The Federal Reserve Board is a pure fraud upon the American people. The Fed is not “independent” its panic word to protect itself. The Fed established when the pony express delivered US Mail, is a private stock Non Government private corporation. The secret never reported or disclosed to anyone outside the FED controlling share holders are the banks and investment banks the Fed is supposed to regulate. HOW IS THAT INDEPENDENT. That the Fed means in their panic sound bites – never under mine our independence – is as true meaning – our 80 page act of creation – assures the FED will  have no check and balance no over sight no over rule no audits no anything. When congress asked “can you tell us who got the 11 trillion of tax payer money we entrusted to you – their answer is NO SIR – we fill not tell you who got the 11 trillion or which of our banks or what they even did with those trillions. Congress has no powers – zero – over the Fed save the power to merge the fed back into US Treasury.

The day that merger happens we revisit fractional banking and we stop paying interest to print money – itself an insane theft of the wealth of our nation.

The FED was an awful idea and today is pure obsolescence in 2019. The FED if you chart the Fed real track record ( total f grade since 1900 ) has created the boom bust cycles crashes  in our economy, all wars, all economic hardship and pain, for pure greed to their banking shareholders. They have a track record on economics that is F grade. Never higher than F. To give the FED reverence instead of putting them all in prison, is the hypnotism you all have today but never knowing the TRUTH.


If you have just 7 minutes economists documenting the truth will make you smart on the Fed. The Fed is using tools that no longer work. They are out dated. The Fed runs economics like they did years ago. The Global Economic system is now evolving outside FED controls via AI and global economic inter-links that create a NEW DIGITAL AI ECONOMIC MODEL with less than 10,000 super money pools and sovereign nation funds all managed by AI that no control the global economic. The Fed is a monkey wrench.

Fed error in policy, is no a threat to the entire world system are core. We have noted the Fed is a 100 year old F level track record. Economies natural state is growth. Growth stops from system tampering and absue. The Fed is presently creating interest rates which impact 9 trillion in free money loans circulating in America that can not refinance their debts ( See Sears ) at the higher Fed required cost to roll over free money into 100x higher money cost. The fed is presently for no economic correctness in policy – making its largest error since 1929 and the market is telling them having lost 3 trillion in market capitalization that your policy is in error boys and girls. The FED must be merged back into US Treasury so that monetary policy is transparent, real time, audited, accountable and with over sight.

A Fed “indépendant” of checks and balances, audits, transparency, and with a long track record of creating such unnecessary financial distress, F GRADE economic policy for 100 years. Each policy error so much worse than the last. The Fed is playing hop scotch with dice and jacks in a 3D digital virtual world they lack any tools to accommodate. They are a model T Ford making policy for the bridge of the STAR SHIP ENTERPRISE. The Fed must be merged back into US treasury or our entire system is at high risk globally. You see it all in markets today.

The problem is only one. POLICY ERROR by the Fed. There are 7 trillion in free money loans outside the USA. The world of 200 developing struggling nations can not afford to massive % gains in this short time frame to their money cost. The Fed right when the boom is beginning to take hold, truncates growth, reduces the supply of money to the money lake and fast and raises the cost of the money still available in a rapidly shrining money lake by 100x in months. The world economy is being shattered by FRAUD & ERROR from a greedy Fed rewarding its banks with ever higher interest and profits. Warren Buffett gets it as he invests in almost nothing but financial institutions today. His last hurrah and not his best as time will show – in our opinion.

The FED is an antique. Treasury is the STAR SHIP. We need the Fed to be merged back into US Treasury by an emergency act of congress in 2019.



I must be the most rare of economist and investment bankers. I have reported to you all we felt ( sans outside events which we have many today ) THAT – by year end the world would see record new asset class values. The DEC rate increase by the Fed may impact that call to the negative we’ll see.

I still expect a Santa Clause Rally. Why? Earnings are at record. Caterpillar made over 99% of projected by Wallstreet earnings. Its best third quarter EVER. Like 100’s of other leading firms in America. Because they missed a fraction of 1% of “expected earnings” the AI trade brought the CAT down by 10% of its overall value – in the best quarter ever reported. This is not normal market value.

I have written that our markets have been under a digital attack through the election period as a winning strategy to make sanction costs back, by nations effected, by profiting from our markets by attacking them digitally. We have zero defense for these AI attacks today. The markets then behave un-naturally. The attacks have made their profits and I suspect the attackers all profit again as their tapering the attack restores market vitality. Year end portfolios I suspect will not wish to be LEFT OUT or in any way LEFT BEHIND in the Santa Clause Rally. To be sure we will no see more volatility as AI tries to figure out the head winds against the 1 TRILLION IN US HOLIDAY BUYING setting all time records into 2019.

The Santa Clause Rally we feel will depending on FED cruel system policy error impacts, raise asset values based on pure earnings outcomes to record all time highs as we have reported against the common “stuff” you are reading.



Trade Wars. World trade is effected by trade wars not resolved until new box top rules with no nation left behind unfold. The old protectionist model used by 100’s of nations no longer work in the new AI global inter-linked NEW ECONOMY. The global system has experienced an economic miracle of inter linking by AI in only sixty months. Today we have a new economy. Without regulatory upgrading merging the FED into USA Treasury ( to stop the economic fraud ) risk rises. Trade wars are having huge effects. China is not ok. China is falling economically to a level it can’t afford to pay its bills and borrows 300% more than it makes to operate a phony baloney economy that is truly failing. The RUN out of China by 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS, by companies by everyone is a market share shift that is moving forever market share out of China. China is now to identified as an IP nation of criminals, at economic war with all outsiders. Trillions have been hacked stolen and partnerships into China theft of IP the greatest cost of economics on the world stage. If China wishes to preserve its RULE OF “NO” LAW – protecting its thieves – as there is no separation of business and industry in China – in China the government is the industry and all industry is the government. Trade wars will escalate until they resolve and until then the system has head winds world wide.

Fed interest cost. The Fed policy error of reducing market liquidity and availability to capital in a rapidly shrinking lake of dollars required to lubricate economic global outcomes, is ill timed. The FED did a never before in history experiment economically. They bailed out bad bets by their banks using tax payer money by 20 trillion in the USA and central banks globally 100’s of trillions in FREE MONEY. After a decade of FREE MONEY 200 poor nations require TIME as a missing ASSET MODEL to adjust to normalizing rates that effect the world economy. The Fed is in error in policy, using old play books not relevant since 1955 – an antique failed policy maker – now raising interest way to fast way too high each time and way too frequently. Why? Looking backwards always at obsolete box top rules the FED simply is a broken institution and fully failed at making wise economic policy. THE US TREASURY has the forward looking brains engaged in the NEW ECONOMY. The Fed doesn’t believe their is a new digital inter-linked economy – where their play book is obsolete entirely. The Fed is risking a world wide system failure and total melt down as they continue their failed policy into the future. Only congress can merge the FED back into US treasury and they informed, truly must for the entire world stability. The Fed is raising interest rates for protections that are not relevant and no longer matter. Their policy error can create panic and system destruction all due to the Fed being obsolete. Today the FED is the most dangerous tinker shop to global economics having only pain and no gain looking forward. Criminal really. In my opinion if just criminal negligence.

