The President of the United States is marginalized and can not govern really, if the President is not seen globally and internally as Presidential. Perception in political realities matters. President Donald Trump scandal infected White House marks two years of:

  1. His A team of talent turns over no one can work as team with this man.
  2. The leader uncuts his own team and is disloyal to them which is then returned in spades.
  3. Policy made without consensus – breeds unmatched contempt isolating power into a dim light in the night
  4. General Mathison departure defines – POLICY ERRORS so substantial the one sane brain now opts out
  5. The democrats are circling wagons of rule of law into a President who may have broken a lot of laws it appears

Trump has had no mercy for three years on leadership in opposition party and some leadership in his own party. The outcome is that no one trusts Trump. The landscape to govern has now diminished so vastly for Trump his ability to do anything is going to be hamstrung by real power – the House check and balance to the President. As the President has made so many unrequired unnecessary mistakes while in short office authority, his own authority is now curtailede as consequence to his own style and form of leadership. Trump rules in competition in a cooperation driven world. He rules with fear and punishment with exploitation of others his desire. The new leadership of integrity is cooperation based and secures outcomes by common agreements impossible in competitive induced negotiations as time will prove out. The harm being done and the harm in unwinding long relationships is short term and fully repairable with new leadership the world respects trusts and regards highly. Trump has now at his mid year destroyed the hope and promise of his Presidency by self inflicted wounds. Today Trump proceeds with blindness toward the harm he has inflicted upon the nation his presidency and the world as a whole. The great risk is the blindness of leadership to the truth, and the march forward in frustration at the limitations of Presidential Powers may evoke a war to distract. The final cost of failed  leadership. One might ask today why has the President not evolved the North Korea relationship into phased sanction removal against phases milestones for peace? Why has President Trump not stepped back from sociopathic Murder King MBS and his lies about Iran and met with Iran and made a world peace deal for real? Why can’t Trump keep A game staff where his own team suggests to a person – Trump won’t take input – Trump failes to understand issues – Trump makes isolated gut decisions – that make issues worse versus better – isolating support for Trump from his own agencies and internal teams as they are in the cross hairs from day 1. Is this any way to run a Presidency of the United States and is that what the majority of American’s want – as poll numbers go only one way for the President – down ever down. WE feel Mathis is the critical break that tips the scales for the base ….one term President? Unless things dramatically shift we believe yes – one term now. Mathis sunk his re-election and the world can’t see that yet but they will. Do you believe more indictments the worst yet are coming in the ever evidence rising case that the President committed high crimes and mis-demeanors – or not? If yes, what is the risk that a real impeachment could in fact win…high or low if Republicans by increasing numbers have simply HAD IT ! Think how this core item effects market confidence moving forward. We never saw such a worse case but in fact the top of the pyramid of global instablity where the one issue is system stability – is now President Donald Trumps inability to govern the nation putting forth wave after wave of trust stability and confidence. Schumer and Pelosky hammered by Trump as pure evil will have no mercy in their. Trump well knows about influence and force to get things done. The professionals will now teach Trump about real power…… out thought of the coming instability. Wait for it………….



We told you in 2015 2016 2017 that the rush to the PEAK would PEAK in 2018. WE told you in late 2017 and all year in 2018 to GET OUT OF THE MARKETS and why and we told you to explore diversified insurance investing as safe harbor for what is coming next. We thought a Santa Clause Rally would be a last possible peak before bear markets and super crash. WE failed to factor in the AI volatility to liquidity we well reported as we are now in a new economy no one has rule books to predict into. We at least know it IS A NEW ECONOMY and we tell you all about that. We told you the market was going to become usntable and super crash. We stated no one could predict when. We thought 2019 latest. WE asked our readers to explore while there was still time on a monthly basis in 2018 to GET OUT of the bond and stock market now in RED INK for 2018 and rushing down with trillions upon trillions of wealth lost since only October. We tell you if you missed it – hold now. You cant afford super loss and over time the market will return your wealth but we still suggest you then GET OUT and move to diversified insurance investing. Those who did lost zero priniciple and still make the highest earnings permitted by law with a guarantee on principle dollars. We suggest you explore safe and move away from risk for a period of time. The new economy is unfogiving for mistakes and the Fed is operating in the old economy, creating stablity super risk to system collapse with no clue what so ever the economy is new and nothing like what they once presided over. They have lost all controls and what policy error they insert harms versus stablizes the economic system in the new economy. The FED is more dangerous than you know beause they believe their own lies – the greatest danger to economics of all. Unless the Fed is merged back into US treasury withover sight and auditable transparency to new economy financial policy – the risk to a system failure is gynormous. In 2019. We told you and we told you now what we said is unfolding.


