LIQUIDITY is the game changer in the NEW ECONOMY. Tool that obsolete policy agencies – central banks world wide – apply to the OLD economy are fatal inside the NEW ECONOMY. What is the WEIGHT OF LIQUIDITY TO EFFECT A SYSTEM FAILURE? Well Liquidity is now the essential due to VAM which accelerates at the speed of AI evolution.

                               VELOCITY – ACCELERATION – MOMENTUM UP OR DOWN 

Lets look at Fed errors since 2015 that now are mounting up shall we? Knowing helps don’t you think?


  1. The global recovery in 2015 2016 2017 2018 was strong versus fragile in the extreme.
  2. The recovery was stable instead of wobbling into a new yet solid STABILITY these markets lacked in fact
  3. Central banks removed accomodation to soon and moved to vastly tighten money circulations far too rapidly
  4. Central banks sustained recovery with LIQUIDITY accommodations – when all markets declined into instablity
  5. Central banks removed CORE LIQUIDITY at pace levels toxiic to new AI economics.
  6. The new AI economy required a ten year adjustment into normalization with the most graduated process
  7. The Fed increased interest rates at earth quake 8.0 level to economics 8 times since 2014 4 times in 2018
  8. The Fed is selling 100’s of billions into the markets right when treasury is selling record auctions of US bonds
  9. The Fed made US borrowing cost soar and with EXPLODING dollar values moved buyers out of USA bonds
  10. Fed Policy is removing liquidity from the market that is a NUKE to the economic frame work of the new economics – nations will not be able to manage their debts nor will institutions be able to manage their debts
  11. As AI protects itself from failed Fed policy deflation spirals move asset class price to new crash levels.
  12. These new crash levels stair step MARGIN AND DEBT CALLS triggering asset sales to pay for the margin calls.
  13. The spiral down becomes entrenched as unintended consequence of Fed failed policy destroying recovery of the GREAT RECESSION and risking a GREATEST DEPRESSION OF ALL TIME AND HISTORY
  14. This risk is under taken without regard to system stability due to GREED by the Fed and its bankers to charge ever more money to circulations of everything to their elite profit account the FEW against the MANY.
  15. The old backward focus in a new AI economy is fatal to the core system if such abuse is continued by the central bankers. Appreciate they lie and there is zero truth in their manipulation of your thinking to never hold THEM accountable as the High Priest of money in the Tweet Age is now seen as naked without any clothes at all.

If the FED and central bankers are creating a fatal core systemic risk to system failure – we give them any respect why? They lack capacity to guide the future.

The Treasury coming out this Holiday stating – hey we look at all the big banks ( we looked why again ) and we confirm they all have enough cash for regular operations. REGULAR OPERATIONS? There is a run of depositors taking enormous sums out of the banks. The banks ARE HAVING CRISES LIQUIDITY ISSUES WORLD WIDE – worst is China and Italy – but it all effects us – as all banks are counter partner entwined in credit syndications that like the three musketeers in an unregulated new digital AI market economic – once chanted all for one and one for all – but that means if one sinks we all sink and that frankly is not a desired systemic design outcome anyone with regulatory authority would seek – just the opposite.

So how did we get here?

It all happened so fast in just sixty months.

After the crash of 2008 we learned nothing. Structured assets in Real Estate still drive the market. The economics of the world has moved from regulated economics to fully unregulated new Digital Global Interlinked uncoupled asset class markets with price levels controlled fully by AI. AI moved from 1.5 super money pools over a decade to less than 10,.000 super money pools. These pools super leverage capital creating a $  440  TRILLION leveraged circulation of capital world wide.

What drives the new wealth consolidations? The rise of AI and digital leverage has magnified capital so that a ciruclation of 440 trillion Dollars in global circulation now flows with zero oversight or regulatory supervision. The laws are tool old to apply to the new economy which evolved too fast and is still Super Change evolving as anyone can see for themselves.

So today we have a huge gain in the DOW which is moving around like a drunker sailor with red ink for almost two years now of investing across all boards. Anything and everything down bubble. Why?

The Fed policy for the new economy they do not appreciate includes smart money management tools such as:

  1. Shut the FUCK up and do 90% less press and sound bytes in an AI new economy stop giving AI un-necessary triggers.
  2. Plan interest normalization over ten years starting now – each raise at unpredictable times – no more than twice a year 1/8th point raises on average and without any noise press or ability to predict at all.
  3. Space them out widely.
  4. Sell your portfolio in the market at 5% max in any one year starting in 2020 not before. Space those sales also to be unpredictable timed to minimally effect market core liquidity n any way.
  5. Plan three years to work maximum fed debt out of the system with lowest money cost to that debt and without liquidity challenge to the one off funding – adjust inflation index to 3.5% before you act at all – and disregard employment given the long term unemployment reserve of 39 million able bodied workers not counted in current stats in the new economy – focus policy on system liquidity and stability – ahead of all other considerations charts of index reviews.

This common damn sense box top FIVE & WE THRIVE NEW ECONOMY policy revision would work to stabilize markets. Don’t count on any Fed forward policy as they continue to operate in the obsolete past. On an old economy that died and was buried in 2013 as AI and 10,000 Super Money pools took over.

A rising percentage of financial flows operate with an AI the world has never experienced before. The AI is getting smarter and smarter with 100’s of billions being invested to out do the other chap’s AI. Why? Because the winning profit making AI gets all the money and fast. Today 95% of all world capital and bank surplus resources are invested in the new AI economy via electronic versus human managed outcomes in a new digital economics the Fed has no tools or reference to adapt into. As the Fed and regulators try and keep up the pace of change is SUPER CHANGE and far too fast to adapt old regulatory models.

