September and I wish our enormous CEO and Professional 150 nation community the best blessings of gratitude and joy this Holiday season. Having completed our largest – best quality – CEO Space “FORUM” this last week – we ended 2018 on a record high with growth everywhere. Thank you one and all for sharing our commitment to accelerate your business while keeping you in SAFE HARBOR inside the roaring SUPER CHANGE market space we all reside in today.

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The markets world wide are engaged in a new frontier a kind of great partin gof the Red Sea. Remember the movie with those walls of water towering over the Roman legions? A nation of Jews guided by pure faith, were all saved as they trusted the will of God and no one failed to assure they DID NOT STOP ONE FOOT FALL SHORT OF THEIR MIRACLE to be high and dry in that final footfall.

Markets world wide are rising in this great wall of towering waters in forming forward economic perspective. One side is entrenched in old box top rules from the 1900 era of economic theory to failed Friedman economics fully made obsolete by Naomi Kleins great work

The other side of the towering flowing waters in white caps is the thought perspective for a growing number of economists I lead – adjusting that a new AI ECONOMY IS NOW EXISTING THAT IS SUPER CHANGING AND HAS NO THEORY related to old economics now dead gone and buried. Those die hard old theory thinkers like the Federal Reserve Board refuse to understand the wheel and internal combustion engine will replace horse power. That black smiths should learn how to patch towers. Those who stuck to their old model perished from the earth. The Treasury on the other side of the wall of water KNOWS the Fed is obsolete and welcomes their merger back into the new economy brains staying ahead of the sea change.

The Fed created a new economy experiment without any control or precision GPS HOW IT WOULD TURN OUT IN THE END. To save their shareholders – bankrupt banks and investments and bad bets they all made in real estate security money pools and super money pools and super duper money pools all highest rated ( fraud ) as TRIPLE AAA risk – no risk at all – took trillions and trillions to bail out these banks and keep the system – A – FLOATING. This ocean of new money was flooded into markets at FREE INTEREST RATES permitting unforeseen outcomes in the new AI economy.

First the banks consolidated owned by investment bank risk takers. Now for the first time since the great depression a grandmothers deposit money could be invested – using the term loseley – into the most speculative assets at up to fifty one leverage where one bank deposit dollar could be invested into paper profits at enormous risk to bank liquidity outcomes should the speculation unwind TOO SOON as TIME became the new theory item for the new economy.

The oceans of free money also included the central banks and our Fed in yet another economic experiment never before introduced and forging as AI exploded into the capital circulation industry – a number of unintended outcomes. What are they in the new economy?

