I knew Steve from the start to the end. Unique and precious changed the world leader. The world change was not in invention genius but far more important was in organizational cultural genius. We spent long hours discussing COOPERATION ORGANIZATIONAL THEORY versus the old antique failed model of competitive organization theory. We discussed waste versus efficiency and more. We focused on quality and outcome predictions.


Today Steve Jobs is rolling over in his grave. Why? Because Tim Cook is rotting APPLE from the inside out. How and why?





Time Cook is a corporate engineer. He is managing apple for his own wealth maximization with stock engineering. This work includes cost containment at the cost of quality. Cost containment at the risk of Apple culture of Customer is always right ahead of any company on earth and the leading firm in that aspect set to impossibly high standards by Jobs himself. Shoes too large for Tim’s brain to step into.


Heritage. Legacy.

It took a lifetime to build the Apple legacy and heritage.


It has taken a few short years to rot the Apple Brand.


We repotted in 2017 that the IPHONE PLUS the most expensive smart phone in the world was the worst failed product release in history. With a Billion watching Tim’s keynote to introduce the product – like hey you can rehearse check and double check way before going live Tim Boy – we see the product fail live and on line to a billion eye balls. Who is responsible. Time is responsible. Apple stock loses billions.


Who pays. We all do as Apple shareholders.


The software with a record in history in four months of updates was the WORST EVER APPLE QUALITY RELEASE OF GOD AWFUL SOFTWARE CREATING SO MUCH PAIN FOR APPLE USERS. Enormous numbers moved to Android over this forever leaving Apple as these buyers knew quality was no longer Jobs # 1 – legacy and heritage trashed. In the shortest time. Steven Jobs would never release a product before its time.


Finally, they got it right.


This year the IPHONE MAX is the best IPHONE and phone in the market so Ivy and a team of 100 in spite of Tim got it right. That was good but the price and last year has kept buyers from upgrading in record numbers never seen before.


Tim has 200 billion – that is 200 thousand million dollars – with zero taxes paid in America – off shore. Even with tax breaks now Tim is not investing 100 billion in America. No.


Tim is investing in new advanced AI and technology with an Apple advanced research investment in China who just banned sale of Apple phones due to patent cheating Tim allowed and has had court judgements for infringement – an Apple ROT with untold damages yet to be paid – by who – yes TIM.


Now then the idea communist state controlled industry will fail to steal everything developed with its own communist scientist all paid for BY APPLE so that security and IP theft from the leading criminal nation on earth China – hacking everything and everyone – no longer needs to hack advanced AI trade secrets and the future of computing as Apple will develop the future with partnership with China criminals. All due to TIM.


Now based on the China factor millions of Apple users are leaving Apple and they love the Apple team they hate the ROT in Apple which is all Tim Cook.


I’ve met Tim but he doesn’t remember. I wrote team of my relationship with Steven and our discussions for a new product innovation I brought to him when he was ill to cheer him up. It did. I wrote Tim in 2015 2016 and 2017. Tim was being criticized for among other things the failure to invent truly forward technology. I grew up in Silicon Valley. I have won praise for breakthrough technology and software. HP and I developed a talking 41 C with roms we grew to my specifications the world had never seen before years before Steve had the Mac say HELLO out loud. Today I have almost a million lines of code patented worldwide and in China for the future of class room design – SUPER TEACHING. Click if you’re interested in that fact checking.


So, I write Tim in 2015 2016 and 2017 on specifications for ISCROLL a new technology to trump the world. Pardon the pun. Chairman to Chairman CEO to CEO. Do I get one letter back saying thanks (as I didn’t want anything – for the gift of billions to Tim’s team). I assume Tim wished to assure I had no claim to the invention I created. I didn’t plan to claim anything as my gift was to Steve and his team not to Tim. But his lack of courtesy is a mark of his office style which is all about TIM. His recognitions are all “look what I did”. Steve was always look what Apple did when Apple knew full well what Steve DID.


IT was left unsaid.


2019 what are we looking at.


Across the board we have quality problems. From SIRI not rising to Google or Amazon AI level. Losing the leadership JOBS invented – as another Apple Rot under Tim.


To quality issues in software we all see by upgrades because release of core quality was less than Steve would ever allow to customers.


IPAD 2019.

The New IPDA PRO is the costliest pad on the market today. By far. The product is flawed in manufacturing. But wait on that.


Two years ago, I buy the maxed out MACBOOK PRO as a best-selling author with CEO SPACE in 150 nations a top machine is ideal. The MAC BOOK pro is the costliest product in category to buy period.


To make a long story short the I STORE GEEKS tell me the screen is fatally flawed. I have had three screen replacements in two years. Why? Now my key board is shot in two years and I’ll have to get a replacement when the holiday crowds die down. Damn. The screen can’t be cleaned with anything but water. If you use Apple screen cleaners you trigger chemical re-actions in the flawed screen design that destroy the screen as glue leaks all over the screen blurring images. In my third screen replacement, I was told the memo defining the problem was not fixable and was a design manufacturing flaw and that to clean the new screen with water only or else. Apple ROT FOLKS.