In this new Economy compression and consolidations is occurring outside any nations laws to regulate. Worse and most important the rising % of capital pools reside in Dark Pools and Shadow banking – presenting zero information to the regulatory authorities who have LOST CONTROL. A new regulatory frame work needs to be created with new box tops rules along these lines and quick – or the system fails and we regroup after the EVENT. Shame on law makers for not acquiring the correct data to embrace the following NEW REGULATORY FRAME WORK FOR A NEW ECONOMY:

  1. Box top rules to remove unwanted speculation and short selling from all global markets.
  2. Box top rules to preclude unwanted wealth consolidation.
  3. A single Global Regulatory Agency with AI tools to REGULATE AI and coordinate with all local regulatory enforcement of a modernized global regulatory frame work – missing today.
  4. A global trading scheme on tax and related open access to all markets within a new rule frame work for NO NATION LEFT BEHIND PERIOD – to assure sustainable prosperity.
  5. Entrepreneur laws to globally open access without cost or time barriers to entrepreneur development five year exempt from normal box top rules including state free digital instant incorporation – reduced annual state fee’s uniformly applied globally – uniform crowd funding with inflation indexed five million dollar 2020 first raise ceilings world wide – in exchange for job creation credits and incentives digitally reported by all firms under new rules biannually so nations and Global regulatory agencies can track job creation or its decline geographically to moderate unwanted economic  bubbles up or down over time.
  6. Institutional laws for bi annual reporting to moderate speculation – qualification application approvals for stock buy backs within index regulations not existing today – and credits for re-investment in nations uniformally applied nationally.
  7. Loop holes – all laws have go around potential once expressed – self correcting frame works that adjust to wink out loop holes in the first two quarters they occur by self correction authorities to regulatory framers including a decade conference to reframe to Ai adjustments as technology and economics in the new economy SUPER CHANGE AND EVOLVE so never again are we left behind and exposed to system failure as we are again now.

Can we fix this?

Can we do better?

Do we have great brains world wide to work this improvement out into an entirely new economy. You bet.

What are the barriers to get er done?

GREED. The existing wealth consolidators reside in a psychotic frame work of their RIGHTS not to all citizens of the planet  but to addictions for POWER ITSELF such wealth creates – always unwanted as to influence – as such thinking is mid brain human to protect itself – reptilian brain reactions – from loss –  where with POWER plenty is never ENOUGH for self deluding brains – all due to a failed system model screaming for upgrading globally.

As the capital flows – 440 trillion in 2019 – are controlled outside of any nations regulation by 10,000 super money pools consolidating if unchecked to 5000 and even 1000 as time passes presenting dangers to nations and culture tapestries humanity needs to savor respect and protect. The problems of the new economy are global. The frame work of new regulations must include the G 100 nations with no nation left behind outcomes in the reframe upgrading.

Do we upgrade after a fatal system collapse which is now so predictable? Or before? Will we COOPERATE or COMPETE ( every nation for itself alone )? Core perception and thinking must revise itself to win here.If we fail to upgrade out thinking the system is not elastic enough to survive the SUPER CHANGE dynamics with old rules being applied by central banks who lost all control and even influence.

The system de-stablized from 2015 finally in October of 2018 with Federal Reserve cost to money itself – to all trade up 100% in cost too soon and rapid to accommodate the SUPER DEBT BUBBLE and USA debt selling one off pig in the python of bond debt over only 24 months of time. The Fed’s software is not safe today as it lacks upgrading required to move into a new economy the Fed denies exists when in fact the reality of the new economy we all understand. Yet no new theory for the new economy exists.

At all.

We have suggested a first stop gap is at minimum triple the Budget of the SEC to upgrade their global AI to regulate AI with the most advanced AI on earth. Our USA economic system is a national defense and security first priority not a manned mission to MARS which off loads in a system collapse anyway. The SEC is largely hand cuffed and can only act under old economy old box top rules after harm has occurred. Do we all not wiish for a modernized upgraded SEC that can protect our core system before harm takes place? Can we do better….of course we can and we must?

But will we?

Law makers fail to appreciate the risk and urgency of the upgrading required.

The voters are not informed fully enough to demand the upgrades yet nor are the law makers in fair ness to them all. Super Change the age we reside in has new rules for all system adaption from the FTC to the SEC. New regulatory upgrading of core FRAME WORKS to regulate in the new AI world is required as yesterday is already too late is it not ?

So the problem is:

  1. A new economy
  2. AI economics
  3. Digital economics
  4. Leveraged out of control speculations
  5. A collapse of old regulations to apply  to outcomes in a entirely new and rapidly evolving SUPER CHANGE economy the world has never not ever experienced before.

THAT is the problem….no one looking backwards for the train is seeing in a Star Ship Global new economy of 440 trillion in capital flows outside any regulatory oversight at all.

So THAT is my story and I’m sticking to it.

Final Fed note and to all central bankers – you must not impact system wide liquidity until the recovery is strong versus fragile which it is obviously and your liquidity effects are system risks to core system destruction in time frames never experienced in human history – the error to caution simply revises time lines set arbitrarily where TIME is the asset required to economically WORK OUT OF THE SUPER DEBT BUBBLES YOU CREATED IN THE FIRST PLACE IN THE WORLD SUPER CHANGE MARKET YOU ARE ALL FACING NOW.

Berny Dohrmann – The Canary in the Mind Shaft for the leaders of the World New Years 2019

PS: Davo’s coming up I decline attending as the non-sense of old system modeling preserved by economists proud to drive their MODEL T Ford in quarterly outcomes for profits to the Elites attending – resisting massive re-tooling required desired and required – is not my tribe – as that song the three blind mice runs through my Davo thinking today.



What does 2019 panic look like or feel like?

First you see all the Fed’s men and all the Treasury horse tryp to put humtpy dumpty ( broken now as system abuse reblances with deflation to all asset price clases for every item you can name ) telling us in never ending press – hey its ok and we are just fine. When Treasury Munchkin rolls out ALL OUR BANKS ARE LIQUID DO NOT PANIC we are at the lasat gasp to preclude RUNS on banks you see in the news world wide.

Panic such as has not been seen since the GREAT DEPRESSION but now with CNN and 24/7 FOX bringing each blow by blow as 1929 never could with the telegraph – in our face in every smart phone.

As PANIC rises the first policy will be the BLAME GAME. To politically shed blame. The Fed will blame Trump and congress. Congress will blame the Fed and Trrump. Trump has it right blaming just the FED if anyone will listen to the truth of it. Panic won’t be stopped by political platitudes. Schummer saying that Powell was spot on – is alarming as he operates within an economy at Yale that is dead gone and buried. He and others need to lead the new economy liberty bell before it is too late.

PANIC you can see.

Panic you can feel.

It spirals and is infectious.