  1. Fed acquisition in a made up phrase – quantitative easing – think of it as an economic sandwhich when sandwiches were unknown economically. One one side is endless unlimited FREE MONEY from central banks to their own shareholders ( and shareholders for central banks are all unaudited non reporting and secret which is bad law frankly in 1900 ). The other side of endless FREE MONEY is – flooding the banks with more money to speculate to grow profits back to rise out of the bad loss bets the banks made in speculations – buying the weakest bank bonds and assets until the Fed as only one of so many hundreds of central banks as just the Fed alone had in 36 months also flooded the banks with 5 additional trillions of liquidity and cash.
  2. The banks and investment banks free of depression era regulations in 2000 by unanimous ( and an error ) vote of Congress – took all that money into the following unwanted and unseen by the Feds in old economic thinking – consolidations. 1.5 million banks and super money pools of investment banks – banks – hedge funds – private equity funds and a new economy invention outside any regulatory frame work of any nation DARK POOLS and shadow banking took place. Today the new economy outcomes is 440 trillion dollars of capital flows is controlled by AI in on going AI wars of improving AI monthly – quarterly yearly in AI wars one super money pool against another. The 1.5 super money pools consolidated in only sixty months where normally it would take sixty years – into less than 10.000 super money pools in 2019. That number is massively consolidating wealth into less than 5000 super money pools in years to follow. The better AI the strong eat the weak the AI falling behind in Super Change.
  3. The Super Money Pools embarked on AI influenced manipulated pricing via speculations in the new economy upon all asset prices never seen before in the old economy. These conditions in 1929 were nothing like the math models of 2019 with AI in control digitally. Also the SUPER MONEY pools punished nations with capital outflows or rewarded nations who policy they favor. The capital flows dictate outcome today as nations and central banks have lost control.
  4. In addition the largest wealth consolidation is now in shadow banking or dark pool trading in the cloud where all regulatory frame works of the old economy no longer apply a sixty month birth oif a new economy the world has never known before.
  5. Outcomes to the future are now unknown. A SUPER DEBT BUBBLE rose up from central bank FREE MONEY over a decade and enormous flooding of easing by turning bank crap into cash that the Fed bought. Normalizing market conditions in the NEW ECONOMY requires ten years as strategy. The central banks led by the FED are on the other side the old antique side of economy belief systems and they apply the old rules to the new economy. This failure to understand reality of the new economy risks core system stability as it must of course. Why? Because the Fed has raised interest from FREE to 500% higher rates too soon . The Fed has also taken core liquidity as all trade is settled in dollars by raising the cost of those dollars to over 200 nations to levels that are too high to fast to accommodate desired adjustment without TIME to adjust. Finally the Fed in drying up liquidity as set forth here- now massively sells its trillions upon trillions of crap assets back into capital markets – not yet healed from the GREAT RECESSION with enough TIME to accommodate such calls on system global liquidity. The US Treasury reeling from the trillions in tax payer TARP and bail outs for the Fed banks from the Fed policy errors on mortgage backed securities over years of TIME – now must sell record USA debt into the markets while the central bank the FED is dumping trillions into the bond markets. Something has to give. The enormous move to triple whammy a fragile recovery without TIME as the asset is predictable in the new economy. Liquidity is system stability. The system is defining in the failed Fed policy era – that – it simply can not absorb in the time frames the Fed demanded – soaring interest cost for all growth and expansion – soaring dollar cost to world trade – against dumping Fed assets by 100’s billions as the Treasury auctions record billions – and all central banks are doing the same world wide too SOON IN TIME – so that the system is becoming unstable.

This we have defined for our readers. You are caught today in a RIP TIDE of those who are aware we in Super Change are now in a new economic model for which no theory exists nor any regulatory oversight. Against regulatory agencies like Central Banks largely irrelevent to the new markets of economics fully AI fully digital fully leveraged and globally inter-linked as never before in history. The possible outcomes are not many.

We may risk system failure without recourse to save the system. The Fed has no clue of the risks they are inserting by failing to normalize over ten years versus ten months of TIME the new economic asset required but unseen as yet.

We may risk system instability in volatility swings so wild they make us all immune. We simply see so much economic violence ( much like real violence on TV daily ) we stop paying attention as we once did. We go about our lives and business and let the system find its own new water level.

We may find enough policy makers embrace we are IN A NEW ECONOMY THE WORLD HAS NEVER KNOWN BEFORE and being to adjust regulatory frame works to roll back unwanted wealth consolidations speculations and unregulated behaviors. Said another way a new regulatory frame work for an entirely new economy may in fact yet evolve and is what we at CEO SPACE the leading small business voice in the world today call out for lobby for and advocate. In 2017 few listened. Today a growing number are clicking this blog and paying attention. A total economic revolution is underway. In my last Holiday Blog I told my readers ( YOU ) how to successfully fully join the revolution. We the people are more powerful than any other force if you own the truth – the data – the information. The 1.2.3 action I suggested readers wishing to play a more active role in this RIP TIDE CHANGE in the most positive level can display is set forth. Will you take action? We’ll see. Its a rock thrown in a great lake of WE THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD and the ripples reaching shores IF YOU ACT will be mighty waves a tsunami for positive change – noting our prayers our out to Indonesia and their Holiday Tsunami for real costing 100’s of lives this Holiday. Give to the RED CROSS and pray as a fourth action step in the new economy.


We all together are entering our 13th year of economic growth globally. The longest greatest expansion period ever yet recorded.

2019 looks like momentum from 2018 will create growth for us all so hold that in your Holiday. Hold that thought.

The errors of central banks have slowed things. The UK is down. Germany and the EU is down and France is crashing. China is in the worst down spiral in 30 years and no end in sight as the down turn is accelerating. Super Money pools fresh with new tax laws are taking profits from peak showing profits at year end to their investors globally. Nations slowing are punished. Trillions have run out of criminal baniks like Deutsche Bank and Wells Fargo bank as a digital run out of these bad boy banks is taking place from core depositor shifts. Trillions upon trillions are running out of China and out of MBS ( sociopathic murdered in power for a short time remaining ) at pace levels never before possible at speeds never before imaginable. All new economy AI.

