OPEC taking it away forever in the vulnerable moment of insane economics from Puppy King the failure.

Before oil crashing demand hits Russia where they have no options Russia and Iran must build super market share back to rise and roar through the crashing demand for oil – as a world drowning in oil has seen the very last or criminal price manipulations of oil prices for elite wealth franchise against billions for no reason of oil markets or economics outside ELITE SUPER GREED a criminal cartel manipulation. Diamonds are as plentiful as rain. One Debeers cartel keeps price high artificially to secure price illusion noting Diamond is not essential to economics oil is the cost of everything else – energy transportation packaging – agriculture output. Inflation is impossible with the shift from variable criminal oil pricing to crashing oil demand – demand charts are all wrong – in the new economy and energy packaging and transportation cost is about to SUPER CRASH ( no world inflation is possible with such economic disintermediation a feature of SUPER CHANGE new economics the world has never not ever known before and the pace of this change is accelerating ) . The new world of DEFLATION ECONOMICS requires new theory and management tools as yet instructed at zero Universities because – the pace of change was too fast for educational adaptation. As yet.

The future nobel prizes will be rewarded for NEW THEORY IN ECONOMICS on the NEW AI economy a first in human history. Today those who lead the winning institutions are gaining insight into the new economics. The Kodaks and Montgomery Wards the SEARS and the K MARTS failing to adapt are losing market share – the only economcis today is market share – and those who get the new Economy like Amazon Google and Target and Wal Mart ( slowly adapting now ) are winning …the others are losing. It is all in the frame work of Super Change management to learn faster unlearn faster and relearn faster – READ REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION as the Bible in this mental tool box to lead and bleed into the future.

All living things including nations and economics GROW OR THEY ROT. ( Look at France and Germany no sanctions ). Look at Russia fully sanctioned and surplus and growing anyway. Putin a new economy master brain suggested the nation that leads AI into the future controls the economics of the earth – and he meant Russia should be that nation and it may well be. In the new economy the box top rules are:

  1. Adapt to Super Change faster or perish
  2. Cooperate and Prosper Compete and perish
  3. Redemption remains the BIBLE for SUPER CHANGE THINKERS to grow core mental adaptation in time…..

In coaching world leadership teams at Fortune firms and for National leadership I find only two communities:

  1. The obsolete old economy software flawed buggy and mal performing impossible to upgrade
  2. The new brains seeking endless upgrades to remain current in the new age of SUPER CHANGE

My seeds fall on fertile leadership in # 2 and with # 1 nations….not so much.

Today the civil war in Saudi ends – eventually – with MBS gone one way or the other – elevating SAUDI into a future without OPEC and in market share that will diversify their nation – and if not they may go bankrupt with MBS as that slow down bubble in his failures are truly making SAUDI a debtor nation secured in borrowing by 260 billion barrels of oil – any price raise is artificial and criminal against billions of humans.

If you remain in OPEC you are increasingly seen by billions of us we the people of the world you should well serve as criminal greedy elites. Leaving OPEC free’s your image and identity from the SOCIOPATHIC OPEC LEADER once and for all – the faster you leave OPEC the more integrity the world customer base deals with you in loyalty and trust.

Stay in criminal OPEC with DISTRUST AND NEGOTIATION BY FORCE ( insane really ) at your own risk and peril in the soul and spirit of your nation itself.




PS: Scroll to see true accurate Data on MBS economic failure since 2014 – a 100% total failure in every single choice up to the criminal cover up of the sociopathic ordered and fully managed by MBS himself murder execution of Khashoggi seeking his wedding license….it does not get worse as a crime – Hitler is ruling a nation – but not for long folks not for long as his insults  and economic abuse to Royal economics must from its MBS disrespect and historic shatter to all trust from MBS  abuse ….rebalance as that economic rule never changes…..










My regular readers will find this a summary review of last year being first on the details. Now the news is filled with our Summer blogs on the China risk factors.

We noted that China’s model is now unsustainable due to debt financing. China growth has dropped over 25 years 1% a year for over fifteen years from 25% GNP growth at 6% growth in 2018 and that graph is pure down for decades and plunging off the board doing the tracking. Do investors understand the risk and the downward spiral? The China decline into massive debt that makes 6% growth by borrowing 300% more than you earn – how many years going on year 11 can China or anyone fuel pretend growth only on debt you can not pay back – not ever. Think on that economic truth for a bit and think when do the capital markets stop buying China bad debts ? 2019? 2020? How long can they keep it up while lowering six times since last year bank reserves to stimulate insane lending required to keep China afloat at all.