Liquidity Evaporation DAY is a new economy experience where in minutes all orders shift to sell and zero buying takes place. In a human market where human brains create human judgement related to current events – currency – risk moderation to LED day was slow and unlikely. In AI controlling 96% of 440 trillion in capital flows the LED capacity digitally is a NEW RISK in the 2013 to now NEW ECONOMY that no one has theory rules or regulations upon. The Wild Wild West of first generation AI economics is now a world reality that nations have denial upon and apply old economy ( an old economy now dead and buried by AI ) – reacts horrifically too when Model T Ford tools of economics are applied on the bridge of the new AI Starship Enterprise of NEW AI DIGITALLY LEVERAGED AND GLOBALLY FULLY INTER LINKED economic. The NEW ECONOMY is simple. The NEW ECONOMY is rapidly evolving in AI and no one has a play book for the NEW ECONOMY. Those in power use old tools and tactics which not only do not work on the brige of the NEW AI economy but they risk system failure. Stability is now the mandate for policy moving forward. Fed blinders to back ward economics in a NEW ECONOMY WORLD risk system stability failure.Fed arrogance lacking any check and balance is repaired by keeping all Fed processes but merging the FED back into US treasury where such powers belong. Today Failed President Trump considers after Mathis leaves firing Chairman Powell. Only the Fed is accountable to no agency of nation. The Fed Chairman can’t be fired – the Fed can’t be held accountable for mistakes that have cost the nations untold trillions in wealth waste – in all wars the Fed is cause for as wars are all economic – and the Fed is always blame less when the Fed is the sole cause of horrors in economic outcomes. The FED is a greed machine seeking to make the highest profits for its bank shareholders – who in secret own and control the fed and share in profits from the Fed – an agency owned by the criminal banks it regulates – itself a fully insane economic model. Rushed into existence by an 80 page banker written act of congress – that should never become law and which is fully unconstitutional – the Fed unmerged into US Treasury will fully conflicted on policy – the FEW against the many in our nation – will create a SYSTEM SUPER CRASH AND FAILURE AND  THE NEXT WORLD WAR. This time I believe congress will blame the Fed and merge it back into US Treasury. The tragedy is the option to merge the FED into Treasury ( new economy healing ) would save the world from economic collapse and world war. The Fed are truly so in error making policy that is a mental insanity as Chairman Powell has no clothes. Not a sitch as he waves to us all.


The Risks we have reported include:

  1. Fed policy errors – which have been major since 2015 with 8 rushed interest rate rises into an unstable recovery.
  2. President White House – instabilities from trade to tax policy – from alliance instability to trade wars.
  3. The Gulf vacuum double whammy MBS sociopathic murderer – OPEC destruction – Oil Price instability civil wars
  4. China economic destruction – down indicators across the board in a hard landing SUPER CRASH coming
  5. Japan – instability with deflation remaining following trillions invested to inflate the economics for 20 years – failed
  6. EU crushing slow downs as never seen before in equal time frames – to which interest rising and dollars rising is fatal to economic stability in SUPER DEBT loaded EU nations from Italy to Spain with France now melting down
  7. South American from Brazil to Argentina in financial economic crises with no end in sight as interest and dollars soar against failed Fed policy destroying the fragile stability of recovery into now a risk of system crash.
  8. Profits slowing from soaring dollar cost and soaring interest rates creating system insatiblity globally for all reporting institutions large medium and small no nation is booming any more.
  9. The POLICY ERRORS in 2018 from the Fed – 8 interest rate rises since 2015 with 50% of those higher cost for everything else ( interest and dollars linked ) – compressed into one tragic economic error year for the FED stopped growth – triggers new massive unemployment already started and racing against year end – and singals to the failing markets with arrogance only deluded leadership can present – WE ARE NOT NEAR DONE RAISING COSTS TO BUSINESS AND NATIONS GLOBALLY NOT NEAR DONE. Old economic thinking is fatal today.
  10. Investment bankers and economist – my tribe – are now for the first time reporting this weekend as never before the NEW ECONOMICS. Crammer suggests he knows more about the economy than the Fed – which is true but they never seek outside counsel to thier antique rule based platform into an economy that died and was buried in 2013. The Fed software is buggy virus infected mental software making policy that is causing system failure. The congress is alseep at old economy denials and in the new economy fails within the new age of SUPER CHANGE with cycle changes outside any prior generation in velocity acceleration and momentum for change itself – VAM – lacks upgraded congressional software ( new economics ) to develop game plans to protect America and the entire world from dire outcomes of stability failure due to the old antique FED. The Fed must be by emergency act of Congress merged into the Treasury in a one week passage we think President Trump would sign.