Super Debt Bubble. There are 100 trillion dollars in bad loans never to be repaid residing as solid performing assets on financial institution balance sheets – exempt from what law we all must comply with FAIR MARKET ACCOUNTING. This credit abuse must work its way out of the system and requires TIME to do that work out. The Fed is removing time and raising interest cost to reset trillions in free money loans to roll over to 100x and 100x more cost for money. MOST can’t pay it yet. They increasingly will bust out ( see Sears Circuit City and Bebe closing 100’s and 100’s of stores ). THE GREAT SUPER DEBT BUBBLE bursting ( because of the error in fiscal policy by the criminal banks and criminal Fed who control money versus the USA controlling it as we did for 100’s of years – is a huge HEAD WIND. Debt cascade in digital AI space can crash the entire system in 72 hours as a forward head win only possible because of the extent of FED error on policy. There is no way under 100 year old terrible law, the 80 page Fed act, to influence check and balance or oversight the Fed. The illusion of Fed oversight is a fraud on the American people and the world. Headwinds.


CONGRESS – Trump lost congress. As congress unfolds into the most bitter bi partisan dysfunction the politics is war. The game is to assure Trump fails in two years to win another four years. The economy is the BIG ISSUE. If the new congress can stay united to focus hatred on everything Trump almost irrationally, the multiple attacks to derail Trump’s team, will return to normal. The most cruel vicious mean savage like wagon wheel spokes around the new Nancy Pelosi strategic HUB, is a head wind. If INFRASTRUCTURE is passed next or soon, the stimulus may offset the FED headwinds entirely. If infrastructure stalls the economic growth moving forward compressed by Trade WAR and Fed Policy will stall and 2019 will slow to a shadow of 2018. Headwinds. Unknowns. The economic consequence of a dysfunctional congress at this time in ECONOMIC HISTORY is a HIGH RISK to the global system itself as those in charge have limited perspective that SUPER CHANGE has forever buried old economics – created a NEW ECONOMIC – and the world lacks theory regulations or appreciation that OLD RULES no longer succeed in the entirely NEW ECONOMY. Head winds.

The Fed in 2018 did two errors in fiscal policy. First they shrank liquidity in the crises of a FREE MONEY SUPER DEBT BUBBLE world wide, the Fed created in the first place. For the swimming pool of money – going down down down – as liquidity evaporates to circulations needed to prosper all nations today – the Fed second act is soaring interest rates 100x higher than 2017. The market can not afford both policy errors world wide. The EU the Gulf Asia and Africa and South America and 200 developing countries can no longer see a way to grow due to the soaring cost of capital and the withdrawal of capital to their markets and plans. Headwinds.

ALTERNATIVE TO STOCKS: Equities bought for sixty month periods chart as high return parking stalls for capital and investment. Today the Fed is moving to an inverted yield curve they are creating by error in policy. When two year T BILLS or Fed Notes are paying higher than 3% money has a choice to move out of equities and balance portfolios with debt. The Fed policy is more concerned how to sell its crap 5 trillion of crap bonds it bought from its banks back into the market space today. The FED PLAN is a TIME FAILURE. The Fed using old box top rules that are fully obsolete today, simply make great error in monetary policy. TIME is required to manage the SUPER DEBT BUBBLE. The Fed is creating alternative to equity investing as you have seen, and money is rebalancing across portfolio space assured of a recession green light, from an inverted 2019 yield curve a catastrophe in new AI linked global inter-linked economics. Today markets move at the speed of AI not humans. As no one is leading the New Economy outside the US Treasury who lacks FED POWERS until the Fed I merged back in fact no one is creating successful economic policy but world leaders trying to offset their own criminal central bankers. If all major banks have been guilty of financial crimes greater than any individual ever, and no one goes to jail EVER, how would their stock holder based FED not reflect they are a single criminal gang raping national wealth. Headwinds post merger of the Fed back to US Treasury.

EARNINGS: Earnings are the bright spot. The earnings were so good going into year end. The 1 TRILLION US BUYING alone will be a tail wind. Next quarter the 4th quarter earnings will surprise from FAANG and APPLE and we suspect AI will Santa Clause Rally asset price values to new record all time highs supported by 4th Quarter earnings. As Jamie Diamond so accurately pointed out – there is so much STUFF going on “out there” that combined the STUFF globally can rock confidence and AI buying. We’ll have to see in the weeks ahead.

The Gulf: MBS is a sociopathic murderer. There is no rule of law for the Puppy King. The Saudi salud families will have to in their process define their King moving forward. MBS is no longer an asset. MBS has caused Saudi trillions in failed oil policy and lost market share. Cutting back today is silly. OPEC just gives market share to their competitors. Insane. OPEC cutting back say 1.4 million barrels a day is big loss of market share and revenue. Libyia is up now 500,000 barrels a day and soaring as a peace dividend. Iran is rising oil output. Venezuela is in its lowest out put with huge gains possible coming up. America is up over 2 millions barrels a day in 24 months – a day and soaring. OPEC is acting like it won the oil wars when it lost those wars. OPEC BREAKING UP as members pump what they wish and desire. Putin is not cutting back revenue to sanctioned Russia in the current market share wars. Every nation must protect its own customers on price and buying for market share. OPEC has been destroyed by MBS now we’ll see how much cost to a stability in the Gulf can really unfold. Trumps protection of the RELATIONSHIP WITH THE NATION must never be confused with support for MBS the murder. There is a CIVIL WAR INSIDE THE SAND PALACE and the Puppy King will find this all does not end well for he and his daddy. Trust this headwind – Gulf instability as OPEC breaks up and the economics of oil shift from OPEC to AMERICA the largest oil producer on earth. Lower oil prices are working this Holiday to pour money back into economics as the FEW AGAINST THE MANY pricing oil artificially to levels no free open market can support – is economic abuse. All such abuse must work its way out of the system. The DEMAND for OIL is no longer rising and the fall in demand is staggering as the world moves to alternative fuels that do not pollute and change our climate. The fall in oil demand between now and 2030 is higher and faster than old economics thinker have charted. In the NEW ECONOMIC WORLD ORDER the largest shift of plentiful cheap renewing fossil fuels ( the earth shifts and farts fossils fuels as a factory ) – back to market driven pricing – will foster TAIL WINDS to propel economic growth offsetting FED error in policy to some degree. We all have to wait to see how much. When everyone predicted 100 dollar oil this summer and we mean everyone we reported Oil would crash and drop to 50 dollars a barrel from over 80. Right again.

AI & REAL WARS: World War III began when the axis of evil nations created the first global Digital weapon to attack our markets in 2007. This attack created trillions of profits for sanctioned nations. In October a hardened next generation of AI digital war weapons was fired to destabilize our stock markets. The Sanctioned nations made profits with this weapon and influenced the America election with economics more than any face book post could ever hope to do. They AXIS of Evil in trade wars sent a message to the USA we have your markets in our AI. Deal with us carefully or we will destroy the entire system and see who wins on the other side. Unless we triple the SEC and global regulatory budgets and unless we develop a G 100 no nation left behind trade rule set and regulatory frame work for the ENTIRELY NEW ECONOMICS – AI DIGITAL INTER-LINKED ECONOMICS – the core system is at risk. All regulations are obsolete and unworkable as a new AI ECONOMY is Super Changing past the regulatory agency and planners capacity to remain current. Regulations are not re-tooled for the NEW AI ECONOMICS – all local while trades are in the un-regulated cloud. Until the SEC has upgrades in authority laws and AI TOOLS to regulate an AI market the SEC is regulating with old box top rules – full head winds and dangerous. We suggest CONGRESS upgrade the SEC massively before its too late. Failure to do so is a system killing risk or head wind.