It spreads like the EBOLA that is out of control in Africa. What if ISIS gets Ebola and Lap top ISIS agents spread that plaque to all nations in a week of travel to buffet lines?

Right as the system collapses. A billion deaths can occur. Faster than you snap your fingers.

No one is doing anything about Ebola which requires emergency G 100- rapid response to contain as Ebola is the worst epidemic health item to threaten all of humanity in history – out of all control and no one is doing anything at all. Think about that risk as time unfolds.

Take California Jerry Brown wanted to leave office to run against Trump in 2020 – with a state surplus. Only the top income earners the top 1% of 30 million now think of this – pay 50% of all income tax collections to the state and that 1% is suffering catastrophic loss. California missed its October ( which started the SUPER CRASH CYCLE from Fed policy ) by half a BILLION Dollars already before the year end revision. States that were ok are in December no longer ok as real panic rises globally. Now  look at California as the number one highest tax state – on everything including gasoline – a return to desert climates 1000 years of history where draught and water are no longer adequate for almost 50 million 30 million in the LA pure desert – the most unfriendly business state driving business after business out of the state – the fires from climate change – all having a net outfflow of population now in decline to pay forward costs for those remaining – last one out of California please turn out the LIGHTS. State migrations are another panic taking place …resetting economics into a new economy the world has not known before now.

Trump and Congress could pass emergency legislation to merge the Fed back into Treasury – stop paying interest to print money – normalizing monetary policy over ten years versus te3n months – pay off all national debt and deficits in social security and medicare with 100 YEAR SUPER BONDS also used for infrastructure putting the USA in the black by 2020 and stabilizing global markets. This tool remains unknown to the planners as an invisible option becomes visible. Economics – one idea stops panic – one idea you don’t go bankrupt – just one idea.

In full on spiral into panic – will the public run on banks. WIll institutional investors challenged by massive margin calls before year end panic sell to offset the marin debt calls as asset prices deflate and plunge – in musical chair game where the last person who gets it is left destroyed entirely. Or nation.

The world will blame the FED and the USA.

The world should.

But yelling does nothing.

The World needs a G 100 Economic Constitutional Congress to forege a new regulatory frame work for the new digital AI global economics we are now inside of – the new economy. Either before the Super Crash triggerfs massive panic and system failure – or after.

That remains the unknown in timing – when is the pain enough to get the 600 law makers to see merging the failed ed back into Treasury they can control and supervise is the answer and independence of the Fed is killing the world frame work due to insider greed by criminal bankers. WHat does it take to stop putting your hand out for insider cash and do what is right for the billions in the world. Fed box top rule – everything they say is made up – there is no neutral rate – in economics that is pure horse shit they made up – everything they say is a lie – the Fed never tells the truth and their banker shareholders all pled guilty to the worst economic abuse and crimes in recorded history over the past ten years. The crimes of their members continue and they are criminals in criminal money cabal. One day you’ll appreciate the truth and accuracy of the years of this blog serving you all. A pure unfiltered truth as a customer service to the entire world. What action YOU TAKE WITH THAT TRUTH is on you – scroll and read the last five blogs – five to thrive folks and I tell you just precisely what to do – but will you do it. CEO SPACE trust me and read and act if possible by Jan 1st. Thank you.

If you have an answer for that your comments would be welcome this Holiday.

Berny Dohrmann – Seeing Huge Economic Storms coming to shore back to back into 2019 – how do you see it developing ? PANIC do you feel it yet ? 



In the new economy all the economists are wrong. Economists are applying rules to an economy that died literally in the super crash of 2008 and the free money markets that followed all from Fed failed policy to fix anything. At all. And the fraud and lies up to the system dies – literally dies – and then we merge central banks back into treasury – for – until that step is done by congress the system death is a fatal new economy outcome to failed economic theory adapting at speeds and changes to economics itself, that AI has brought forth beyond the frame work of the global system to adapt into.


The Age of Super Change is the WHY. The adaptation of rule based economics for the old economy that died in 2008 as like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly – the change was just too rapid for law makers and economist to understand due to the SPEED OF CHANGE the VAM I have been writing about the sheer:


FOR CHANGE ITSELF. The new equation of AI controlling 440 trillion of capital flows globally. Iran just released its budget of under 50 billion for the nation. the USA spends the national budget for Iran and more on defense alone in its multi billion dollar economics. Never let Iran suggest it can do anything against USA might and power as in any WAR it would take 60 days to wipe Iran economically off the map for 100 years. Iran knows this. China knows this. Russia knows this. Yes Russia can destroy America as we know it – but our victory over Russia would have the USA rulling the world after such a war and Russia knows it could never recover in any way from such a war not ever. With SPACE Force assuring our recovery that NEVER not EVER goes in CAPS.


We anticipate a Nobel Prize for this work 300 years after I’m dead. This Blog has defined for economist to study:

`1. The birth into hyper evolution of a new AI global new economy the world has never known before.

2. The new economy operates in Super Change evolution outside any and all regulatory frame works by AI.

3. The new economy consolidated to date 1.5 million super money pools of capital into less than 10,000 Super Money pools controlling with AI 95% of 440 trillion in fully leveraged capital flows world wide in real time 24/7.

4. The new AI sought to stabilize prices in a trading range AI set up and down to all asset prices placing side bets and stock buy backs to engineer market prices. This first generation AI market theory of risk-less risk was in error and has created the present outcomes of the Dec Super Crash taking place right now greater in scope than 2008 – we had though would be two years out. However we reported over and over in the NEW ECONOMY all measures to predict the future are bogus no longer apply and are dangerous because:

5. The new economy is driven by free money credit from central banks for ten years as a new item never before introduced with 100’s of trillions poured into re-inflate economics globally. The outcomes is a total Fed failure like 1906 depression 1929 depression 1987 stock market crash ( fed created in fail policy and 2000 dot.bomb Super Crash created by failed Fed policy – the 2008 SUPER RECESSION created by fed mortgage policy the cause and totally failed and the new system risk of total instability and destruction from Fed ( never held accountable not ever ) as the cause agency. Six hundred law makers need to read this blog and merge the Fed back into Treasury before it is really too late. Doing it after risks war due to economic collapse.



The world is in a new economy without rules or regulations.

