The Fed pathology for serious POLICY ERRORS creating avoidable risk to systemic collapse is predictable and consistent for 100 years. We predicted that the Fed is now in 2019 ECONOMIC EBOLA TO THE WORLD SYSTEM and the ONE RISK too great to repeat. We have noted the inoculation to 2019 ECONOMIC EB(OLA is – merge the FED AND ITS PROCESSES BACK INTO US TREASURY WHERE BRAINS NOT CONFLICTED TO GREED will make appropriate national security choices for monetary outcomes. The Fed hates Trump and doesn’t think much of Congress either. A congressional emergency 80 page act mirror to what created the FED fixzes the issues and merges the FED back into US treasury where paying interest ot print currency as a profit to the FED and its members simply stops protecting our unborn generations. Or not. The failed FED Policy is obvious with three trillion in lost wealth for no reason while wealth shifts from markets to banks the outcome of Fed policy error – enrich its own bank shareholders who in secret own the FED – with all the video proof you will need repeated this web site just scroll.

MBS unanimously convicted by the United States of America Senate vote – fully unanimous MBS IS A SAVAGE SOCIOPATHIC LIAR AND MURDERER begins an avalanche and ultimately a bankruptcy for Saudi if they fail to act. Now in 2019 as they failed to act this has transpired to SAUDI:

  1. One Trillion in investment now on pause and rising rapidly globally
  2. One trillion dollars of protection capital that has run out of Saudi and that is rising as well and fast
  3. One trillion of oil revenue lost on failed MBS Opec policy shattering OPEC which is in fact no more

Three TRILLION DOLLARS for one puppy king – that is a lot of money from the Saudi consideration economically. What is one life worth say Khashoggi., $ 5000 bucks not 3 trillion dollars and rising. MBS oil cut back is failed policy. As Saudi cuts back Russia and non OPEC suppliers will sap up the market share and demand falling with supply rising will keep oil prices low – not to rise outside 50.00 dollar range the NON OPEC market price versus Opec phony manipulated tax on billions of human beings. OPEC is dead and MBS killed OPEC another cost. From the wars in yemen to failed policy with Iran to Gulf policy to everything MBS touches he has failed failed failed. Eventually as a liar sociopathic killer Saudi the liar nation has a long long way economically back to trust, power, prestige and standing in the world. MBS has shattered 70 years of Saudi leadership now in the trash bin in 2019.

Against the Fed destruction of the economy, the EU economy and Africa South American economies – Saudi in implosion is not good on the world stage as a system stability policy – the Fed lacks perspective to execute. The Fed is coup0led to world instability events the largest risk to system stability.  If markets SUPER CRASH to 6400 Dow look backwards to the FED as the sole cause…..the Fed is a threat to global national security. Chairman Powell is driving a model T ford with its tool box in a star ship enterprise world of economics to which he has no clue or expertise to fiduciary manage the monetary policy – which needs to return to US TREASURY where all the real brains reside.


EBOLA NOW THE second largest out break in human history soon to become number 1 out break is out of any control of management. Why?

Since the summer the swat te3ams from the World Health Organization facing a major city outbreak – have had to pull its teams out due to civil war in the Congo election year with factions attacking and yes killing the health care workers trying ot save lives. UN and World Health have ta peak with almost 400 dead and 1000’s infected and no tracking of where those infected are traveling neighbors to CONGO anticipate a DEC “break out” of EBOLA to their nations. This will move EBOLA to the EU and America fast in 2019. Again unlike the past there is no containment and EBOLA IS FULLY OUT OF CONTROL.

NATIONS will quarantine Africa. Trade wars will be nothing like the quarantine’s on EBOLA.

Last outbreak nothing happened.

CEO SPACE lobbied and wrote to President Obama the prior # 1 outbreak this # 2 is about to pass on all matrix measured – CEO SPACE argued when no one was in agreement – that – EBOLA WAS GLOBAL NATIONAL SECURITY ITEM OF ECONOMIC PRIORITY. President Obama ordered military support and massive economic upgrading to the containment effort and we won – by a whisker – after shutting down travel as never befcore in history.

This time is is worse.

President Trump is not acting.

A hostile congress makes it even harder to act with the speed needed to roll back containment.

WIthout US and GLOBAL TROOPS to protect health care workers in CONGO the outcome can create a world wide panic and a SUPER CRASH and a system liquidity stability freeze making 2008 look like a cake walk due to AI in 2019. The Fed just made this all so much worse having no clue on risks they insert into the core system for no reason at all. Fed error in Policy uses a micro wave oven to which Powell sets the timer that has no basis in policy. The TIME LINE TO NORMALIZE MUST BE MUCH LONGER BUT THE FED POUNDS ECONOMIC STABILITY WITH ERROR IN POLICY BECAUSE FED TOOLS AND MODELS ARE NOW FULLY OBSOLETE DUE TO AI CONTROLLING CAPITAL FLOWS TO WHICH THE FED LACKS ALL INFLUENCE OR CONTROL. THE FED WAS SET UP WHEN THE PONY EXPRESS DELIVERED THE US MAIL AND HAS NEVER BEEN CURRENT IN THE 2019 NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE.

Until Congress merges the Fed back into treasury the world remains at super high risk for SUPER CRASH global depression and system collapse, and world war. All prior aspects of which are caused by the FED failed policy track record – 100% failure grade F since 1906. As any economist worth their salt already knows from research.

As the criminal bankers and their criminal fed legally steal money from nations in giant economic conspiracy and everyone is hood winked into believing their lies are in fact truth – we all deserve just what we get. Lincoln said it best – no Giant will span the oceans and threaten America – no sir – that threat only comes from inside ourselves internally.

What America needs for Christmas and yesterday was another flip of the bird to the administration the courts and congress by the FED as Chairman Powell a NAKED EMPEROR WITH NOT A STITCH OF CLOTHE#S ON ( I and others only see him talking naked )  has zero clue believing he is all that – in his model T little Ford as the Starship is asbout to crash and burn in the atmosphere with all the power to warp drive to safe harbor …Chairman Powell naked has no clue what star ship buttons to push – as the Bridge of the 2019 starship of AI new economy is .to Powells model T ford dash board at the trun of the last century where he and his team reside in policy. Antique obsolete and so dangerous. As the FED HAS NO CHECK AND BALANCE without congress we are hostage to economic outcomes.