Which banks are criminal. Most of the too big to jail banks have pled guilty to stealing untold billions – paid ridiculous small fines – as crime does pay today and then many did more crimes and paid new fines and they just keep on doing crimes like creating price fixing or fake account making etc.


Depositors from the largest ethical institutions to grand ma are running out of those banks. Wells Fargo and Deutsche bank are two examples of a down bubble in core deposits with no end. They are selling assets.


Today folks are taking cash out of banks afraid they mail in fact fail.

Depositors get really nervous when they see central banks and treasury officials run out and say over and over…its ok the banks are safe really, they are safe trust us.


We don’t trust THEM because they are liars.


AI is now controlling 440 trillion in capital placement and movement flows.


The AI is moving capital to a point banks may be at risk.


Smart depositors wishing to stay ahead of this and beat (YOU) are first in line to take cash out of banks today.


Banks pay 1% a year to get your money.


Banks pay zero on most money flowing through their auspices.


Banks lend all deposits at 11 to one anyway to make profits as permitted by laws.


Banks do not have your money in their bank.


If an unknown percent removes their money say 3% all banks would fail.


It is getting close to 3% today.


How do YOU know THAT?


Oh, let me be the first to explain it to you.


As we follow the Fed down the yellow brick road to the emerald city that does not exist in fact and Chairman Powell is the actual wizard of oz. behind a curtain that shows he has no magic what so ever – we have in Munchkin land singing that song – FOLLOW THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD we are off to see the WIZARD if ever a Powell there was because because he is the wonderful wizard the wonderful wizard of OZ.


The Treasury Secretary singing all the while and clapping as the head MUNCHKIN comes out in press while you had Christmas was watching. You all had a warm meal and family time.


Well “I” was watching.


All AI investors controlling 440 trillion dollars are fully engaged and watching warning about the WICKED WITCH OF THE LAND.


Munchkin tells the world…. HEY DO NOT, WORRY……



  1. I checked all major Global banks before year end given the enormous trillions lost in market wealth and all asset classes deflating when the Fed wrongly bet on inflation in interest rate rising and now is creating market panic.


  1. I’m here to tell you yes sir by golly as head Munchkin that – the yellow brick road is intact and that all banks have enough liquidity to continue daily operations.


  1. You have read since October that the Fed is INSANE and IN COLLOSSAL ERROR in their policies – and that this mistake on policy risks in the NEW AI economy system CORE STABLITY due to liquidity crises being created by the FED as cause. Scroll and read vive blogs and you’ll see why LIQUIDITY IS THE RISK and the Fed has zero clue of any kind the harm they have done. Harm they can’t now undo.



Will the AI investment market conclude that the banks are not safe and begin serious runs out of banks they feel are at risk both in stock in investment held at banks and in cash held in banks they deem at risk?


This could trigger deposit runs on banks moving forward any of which are so dangerous unlike the depression in 1929. Why? Here is why?


  1. In 1929 homes did not have television which was no on much.
  2. There was no 24/7 new cycle.
  3. There were not phones in all homes yet.
  4. There was no fax fed ex internet social or smart phones.
  5. There was mail.


In a week though lines strung around banks which failed before depositors could reach the door. Signs noted the bank was closed. Your money was lost due to bad bank speculations. The core system of the banks was flawed.

The core system of banks today is flawed but much much worse. How much worse.


It is so bad that the Fed and treasury are rolling out Munchkins to tell us at the Holiday rest in peace your money is safe as can be trust the criminals managing your money.


In 2019 the instant – not days and weeks – the very instant the depositor feels if I don’t get mine out before the other chap – I lose it all – the TWEETs will close the banks in 72 hours.


Not reo reopen.


We warned and warned the FED POLICY can destroy the entire system.


Powell driving along in his model T Ford telling us all he knows as no one else can but a high priest of money how to operate the controls of the AI new economy star ship enterprise he was beamed onto is now destroying that ship.


How nervous am I that for the first time since the last depression the Treasury Secretary Top Munchkin told the world – all banks are safe your batchas by golly I checked and they all have plenty of money. What a lie.


Now then will AI act on the truth?


If they do – as in the new frontier of the new economy – a digital depression will take one day…. we have to wait and see.


System stability is what everyone wishes for.

Today no policy maker is presenting policies that work to stabilize a system beyond fragile.


Jan 1, 2019, we enter the worst risk period of system instability since 1929 and all indicators are far worse than 1929 all well reported on the WHY’s in the last five blogs.


We can not blog after the panic.


The panic is a TWEET and its done.


RUNS ON BANKS like the world has never seen before.




Failure to merge central banks back into treasury to remove criminal governance and policy blunders 100% of the time. Giving respect to central banks is your buying goods from a con man. You are all hood winked. The FED IS THE PROBLEM and no one is fixing the problem. Without an emergency act of congress to fix the problem at core – the system risk instability.


You heard it here.


Ideally you keep limited cash in a regional or local banks and avoid the too big to jail banks.


Ideally you diversify with licensed expert advice into diversified insurance investing as blogs outlined here to explore with licensed professionals you select. These leading institutions paid out when banks were closed. We know of no safer space based on historic record.


Is time running out?


Munchkin gave me heart burn on the Holiday in a historic first since 1929 – everything is alright folks don’t panic – and then everyone panicked.


My advice to the Fed and to Munchkin – shut the fuck up – you do so much more harm than any good…please shut the fuck up for system stability.


Now with that said let’s see how the first week plays out now that AI and the 440 billion is all assured the banks are solid and good by Munchkin’s holiday “gift” to the world.


As we all ask…







PS: Imagine this blog was shared with ten and shortly a billon folks went to get their money out of the bank – most of it – just for Jan – what you would see on the news with liens around the block….but wait I can’t make this up – the blunders at the top are on going – old economy versus the new …you are so ahead of the news.