AI is driving the new economy.

Super Money pools less than 10,000 from 1.5 million are imploding to 1000 Super Money pools.

The AI and the consolidation create new risks for liquidity stabilizations – in which super debt bubbles and system leverage become a global economic tornado created by the Fed who has no clue looking backward at an old economy that died and was buried in 2013 and the new economy the Fed is in denial exists at all. Fatal to the system core stability.

The Fed putting tens of TRILLIONS of DOLLARS into the system and with leverage 100’s of trillions has sought to -re-inflate the economics of the world in an old economic that no longer exists. In FACT the Fed has failed utterly.. In December we see a crash of prices into the worst stability we have seen since 2008. The Fed has no tools to fight deflation and must be merged back into treasury. Why? The system can not afford the cost of paying interest to print money -all of which stops on a dime when Treasury accountability and oversight is restore to economic policy.


Things are changing – super changing – so fast no one can get ahead of the change pace in the new economy of SUPER CHANGE. What a wild predictable ride the Fed has taken us on when no one yet is blaming the Fed and finally holding a criminal banking cabal as wicked as OPEC greed – to destroy economic system core stability when it is so obvious if you just study it. Ideas the FED IS SPOT ON – oh really is anyone seeing the trend globally? My readers are but did YOU WRITE your law maker MERGE the CENTRAL BANK back into check and balances with oversight and audits back into state Treasury and faster than you can imagine or risk system failure at core – predicted from 2015 to today right here. But why?


All system failures in history are due to super debt bubbles.

Central banks not aware a new economy of AI proportions was evolving in the CLOUD and outside any state regulatory agency – within a shadow banking system outside any central bank influence – given the Fed bought with borrowed tax payer money over 5 trillion of crap assets – as did all nation central banks – ever ten full years – while offering the entire global market unlimited FREE MONEY to inflate the system – all of which failed. Policy of the central banks failed. It always fails. It is the CAUSE – their failure in policy – and no congress hold the central banks accountable for a 100% policy failure over 100 years of time. IS IT NOT TIME TO RETHINK MONETARY OUTCOMES GLOBALLY for the good of all of us?

Does congress wish to keep safe a system of the FEW AGAINST THE MANY economics or re-tool the new economy into a system of the MANY FOR THE MANY? Does Congress want a new system in a new economy that:

  1. Precludes unwanted wealth consolidation
  2. Regulates global trade box top rules – tax rules and collective earth Federation Economic box top rules
  3. Preclude super debt bubbles or any bubbles in the system before such bubbles occur
  4. Can we do a better job moving forward in a new economy globally?
  5. Will we and when? Before it is too late ( we are so close now ) or after the system Fed Fails?


Dec 2018:

  1. Worst market December for all asset classes ever recorded worse than 1929 – worst ever. Fed is the why.
  2. Cascade occurs when market prices fall so fast beyond any model of the economists ( all of whom were wrong ) triggering margin debt calls.
  3. The margin debt calls create a CASCADE DOWN that is not stoppable in AI economics.
  4. Liquidation in a 440 trillion dollar global leveraged market space – 99% in side bets on which way a thing might go in any asset class nameable – versus 1% invested in real economics leverages like a giant teeter totter in economics a debt super bubble the scale of which is AI and beyond any economics ever known.
  5. The death spiral is liquidations triggering in each new downward spiral NEW MARGIN CALLS until asset worth and value triggers DEBT DEFAULT CASCADES and zero liquidity. LED days take place in time frames never known before when all trades are SELL and there is no buyers at all in AI world and this creates system failure and all institutions fail on liquidity.  All banks and institutions close their doors. In time frames thought to be impossible. This creates no toilet paper to LA and marshal law and riots occur likely to blame congress versus the FED and congress needs to hold the Fed responsible unanimously and act to RE- REGULATE forward new economic policy.




The EVENT IS THE ITEM a growing number of super rich see as a time when the LED days arrive – and the system failures in time frames only a new AI economy can present. We wrote you and wrote you – read GAME PLAN by Kevin Freeman as your nation has no GAME PLAN and you better make your own. Game plan defines the EVENT:

  1. The system failures in Super Debt Cascade and LED day in hours not days.
  2. The triggers to the event are happening right now in AI economics.
  3. Cascade triggers are driving the market into hyper deflation and system risk.
  4. Following system collapse in asymmetrical warfare our enemies trigger trojans into our water power and digital systems erasing all records and closing all digital systems.
  5. The Event – no power – no water – no communication – no cell no internet – everything stops and we have no MARS or mutually assure RECONSTRUCTION plan we have lobbied for for five years – as a game plan no one at the top yet embraces – and the EVENT could be 2019. What do 300 million weapons in the population in the USA do then? And who do WE THE PEOPLE BLAME? Congress? Verus the FED?

Today the destruction of TWO YEARS of market value placing every asset class in the RED INK Loss – you lost by staying in the market and failing to move to diversified insurance investing as we told you and screamed at you all to do to preserve your own wealth – those who acted are laughing those who read and went on as business as usual are crying today.

I’m so sorry for those who failed to act.

The spiral is:

  1. The Fed raised rates into a new economy and trashed system core stability failed to normalized over ten years versus ten months. An immediate announcement of the Fed that we are in a new economy – that old rules don’t apply and that normalization is now coordinated by central banks for ten years not ten months would stabilize the markets of the world. The Fed does not understand we are in a new economy at all. DO NOT HOLD YOUR BREATH FOR SANITY FROM THE FAILED FED.
  2. US TREASURY THIS HOLIDAY WEEKEND stated ( the panic is clear now ) hey – we checked all our big banks they have plenty of money – don’t run – don’t pull money out of the banks we are all good and safe. In Fed Speak that is a full on PANIC as the Treasury not wanting to blame the Fed or ask for its merger which must come from TRUMP and the WHITE HOUSE – seeing the death spiral of economics – CASCADE IN DOWN PRIZE TRIGGERING DEBT MARING CALLS AND THEN DEBT DEFAULT CASCADES that sink the global system as LED day arrives – liquidity – evaporation – day – new to economics made possible BY AI. Wait for it.
  3. We  believe the TREASURY clear panic will create full on market panic to follow. Even in slow trading days of the Holiday. If policy makers read this and make accommodations for the new economy with TIME restored to policy – we may in January rebound to stabilize the system yet – but its close folks its so close.  Protect yourself.