We can guess as experts but prediction in the new economy when anyone uses old economy rule books to define forward outcome is a form of insanity. No one can predict and avoid those who do it.

I can guess is all from data soaring in at pace levels I have as an investment banker economist never seen before myself. Entire teams are trying to report back to you on data flows that self cancel in weeks versus months now. My New Year guess includes:

  1. I said we would have a Holiday Rally after a melt down. I think I was right but off on timing due to political and Fed errors in policy to the new economy during this same time frame right up to Government Shut down who knew. The news of leadership turn over in America to scandals unfolding so fast this weekend polls showed 40% of Republicans will not return Trump to four more years of the vote took place at this TIME which it is not. Super Change is in the air and in markets for the reasons set forth here. We are in new economy and until grown ups KNOW THAT and reset policy to THAT we are in a new frontier never known before. None of which should effect my CEO SPACE small business owners negatively in any way really. You shoudl all prosper in 2019 and I think you will. The issues are the system core revisions taking place now in full economic RIP TIDE old to the new. Horse shoes to inner tube repair. Lawyers making laws don’t get it yet but they are waking up to it.; I trust we have time. But we may not. Depends on the central bank capacity being obsolete to error.
  2. I think AI will see record earnings reporting from what we all see – shopping malls crowded as never before and 1 trillion in Holiday buying for the first time ever – driving year end earnings across all borders globally. AI will profit back up the rope massively as AI moves to reset the market prices now actually off what is sound economics back into more wise economic valuations. We have stated Apple as they have done agains the worst year end press for five years SURPRISE in EXTREME with record earnings – FAANG too – and bargain buying will soar back is our guess restoring confidence. None of us FEEL like a bad things is happening really and most of us have confidence in tomorrow and we are spending and investing. I guess the tax benefits of 2018 will finally begin to inspire investment in 2019 and 2020 to carry prosperity into the future.
  3. I guess congress will pass infrastructure as an AMERICAN INVESTMENT with the highest profits ever imagined. Infrastructure if passed can drive American and global prosperity into 2030 as we have reported here as the single WILD CARD to offset Fed policy errors. Become active to support infrastructure with your law makers as key to action you can take. Watch for that and the AI response to asset class valuation.
  4. I guess AI will stablixe markets in 2019 and now adjusted for slower than all time peak growth of 2018 as a decade on off – moderation to good and more normal growth ( slower but still strong ) in 2019 and 2020. I think the risk of global recession depends on Fed pause to insane tampering in the new economy with failed policy, and of course trade deals.
  5. I guess that trade deals will unfold in 2019 and 2020 as Diamonds that re-tool global prosperity with two new box top rule the new economy requires. First IP must be respected by all nations and those who violate IP increasingly must be put in jail versus fined as digital criminals which they are in the new economy. Second a no nation left behind revised trade box top rule evolving will engineer decades of global prosperity potentially.

I have stated I can not say enough about the need in the only five year birth and soaring Super Change of the new Economy that – a fully global regulatory frame work past trade deals which helps lay in the new foundation for these rules, is required. These rules assure that:

  1. Unwanted wealth “holes” made possible by wealth consolidation and speculation are derailed forever by new global regulatory frame works for the age and times we reside within versus 100 year old rules that fail completely in the new economy.
  2. Tax breaks would with new regulations flow into capital investment versus speculations.
  3. The trillions of stock buy backs that create phony valuations for stock price in markets and divert capital from economic investment in plant office staff and growth hostage to stock buy back profit making as a criminal value manipulation that needs to be regulated in new rule sets.

The new economy has 100’s of trillions of capital not invested into economic growth for nations today because the old economy regulations are local and useless as capital movement is now in the cloud by AI without regulatory frame works upgraded to accommodate a new economy evolving in SUPER CHANGE passing all capacity of agencies like the SEC to start to adequately do their mission – starting with system stability. CEO SPACE has advocated a doubling of the SEC budget to AI modernize the Agency using new AI to regulate AI global markets and a doubling of SEC staff to upgrade as national security – our economic security and well being first.