In the last quarter the trade war caught China by surprise. Our Blog forecasting of the China Stock market crash and bond market crash became prophetic. The worst is yet to come we believe.

Auto sales had grown for ten years. In Dec auto sales at their largest sale month did not grow, the growth had already stopped by the real math for this larger employer went in one year from real and every year growth to 3% decline. One can’t stress how large the consumer pull back is today in China. The consumers are stopping on a dime inside a nation that has flawed communist economic models that can not endure.

China has fueled sustainable growth with DEBT which itself is not a sustainable economic model. Nations and families must borrow within their means. No family and no nation can lead the world like China in borrowing over 300% of its current GNP total production income account – spending on debt 300 x’s what you earn – and remain in operation.

Over the past trade war months China has again and again said to its bank – hey you guys can all relax – loan like crazy and we’ll require the sums you keep in the reserves for bad loan and rainy days be less and less. They have lowered their bank reserves six times from 2018 into Jan 2019 – six times wiping out safety nets. A SUPER CRASH Is now likely in China. Delay in trade dealing is compressing trade emblance.

We warned that the trade war with state controlled media brain washing one billion minds without open internet access – to believe the USA is an unfair protectionist nation. China operates in the following way:

  1. The nation and the corporations are one unit. In China competition to win markets for its home companies is a state economic war level operation globally.
  2. Stealing all nation IP wealth to start from their best and improve form there to lead by theft of technology and IP world wide is seen as victory of state economic warfare globally. All nations and companies have been victims of China theft unlike anything known in the world due to digital tools China leads within for criminal activity.
  3. China is becoming isolated as trillions run out of China – as we told you – not to return ever.
  4. Further China consumers now are for national pride buying made in china and cease buying American made goods in numbers never seen before perhaps not to return for decades.
  5. American consumers will follow ceasing to buy labels made in China and the consumer in the end controls the trade war.

American wins as Consumers wish to buy more made in China. China loses as its largest customer no longer funds its debt SUPER BUBBLE nation. As China stops buying our bonds and dollars the world is no longer buying China currency and bonds and their markets are now rising into instability.

If the TRADE WAR does not heal well and fast – the loss to China will create a SUPER DEBT BUBBLE CRASH – a Real Estate super crash – and really recovery for China may be a century. The world will be so scared by the debt defaulting cascade all between multi nation bank syndicates that a tipping point from China alone into a new GREATEST OF ALL DEPRESSIONS can and may well occur – the trade deal to end the trade war is survival for China.

However the advisers in China as in the USA fail to realize we are now in a new never seen before economy – a new AI driven fully leveraged economy controlled by 440 trillion in capital flows by AI within less than 10,000 super money pools controlling over 95 % of those flows and primarily outside any modern regulatory frame work. It would require a G 100 new frame work with AI monitoring AI in real time to re regulate effectively. Today the core system is at risk.

  1. The Fed fails to appreciate old tools applied to the new economy harm versus help and de-stablize.
  2. Nations competing without modern trade agreements to preclude unwanted trade imbalance and to protect IP nation to nation – de-stablize when applying old models into an entirely new economy they fail to realize is here now – totally here right now. All old rules no longer work.
  3. Without System trade reforms the stability of the world order falls into the abyss.

The risk of the abyss is high today and will remain high due to trade wars. Without trade wars the abyss would be FOR SURE and SOONER than later. Now we may work out of the abyss but it all remains dicey. Too many fail to appreciate the issue between nations is core systemic stability and cooperation based frame works must be applied to stabilize.

Systemic stabilization is the first priority of 2019 national state leadership – to the core system and their own. Destabilizing policies of every nation in it for themselves – none for one and one against all – will no longer work to stabilize and preserve system economics.

The speed is the need to trade agreements. The longer consumers buy into NOT BUY AMERICAN and NOT BUY CHINESE which is right now rising like a huge unseen economic tidal wave – only forward accounting will tell you how bad it is.

So China is:

  1. In free fall
  2. Enormous crashes in stock and bond markets
  3. Value classes in deflation
  4. GNP falling with a fun out of china on capital – investments – plants moving – jobs moving their neighbors all winning.
  5. Their war policy for the China Sea that 400 years of law – and the World Court unanimously voting the China claim to own a new line of sea lands greater than China has in land itself – is ILLEGAL. Like the USA claiming 2000 square miles of the PACIFIC AND ATLANTIC OCEANS were part of the American land mass – I mean really.
  6. China spending 300% more than it makes by debt – a super debt bubble that is no longer sustainable
  7. A mistake in China policy creates SUPER CRASH and tens of millions without work. Could be fast .
  8. Debt Super Crash of China may put the world into a global super depression as never known before
  9. The IMF and World Bank have warned us all about China fiscal error for five years over 12 times.
  10. No change in China policy to steal from other nations – now escalating versus declining – as debt is exploding to levels that only cause hyper inflation to follow and collapse of the currency value entirely.