Will we have a Santa Clause rally or a digital attack to help negotiate trade war outcomes using leverage ? Believe me this is what keeps US TREASURY up into the night.



Economic reporting is locked into old box top rules that do not provide accuracy transparency and lack of secrets. The old news reporting focusing on box top rules that no longer apply fail to appreciate the HEAD WIND COMBO we have reported to you. We feel in self service the Axis of Evil ( sanctioned nations ) have made their profits, have successfully influenced the AMERICAN economy and elections. Now will in removing the AI attacks and returning their own AI profit making  as asset prices rise to record highs in a SANTA CLAUSE RALLY the reason for such a rally if it unfolds as we predict is earnings profits and growth. The EU is collapsing in trade war and EU legal issues and debt bombs beginning with EU Italy. Potentially a debt default cascade in the making as just one EU risk. There are many more. Britexit and others coming up. A NEW ECONOMY IS SUPER CHANGED UPON THE WORLD AND THOSE REGULATING AND PASSING LAWS HAVE NO CLUE THE ECONOMY THEY THINK ABOUT IS DONE DEAD AND BURIED AND THEY AND THEIR STAFF LACK RELEVANT DATA ON THE ENTIRELY NEW AI ECONOMY SUPER CHANGING FASTER THAN REGULATORY AGENCIES CAN RE-TOOL. This risk is the foundation risk issue.

70 years of post depression economics are dead and buried. In only sixty short months the entire frame work of global economics has gone AI where evolving AI in what we call the new AI WARS, is evolving into NEW so rapidly no one can keep pace. No one understands the NE ECONOMY. The BAD DEBT SUPER BUBBLE is a TIME item that most work out of the system as abuse over time. The lack of consideration for TIME itself is now the economic chip that may sink us all. Ignorance is the big risk. The system is a NEW ECONOMY and the global system works with rules for an old economy that is no longer here at all. See the problem more clearly now?



This blog is read by CEO SPACE CEO’s in over 140 nations who influence policy in their nations. Congress reads this blog and staff for world leaders read this blog to keep current in Super Change. Hedge Funds Private equity banks investment banks and lobbyist read this blog. What we document and present here is soon a debate between nations. This blog introduces policy considerations increasingly in the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE policy makers seeking to remain out front and leading require to advance. We are typically accurate in economic forecasting, by track record our readers consider is hard data well researched and that provides MISSING DIRECTION to navigate the NEW ECONOMY. We are working increasingly with invitations from Think Tanks and policy advisers along with congressional staff on these issues.

CEO SPACE as the Top Ranked CEO Community in the world today now beginning a FORTH DECADE of serving business leaders in almost 200 nations today, works tirelessly to foster policy favorable to small business, the 90% employer and stimulus for all economics. Nations creating next generation ENTREPRENEUR LEGAL FRAME WORKS will prosper in any forward economic condition. Those nations who fail to modernize ENTREPRENEUR FRIENDLY POLICIES will wither in our opinion. We advise nations on those legal frame works as they reach out to us as more and more are doing today.



Everything you were taught or know is obsolete today. SUPER CHANGE is re-tooling systems as AI is the new reality no one yet appreciates sufficiently as to the speed and degree of SUPER CHANGE.

The markets are changing. You just saw that. You didn’t know a digital attack was making trillions for sanctioned nations who just offset sanctions and won in their economic warfare as we yet lack tools to defend ourselves. SUPER CHANGE requires currency. New leadership brains lean faster – unlearn even faster and re-learn even faster as a brain thinking barometer. These brains insure team work at the top will make dreams work for all stake holders Old brain teams…..failing to adapt to SUPER CHANGE …will perish. See SEARS – TOYS R US and CIRCUIT CITY for recent failures to adapt to SUPER CHANGE.

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Headwinds can be tail winds if you know how to turn your plane in flight. We’ll help you.



PS: To my CEO SPACE community of readers world wide may I invite you to comment on any item and share your views ? I answer all comments myself…..personally most saying thank you. I appreciate the time to share with one another as feed back.







MY LAST TWO BLOGS – year end essentials – define the economic shifts going on include actual digital attacks on our markets, where those doing the attacks distort markets and maximally profit for their own accounts. This is not your grandma’s market any more. We will pause on the data and bring your expectation ( still ) for a Santa Clause rally. Why? Because you can’t remove a virus unless you know you have one. If our markets are with record all time earnings showing crazy behavior outside the rules and laws of economics, then you must explore an attack distorting normal markets is under way. Once the “guards guarding the guards” KNOW THERE IS AN ATTACK the value of the attack dwindles. We sounded that bell for our GUARDS and their GUARDS last week and it is now taking hold. The attacks are rolling back like a great digital tide and what we feel may become the GREAT REBALANCING is about to be a wealth reclaiming up wave, where even those attacking win big as the market normalizes. We’ll talk about forward SUPER CHANGE issues we all must face moving forward. If you have better information you prosper if you do not you won’t. Stay tuned. Right here.



My last blog invited you all to insure your life style and to join CEO SPACE in an all member reunion Dec 11th – business New Year is Dec 11th to launch into Jan Feb and March in ways impossible to match outside the # 1 ranked accelerator for growth in business in the world by by third party press in 2018.

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In our home we will give gratitude around our table. Sharing five gratitudes for what it means to our children to we as parents to our guests to simply B AMERICAN. We so seldom appreciate what it all means.

99.9% of Americans are as far from crazy brains that populate news stories in any year as the moon is from Hawaii. We 99.99% mow your lawns, we blow our drive ways, we rent movies and barbecue cue. We celebrate our common adventures and while we fight like ding bats with one another anyone outside America who joins the fight most often finds 99.99% of us – WE THE PEOPLE – the entire tapestry of us in all races and creeds – rise up as one and cohesively as no nation on earth express to the entire world when challenged just what it MEANS TO “BE” AMERICAN and on ONE DAY we are so grateful to simply “BE” AMERICAN and to celebrate that being as one people.

We are not white or black or asian or hispanic. We are never a master race or a master faith. We celebrate a FLAG that is a SYMPOL of the TAPESTRY of our nation, fought over for freedoms in blood ( our Red stripes on the flag ) and our nation united under God our blue stripes on the flag, and the illumination of never ending reinvention within our unique freedoms to do so – the white light of our flag as the Grace in Our Space.

There are no race or creed in the California fires. Just Americans coming together as one to donate to the Red Cross or to help on site as they can and still are doing. There was no race or creed that night, that sabbath night in Penn State when I joined others in a Midnight candle light visual for folks I only knew in my heart as far from words hen one says….my fellow American’s who were shot dead that day by a crazy brain….and I saw all faiths all creeds all races as one holding candles with tears streaming down our faces.


That is the America we celebrate BEING part of …for it is WE THE PEOPLE of this nation that are the gratitude. I am grateful for every single one of you. Those who love me as well as those no so much perhaps. I am grateful you have been in my life and I beside yours in this time of common shared history of Super Change. Together we create safe harbor for one another.

No greater symbol of that united SAFE HARBOR that so confuses our enemies is this single holiday this special date line to bask in gratitude for what it truly means for us to simply “BE” AMERICAN. To ponder a second here on there how crazy lucky we are together to own this nation and we are her shareholders for the future. US. All of US.