You think as an economist investment banker getting this all right since 1988 …I’ve leaped now into outer space. No. The super wealthy have invested in bunkers at 100’s of billions world wide to survive THE EVENT with para military to protect their compounds. I’m invited to a number of those in fact. I’m telling YOU look THE EVENT up on google and do some home work. This is not science fiction. If those who have the most wealth see the outcome as THE EVENT you should bury your head in the sand why? You can stay ahead of all this but pay close attention events are unfolding like a mo fo and we are fully engaged now in review of data flowing from all world markets. ASIA in full PANIC went down again and when we open tomorrow if we are right on margin calls you just an’t seen nothing yet. If the FED doesn’t get the new pass words to access policy into the new economy – their tampering is going to sink the system as we predicted. The wealth wiped out now is rapidly passing 100 trillion dollars of wealth and that wealth is used to secure loans and those loans are going to triggered to being CALLED digitally by AI no humans involved in the new economy and the ability to repay those debts is lacking creating the CASCADE of debt defaulting when all assets must be sold to pay bad side bets much of which is insured with no reserves in new out ore regulatory oversight structured asset insurance ( all new economy stuff ) in which there is no there there – no reserves to pay trillions in insurance claims coming up when – oh tomorrow and to Friday. THE CASCADE IS THE “IT” AND THE “IT” IS NOW thank you Federal Reserve Board for being insane – and obsolete thank you Fed for ending your horror reign and system abuse that never ends for your own member bank profits as they all and you fail now. Utterly fail. Following ten years of FED fasilure to control or contain wild mortgage market speculations in its member banks, just one insurance firm AIG required over 1 billion dollars in bail outs for insurance on structured asset failed side bets – that the tax payer had to fund to prevent an unstoppable CASCADE our first canary in the mine in 2008. We failed to merge the Fed the cause into Treasury and the outcome is predictable – hey I predicted today didn’t I and you all know THAT. Precisely on what but not on time as no one in the new economy can know for sure what the trigger to AI CASCADE IS. The tipping point and Trumps team is right – has been – Fed triple threat to system core stability:

  1. Interest rates rising way to fast way to frequently way to much for the new economy to adjust into.
  2. System liquidity instability with soaring cost to trillions to refinance right now and dollar soaring cost right now
  3. LIquidity drains with Fed stopping accommodation way to rapidly and selling billions of bonds shrinking capital CIRCULATIONS triggering a world wide LIQUIDITY CRISES ( LED DAY ) taking place right now.

Make no mistake – all system abuse must rebalance in economics. No exceptions.

The Fed is the cause and creator os system abuse and the cause of the fatal tipping point by insane error in policy.


In 2018 – 2017 – 2016 – 2015 – blogs what have we presented hard data to you to summarize:

  1. 2013 started a new digital fully globalized AI economy nations had no awareness about – with AI evolving at a SUPER CHANGE PACE with 100’s of billions invested by less than 10,000 SUPER MONEY pools who moved from 5% control of funds in 2007 to 95% control of now fully leveraged digitally 440 trillion in leveraged capital flows fully manipulating in its first unregulated generation of NEW ECONOMY VERSION 1 – we labeled CASINO CAPITALISM where 99% of all that wealth is invested in non economic speculation side bets to manipulate all asset classes into risk less risk investing within prescribed by theory trading ranges – where all those new First Generation theories were just wrong. Spoiled by a long boom period the market has no tools for massive deflation creating a death spiral of deflation within debt calls and margin calls as prices crash into a spiral that is system de-stabilizing at core ( Fed created by 8 interest rate moves way to fast in a fragile recover as stated and why – triggering unwanted outcomes – you are seeing today – with no responsibility laid at a failed Fed system model – the FED IS THE ONE AND ONLY WEAPON OF ECONOMIC NUKE DESTRUCTION TO THE ENTIRE SYSTEM. The Fed. 2013 the new AI economy was born in a spiral that now controls 99% of all wealth flows into speculation side bets on which way future prices may go with 100’s of billions flowing to stock buy backs to manipulate stock prices for no economic investment outcome at all. Phony casino capitalism a first in economics controlled by global digital AI for the first time in human history. Get it ? Now?  Years of  blogs making sense now?
  2. Deflation down bubbles create ECONOMIC CASCADE – where the outcome is massive debt defaulting as margin calls sink institutions banks and nations.
  3. The Cascade began in December 2018 triggered in October to which the Fed sealed the fait by interest rate shit to the fan – in Dec rate rises – the coffin nail. The market knows it cant absorb the higher dollar soaring cost now of everything raised by the Fed or the soaring interest cost raised by the Fed in full on trade war cooling off world trade way too soon for a fraile recovery from economic abuse.
  4. All economic abuse must rebalance in the end.
  5. The rebalancing is an avalanche of spiral of downward prices in everything. The crash in values triggers margin calls which trigger dumping and selling to pay margin calls presenting daily horrors to market valuations in the death spiral of economic heart attack – with DEBT CASCADE DRIVING THE MARKET TOWARD LED DAY when liquidity destroyed by the Fed destroys the core system to fatal melt down from the 2008 attempt to rebalance speculation consolidation and abuse. No system is safe or stable when 99% of all wealth is owned by 1% as circulation and liquidity become unsustainable to system outcomes.

The world will have sand thrown in its eyes. The Fed will blame Trump and trade wars to assure the Fed is not held accountable when it alone is the responsible agency. Failed policies for 100 years and now the GREAT REBALANCING HAS BEGUN. The blame game will flow into 2019. Politics running economics is fatal to system stability vesus economics and rule of law protecting system stability. stability central bankers as private stock firms owned by the banks they regulate is a fraud and needs to just plain stop. It is insane economics. No longer relevant in the new AI economy.

Whats next?

See if we are accurate.

Can the system gasp and go up and down a bit more noting the margin calls at these price levels of pure on deflation triggered by fed insane application of old economy rules to a new economy entirely – assure system rebalancing is moved forward in time to now. The worst nightmare.