IF all my American readers wrote their congress persons – merge the Fed into US treasury it would help. Larger donors if you would begin to insist as you donate on this agenda it would help. If not and your not diversified in insurance investing you all have a lot more to lose. In my opinion.


The world is awash in the largest DEBT Super Bubble in history a new economy first. The Debt Super Bubble took plce as the central bankers seeking to bail out their bank stock holders from risky side bets that failed, moving the crap loss to tax payers into unborn generations. Followed by decade of FREE MONEY they called “accommodative easing”. The Central banks are all one outfit and when I say FED I mean all central banks in all nations as one.


FLUSHING untold trillions globally sought to restore inflation from deflation crashes brought on by failed Fed policy in mortgatge markets creating bank criminal convictions across the world without any blame or consequence to the FED who 100% fails to limit profits to thier own secret shareholders who own these private non government corporations.

Here again is the defining video for your active vote to sanity from insane economics:

Make a favorite and share this item with tribes of votes who wish to see congress merge the Fed’s back into the treasury for oversight sanity in economic policy and accountability with checks and balances all lacking today. The current system is obsolete with a 70 year 100% failure record to 2018 – failure after failure never held accountable for the pain they cause to so many. The FEW against the MANY is it not time to upgrade our economic software ? This film is packed with truth so impossible to obviate the Fed has in panic over it issued replies that are more lies. Ignorance of the economics can and will sink nations and the world as a whole. Why?

The Fed was created when the pony express delivered the mail. In todays AI age of new economics the Fed was passed by and became useless to control future outcomes – outside backward box top rules fo economics that died a long time ago – but the Fed never non conflicted – never accountable to any agency of state – pretends it knows a thing or two when in fact the agency is in shere panic today with no clue how to save the system. Their old rules are creating a risk never not ever known before. Why? Keep in mind this blog is explaining to you the new box top rules for a new economy that has never existed before – an AI economy with less than 10,000 super money pools operating outside any regulatory frame work ( all regulations are local and all economics are now in the unregulated global cloud  ) contolling capital movements of 440 trillion – fully leverage globalized capital flows dynamically in real time 24/7 – never not ever experienced before.

Algorithmic trading for the first time places economics outside central banker influence or control. Policy error traditional to central banks if anyone wishes to keep score – as reported here all year – works to destroy stability in economics and liquidity in economics.

So old economic thinkers suggest the market way over reacted to the Fed recent arrogance in raising interest rates as a fatal policy error. The speed of the AI reply was predictable ( by this blog as an island of sanity in new economic storms we suggested our readers all year build safe harbor for ). A record number attended our CEO SPACE conference to upgrade Super Change criteria to build and maintain your own game plan for safe harbor economically. We helped as many as we could with superior software leadership upgrades and missing data to make better decisions against. Many nations attended.

One safe harbor is owning your own business. Followed by remaining current in super change and staying current in the new age of SUPER CHANGE.

In ten years of free money nations and companies grew enormous debt to fuel economic growth and expansion world wide still unstable. It takes time to work out of the pig in the python the DEBT swallowed in 2008 to 2018 to secure the system at core from failure brought about by FED policy error related to the mortgage cost of 100’s of trillions they assured their banks losing where made whole by new debts to nations from tax payers – totally failed policy.

In 2019 we have 9 trillion of roll over free money debt at say 1.5% or under 1% interrest and 7 trillion in the USA. Over 100 trillion in decade accumulated bad loans never to be repaid in Asia but shown as good assets on banik and investment bank balance sheets ( a fraud ) and another 100 Trillion in the failed EU – showing as good assets in Italy and Span – all most work out of the system. System failure is a high % historic outcome if this SUPER DEBT bubble is mismanaged.