President Reagan’s favorite speech ( of mine on this BEING AMERICAN ) conveyed a message to the world. President Reagan stated that you can migrate to many nations of your own choosing. In all of them you may be in that nation for a generation, for a decade or two or even three or five generations as time passes. And you will discover that though you reside for 30 years in Paris you are never FRENCH no not really or Spanish or German or Nigerian. You are a guest of the French.

No ( President Reagan reminded us ) in the world today what is true is that there is only ONE NATION that you can migrate to and in 30 days not 30 years you are in every aspect of your being welcomed to actually and in fact truly BE AMERICANS. This invitation to BE AMERICAN is not available anywhere else upon the earth. BEING AMERICAN is the hope and the promise or our never ending adventure. Our gratitude for this right for this privilege for this never ending experiment in human dignity and human choice unfold in AMERICAN to all who join us. You are never a GUEST “OF” AMERICA for you, and all of us, the children of the cultures of the entire world forge a tapestry of tolerance acceptance and rule of law as no where else in human history.

AMERICA with all its work left to do, with all its wrongs that need fixing from all that is right about America, are assured that what is right about America to fix all those wrongs as time unfolds will always be US. WE THE PEOPLE. American’s. One and all. Indivisible one people, UNDER GOD, and MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA AND YOU – HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

I wish our CEO SPACE members in over 140 nations a peaceful weekend as AMERICA recalibrate our tap root – the super glue that binds us – is a culture that has no words for what it truly means to just BE AMERICAN. We all get that. We all celebrate that. We all are one in that. Today. On this holiday.

We not public education, WE THE PEOPLE, on today, transmit the precious culture of our celebration and unity to each other on THANKS GIVING. WE the sane brains the 99.99% of the BEST OF THIS NATION are engaged in a reflection of gratitude for our blessing to BE AMERICAN.

I send to you all this tradition with prayer pride and love for my own people. I so am honored to be an American by your side inside these enormous changes we are resolving and living through collectively. I wish you prosperity in the SUPER CYCLE to year end, I wish you abundance in your New Year and Holiday season, and I wish you to always be healthy and safe in the world of your own making.

Today we work on one list. We lock up our list of criticisms divisions and our natural focus on problems we wish to resolve for the common good. Today we retired that list. We focus today on the ONE LIST OF OUR GRATITUDES FOR BEING AMERICAN….we make a little personal inventory list….one to one for our own inner peace and renewal …..our gratitude at pure core that we are all sharing BEING AMERICAN TOGETHER. That list. That wonderful list. That list like incense rising to the Saints themselves from our reflections on what makes God thrilled he made us all.

Our gratitude thrills source and replenishes your very soul.

I wish you that LIST and the happiest holiday as you example how culture of treasuring what we all mean to each other ( really and truly ) to share AMERICA on our earth walk and watch this Thanksgiving Weekend in America on one holiday a year to work on the BEST LIST OF OUR LIFETIMES.



PS: This weekend my last two blogs may be blessings for you as my most important reporting of the entire year to date. Have a GREAT WEEKEND & HOLIDAY everyone. And yes I believe absent other factors a SANTA CLAUSE RALLY will shock you all on record all time wealth across asset classes by close of year….I hope the Fed reads this.



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CEO SPACE correctly, reported to you all year in 2018, that, the FED was misguided using old antique rule play books in an entirely new AI global economy. We reported the errors in policy the Fed was making held enormous risks to the entire global system. As trade wars and sanctions grew like rain storms in 2018 the enemies who are under trade war and sanctions are losing trillions of dollars. As you know. Today with AI weapons our enemies are profit making by trillions of dollars offsetting trade war and sanctions by attacking us back as we have attacked them. To be expected between nations I would think. Only most of YOU do not think in this way. However the attacks as my prior blog define are here and unfolding as you read.

Those who have larger COMMUNITY and those who have better information WILL PROSPER IN EVERY FORWARD MARKET. Those who lack those upgrades to COMMUNITY and to critical essential NEW – INFORMATION may well perish.


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If you read my last blog – on the SEC – you know that our markets are in fact under a digital attack. Which should come as no surprise to any business owner as they think about it. Third party publications providing DOD level data on the nature of the attack are included as proofs.

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Berny Dohrmann – Presenting Time Critical SOLUTIONS TO CEO’S WHO LEAD




When the shit really hits the fan, as it has since October, and that rain of pure horse shit continues without let up the entire world turns to this blog site. We are not instant rice or micro wave data. We research and look under unturned stones before we tell you what IS going on out there.


What we know for sure and have already reported to you repeats here. We know the world economy is now NEW nothing like old economics and all plans, predictions and outcomes the old charts the old graphs present no longer have any marginal correctness in the NEW ECONOMY. The old economy as paper documentation on economic transactions. The Old economy defined itself based on investments in owning stake holder positions in assets. The NEW ECONOMY is digital, global interlinked ( all new in economics ) and AI controlled and managed ( entirely new in economic core theories). The old economic theories of say Milton Friedman have proven so in error his Nobel prize should be revoked. Even so the New Economy does not care because old theories are useless when applied to the new ECONOMIC soup still cooking its way into the final form of its on economic stew. The folks at the top, the tippy top, have no clue how fast things changed in the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE and were left behind in the dust. The Fed and others endanger the system to core failure by applying old tools and tactics to a new economy, much like sticking your dick into a wasp nest coated with honey ( on your member ). The outcome is not pretty but is predictable. We predicted the FED FOLLY. Worse we predicted in the NEW ECONOMY what a Congress move back to dysfunction and old modeling would do into the new Economy.


Our enemies, those we sanction for example, say North Korea, Russia, Iran, increasingly China in Trade war, and many others, can ECONOMICALLY no attack us. Our enemies are out front in the New Economy and we – with our obsolete institutions and traditions lacking flexibility to REMAIN CURRENT INSIDE SUPER CHANGE have lost leadership and capacity to pro act existing only the way too late REACTIVE end of markets. The AI wars promise that the nation that wins the AI wars will dominate the entire earth. There is no assurance that ill be say “us”. Now in a ramp of only sixty months close to 100% of economics is under the influence and control of less than 10,000 super money pools, rapidly consolidated, and profiting using advanced AI evolving every single quarter in the largest arms race in human history, the AI race between institutions and nations. Those out front are engineering new pathways faster than they can understand the complexity of the outcomes they are fostering themselves. AI is out of control and it should not be. The first victim may be the world economy.

In 2007 the first digital harden weaponized AI weapon of economic mass destruction was fired against our markets. Kevin Freeman author of the documentary record of this first global ECONOMIC WEAPON – in his work THE SECRET WEAPON every three letter agency of the world has read – you can get your copy at Amazon and I would rush that – plus GAME PLAN the sequel – worked with CEO SPACE ( Kevin is legacy faculty ) to alert decision makers to the real danger. Eventually and with our input effecting decision makers SHORT SELLING was made criminal for a period of months. This stopped the weapon – nothing else. Just that. In October the manipulation of the USA Election to weaken Donald Trump’s team and place congress into dysfunction on policy making ( against our enemies ) – a more advanced far more subtle weapon was fired against world markets.

Today the SEC can not fight the AI or regulate the AI trading. The volumes are too convoluted and massive in volumes and the tools and resources to data mine the TRUTH of it all are beyond and agency forged to manage paper trading in a PRE AI WORLD – BAI versus AAI. Sixty months of SUPER CHANGE where congress fed by Wallstreet GREED and lobbies did nothing but relax regulations versus enhance regulations to a new frame work for AI markets that are global not USA based. Congress lost control on its watch 2013 to 2019.  This sentence will eventually become prophetic.