If the spiral continues to LED day and our enemies attack digitally – with Mathis in transition and Trump’s team really having no clue as George Bush team failed to see the mortgage system speculation abuse – who has a game plan to keep us all safe?

The economists who get all this are few yet and not aligned enough. The advice to leadership from old antique out of synch old economists box top rules now applying old modeling to the new economy will in our opinion risk LED day and soon. The death spiral is happening …

Will there be runs on banks in the next few weeks ?

If you see that stayed tuned to this blog while the internet works – and when it doesn’t go to short wave where will broadcast to our readers after the EVENT.

Where we go from here no one can say.

No one could predict the timing – we told YOU the risk was soaring in 2015 again 2016 and 2017 and 2018 created the most abuse with unwanted wealth consolidation and market speculations without any legal frame work for regulation to a new economy. All laws are local and all trades are in the unregulated cloud.

So – you can’t do anything but write law makers. You can do that scroll my last five blogs this Holiday Season for what to do – i laid it all out for readers who want to become active in solutions versus watching the problems. Write your law makers to read this blog. Get active to those influencers you know to read this blog. Knowledge is the way up and back.

Enjoy your holiday your movies your family your sweet times. It is all out of our hands. Be happy on days we can all be happy…and keep an eye toward the future. As long as we have internet you will have box top rules for what to do next as it all unfolds. Make a book mark. Check back. Subscribe for free. Stay current in Super Change.

Now reading Redemption the COORPERATION REVOLUTION is economic safe harbor and GAME PLAN by hedge fund manager Kevin Freeman who advises all our three letter agencies by contract on all this new economy theory.

MARS we need mutually assured reconstruction as national defense more than a wall but no one is even discussing the urgency that leaves us exposed to wipe out in asymmetrical warfare outlined in both books. Be a reader and a leader.

That is the state of Tomorrow in all markets and the reality of the AI spiral downward and WHY as the margin debt by 100’s of billions is now triggered by the DEC SUPER CRASH of 2018. This is not another one folks….

THIS IS IT – THE BIG ONE unfolding as you watch and the news has no clue what is going on out there and Crammer has missed it entirely – Crammer needs to read this blog and get the truth out.

The saving policy is a Fed connection into the new economy and revised TIME to normalize without which – well watch as if you went over the top of Space Mountain at Disney and now are in the loops in darkness in the night with incoming flowing upon you at ever turn. Many of us will not wish to repeat the economic screams and nightmares of this ride the Fed has created for us all. World wide – clue-less a new economy does not respond like the old economy – fatal fed consistent F grade over 100 years – we keep them WHY? Wake up policy makers ….

The Wall?

Hell we need to safe the economic system of the world boys and girls – a song by Michael Peterson at his web site ROME BURNS defines how congress fiddles as the economy burns to the ground and they all decide to unite to investigate Trump destabilizing leadership which is another death spiral into the decline of economics.

Message to leadership:

  1. Take no action or tweet that destabilizes the system.
  2. Moderate policy immediately.
  3. Reframe regulations.
  4. Insert time as a policy asset.
  5. Restate a new economy new policy strategy to stablize the system rushing to failure.








Which banks are criminal. Most of the too big to jail banks have pled guilty to stealing untold billions – paid ridiculous small fines – as crime does pay today and then many did more crimes and paid new fines and they just keep on doing crimes like creating price fixing or fake account making etc.


Depositors from the largest ethical institutions to grand ma are running out of those banks. Wells Fargo and Deutsche bank are two examples of a down bubble in core deposits with no end. They are selling assets.


Today folks are taking cash out of banks afraid they mail in fact fail.

Depositors get really nervous when they see central banks and treasury officials run out and say over and over…its ok the banks are safe really, they are safe trust us.


We don’t trust THEM because they are liars.


AI is now controlling 440 trillion in capital placement and movement flows.


The AI is moving capital to a point banks may be at risk.


Smart depositors wishing to stay ahead of this and beat (YOU) are first in line to take cash out of banks today.


Banks pay 1% a year to get your money.


Banks pay zero on most money flowing through their auspices.


Banks lend all deposits at 11 to one anyway to make profits as permitted by laws.


Banks do not have your money in their bank.


If an unknown percent removes their money say 3% all banks would fail.


It is getting close to 3% today.


How do YOU know THAT?


Oh, let me be the first to explain it to you.


As we follow the Fed down the yellow brick road to the emerald city that does not exist in fact and Chairman Powell is the actual wizard of oz. behind a curtain that shows he has no magic what so ever – we have in Munchkin land singing that song – FOLLOW THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD we are off to see the WIZARD if ever a Powell there was because because he is the wonderful wizard the wonderful wizard of OZ.


The Treasury Secretary singing all the while and clapping as the head MUNCHKIN comes out in press while you had Christmas was watching. You all had a warm meal and family time.


Well “I” was watching.


All AI investors controlling 440 trillion dollars are fully engaged and watching warning about the WICKED WITCH OF THE LAND.


Munchkin tells the world…. HEY DO NOT, WORRY……



  1. I checked all major Global banks before year end given the enormous trillions lost in market wealth and all asset classes deflating when the Fed wrongly bet on inflation in interest rate rising and now is creating market panic.


  1. I’m here to tell you yes sir by golly as head Munchkin that – the yellow brick road is intact and that all banks have enough liquidity to continue daily operations.


  1. You have read since October that the Fed is INSANE and IN COLLOSSAL ERROR in their policies – and that this mistake on policy risks in the NEW AI economy system CORE STABLITY due to liquidity crises being created by the FED as cause. Scroll and read vive blogs and you’ll see why LIQUIDITY IS THE RISK and the Fed has zero clue of any kind the harm they have done. Harm they can’t now undo.



Will the AI investment market conclude that the banks are not safe and begin serious runs out of banks they feel are at risk both in stock in investment held at banks and in cash held in banks they deem at risk?


This could trigger deposit runs on banks moving forward any of which are so dangerous unlike the depression in 1929. Why? Here is why?


  1. In 1929 homes did not have television which was no on much.
  2. There was no 24/7 new cycle.
  3. There were not phones in all homes yet.
  4. There was no fax fed ex internet social or smart phones.
  5. There was mail.


In a week though lines strung around banks which failed before depositors could reach the door. Signs noted the bank was closed. Your money was lost due to bad bank speculations. The core system of the banks was flawed.

