Did Yellin the worst Fed Chairman and Chairman Powell have sex together. That would explain what call incestuous policy making at the FED. Nothing else really does save for idiocy.

In Recap:

  1. The Fed got policy entirely wrong into 2007 and their allowing their secret shareholders ( all the institutions who pled guilty to felonies – you know the banks ) made so much money – in conducting criminal economic thefts to which the Fed was a conspirator in these profits – until they ultimately risked in failed policy errors the entire world order and core economic system. Never is the cause itself blamed . The cause IS the FED failed policy one after another.
  2. Since 2007 the central banks have flooded the world with 100 trillion of free money they printed and charges as debts with interest to their host nations – why ? Because they CAN. Never in history has so much money flooded all markets with a future out come inside this uncontrolled economic experiment unknown as to outcome and now even greater risk to the system stability.
  3. The Fed makes policy using old slide rules and math models that no longer apply to core economics. In an age of massive deleveraging, deflation versus inflation, and globalized asset price groups including labor, all paying zero attention to Fed obsolete modeling, as the FED looks backward ever backward in making policy and the new AI economy has left the obsolete antique fed as out of touch with the new economy as the old water wheel that turned a grinder for wheat is in the era today of mag lev power generation and tidal electricity. The Fed has no clue at all.
  4. The New AI digitally leveraged and fully Global Inter-llnked economy – is so new the Fed was left in the dust like a Model T Ford to the Star Ship Enterprise where Fed skills to work the bride of the Enterprise create system risk the star ship will materialize from warp drive inside a star more massive than our sun – the FED HAS NO TOOLS TO EFFECT SYSTEM STABILITY and is the CAUSE OF SYSTEM INSTABILITY.
  5. CONGRESS has no clue the new economy is evolving in Super Change, the old economy no longer exists and that policy making from the old economy into the new economy is fatal to system stability as we are presently witnessing – while the FED is never held accountable as cause and blame for system stability risk on. It is a crises a rip tide of an old economy dead and gone and a new economy for which no current box top rules exits without new legal frame works that also do not exist so fast has the evolution of the entirely new economy occurred.

The result is enormous RISK & DANGER to system melt down.


Yellin is the worst Fed Chair person in 100 years. Powell her hand picked replacement is a tie for this title of WORST of the WORST. Past thinkers. Past trained software. Obsolete out of date software making policy into tomorrow that is failed destabilizing and system risking.

A Super Bubble has been created with ten years of FREE MONEY and FREE MONEY LOANS. A mount Everest SUPER DEBT BUBBBLE exists world wide. Not counting national debts the private sector has 7 trillion of immediate rolling over loans in the USA and 9 trillion of roll over industry loans in the Global markets in 2019 – 2020 that now must roll over loans from 1.5% or less in 2018 to 5% ore more – almost 500% cost of money explosion in only ONE YEAR – 500% UP COST OF MONEY IN ONE YEAR – where a huge % must now default. The DEBT DEFAULT CASCADE RISK TO THE SYSTEM AND STABILITY IS ALL BECAUSE OF IDIOTS AT THE FED.

Policy is INSANE.

The first thing you all must know – and the Fed has told you all this fact over and over in press reports – the markets are doing what we never have seen before and we have no clue what is going on out there……


The Fed doing bat shit crazy tinkering with the:

  1. Supply of money removing supply from the world supply massively in 12 months time
  2. Cost of money – raising the cost of now shrinking supply of money by 500%
  3. Circulations – removing circulation capacity from the ,market massively

These FAILED POLCIY CHOICES are timed perfectly to de-stablize the system. The system in shock from the Economic SUPER CRASH of 2007 and 2008 caused and created by failed fed policy last decade – are now compounding into the Fed tinkering within the most fragile and WEAK Global Recovery – using policies from prior years like 1950’s and 1960’s which is like launching to the space station with a steam rocket versus a liquid gas propellant in 2020. The Fed is so obsolete the Fed making policy is like an author typing on a Remington ribbon type writer with zero correction ribbon technology where all the errors remain forever for everyone to see. As the FED has in fact zero check and balance, zero oversight, has never once been audited or reviewed and by law is the only government non agency – private firm owned by secret shareholder – that has no check and balance. Do you want this old cause of all Depressions and Wars to run your railroad in 2020? I don’t.

The FED is killing global stability at system core and needs to be merged back US treasury. To save the core system of the entire world. The FED idiots are killing global system stability at core.  In a system destruction event, over leverage and super debt bubbles created by the central bankers of the world – all fraud private stock firms not government agencies nor having accountability to anyone as TREASURY agencies in fact are held accountable – merging the idiots into Treasury is the only system life saver tool remaining – or we do it after the banks all fail which is next.


Chairman Powell announced once again he has no powers to think for himself. Nope. Chairman Powell as a relay runner in Yellin’s race to normalize interest rate profits to her shareholder bankers who own the Fed in secret – ( easy to see on our blog scroll or on line in the internet research Fed scam on line ) wish – raise those interest rates  the FED elites against the many. The high raise in cities is bank buildings for a reason.