The Enemies of our economic frame work, have figured out how to make sanctions profitable by making us pay sanction cost. Our enemies – those we have cost to many dollars to – now invest in our markets. In October while attention was on facebook postings ( as if that could ever influence an American election in the first instance as a enemy planned distraction – keeping our minds off the ball. NATIONAL SECURITY IS ECONOMIC SECURITY – that is the one and the only ball. And our enemies well know that and our leaders do not. If you create CONFUSION and DISTRESS economically then the enemy of ( you ) is distracted and off their A game entirely as you negotiate for relief from the distress you our enemy created in the first place. Asymmetrical warfare 101 as outlined in KEVIN FREEMAN’s THE SECRET WEAPON.

Sanction nations all met in Russia leading up the Election. Do you think they were chatting about frivolous bullshit? They were planning how to influence the American election, how to assure congress returned into dysfunction, now fanning law making by distraction. Endless investigations of Trump. Keep the team off their A game.

During the October DIGITAL WEAPON ATTACK ON FINANCIAL MARKETS all reporting record earnings we have a new economic out come. We see record earnings resulting in massive loss in stock value. HOW COULD THAT TAKE PLACE if it is not induced by influence that is illegal in fact. MARKET MANIPULATION BY AI SOFTWARE with attacks so diverse and global that regulatory data on what is taking place is too late and the attack is on going as we see today.

The NEW ECONOMIC WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION are what I said…NEW. We have never seen them before. We don’t recognize them. They are stealth hardened to avoid trace backs. They are subtle and they are AI betting on both sides of the equation. The enemies fielding these new AI ECONOMIC WEAPONS had a plan. First the markets are peaking at all time record high’s never ever seen or experienced before. At this record peak as we surged out of the Summer volatility the WEAPONS WERE FIRED by all enemies all at once. What took place so far in six weeks?


As in 2007 the markets looking back ward at old economics that are obsolete dead and buried only no expert knew the old economy was replaced entirely by a new Global Digital AI Economic that is simply NEW – never seen or experienced before – shrugged off first attack not seeing it for what it was truly. The Military and NSA began to see a pattern that suggested an AI attack. But it was very late in the game that we woke up and knew we were in fact not in a market correction – we were in a digital attack. Keep in mind such attacks are designed to created SELF PERPETUATING PANIC across the market depth and breadth with no hands every identified there was even an attack taking place at all. In six weeks true to pattern still not understanding the REAL RISK TO NATIONAL SECURITY IS ECONOMIC RISK we lack tools, tactics, defensive AI weapons and real time ways to win battles let alone economic wars we are inside of today.

Our enemies paying out untold trillions in sanction to growth constraints found a pathology to make all that money back in profit making while attacking our core markets. In six weeks our enemies have made trillions on our losses and profit all the way to the bank today. They know the battle plan. They profit on up and down in all markets globally. Because they know their own attack pathology and we DO NOT KNOW THEIR ATTACK BATTLE PLANS they alone can maximally profit controlling market destruction of those who would sanction them.

Imagine the back channel discussions on this new economic warfare. The inferences without admission that such vocality may stop if sanctions were relaxed for example. Are you really of a mind this is not all unfolding as I am reporting to you. PAY BACK when you attack sovereign nations is a real bitch in the DIGITAL AI market space no one has control of not really as it is all evolving.


Roel Campos former lead SEC COMMISSIONER during the 2007 attack and counsel to those who served the entire financial system of the world, may be a wise place to seek counsel for law makers. I feel Roel has the landscape we are discussing here as one brain that has fought the GREAT ECONOMIC WARS.

The SEC requires a commission to embrace the most massive G 100 global regulatory market RE-FRAME in 70 years. The SEC budget needs to be increased by triple. The SEC requires a entirely new approach to market stability regulatory oversight as a first new mission globally not just the USA. The new frame work must include:

1. Systemic engineering to install AI upgrading to globally enable monitoring or all source trading, where all dark pools shadow banking and systemic unwanted stability risk sumps are made criminal and removed from the global markets as there were following the 1929 Great Depression.

2. The SEC needs as the military way too late needs SPACE FORCE – its own AI FORCE – evolving – leading – way ahead of any nation – in control command and regulatory accurate oversight impossible with todays antique tool kit the SEC tries to use inside an entirely new AI Global Digital economy that has yet no theory for its core guidance. As it is all evolving so FAST IN SUPER CHANGE a self correcting leadership in the AI tools for the SEC is required and that upgrading can not happen fast enough or economic SECURITY is at RISK in asymmetrical warfare 2019. We are LOOSING THE AI economic wars. We are totally blind today. Upgrading the SEC is equal to upgrading the US Military now fallen so far behind our security requirement. When you have the real data it becomes terrifying how exposed our belly is today to failure.

4. Our enemies influenced the USA election with market manipulations successfully, offset sanction cost entirely with profit taking from our wealth transfer and now seeing how we lack “definition” to the attack or even consider there is an attack the enemy is proceeding sensing weakness to create economic system insecurity world wide for us. It is working. They are making so much money while Crammer lists ten things to restore market confidence that do not matter what so ever within the AI digital economic wars of hardened AI weapons attacking our markets. THE SEC will uncover the truth of it all but it will take them with their outdated tools even with NSA help months to get on top of evidence which rule of law requires. Our enemies know all this and PR to confuse us in any awareness or potential to counter attack.

5. The attack unfolding is new. Our enemies may well in testing their weapons, as superior, weaken confuse and distract us to their ideal outcome. First to profit from sanction cost. Mission accomplished. Add it up yourself. Second to remove sanctions and secure deals that favor them ultimately. Work in progress now. When will the attack and profit taking stop? Why stop profit making to our pain now? How much panic do they wish to foster. When the panic takes hold will that be enough? For now?

The lesson here is that we have not learned anything from 2007. We are big Australian birds with our long necks burying our head in the sand. Our experts report old economic reports to us that are no longer accurate and which lack currency to the new SUPER CHANGED ECONOMICS we face today. We have warned about this asymmetrical warfare since 2007. We have lobbied to develop MARS – mutually assured reconstruction as essential new warfare policy in the AI DIGITAL WAR landscape. We have lobbied for defense RE-REGULATION. Kevin Freeman’s Game Plan advocates you individually develop your own game plan, and Kevin a hedge fund operator tells you HOW to do that – step – as he reports no one in your nation has a game plan or is creating a game plan. Not yet.

The magic of asymmetrical warfare is how effective it is as strategy. First no one believes a war is even taking place. Second no one believes markets are under digital attack in the first place. Third the success of bleeding edge weapons is so profitable to those firing the weapons – they make trillions on our loss of trillions all illegal all carefully planned and all perfectly executed.

Once upon a time nations were safe in cocoon’s of distance. Who could invade America really? We are too removed from the enemy. Moving “stuff” was easily seen and known. Today is no longer once upon a time nor is it a fairy tail with any happy ending. Today America is invaluable at a CLICK. Today the battle field is virtual digital and AI. Today our enemies can invade attack and harm us and we don’t even know that they did it not at first. How powerful is all that?

THE Question remains – how long until our leaders know we are under an attack ( again ) and will our leaders this time – produce in a real on going economic war to our national security – the defensive and offensive weapons to win the wars? Starting with the most massive UPGRADE OF THE SEC TO WAR WINNING LEVEL coordinating with the NSA and DOD as NATIONAL SECURITY IS ECONOMIC SECURITY and our enemies all know that.