The core system of banks today is flawed but much much worse. How much worse.


It is so bad that the Fed and treasury are rolling out Munchkins to tell us at the Holiday rest in peace your money is safe as can be trust the criminals managing your money.


In 2019 the instant – not days and weeks – the very instant the depositor feels if I don’t get mine out before the other chap – I lose it all – the TWEETs will close the banks in 72 hours.


Not reo reopen.


We warned and warned the FED POLICY can destroy the entire system.


Powell driving along in his model T Ford telling us all he knows as no one else can but a high priest of money how to operate the controls of the AI new economy star ship enterprise he was beamed onto is now destroying that ship.


How nervous am I that for the first time since the last depression the Treasury Secretary Top Munchkin told the world – all banks are safe your batchas by golly I checked and they all have plenty of money. What a lie.


Now then will AI act on the truth?


If they do – as in the new frontier of the new economy – a digital depression will take one day…. we have to wait and see.


System stability is what everyone wishes for.

Today no policy maker is presenting policies that work to stabilize a system beyond fragile.


Jan 1, 2019, we enter the worst risk period of system instability since 1929 and all indicators are far worse than 1929 all well reported on the WHY’s in the last five blogs.


We can not blog after the panic.


The panic is a TWEET and its done.


RUNS ON BANKS like the world has never seen before.




Failure to merge central banks back into treasury to remove criminal governance and policy blunders 100% of the time. Giving respect to central banks is your buying goods from a con man. You are all hood winked. The FED IS THE PROBLEM and no one is fixing the problem. Without an emergency act of congress to fix the problem at core – the system risk instability.


You heard it here.


Ideally you keep limited cash in a regional or local banks and avoid the too big to jail banks.


Ideally you diversify with licensed expert advice into diversified insurance investing as blogs outlined here to explore with licensed professionals you select. These leading institutions paid out when banks were closed. We know of no safer space based on historic record.


Is time running out?


Munchkin gave me heart burn on the Holiday in a historic first since 1929 – everything is alright folks don’t panic – and then everyone panicked.


My advice to the Fed and to Munchkin – shut the fuck up – you do so much more harm than any good…please shut the fuck up for system stability.


Now with that said let’s see how the first week plays out now that AI and the 440 billion is all assured the banks are solid and good by Munchkin’s holiday “gift” to the world.


As we all ask…







PS: Imagine this blog was shared with ten and shortly a billon folks went to get their money out of the bank – most of it – just for Jan – what you would see on the news with liens around the block….but wait I can’t make this up – the blunders at the top are on going – old economy versus the new …you are so ahead of the news.






I knew Steve from the start to the end. Unique and precious changed the world leader. The world change was not in invention genius but far more important was in organizational cultural genius. We spent long hours discussing COOPERATION ORGANIZATIONAL THEORY versus the old antique failed model of competitive organization theory. We discussed waste versus efficiency and more. We focused on quality and outcome predictions.


Today Steve Jobs is rolling over in his grave. Why? Because Tim Cook is rotting APPLE from the inside out. How and why?





Time Cook is a corporate engineer. He is managing apple for his own wealth maximization with stock engineering. This work includes cost containment at the cost of quality. Cost containment at the risk of Apple culture of Customer is always right ahead of any company on earth and the leading firm in that aspect set to impossibly high standards by Jobs himself. Shoes too large for Tim’s brain to step into.


Heritage. Legacy.

It took a lifetime to build the Apple legacy and heritage.


It has taken a few short years to rot the Apple Brand.


We repotted in 2017 that the IPHONE PLUS the most expensive smart phone in the world was the worst failed product release in history. With a Billion watching Tim’s keynote to introduce the product – like hey you can rehearse check and double check way before going live Tim Boy – we see the product fail live and on line to a billion eye balls. Who is responsible. Time is responsible. Apple stock loses billions.


Who pays. We all do as Apple shareholders.


The software with a record in history in four months of updates was the WORST EVER APPLE QUALITY RELEASE OF GOD AWFUL SOFTWARE CREATING SO MUCH PAIN FOR APPLE USERS. Enormous numbers moved to Android over this forever leaving Apple as these buyers knew quality was no longer Jobs # 1 – legacy and heritage trashed. In the shortest time. Steven Jobs would never release a product before its time.


Finally, they got it right.


This year the IPHONE MAX is the best IPHONE and phone in the market so Ivy and a team of 100 in spite of Tim got it right. That was good but the price and last year has kept buyers from upgrading in record numbers never seen before.


Tim has 200 billion – that is 200 thousand million dollars – with zero taxes paid in America – off shore. Even with tax breaks now Tim is not investing 100 billion in America. No.


Tim is investing in new advanced AI and technology with an Apple advanced research investment in China who just banned sale of Apple phones due to patent cheating Tim allowed and has had court judgements for infringement – an Apple ROT with untold damages yet to be paid – by who – yes TIM.


Now then the idea communist state controlled industry will fail to steal everything developed with its own communist scientist all paid for BY APPLE so that security and IP theft from the leading criminal nation on earth China – hacking everything and everyone – no longer needs to hack advanced AI trade secrets and the future of computing as Apple will develop the future with partnership with China criminals. All due to TIM.


Now based on the China factor millions of Apple users are leaving Apple and they love the Apple team they hate the ROT in Apple which is all Tim Cook.


I’ve met Tim but he doesn’t remember. I wrote team of my relationship with Steven and our discussions for a new product innovation I brought to him when he was ill to cheer him up. It did. I wrote Tim in 2015 2016 and 2017. Tim was being criticized for among other things the failure to invent truly forward technology. I grew up in Silicon Valley. I have won praise for breakthrough technology and software. HP and I developed a talking 41 C with roms we grew to my specifications the world had never seen before years before Steve had the Mac say HELLO out loud. Today I have almost a million lines of code patented worldwide and in China for the future of class room design – SUPER TEACHING. Click if you’re interested in that fact checking.


So, I write Tim in 2015 2016 and 2017 on specifications for ISCROLL a new technology to trump the world. Pardon the pun. Chairman to Chairman CEO to CEO. Do I get one letter back saying thanks (as I didn’t want anything – for the gift of billions to Tim’s team). I assume Tim wished to assure I had no claim to the invention I created. I didn’t plan to claim anything as my gift was to Steve and his team not to Tim. But his lack of courtesy is a mark of his office style which is all about TIM. His recognitions are all “look what I did”. Steve was always look what Apple did when Apple knew full well what Steve DID.