China is risk.



The reason is failure to in good faith resolve the trade issues and model a sustainable new future. The US POLICY IS:

  1. We are done being robbed by nations we support as the largest buyer in the world for everything.
  2. We will tax partners as they tax us matching their taxes to us finally as a fair return of tax reciprocity.
  3. Reciprocity tax policy – states we will tax nations at zero if they tax us at zero or we’ll just match them.
  4. Gone are the – we tax you at a penny while you tax us at a dollar in trade with your protectionist national policy
  5. The USA is not protectionist we are now at war with protectionist nations blocking our trade to them outside tax that match what they charge us – fair finally versus total rip off

NO nation can buy more than it sells and going broke slowly remain outside bankruptcy if unchecked. Trump stopped 50 years of talk and threats from our friends and our enemies – and ACTED. That action will reset the world order in a positive way. Those at war with the USA who spends so much more buying from the nation than we sell into the nation – has a full house of cards while the opposing nation like china has two three’s a failed hand economically. While bluff and take dealer hits the trade war cost to them is rising at exponential cost levels. We estimate China in 2018 has lost:


1, One Trillion in direct capital flight out of nation now roaring into 2019 to new highs.

2. One trillion in canceled or delayed investment projects in China.

3. A third trillion in plants moving out of China or canceling going into to locate in neighbor host nations less costly to deal with lower cost long term and better protection from IP theft China always consumes more than it contributes.

Finally over the years my father brought China TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT – China is now caught with rising prices of cost without ability to raise market prices due to neighbor competition. China decline in quality is now effecting:





  1. Apple IPads and Mac Book Pros a first in modern times crises quality costing to Apple by its partners in China
  2. Cars
  3. Tele Technology
  4. 5 G
  5. Flat screens and solar

Quality faults are soaring and those making dollar decisions are electing to move out of China as a global consensus because:

  1. State China firms are at economic war with any non China firm like no other nation on earth
  2. Corruption is rampant in China and to do business you have to bribe and pay and it all takes forever
  3. China partnership policy sets up legal theft of all protected Intellectual property will rip off – true for the Big Mac Iwatrch Iphone and true for anything – China just steals it all world wide – who wants that given options
  4. China as a big consumer market may hard land into a depression with crashing consumer capacity for years
  5. THE RISK in China is a matrix of decades of fiscal abuse in which as this blog reports all economic abuse must one day rebalance and China is very rapidly running out of truth time and options as economics are unforgiving. Holding margins now comes ahead of quality for companies cutting corners for customers without taking any responsibility – made in China is now testing global consumer confidence when China was always crap stuff –

Invest in China  like Tim Cook did? Let them steal all your technology? Let them sell rip off’s ten to one for your goods. I feel Apple ROT in the bad bad China Bet has yet to come home to shareholders but it will. I also feel Apple rotting in China is only one decay from global bets into China from Wal Mart to automotive that are NOT  going to end unwell.

A new trade policy that is real and kept – versus fake news signed but never delivered from China will fail because Trump will not allow it. A REAL Trade change would example to the world and work to provide time to China to work it all out. Without the time – China has no hope at all if you study the economics. What follows is SUPER CRASH in China and then they will go to war to distract riots in nations and secure new growth via war the last gasp and they will lose the wars. Economically and in real terms.

Economics is so cruel when the abuse must rebalance.



Finally China economics like Russia are about the size of the state of California – nothing close to the economics of the USA with its 400 million or the EU smaller than the US but 500 million total population – with its own massive debt super bubble in Italy and Spain as two of the worst.

France is right behind and all are unsustainable. Germany the lead in EU is crashing from Trade war – as the friend we rebuilt from World War II without wealth transfer to them – as they tax us a dollar while we tax them a penny – we brought the wall down and reunited Germany and keep Germany secure and safe – and they seek to suggest our trade requests are unfair. They talk about starting their own EU army and stepping away from the US – thanks for the gain but we only wish you pain.