General Madd dog Mathis, our top brain knows we are being attacked. He issued the phrase – American can always AFFORD its own survival.

We upgrade our air conditioners and our roof and home paint.

We borrow to do that and we profit later from our asset value enhanced and upgraded.

American has leaky roof’s. We have infrastructure that is 100’s of years old under ground in power sewer and water ( see lead in water nation wide ) . We have roadways and airports and core vital infrastructure that is rotting. From the inside out from neglect.

We can afford to borrow to upgrade AMERICA and reap profits for 300 years from the investing today. Near term we reap economic boom and growth into 2030 with Infrastructure.

Lets pretend our enemies won the election manipulation battle by making the ECONOMY the issue with a stock market mis-behaving confounding all the experts. Now lets pretend our enemies most desire to delay INFRASTRUCTURE. Nothing so opposses their rising powers than an AMERICA fully upgrade and fully modernized.  These upgrades include massive security for American’s. Our enemies don’t wish that. Do they?

The second phase of the battle plan unfolding is to so impact economic security in America the new congress delays infrastructure or never passes it at all. Our enemies will influence law makers massively to this goal – do not pass infrastructure – as they throw distraction upon distraction to the Giants EYES. When our enemies see weakness they press forward with their massively profitable attack. No media reports it as an attack. No one thinks we are under attack and those that know we ARE UNDER ATTACK lack rules of engagement for asymmetrical warfare as in none exist. We have no defensive game plan. YET.

AI Pearl Harbor was 2007. Now our enemies take the Philippines as McArthur departs in retreat and shame saying I’lL BE BACK. Ask yourself who is General McArthur in this new war in November 2018? Who is saying – having lost these battles – I”LL BE BACK?

How much risk to economic stability will we suffer before the truth is put-on the table. Do you think Saudi with MBS as a sociopath is not cashing in chips right now at enormous profit as support from AMERICA is shifting for this criminal damaged brain controlling OPEC profit taking? DO you think they are not working to offset OIL PRICE DECLINE using the only tool remaining – AI market attacks to maximally profit while sending secure messages to those who would seek to sanction or impact their powers and their influence? War is hell. As the SEC can not as you believe in a fully GLOBALIZED ALL NEW ECONOMY DRIVEN BY AI DIGITAL TRADING OUTSIDE ANY REGULATORY FRAME WORK OF THE PAST access real time trading to unravel the WEAPONIZED DIGITAL ATTACKS upon our markets – knowing who is manipulating market share prices – they can not. Until we upgrade the SEC massively they are not equipped to keep our markets safe today.

Nations fall ( like Rome ) when the barbarians acquire the weapons of Rome. Our enemies as the NEW ECONOMY WAS FULLY BORN hacked all our AI code – our most advanced AI – then put their best brains many trained by our best universities – to advance the new weapon platforms ( ALL AI ) beyond what we knew or have experienced. When entirely new digital AI weapon systems are fired at you and you lack AI counter measures you loose wars. Our enemies kept us distracted on Hacks etc while they quietly moved to harden their digital AI weapons which have now moved passed 2007 successful beta testing and with far more stealth management have been are being fired at our markets today.

Finally all wars are about dis-information to your enemy. Today our enemies are putting forth warfare dis-intermediation to take all attention away from a Digital AI attack consideration. Today we are news saturated with market information that is simply war fare distraction by dis-intermediation.  THIS BLOG WAS WRONG ON TIMING. We felt the economics would rise and the attack would come in 2020 – 2022 time frame. Our enemies correctly saw weakness – were suffering from endless sanctions and now TRADE WARS and inside real TRADE WARS the enemy is fighting back by massively profiting while DE-STABLIZING OUR ENTIRE ECONOMIC SYSTEM. The war is now. The enemy is winning.


We wrote our markets were under attack by digital weapons to manipulate the USA and other global elections. They won.

We did not see the on going sanction trade war ssymmetrical warfare as continuing strategy. The success in the elections as so massive with zero awareness of any manipulation those attacking us and profiting – enormous illegal profit taking from market pure manipulations – is on gong. The SEC need to massively acquire SHORT DATA in real time but lack capacity to global do so. We have neutered our SEC by failing to adequately upgrade our SEC and now we MUST we truly must act.

Today the digital nature of the AI attack is obvious as experts again – which our enemies rely upon – deny there is a new economy and proceed applying old depression level score cards to what is going on today.

Today BETTER AI is defeating inferior AI as the inferior AI using its obsolete algorithms which have zero value in the new AI economy, are losing trillions. How? Digital AI weaponized attacks. Maximizing profits at every turn up or down tricking our AI and defeating it in 72 hour economic battles that our enemies are winning every single time.

Worse we incorrectly exist in a false reality that we are not under attack at all.

Do you believe those we sanction by 100’s of billions will not fight back against our war against them economically? Do you believe THAT today?


This is our most important blog update since 2007. We apologize for being wrong on the timing of the digital attack and the battle plan. We reported the risk and were off on timing. In October we knew the truth of it. Today we know it all.

The United States of America is under digital AI attack in all global financial markets all at once. Regulatory frame works are all local all antique and obsolete applying from the FED and the SEC to an old economy that died and was buried forever in 2013. The NEW ECONOMY the regulatory system has zero capacity to defend us or win the wars. Until the truth- AMERICA IS UNDER ATTACK is declared the resources to UPGRADE into this war and fully engage are beyond our nation today. WE ARE LOSING ASYMMETRICAL WARFARE just as Kevin Freeman’s Book THE SECRET WEAPON laid out for the DOD. Everyone got F grade on the lesson test.

Now we pay for failing grades. OUR ENEMIES HAVE ACQUIRED THE WEAPONS OF ROME and those weapons can and may destroy us – all the banks fail. YES IT IS VERY POSSIBLE. We have told you why.

Our enemies will make deals. Our tail is between our legs. Should we make deals now? Yes we should and we must and I suspect we are. Consider very smart people like Roel Campos and my teachers have the SECRET KNOWLEDGE. To the extent we move to ECONOMIC WARFARE FOOTING we can come out ahead but time is not on our side and TODAY our enemies noted they have no intention of stopping to year end. They are sinking our economic ship. COLD TURKEY BEFORE CHRISTMAS. Do you think the Trillion dollar Holiday shopping everyone anticipated is still with us as we see all economic matrix turn on dimes never seen or experienced before. Massive fall off in business consumer and related buying investing and spending. DO YOU NOT SEE THAT is unfolding as we see each new attack? Or are you blind to it?



PS: My next blog invites Business owners and professionals world wide to come together inside CEO SPACE Dec 11th at Tampa Bay so you have YOUR GAME PLAN and you will PROSPER in the SUPER CHANGE MARKETS unfolding in front of us all. There IS safety in numbers and remaining all alone out there outside a massive like minded community to secure your futures together is simple – it is your A GAME and your year end choice for safe harbor. Check out http://www.ceospaceinternational.com under quick links and consider – DEC 11th I’m coming….you sure should. Media I will be available to you for sound bites on demand. The word on this is urgent and free press need to rise up world wide.




The wrong minded obsolete and antique fiscal policies of the Federal Reserve Board, always looking backward using tables criteria charts graphs and data that no longer is complete, the right basket of data and irrelevant to the NEW GLOBAL DIGITAL AI economy over which the Fed has zero data, information, or relevant tools to effect policy outcome. It is like flying a plane Into a mountain with zero instruments on board to tell you the mountain is dead in front or that your too low in altitude not to crash. The Fed flies along happy with past flights taken years ago being the same as today’s flight only they are in the Rocky Mountains now now over the clear blue ocean by Mexico flat and desert like. Now they have real mountains only they can’t see them. That is the Fed.