IT was left unsaid.


2019 what are we looking at.


Across the board we have quality problems. From SIRI not rising to Google or Amazon AI level. Losing the leadership JOBS invented – as another Apple Rot under Tim.


To quality issues in software we all see by upgrades because release of core quality was less than Steve would ever allow to customers.


IPAD 2019.

The New IPDA PRO is the costliest pad on the market today. By far. The product is flawed in manufacturing. But wait on that.


Two years ago, I buy the maxed out MACBOOK PRO as a best-selling author with CEO SPACE in 150 nations a top machine is ideal. The MAC BOOK pro is the costliest product in category to buy period.


To make a long story short the I STORE GEEKS tell me the screen is fatally flawed. I have had three screen replacements in two years. Why? Now my key board is shot in two years and I’ll have to get a replacement when the holiday crowds die down. Damn. The screen can’t be cleaned with anything but water. If you use Apple screen cleaners you trigger chemical re-actions in the flawed screen design that destroy the screen as glue leaks all over the screen blurring images. In my third screen replacement, I was told the memo defining the problem was not fixable and was a design manufacturing flaw and that to clean the new screen with water only or else. Apple ROT FOLKS.


If you’re a shareholder think of the RUN out of APPLE STOCK because of Tim trashing the brand with his form of APPLE ROT. I said in 2017 and 2018 Tim has to go at a Board level. Send this to a board member at Apple and hey I’m a shareholder and repost this on your walls and boards.


Shareholders deserve legacy and heritage. Put IVY in charge. Tim’s re3placement must be inside not outside given Apple’s complexity.


The China policy for forward Apple research where communists steal our leadership in the industry we created – is appalling betrayal of American values that Steven Jobs I know would never not ever permit.


TIM IS THE APPLE BETRAYER and China is not treating Apple well at all as one of the nation’s largest employers. Tim, you bet and you lost.


Apple shareholders lost.


But back to 2019 and the WORST IPDAD IN HISTORY.


So, Apple releases IPAD PRO – see Tim’s Keynote. Far less watched it than the last year as no one trusts Tim and the only one who fails to know this…is TIM COOK.


So, the IPAD boards walls forums and chats are filling up worldwide. Why?


  1. The IPAD 2019 is fatal design flaw like my MacBook pro.
  2. The metal in manufacturing heat weakens. Not corrected but known.
  3. The IPPAD flawed arrives out of the box bent. BENT as a new top priced category item.
  4. Customer complaints are overwhelming customer service lines this Holiday Season they cannot keep up.
  5. Tim replied – on line – ITS NORMAL.


Now countless law suits from consumers are looming.


Law suits from shareholders on patent infringement miss management. Do to loss effects from the judgements against the Apple Brand – IN Steve Jobs era Apple sued others and won. Today others sue Apple and win – APPLE ROT. From the inside out with the ROT being TIM COOK.


NORMAL. Bent out of the box?


Steve’s customer service worked like this which led the world in culture:


  1. We apologize for any incontinence to our users
  2. We will fix or replace the problem at no charge right now
  3. The trust – CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS FIRST AND RIGHT and quality is our brand without rot.




Billions of dollars ARE running out of Apple.


Tim Cook works for legacy and heritage of Tim Cook in stock bonus and pay outs.


Tim is engineering his stock. His plan we suspect is massive on-going stock buy backs – after all Tim has 200 Billion in cash. Billions in stock buy backs shrink the lake of stock in the market and stabilize price from the run out of Apple.


Tim secures Apple stock at a low price.


Market share is now leaving Apple forever. For equal quality and now superior customer service cultures.


The future for Apple without ISCROL (my invention may save them) or aquiline all of which is temporary.


A new CEO that restores APPLE QUALITY and CULTURE is required which will take years to bring Apple back to its former PRE-TIM glory.


Tim remaining is moving Apple Rot as reported here and in media globally from IPHONE horrors – software horrors – MACBOOK pro design flaws – no apology ever – to IPDAD HORRORS. The TIM ROT Is effecting the entire BRAND NOW as all ROT not CUT OUT by the board will. We warned Apple in 2016 2017 2018 and now in 2019.



OUR NEW YEAR 2019 Report is as always, the first in media to report the necklace of the TIM ROT. It is not about the individual brand rotting – it is about the allocation of resources (failed management) – to assure quality or delay releases until JOBS quality standards are assured to users – where the ROT is the TIM NECKLACE of growing Apple ROT the world can now see from my report tying it all together.


The SEC can’t fix legal management deficiencies. That is the Boards job. The Board now can be sued for fiduciary breach of responsibility to shareholders. This item will be used for evidence in such 2019 suits.


The growing litigation to the Apple Brand is having this effect:


  1. A RUN OUT OF APPLE first time ever to other brands is now underway.
  2. The Apple is rotting and users know it now.
  3. The reason is Tim’s error in management. His blunders. Apple ROT = TIM COOK whose legacy is trashing Steve Jobs legacy and heritage.
  4. Institutional investors are running out of the Apple ROT they get it.
  5. All investors and users are about to run in a message the Board must respond to as the failure to CUT OUT THE APPLE ROT growing is on the Board alone as liability.


Everyone who loves and knows Steve Job culture for Apple leadership and excellence is sad to their bone marrow…


There was a famous Presidential Debate where one candidate turned to the other comparing himself to Ronald Reagan when he said…Sir I knew Ronald Reagan I worked with Ronald Reagan and Sir with all due respect you ARE NOT OR ANYTHING CLOSE TO RONALD REAGAN.


Tim Cook….


I knew Steven Jobs and Sir I also Worked with Steven Jobs long before you ever met him in our twenties until his death and with all due respect sit…you are nothing like or even close to my friend Steven Jobs.


In 2019 on behalf of Apple users and Apple Shareholders – to Tim Cook…sir SHAME ON YOU and please resign to save the Board the responsibility of firing your sorry Apple rotting ass.


In 2019 the gloves come off as you are all about to see ….