Chairman Powell is so dangerous because he believes his own team lies. He believes those lies and those frauds are facts in economics. The economy Chairman Powell and Yellin grew up studying is gone dead and buried – old non digital economics. The new economy is AI controlled, managing circulations of 440 trillion dollars ( the Fed manages such a tiny pie wedge of the total today ) and fully digitally leveraged and globally inter-linked with rapidly super changing box top rules that govern the terms of engagement for monetary system circulations in the NEW ECONOMY to which the Fed has no clue there even is a new economy. The box top rules from the old once upon a time paper non inter-linked not super leveraged digitally economy are fatal to the system stability at core when applied into the NEW ECONOMY.

WHEN IN DOUBT DO NOTHING? When you do something do it deliberately over much longer time frames and windows then in the old economy.  Dropping a simple wrench in an anti matter engine can create an explosion to take out a galaxy. Ours.

The FED has no clue what so ever the market is now a new economy unfolding at a SUPER CHANGE pace of evolution.

The Fed having zero clue the entire box top rule book has changed and their modeling is obsolete and dangerous proceeds like the three blind mouse sound rushing off a cliff economically.

The market is smarter than the Fed.

The market appreciates the system risks and moves to protect itself against the fed anticipated moves.

Finally the Fed is also politically making terrible policy choices.

like high school clicks …the Fed takes the position to Congress and the Administration and experts world wide…..such that they all say the Fed is making policy blunders and errors that risk the entire system stability ….as the old obsolete FED CLICK comes out in the press united and states….sicks and stones will break my bones …..but we’ll keep raising cost and shaking money supply in all your zones ….with great elation we will fight inflation……as Trump yells and screams ….we pick up steam…..and the outcome of our insanity is rising market profanity we lack ears to hear and blind we speed up the train to the bath tub drain…….three blind mice see how they run……three blind mice………

It is a joke if billions of lives were not at risk to the policy error less than 12 brains whose software is 1988 in a 2020 software world. The FED lack mother board and buss speed to upgrade anyway and their capacity at a 256 computer that in one age took us all to the moon has no relevance in policy making within the new iPhone X WORLD of today. The technology hardware and software in the new 2013 to today FULLY INTEGRATED MAXIMALLY LEVERAGED AI SUPER CIRCULATION “NEW” ECONOMY can not be manipulated by 256 computers created in 1988 – think of the Fed as that old limited buggy god awful old software and hardware limitations running a global economy their thinking ( old out dated software  ) can only create mass system implosion upon.

So how does AI market around the Fed and marginalize the FED?


2013 to today the NEW SUPER CHANGE ECONOMY has been unfolding like a giant new high tek umbrella. The new AI economy is 440 trillion dollars circulating within AI controlled less than and rapidly consolidating outside any regulatory frame work of the past – Super Money pools – once 1.5 million of them now down to less than 10,0000 and merging fast.

These SUPER MONEY POOLS control the wealth of the world. The circulation of this wealth is manipulated by AI software in software wars with 100’s of billions invested by the private sector ( A QUARTER ) to propel the software to beyond human capacity to manage risk and money flows. The rules for the money flows in the new economy are being written and altered by AI with AI upgrading AI without any human over sight what so ever. In the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE the first enormous evolution was a NEW ECONOMY the world has never known before controlled absolutely by AI. Universities and think tanks have yet to define economic outcomes so long reported right here first but now being picked up by media world wide as THE DEVELOPING STORY FOR SYSTEM STABILITY.


Law makers leaders and heads of financial institutions and the Fed all are secure in the box top rules they apply into the new economy from 1955. As these box top rules and system tampering are now TOXIC even FATAL to the system core stability in the new economy policy makers see only F grade – failed outcomes – and unexpected consequences to each policy injected as ERROR into the system as a new economy the leadership has no clue is even existing. Policy makers have old mother boards and old software fully not upgraded in decades. This perception error is the cause of system stability risk into 2020.

My readers all know this fact and see it with new reading glasses 20/20 vision adjusted world wide for clarity into the NEW ECONOMY.

First as Hedge Fund Manager Kevin Freeman writes in your holiday read GAME PLAN – make your own Game Plan because your nation and planners have no game plan – why? They are looking backward as the market moves forward. They are three blind mice.

Second – own your own business part time or full time. In the Age of the Entrepreneur the Entrepreneurs will prosper in any forward market while the rest wonder what the fuck happened …never blaming the Fed itself as cause agency for all the pain taking place.

Third – Elect candidates that will merge the fed into US treasury to preserve your economic way of life – or not…as that fix and decision is yours and yours alone.

So there you have it. Today we found Chairman Powell – on top of Janet Yellin – prematurely cumming ( as always ) and neither are really satisfied – turning to the producer directors of the Fed off state in the porn shoot that never has a ME TOO at all – smiling off camera while Janet pulls up a towel – as both seek the approval of the Fed masters – we did a good job right….we did today didn’t we? We did what you wanted and stock prices will stabilize now don’t you believe? WE did what you told us to do….who was the sex scene?

You all seem to see sound bites and news reels and think it is all reality.

As an investment banker economist I see yet another porn shoot gone bad while those who produce the Fed movies shout out – TAKE 23 ….lights – camera and action…….

You all watch as if you never saw sex before…and frankly I just don’t get you at all.