So the FED has created far more market DREAD in the new economy than in past cycles because now everything economic is new noting like the past. The Fed is making terrible policy errors and thinks they are right. This is always the real crises in economics. Wrong minded tampering with the core basis.

So all economies grow or shrink based upon confidence that propels:

  1. Consumer spending
  2. Government spending stimulus
  3. Or both

Economies contract and business downsize workers with lay off’s when:


  1. Consumers slow own spending
  2. Governments slow down spending
  3. Or both

The longest highest boom expansion in modern record keeping is right now in the Holiday of 2018. The largest Holiday buying season with 72% of world spending taking place in October November and December appears to be a record setter of estimated over ONE TRILLION DOLLARS for the first time in history in just America. This will fuel last quarter record earnings reporting in the first quarter, which should spill over well in the first quarter, depending on weather and climate change issues, to propel a solid start to 2019. We have stated record earnings would drive record all time high stock prices. We”ll all see.

The head winds are along the lines we have written to you. What keeps me up at night for all of you?



China had in 2017 zero dollar based loan defaults. In 2018 China has 34 billion in loan defaults in dollar based debts. Today around 33 billion in dollar based China debt rise up for renewal every 90 days. In 2019 the trade war dropping CHINA GNP, its crash of its stock market, the crash of its currency, the falling off a cliff of industry since the rush to order before Tarriff Christmas Time, is creating enormous China pressure internally if they don’t get a deal sealed with Trump.

China stressed with interest rate roll over to the dollar based debt of almost 1 trillion dollars total and rising, assures that with 500% roll over debt cost from the FED making policy errors on TIME for the normalization, will now spark record defaults. Everyone is telling us these record loan defaults will not SPILL OVER and become a global CASCADE.

We think they are all wrong and it keeps us up at night. We think the bad loans in China are going to sink the global economic system at core do to catastrophic Chinese market Super Crashes led by housing first, moving to manufacturing second, and finally with the combination of enormous defaulting, a Debt Contagion that is threat the entire global core system. The NEW ECONOMY is global, interlinked, like nothing that has been taught or come before, has new rules, is Digital and entirely AI driven, and no one today even knows what the box top rules of AI waring with AI for profit taking, looks like from a new regulatory frame work. The Fed operating with heads all demon turned backward on their necks use 1955 tools that promise catastrophic outcomes for the core system, playing like a Fed Pied Piper to get all their banks marching all their depositors right off a giant cliff – playing their old music on their old mouth organ, like they knew what they were doing in fact.

The FED is so obsolete antique and out of touch with modern regulatory policy that they simple need to be merged back into USA Treasury with oversight accountability and audits – so the real smarty pants can make policy that have some clue that the economy has morphed and is nothing like the old templates the Fed regulated before they flooded the world with 100 trillion dollars.

The outcome of that flood is very much unknown and may in hindsight be the economic killer that was the death blow to the old post war system. Can we peacefully get out of the SUPER DEBT BUBBLE the pig in the economic python the abuse that must be rebalanced without an economic calamity.

I believe the FED has already killed CHINA and 200 other developing nations with soaring dollar prices in all markets while interest rates are raised to 7 trillion free money loans over ten years now ROLLING OVER into 500% and rising new costs to re-tool those loans. Economically I say to the Fed….its math 101 ….can not be done folks. You set up the barrier to growth that is fatal globally for all nations. Why? Because your regulating an economy THE OLD ECONOMY that is dead buried and no longer exists and you lack the upgraded prescription glasses to see the missing data and incomplete global internet-links so that unintended consequence to YOUR FAILED POLICIES is more compounding of your failure. The speed of the outcome will leave blisters on your Fed governors asses folks. You are so dead wrong in this after math shoot from the hip old model policy and you will create WORLD WAR III out of the Shock Doctrine ( by Namoi Klein economist at Amazon )  you are executing today.



Housing is the lion share of GNP. Housing is crashing in America due to Failed Fed totally wrong direction policies. They are wrong in their conclusions about:

  1. The job market
  2. Inflation
  3. The risks

The Fed is protecting us all from risks that do not exist in the New Economy ( but the Fed glasses are old prescriptions and work in 1941 but not in 2018 ). The Fed is failing to protect us from the SUPER RISKS in the market they are making far worse for all of us.

Housing declining against soaring interest costs now effects all durable goods order. Some economist credit 3/4 of the economy on the back bone of healthy housing. Today the housing market is:

  1. Out of economic balance – too many homes cost too much for the average earning to qualify for the loans to buy them.
  2. Too many homes can’t be refinanced because the home owner awash in debts has lack of credit standing yet to accommodate those loans.
  3. Too many lack credit qualification as wages have not risen well for ten years, so that they can not trade up.
  4. Soaring home prices and soaring home lending costs have destroyed the housing Market in America.
  5. The housing market is crashing and the down sizing and lay off’s are taking hold across technology to food production that even crashing gasoline prices can’t offset fully the FED error in policy to not normalize over a greater time period where TIME in the new economy is the missing healer elixir but the Fed has no clue.

So the economy – fragile in global recovery – following the worst side betting in history by banks and investment banks and financial institutions, leading to trillions in losses and bad side bets into casino capitalism, where bailed out by the tax payers of nations Into privately owned stock firms, central banks, who never report at all where the trillions actually went. Never.

Do you want a high priest banking system that is cut off from the New Economy, makes policies in secret, reports to no one, has no check and balance, gets an over ride on printing all money, when the Treasury can do all that with full reporting for free. Further the Failed Fed does its costly work of destroying economic growth, for pure greed of its shareholders all the while LYING to AMERICA suggesting the criminal bankers who all pled guilty to crimes in America who are the secret OWNERS OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD STOCK SHARES – all in great secrecy-  lie to you and say the Fed is independent. Yes the Fed is beyond check and balance but is that not what we wish to CHANGE. Do we not want a real agency of nation who is under check and balance to control our money – like US TREASURY who did so without world depressions and wars for 100 and 100’s of years? LETS GO BACK TO OUR OWN FUTURES.

MERGE THE FED hurting the US ECONOMY back into US treasury.

The housing market is dying and the Fed is killing the US Housing Market which is 3/4 of USA GNP all drying up by failed Fed Policy a child could see is wrong. Congress says they are wrong. The White House says they are wrong. Only the Fed is the one agency that answers to no one one – so bad for economics and the world today. The cause of our DREAD IS ALWAYS THE FED.

Never doubt they are wrong in policy making. They have created every boom bust cycle and all the disasters – the FED FAILED POLICY STREAM EASY TO GOOGLE RESEARCH HAS BEEN WRONG AND A FAILURE 100% OF THE TIME from 1907 to today. WHY KEEP THE LOSER INSTITUTION? I’m just asking ? When do we say enough loss and pain is enough loss and pain? There has to be a BETTER WAY in the AI world’s we reside inside of today. THE FED is simply 100 year obsolete body doing much more harm than good today and MUST BE MERGED INTO US TREASURY to upgrade our nation and modernize economics into the NEW WORLD ORDER.

Housing is dying. In America. Seven months dying from the Fed. 3.4 of America economics and GNP ….this keeps me up at night ….as the Fed has no responsibility for the pain policy errors make millions suffer through for one reason – the FED is obsolete and wrong.