Finally we have reported all confirmed by data over five years that we are engaged in digital world war III we name ASYMMETRICAL WARFARE. This warfare is waged by China and Russia and they are winning by weakening our economics. The tools of the new warfare include digital theft of every IP we have in all agencies of nations and industry contractors at 100% hacked many more than once. We also have direct attacks on our markets like we experienced in the NEW ECONOMY in this October to influence our election which worked out of our enemies. Keep us bitterly divided and not in support of any leadership. Hows that working out? I think we are loosing the digital pearl harbor battle but we may still win the war. As China and Russia see they can’t win and we have their number now – we may get cooperation collaboration for mutual prosperity the desired outcome as this phase of AI wars declines moving forward. The risk – will it.

CEO SPACE has worked with Kevin Freeman to leaders in the belt way to execute a policy we call MARS or Mutually Assured Reconstruction. This low cost solution assures a strike even a full nuclear war or a space EMP attack would end with our full recovery in 90 days. Given our threat level the cost of assuring our survival is low and instant if we just announce a MARS policy with white papers we have fostered to leaders at the DOD. We plan to do a lot more on MARS in 2019. We want our team the USA to win these asymmetric digital wars taking place today. In this war weakening our economy is the outcome desire and the outcome we must assure never occurs. China free falling and Russia in oil price declines to their budget hold promise but Russia ends 2018 in the black – while we are in the red ink.

They are winning and we are losing. Great Brains in the USA are all over this and truly I think the tide is now changing in our favor as my best guess. We’ll see.


Merry Christmas and happy Holidays to all my readers.

Embrace as readers of this blog you are so far ahead – of smart currency in Super Change. You have more knowledge to navigate the sea wave we are all living through together. I am so proud of you and grateful to you. The soaring subscribers to this site – are my GIFT from you all. That you share our site as never promote ourselves and half our community is in nations across the globe with non USA subscribers also just soaring. Thank you all.

BASK in this site being one additional ( if addicting ) source of the TRUTH as we keep the TRUTH light on for you to the best of our knowledge. I apologize for CEO SPACE insertions along the reader journey but we launched this site primarily at the start to serve a 150 nation community of CEO SPACE small business OWNERS and professionals in practice. Our goal was to assure our community prospered in all markets by having better information.

As decades unfolded we experienced political leadership where CEO SPACE lobbies and hedge funds and private equity and banks investment banks the Fed regulatory communities also use the blog as a reference to unfolding trends and news. What does the news mean economically? We sought to help provide another perspective always economically and never politically although we call policy errors we feel impact economics.

My readers know my career story. I have run a public investment banking firm for my first career. I have founded and through 2013 ran CEO SPACE the number ranked by press Business Conference in the world five years in a row through 2018, where I still serve as volunteer Chairman, but no longer in operations. Today I work on global economic policy – Super Bonds to reset sovereign nation debt rescheduling – and nations on entrepreneur laws and policies to foster soaring prosperity in those nations adopting aggressive rapid entrepreneur development. Call me.

As we lobby for small business laws we remain current on unfolding trends.

Although teams and research folks help with data we report here – my blog is my opinion and no one else and only an opinion – to use as one source of many to construct your own views. We never give investment advice referring our readers to take our views to their LICENSED PROFESSIONALS to be the only source of advice we suggest you research and accommodate.

My goal is to serve my readers nothing more. I have no profit objective of any kind.

Also – I speak as a Top 10 Keynote Speaker on many lists the most precious being FORBES top 10 Keynote Speaker list the hardest list to get on – and so I’m busy in nations across the globe speaking. Call me. But this means I research many hours more than I write to you. I write to you myself – no proof reading and under enormous pressure due to my day jobs helping others who I consult to. My blog is about currency to news and volume. Readers appreciate any pause in publication is I’m on stage. I apologize always for spelling and grammar – and I ask readers to enjoy the hard data and ignore any “time issue” on quality to the writing. As a best selling author I write when I have time well enough but here it’s a never ending challenge to keep us all current. Research quality trumps my writing quality with apologize given the volume. My readers who scroll know – our 2018 has been truly unique in accuracy.

We hope to continue that benefit to each of you in the New Year.

  • Bask in pride you use this better information
  • Bask in gratitude you have more information than most around you at your disposal
  • Bask in your own authority power and capacity to make future better choices
  • Bask in my gratitude to you – just you – for reading -thank you so much.

My family and I wish your circle the best possible holiday and the most prosperous New Years. I think Globally 2019 will for reasons set down here – be a really good year for us all.