What does 2019 panic look like or feel like?

First you see all the Fed’s men and all the Treasury horse tryp to put humtpy dumpty ( broken now as system abuse reblances with deflation to all asset price clases for every item you can name ) telling us in never ending press – hey its ok and we are just fine. When Treasury Munchkin rolls out ALL OUR BANKS ARE LIQUID DO NOT PANIC we are at the lasat gasp to preclude RUNS on banks you see in the news world wide.

Panic such as has not been seen since the GREAT DEPRESSION but now with CNN and 24/7 FOX bringing each blow by blow as 1929 never could with the telegraph – in our face in every smart phone.

As PANIC rises the first policy will be the BLAME GAME. To politically shed blame. The Fed will blame Trump and congress. Congress will blame the Fed and Trrump. Trump has it right blaming just the FED if anyone will listen to the truth of it. Panic won’t be stopped by political platitudes. Schummer saying that Powell was spot on – is alarming as he operates within an economy at Yale that is dead gone and buried. He and others need to lead the new economy liberty bell before it is too late.

PANIC you can see.

Panic you can feel.

It spirals and is infectious.

It spreads like the EBOLA that is out of control in Africa. What if ISIS gets Ebola and Lap top ISIS agents spread that plaque to all nations in a week of travel to buffet lines?

Right as the system collapses. A billion deaths can occur. Faster than you snap your fingers.

No one is doing anything about Ebola which requires emergency G 100- rapid response to contain as Ebola is the worst epidemic health item to threaten all of humanity in history – out of all control and no one is doing anything at all. Think about that risk as time unfolds.

Take California Jerry Brown wanted to leave office to run against Trump in 2020 – with a state surplus. Only the top income earners the top 1% of 30 million now think of this – pay 50% of all income tax collections to the state and that 1% is suffering catastrophic loss. California missed its October ( which started the SUPER CRASH CYCLE from Fed policy ) by half a BILLION Dollars already before the year end revision. States that were ok are in December no longer ok as real panic rises globally. Now  look at California as the number one highest tax state – on everything including gasoline – a return to desert climates 1000 years of history where draught and water are no longer adequate for almost 50 million 30 million in the LA pure desert – the most unfriendly business state driving business after business out of the state – the fires from climate change – all having a net outfflow of population now in decline to pay forward costs for those remaining – last one out of California please turn out the LIGHTS. State migrations are another panic taking place …resetting economics into a new economy the world has not known before now.

Trump and Congress could pass emergency legislation to merge the Fed back into Treasury – stop paying interest to print money – normalizing monetary policy over ten years versus te3n months – pay off all national debt and deficits in social security and medicare with 100 YEAR SUPER BONDS also used for infrastructure putting the USA in the black by 2020 and stabilizing global markets. This tool remains unknown to the planners as an invisible option becomes visible. Economics – one idea stops panic – one idea you don’t go bankrupt – just one idea.

In full on spiral into panic – will the public run on banks. WIll institutional investors challenged by massive margin calls before year end panic sell to offset the marin debt calls as asset prices deflate and plunge – in musical chair game where the last person who gets it is left destroyed entirely. Or nation.

The world will blame the FED and the USA.

The world should.

But yelling does nothing.

The World needs a G 100 Economic Constitutional Congress to forege a new regulatory frame work for the new digital AI global economics we are now inside of – the new economy. Either before the Super Crash triggerfs massive panic and system failure – or after.

That remains the unknown in timing – when is the pain enough to get the 600 law makers to see merging the failed ed back into Treasury they can control and supervise is the answer and independence of the Fed is killing the world frame work due to insider greed by criminal bankers. WHat does it take to stop putting your hand out for insider cash and do what is right for the billions in the world. Fed box top rule – everything they say is made up – there is no neutral rate – in economics that is pure horse shit they made up – everything they say is a lie – the Fed never tells the truth and their banker shareholders all pled guilty to the worst economic abuse and crimes in recorded history over the past ten years. The crimes of their members continue and they are criminals in criminal money cabal. One day you’ll appreciate the truth and accuracy of the years of this blog serving you all. A pure unfiltered truth as a customer service to the entire world. What action YOU TAKE WITH THAT TRUTH is on you – scroll and read the last five blogs – five to thrive folks and I tell you just precisely what to do – but will you do it. CEO SPACE trust me and read and act if possible by Jan 1st. Thank you.

If you have an answer for that your comments would be welcome this Holiday.

Berny Dohrmann – Seeing Huge Economic Storms coming to shore back to back into 2019 – how do you see it developing ? PANIC do you feel it yet ?