The new congress will open with multiple prong attacks to investigate the President along the lines of Kavanaugh. The meanness and viciousness of those investigations will be used to negotiate democratic deals in legislation. During this period of Congressional return to 25 years of grid lock and congress dysfunction the nation is mis governed and mis directed.

Today if you elect a President elect that leaders congress so congress works – having nothing to do with party. Congressional dysfunction in a SUPER CHANGE global market space, is suicide for nations. We face coordinated attacks from leaders elected in effect forever united in policies that are working against us and for them. We are inside world war III which is digital economic and AI driven and we are losing. Out dysfunctional leadership always under internal attacks ever more costly in lost options and opportunities is holding America back at the starting gates of the NEW AI economy.

Consumer confidence was all time record highs going into to year end 2018. Same for business confidence indexes.

We anticipate confidence will crash in 2019 due to congressional dysfunction on policy and Fed further action to destroy the boom and secure a massive global recession market. Oh the Fed will as all criminals do so well BLAME GAME the results upon others but the culprit the economic criminal acton is the FAILED FED POLICY. Mark that you KNOW THAT NOW….

You can’t issue 7 trillion in free money loans and roll that loan pile over into 500% higher lending charges in only 12 months without a disturbance in the economy. Such as massive DEBT DEFAULTING rising like a Moon Shot rocket from the Cape. Beyond the FED to control when their policy fails due to incapacity to appreciate the world is engaged in a new economy and the Fed is stock in quick sand of an old economy that has not existed for over half a decade – all gone now and long past buried.

The Fed are the walking dead for the old economy – economic zombies.

The consumer confidence on congress and administration built to record all time peaks is now going to with a new congress and impaired embattled President move into contests all political theater for the two year race for President which is starting now – beginning with 18 months of tarnish label and muck – creating its own momentum in the negative.

CONSUMER CONFIDENCE can only withdraw along with spending even as business spending and investment is now crashing.



The economy of the world is driven by wild unwanted speculations. This speculation occurs by investing 90% of all capital flows into side bets on which way an asset class will go in a short term future date in time. Betting on price. When enough money flows into such bets it manipulates prices in the real market. Today with stock buy backs in the billions of dollars, a trillion last year a trillion this year – manipulating stock prices – we have a pure casino. Stock prices are manipulated when speculation money pools buy back stock, to reduce the size of the company float and engineer stock price higher to the lower float size – creating bonus and trigger to bonus from insiders – all cheating all manipulating and all having nothing to do with real economics.

Prices for all commodities asset classes and currencies are fully manipulated by less than 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS all speculating in borrowed margin trading up to 50 dollars side betting on future price ranges to every dollar of real investment – fully borrowed fully leveraged in what the new AI folks believe is risk-less risk. As your ETF accounts assume the majority of trading flows. AI wars against AI for compression of short term profits through wild speculation trading algorithms. Folks are investing billions to steal these trading code pathologies given the trillions in profits that can be made inside the CASINO today on all up and all down trading. SPECULATION SOFTWARE runs the CASINO.

There is no regulation upon:

  1. Wealth consolidations
  2. Speculator Gambling to make short term profits ( criminal in only 1999 )
  3. Tax avoidance speculations
  4. Geo investing to exploit minerals and labor maximally punishing greed moderations at any level of constraint or oversight
  5. Relaxing the regulations we have which are 80% obsolete anyway

The CASINO CAPITALISM is new, a copy of the 1929 Great Depression. The Great Depression was created when free low cost money created massive casino capitalism. The side bets on WHICH WAY any asset class MAY GO became much larger many 100x larger than the real economic market.

In 2019 this condition has gone digital versus physical trading walls known as BUCK SHOPS outlawed in all 50 states by Federal Law following the speculator driven super crashes that closed the banks themselves. The banks made fully borrowed side bets.

Today the financial institutions are Side betting at leverage and margins and % levels no economy has known before. The CASINO CAPITALISIM MARKET grew out of AI and assumed over 90% control of all money flows for baseless non economic greed and profit making gambling on borrowed money. Just like the RISK in the Great Depression only much much worse at every measurable nexus.

Keep in mind in such a party we all drink and are merry till we fall off the cliff than we blame game – oh me oh my – how could this have happened. It happens because six hundred law makers have too much money from Wallstreet to blind them to understand the economics that have shifted. WE ARE NOW IN A NEW AI LEVERAGE GLOBAL EOCONOMY NO LEADER UNDERSTANDS AT ALL AND WHICH IS SUPER CHANGING SO FAST NO ONE HAS TOOLS TO STAY CURRENT ON THE PATHOLOGY FORM AND OUTCOMES OF THE NEW ECONOMY.

What we know for sure is RISK is higher today than in 1929 for a far worse much more rapid outcome in a SUPER CRASH brought on by DEBT DE-LEVERAGING to rebalance system absue in core economics. Hitting the mountain in mid flight full power.

Why would we crash into the mountain?

Because we:

  1. Do not see the mountain
  2. Are told there is no mountain
  3. Believe others will fly us over the mountain
  4. Take zero responsibility to fly ourselves
  5. Fail to look out the window

Repeating worst than 1929 is not what the world system needs today.

The world system is at full risk of collapse. Banks fail next time and there is no tax payer bail out. Banks close for real.

No one appreciates the danger but some TREASURY officials and the IMF sounding the alarm bell at the BIG FREEZE while everyone is not listening because they are all bought and paid for in nice warm blankets from the Wall Street crowd blinded entirely forging a new AI economy without any oversight rules or regulatory guide lines of any kind what so ever.




We believe we will see a record all time stock wealthy from the year end ONE TRILLION DOLLARS in buying power in just America alone this year. Up bubble. We believe FED Interest destructors to the Housing Market now in full crash will lower 2019 GNP and bring the booming economy from 5% growth as we rise up to that for the first time in 30 years – down to 1.6% growth where dysfunctional congress has kept America backward for 30 years of time now.

The American public votes on issues that are non economic and fail to vote their wallet which is their best vote. They just are misinformed by 5.6 billion spent in 18 prior months to brain wash voter points of view. Those wishing to buy the nation don’t see the risk taking place economically. Most are attorney law makers legally trained brains with the most limited tools to assess economic outcomes in fact.

2019 will be a GREAT SLOWING of America with the wild card being infrastructure. If the Congress votes fast enough on infrastructure that stimulus may offset the FED destruction of global liquidity and irresponsible loan interest rate rising too soon too fast too frequently for the market to adjust.

The war of economics from FED failed errors in policy will drag the world into recession in 2020 without offsets. Such as slowing interest rate rising. The Fed is dangerous today in their ignorance. The Fed is a backward obsolete institution that only creates failed policy and pain today. Given these criminal bankers not part of the national system not a federal agency at all POWER AND CREDABILITY without check and balance is an obsolete concept. MERGE THE FED BACK INTO US TREASURY BEFORE IT IS ALL TOO LATE.

Economics 101 all abuse in the system must rebalance.

The rebalancing is taking place with great pain for the second shoe falling in 2019. You will feel the pain from recession in 2020 to 2022 deepening on Congress the Fed and infrastructure.

The problem IS the next down turn could be catastrophic due to DEBT CASCADING DEFAULTS leading to LIQUIDIATION EVAPORATION DAY. Remember that we told you the WHAT the HOW the WHEN right here in this blog.

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