If you’re a shareholder think of the RUN out of APPLE STOCK because of Tim trashing the brand with his form of APPLE ROT. I said in 2017 and 2018 Tim has to go at a Board level. Send this to a board member at Apple and hey I’m a shareholder and repost this on your walls and boards.


Shareholders deserve legacy and heritage. Put IVY in charge. Tim’s re3placement must be inside not outside given Apple’s complexity.


The China policy for forward Apple research where communists steal our leadership in the industry we created – is appalling betrayal of American values that Steven Jobs I know would never not ever permit.


TIM IS THE APPLE BETRAYER and China is not treating Apple well at all as one of the nation’s largest employers. Tim, you bet and you lost.


Apple shareholders lost.


But back to 2019 and the WORST IPDAD IN HISTORY.


So, Apple releases IPAD PRO – see Tim’s Keynote. Far less watched it than the last year as no one trusts Tim and the only one who fails to know this…is TIM COOK.


So, the IPAD boards walls forums and chats are filling up worldwide. Why?


  1. The IPAD 2019 is fatal design flaw like my MacBook pro.
  2. The metal in manufacturing heat weakens. Not corrected but known.
  3. The IPPAD flawed arrives out of the box bent. BENT as a new top priced category item.
  4. Customer complaints are overwhelming customer service lines this Holiday Season they cannot keep up.
  5. Tim replied – on line – ITS NORMAL.


Now countless law suits from consumers are looming.


Law suits from shareholders on patent infringement miss management. Do to loss effects from the judgements against the Apple Brand – IN Steve Jobs era Apple sued others and won. Today others sue Apple and win – APPLE ROT. From the inside out with the ROT being TIM COOK.


NORMAL. Bent out of the box?


Steve’s customer service worked like this which led the world in culture:


  1. We apologize for any incontinence to our users
  2. We will fix or replace the problem at no charge right now
  3. The trust – CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS FIRST AND RIGHT and quality is our brand without rot.




Billions of dollars ARE running out of Apple.


Tim Cook works for legacy and heritage of Tim Cook in stock bonus and pay outs.


Tim is engineering his stock. His plan we suspect is massive on-going stock buy backs – after all Tim has 200 Billion in cash. Billions in stock buy backs shrink the lake of stock in the market and stabilize price from the run out of Apple.


Tim secures Apple stock at a low price.


Market share is now leaving Apple forever. For equal quality and now superior customer service cultures.


The future for Apple without ISCROL (my invention may save them) or aquiline all of which is temporary.


A new CEO that restores APPLE QUALITY and CULTURE is required which will take years to bring Apple back to its former PRE-TIM glory.


Tim remaining is moving Apple Rot as reported here and in media globally from IPHONE horrors – software horrors – MACBOOK pro design flaws – no apology ever – to IPDAD HORRORS. The TIM ROT Is effecting the entire BRAND NOW as all ROT not CUT OUT by the board will. We warned Apple in 2016 2017 2018 and now in 2019.



OUR NEW YEAR 2019 Report is as always, the first in media to report the necklace of the TIM ROT. It is not about the individual brand rotting – it is about the allocation of resources (failed management) – to assure quality or delay releases until JOBS quality standards are assured to users – where the ROT is the TIM NECKLACE of growing Apple ROT the world can now see from my report tying it all together.


The SEC can’t fix legal management deficiencies. That is the Boards job. The Board now can be sued for fiduciary breach of responsibility to shareholders. This item will be used for evidence in such 2019 suits.


The growing litigation to the Apple Brand is having this effect:


  1. A RUN OUT OF APPLE first time ever to other brands is now underway.
  2. The Apple is rotting and users know it now.
  3. The reason is Tim’s error in management. His blunders. Apple ROT = TIM COOK whose legacy is trashing Steve Jobs legacy and heritage.
  4. Institutional investors are running out of the Apple ROT they get it.
  5. All investors and users are about to run in a message the Board must respond to as the failure to CUT OUT THE APPLE ROT growing is on the Board alone as liability.


Everyone who loves and knows Steve Job culture for Apple leadership and excellence is sad to their bone marrow…


There was a famous Presidential Debate where one candidate turned to the other comparing himself to Ronald Reagan when he said…Sir I knew Ronald Reagan I worked with Ronald Reagan and Sir with all due respect you ARE NOT OR ANYTHING CLOSE TO RONALD REAGAN.


Tim Cook….


I knew Steven Jobs and Sir I also Worked with Steven Jobs long before you ever met him in our twenties until his death and with all due respect sit…you are nothing like or even close to my friend Steven Jobs.


In 2019 on behalf of Apple users and Apple Shareholders – to Tim Cook…sir SHAME ON YOU and please resign to save the Board the responsibility of firing your sorry Apple rotting ass.


In 2019 the gloves come off as you are all about to see ….