100’s of trillions of more debt to marginal B bond and below lenders and we say even AA and A bond loans – are at risk to roll over from FREE MONEY rates to 100% and 100% of percent higher loan cost. Cost of everything is interest cost. The unknown huge percentage of loan roll overs that DO NOT PENCIL as interest the FED has raised way too fast into – precludes success in managing the SUPER DEBT BUBBLE. The Debt BUBBLE MUST BURST NEXT.



We continue to suggest CHINA. Why?

  1. China has the largest Super Debt bubble of any nation on earth.
  2. China has with communist economics the largest BAD DEBT SUPER BUBBLE on earth. Rising.
  3. China has the largest free fall from Trade War and Fed interest/dollar money cost
  4. Profits and surplus in China is disappearing due to Fed failed policy as unintended new economy outcome
  5. Debt default cascades  in China effect the world as the ripple triggers more debt defaulting system wide
  6. AI creates minutes for liquidity to evaporate into the largest SUPER CRASH the world has ever known
  7. New economic outcomes are SUPER CHANGE fast beyond systems to slow or moderate as LED day occurs in a single day and the system fails globally – banks fail institutions close and 40% global unemployment leads to world wars. The US is overwhelmed as never before in history. Still the best place to be but the world knows the Fed is the cause and the world WILL HOLD THE USA RESPONSIBLE. If this occurs with crises Trump White House the outcomes are truly turbulent and new – where no past history predicts tomorrow as you are seeing right now in markets.

The AI is protecting itself. As well as its programs updated daily can assure in the new economics of SUPER CHANGE. The title of my soon to be released global best seller SUPER CHANGE – how to prosper in the new age of Super Change.



Ai has decoupled old charts and box top rules to predict and influence positive outcomes economically. We are offering to consult to major Universities in 2019 to develop NEW ECONOMY THEORY FOR THE NEW ECONOMY that has so rapidly evolved with AI in the new age of SUPER CHANGE. Today all planners lack upgraded software tools to manage the new economy. There is no theory so fast is the new SUPER CHANGE global AI Digitally leveraged and fully inter linked systems model compressing into.

Old charts and Crammer graphs are largely now decoupled:

  1. Decoupled from gold and hard assets
  2. Decoupled from bonds and equities
  3. Decoupled from rated bond and equity groups and indexes
  4. Decoupled from currencies and global dynamics as once predicted outcomes
  5. Decoupled from profits – profits are rising and asset class values are in deflation
  6. Uncoupled from inflation itself
  7. Uncoupled from core reviews of the past now requiring new core review modelos for tomorrow

As planners and pundits use spunkick technologies to address a star ship enterprise economy policy failure is anticiapted by AI and policy makers  ( the FED ) are held instantly accountable for policy failure in global markets as never before as pro active policy engineers obsolete model T ford mechanics in a new star ship world they never prepared to understand at all and Congress for failure and omissions – primarily to RE-REGULATE the unfolding G 100 new economic world of AI – and to merge the FED as antique failed obsolescence back into US treasury. The big problem is that since 2015 the Fed tinker folks have done so much harm – using old charts on inflation when endemic deflation is the current horror of economics – and over which the Fed tampering is making system stability the one and only policy consideration ( never ever considered at all ) worse – so much worse.



Redemption in the hands of many world leaders and economists predicts what we are living into. The solution for nations and debt burdened institutions appears inside as well. The jest is:

  1. Host a G 100 global regulation trade tax and regulatory frame work for the new AI economics. We suggested host the three year ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS OF NATIONS in the spirit of ALOHA on the Big island of HAWAII – coordinate with senior Congressman Jerry Chang to execute the economic non political congress.
  2. Merge central banks into treasury – with full oversight with box top rules from the HAWAII congress the MANY FOR THE MANY no more the FEW AGAINST THE MANY economics with a pathology of NO NATION LEFT BEHIND as mandate for all rule making to the new AI ECONOMICS we reside within.
  3. Stop paying interest to print money – and pay off national debt and forward infrastructure upgrading within nation 100 YEAR SUPER BONDS – sovereign nation new bond class to market everyone wins. Nations doing this step move in the new ECONOMY from red ink like China into Black ink in 24 months.
  4. Open protected trading between nations in respect for new rule of law all nations created and approved. No nation left behind has 4 billion move from food insecurity to food security and medical access removes 1.4 billion preventable deaths in 2018 alone – insane economics.
  5. Move to a single G 100 PLANETARY FEDERATION COMMON DEFENSE – secure the earth from impact events diverting waste in common defense as war stops and we all block radicals from harming the whole. COMPETITIVE MODELING FOR ORGANIZING HUMANITY CEASES as failed theory and box top rules replaced by COOPERATIVE COLLABORATIVE thinking where competitive thought is seen as a first form of human insanity to be avoided at all cost. READ THE BOOK for the data ….to solution.