The USA is about to tax Germany and France just like they tax us – that first approach has both nations in economic growth which has slowed surplus by 90% in ONE YEAR and is about to move the EU into red ink within SUPER DEBT BUBBLES. The UK will be fine and is crazy not to economically approve May’s deal – the policy makers have no clue what harm they do to defeat a truly historic favorable fair trade deal May has put together. The RISK to the EU with America in trade war is catastrophic to their forward debt management.

System Stability is the outcome of trade deals and applying old economic modeling to the new global economy a first of its AI kind requiring entirely new economic theory – can be FATAL TO SYSTEM STABILITY as a risk in 2019.

This then is the stuff the market is dealing with and great volatility the new normal is likely. Politicians and Central Bankers make it so much worse because they fail to realize the economy is new today and the move by AI to sound bytes is the new normal never before seen in the old economy. Less is MORE in the new economy which so needs Trumps plan for 180 day public reporting versus monthly which is insane truly for economics and long term executions.

The world is re-tooling into the new economy. Can we all get their with mutual prosperity or only after a Super Crash and period of wars?

We are all about to see coming up.

Now folks in 2019 – that is the truth of it you only see as a whole truth first…always …right here.








We were wrong by 60 hours. We predicted this summer turbulen election year fall market downturns with a Santa Rally back that occured in the first days of 2019 not the end of 2018 – given the politics. Sorry close but no cigar. The five session high ending today – was down a hair today due to USA shut down economics. If the shut down now the longest in USA history EVER – continues for ten days the economic loss to America passes six billion – more than the cost of the wall due to political theater where politics drives economics there are always issues to consider. So the AI took profits at year end depressing share prices factoring in growth but at lower rates in 2019 from the all time Peak 2018 year. AI also attempted to get ahead of China effected and year end retail effected growth in categories maximizing AI super money pool year end revenue. AS AI “knew” what it would depress in year end profit taking – it also bought massively in short positions in same stocks it now makes profits in buying back in 2019. Five days of up bubble this week as a strong 2019 is anticipated – no recession – and if trade agreements resolve a sling shot effect to year end market levels we suspect. Track it closely with your experts.


We have written a great deal about the new challenge of leadership to remain current in the new age of Super Change. The real issues with Macy and Sears and all global brands. The crises of the day is currency inside accelerating Super Change for leadership. Also the resolution of the crises in the world of INTEGRITY for which we suggest reading my mentors great book THE NEW IQ – INTEGRITY – the leadership publication for culture reform in institutions Dr. Gruder and I consult to leadership on installing as strategic to the process of Super Change. Milestones that took years include 2019 contracts with global publishers to:

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2. 2020 we will release DIGITAL MANNERS my best ever work as a prior New York Times best selling author. We are working to develop a movie deal for that work as a major feature film.

3. We will re release in 2021 PERFECTION CAN BE HAD – itself to become a feature film.

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5. My work on CAPITAL MASTERY will follow – as well as a full book on CEO SPACE moving into its fourth decade of public service to entrepreneurs world wide. My Works REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION and SUPER ACHIEVER MIND SETS 5 star rated on Amazon ( often back ordered by they fill the in 72 hours in real time ) – on Amazon will be RE-EDITED UPGRADED and released over sixty months in the publisher schedule all to rise from best sellers we believe will move to global best sellers on all lists in the publisher plan we inked in 2019.

Big two weeks for our team with thanks to so many. More as the program unfolds. Thank you my readers.



This blog suggested moving forward nations would be best served to elect a President and assure his party could govern. We suggested like or hate Trump Grid lock and government dysfunction was not desirable economically. We predicted the economics ( not the current politics of hatred and dysfunction ) that:

  1. Democratic congressional shift would create grid lock and governance dysfunction effecting tax, economic, immigration, infrastructure and more moving forward toward a 2020 election, in which of course democrats seek to win.
  2. :Untold cost to political theater in President investigations, impeachment, and more would grid lock critical governance in the leading economy in the world driving all the rest.
  3. Trade Wars would be embolden by the change working against the USA in fact so that from the EU to China to Japan no one is in a hurry as the entire world slows down economically moving forward now effecting us all collectively – for politics not economics. COOPERATION MIND SETS or COMPETITION MIND SETS effect outcomes beyond any ability to predict.
  4. The shut down is the longest shut down yet recorded in American history.
  5. The next two weeks the in fact economic cost as reported today passes the entire cost of the wall at 5 billion – which privately many democrats see helps immigration legal controls – but the political agenda this blog predicted correctly is unfolding just as we gave you the play bill for.

No one can predict outcome to the entrenchment of political dysfunction 2019 is bringing from the new Congress – likely to rise in impact to 2020. Stay tuned.