A forward blue book of solution for law makers exists. Buy a copy for yours this Holiday and send it to them. Do three things to lead a revolution for sanity in thought:

  1. Write law makers world wide to merge their central banks into treasury of nation – elect candidates who stand for this outcome.
  2. Buy Redemption and send a copy to your law makers by Jan 1st.
  3. Form active groups around the book Redemption and lead the revolution for solutions.

No one else will if you don’t.

In the end when enough of us – we the people of the world focus on a common outcome we always win. But in the end it takes you opting to avoid being a passenger in your own drive into the future and taking the WHEEL. Your almost there because you read and you share my blog. You are growing community to critical weight. CEO SPACE and its base of business owners in 140 nations – moving into decade number four – is another factor as we are all coming together on this item.


Nothing matters given the collapsing time frames.

Only the G 100 Convention can resolve the horror taking place today:


  1. Unwanted consolidation of wealth. The old economics has compressed wealth ownership so that 1% own more wealth and power than 99% – a failed system of the FEW AGAINST THE MANY. They are all preparing in majority for what they call THE EVENT. They have bunkes with military paid for to live out the outcome of THE EVENT and these are the best minds and wealthiest on earth. I suggest they issue grants of 100 million to CEO SPACE to foster the SOLUTION globally which requires resources. Call me.
  2. Out of control speculation – in the 2000’s 1.5 million super money pools with humans influenced market outcomes. Today less than 10,000 super money pools ( shrinking rapidly to less than 5000 ) control over 440 leveraged global capital flows. Two top funds control 13 trillion dollars ( that is just two folks ) more than 200 nations control. These AI speculators have manipulated asset price in all categories world wide – in a super bubble that even they can’t stop from bursting. Manipulations of price by OPEC or any agency should be by rule of law outlawed. New box top rules. Wealth should properly set up circulate without manipulation to assure proper asset class valuations without unwanted wealth consolidation system flaws permitted and without price manipulation by super wealth consolidation sanity versus insane economics we have today.
  3. Short selling manipulations – criminal acts from 1930 to 1999. Hedge by buying assets not by buying side betting on which way a future price may go. Short speculations of the old economy are fatal to the new economy as we are all about to see and we all witnessed as the market in the US moves to the first 1 trillion dollar consumer buying record setting – while short selling artificially manipulates prices lower in never seen before Super Change new economics. Using old models to explain the new economics is frankly more insanity.
    1. Rule of law to enforce IP protection for all inventors within new G 100 box top rules that re-tool the new economy to stability. Without new G 100 rules to protect all global IP and to assure barriers to trade in any nation with NO NATION LEFT BEHIND upgraded rules – the stability of the post world war II system will fail. Is failing right now. Lots more WHY is in my blogs – just scroll for data.
    2. Open G 100 trade rules for all of us. Two decades late and we have been crying for this upgrade for 20 long years. My mentors who saved the core system in 2008 – Former SEC commissioners and staff – say – Berny no one not even in think tanks is putting the SOLUTION to the PROBLEM out there and you nail it ..but in bought and paid for politics where politics ( and all Feds are entirely political – the Fed is trying to assure Trump a Fed killer drain their swamp leader is OUT in 2020 as political set ups ) always will fail versus a G 100 economic conference where economics drives politics not the other way around.

You can be Santa Clause for your nation. Here is how:

  1. We are not longer party affiliated as they are bought and paid for by wealth consolidators who pay for their elections for access and influence. Vote as one on these issues uniting all parties into one single platform of a prosperous global future. Cooperate and cease all competition in economic unity. Vote as one. When that occurs we all win and the G 100 convenes.
  2. Take action do the steps they are so low cost in time and resource with huge outcomes.
  3. Share this blog and build community around a REVOLUTION for billions of us to win together.
  4. The outcome is prosperity if you act. Stormy times to get there but we all arrive at prosperity in the end.
  5. Peace – the outcome of this model is world peace not war.l

If you are a passenger phoning 911 ( Americas emergency number ) or not – you are a psasenger in life. If you stopped and pulled the single mom and her child from the smoking wreck without hesitation you are engaged in your own journey.

As a reader are you a passenger in your own life or are you so much more? We’ll find out.