This blog reported that the world is now inside a new economy never experienced before The Fed is managing new experiment it created with all central banks world wide. A policy of free money for ten years to preserve the system from self implosion, created a super debt  bubble globally. Managing this debt SUPER BUBBLE inside a new economy is dicey and no one can predict outcomes. We suggested to the Fed in effect in 2018:

  1. Design a ten year to 2030 plan to normalize interest.
  2. Raise interest 1/8th points on frequency to expansion stability – making stability of the system job one.
  3. Reduce the 4 trillion dollar Fed balance sheet of assets in bonds moved from banks to Fed over ten years.
  4. Slow down by % the frequency schedule of interest and bond sales and do not forcaste them at all.
  5. In the AI new economy go slower on policy expressions and reduce sound bites to bi annual or quarterly.

The Fed selling 50 BILLION dollars into bond markets of its bond assets – or half a trillion dollars a year – plus – is too much too fast. This event is occurring inside a declining economic global event. The outcome is fully predictable.

The Fed requires in the new AI ECONOMY ( scroll as my last ten blogs advance education and data on this premise ) we believe must adapt two central policies first.

  1. America first
  2. Global and system stability strategies second.
  3. The book on price stability and interest is next adjusted for new economics finally.

The Fed presently has interest on hold which stops the following policy errors in  unwanted economic outcomes:

  1. The US Treasury is selling peak debt bonds into the market now in competition with the Fed itself which is not America first by any means.
  2. The Fed failed interest policy a majority of economists congress and administration experts confirm is wrong minded Fed policy – raised cost to the USA too fast on its own debt and to all the SUPER DEBT players rolling over debt 2019 forward in time.
  3. Nations settling trade in dollars saw the dollar soar and three unwanted outcomes from failed policy unfold. First in a very weak fragile recovery – liquidity circulation is crashing due to the Fed as a global spounge sucking up circulation at a moment in history economically the world required MORE TIME to stabilize the core system. The Fed created unwanted system instability all over again. For the reasons mentioned.
  4. Policies for SYSTEM GLOBAL STABILITY require TIME to 2030 and beyond to work out the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE while keeping the USA stable first as driver to the entire world.
  5. In USA Trade Wars the Fed gave currency to our enemies economically by failing to appreciate Fed arbitrary made up entirely time lines – versus America first stability time lines to help win the Trade war which the Fed fact knows is the only way forward.

The market demonstrated the Fed policy in 2015 to 2018 was a failure. Globally. if the Fed has any accountability to America first which it has not to date – it should show up mightily to offset political cost to economics moving ahead into stability first policy making. Revised time lines is all that is required to restabilize all markets.

The Fed is thinking.

Today the housing market required for stability in economics moving ahead – has super crashed in the last part of 2018 in a 20% full on down bubble not seen since 2007. This market can’t recover without a new Fed time line for stability policy in our opinion. Only a revised TIME STRATEGY TO NORMALIZE is required for the entire world. To the extent the Fed works with the White House on the revised policy the world confidence would we suspect skyrocket as economics not political if that deal could be realized for all of us collectively.

Such a deal would reduce economic sound bites into AI markets today as the Fed and White House would raise a truce flag and just stop the rhetoric in the interest of world economic stability given the debt loads that must be worked out over longer time spans as stability economics.

There is no inflation there is deflation – gasoline as this blog reported is 1.92 cents in florida down from 2.68 in October – going down down down as we reported despite Criminal MBS in Saudi failed again Opec oil policy. America controls oil price not OPEC today. Opec is a joke now.

Further on employment there remain 39 million long term unemployed from ages 25 to young 70’s in the work space filling jobs but wages are level not really rising much. We have no inflation and plenty of labor advancing FED STABLITY ECONOMIC POLICY to work us out of all this. Properly managed with an entirely new economic globally with AI in control and with STABILITY ECONOMIC POLICY from the central banks – why can’t we all enjoy the 27 years of growth without ONE RECESSION AUSTRALIA has known for example to name only one?

Failed economic policy is punished in the new economics in time frames never experienced before.

Stay Tuned.



Note. My Super Computer from Apple is now returned all new in 2019 and I thank them for their customer service un-effected by the NEW ECONOMY Tim and his teams must brace for coming up next. We did not see the first IPHONE Holiday decline in sales – itself a first – in the new economy. Super Change. Its here folks……CEO SPACE is March 23rd in Dallas Texas our new home – brand new smart hotel with  filtered air no mold –  and so much more to bring CEO’s current in 2019 Super Change markets world wide…..think on early bird sale price this Jan for those who already know you should be there……