MY LAST TWO BLOGS – year end essentials – define the economic shifts going on include actual digital attacks on our markets, where those doing the attacks distort markets and maximally profit for their own accounts. This is not your grandma’s market any more. We will pause on the data and bring your expectation ( still ) for a Santa Clause rally. Why? Because you can’t remove a virus unless you know you have one. If our markets are with record all time earnings showing crazy behavior outside the rules and laws of economics, then you must explore an attack distorting normal markets is under way. Once the “guards guarding the guards” KNOW THERE IS AN ATTACK the value of the attack dwindles. We sounded that bell for our GUARDS and their GUARDS last week and it is now taking hold. The attacks are rolling back like a great digital tide and what we feel may become the GREAT REBALANCING is about to be a wealth reclaiming up wave, where even those attacking win big as the market normalizes. We’ll talk about forward SUPER CHANGE issues we all must face moving forward. If you have better information you prosper if you do not you won’t. Stay tuned. Right here.



My last blog invited you all to insure your life style and to join CEO SPACE in an all member reunion Dec 11th – business New Year is Dec 11th to launch into Jan Feb and March in ways impossible to match outside the # 1 ranked accelerator for growth in business in the world by by third party press in 2018.

CEO SPACE Gives our thanks for our rankings in the press for the fifth year the # 1 ranked business conference in the entire world. Highest praise you can get. Breaking all the record books on quality. And serving the owners of business and practices up to public institutions as no firm has ever done. Read my last blog and give yourself a great GIFT THIS THANKSGIVING its a scroll and 3 minutes to get priceless perspective information. Happy Holidays.

In our home we will give gratitude around our table. Sharing five gratitudes for what it means to our children to we as parents to our guests to simply B AMERICAN. We so seldom appreciate what it all means.

99.9% of Americans are as far from crazy brains that populate news stories in any year as the moon is from Hawaii. We 99.99% mow your lawns, we blow our drive ways, we rent movies and barbecue cue. We celebrate our common adventures and while we fight like ding bats with one another anyone outside America who joins the fight most often finds 99.99% of us – WE THE PEOPLE – the entire tapestry of us in all races and creeds – rise up as one and cohesively as no nation on earth express to the entire world when challenged just what it MEANS TO “BE” AMERICAN and on ONE DAY we are so grateful to simply “BE” AMERICAN and to celebrate that being as one people.

We are not white or black or asian or hispanic. We are never a master race or a master faith. We celebrate a FLAG that is a SYMPOL of the TAPESTRY of our nation, fought over for freedoms in blood ( our Red stripes on the flag ) and our nation united under God our blue stripes on the flag, and the illumination of never ending reinvention within our unique freedoms to do so – the white light of our flag as the Grace in Our Space.

There are no race or creed in the California fires. Just Americans coming together as one to donate to the Red Cross or to help on site as they can and still are doing. There was no race or creed that night, that sabbath night in Penn State when I joined others in a Midnight candle light visual for folks I only knew in my heart as far from words hen one says….my fellow American’s who were shot dead that day by a crazy brain….and I saw all faiths all creeds all races as one holding candles with tears streaming down our faces.


That is the America we celebrate BEING part of …for it is WE THE PEOPLE of this nation that are the gratitude. I am grateful for every single one of you. Those who love me as well as those no so much perhaps. I am grateful you have been in my life and I beside yours in this time of common shared history of Super Change. Together we create safe harbor for one another.

No greater symbol of that united SAFE HARBOR that so confuses our enemies is this single holiday this special date line to bask in gratitude for what it truly means for us to simply “BE” AMERICAN. To ponder a second here on there how crazy lucky we are together to own this nation and we are her shareholders for the future. US. All of US.

President Reagan’s favorite speech ( of mine on this BEING AMERICAN ) conveyed a message to the world. President Reagan stated that you can migrate to many nations of your own choosing. In all of them you may be in that nation for a generation, for a decade or two or even three or five generations as time passes. And you will discover that though you reside for 30 years in Paris you are never FRENCH no not really or Spanish or German or Nigerian. You are a guest of the French.

No ( President Reagan reminded us ) in the world today what is true is that there is only ONE NATION that you can migrate to and in 30 days not 30 years you are in every aspect of your being welcomed to actually and in fact truly BE AMERICANS. This invitation to BE AMERICAN is not available anywhere else upon the earth. BEING AMERICAN is the hope and the promise or our never ending adventure. Our gratitude for this right for this privilege for this never ending experiment in human dignity and human choice unfold in AMERICAN to all who join us. You are never a GUEST “OF” AMERICA for you, and all of us, the children of the cultures of the entire world forge a tapestry of tolerance acceptance and rule of law as no where else in human history.

AMERICA with all its work left to do, with all its wrongs that need fixing from all that is right about America, are assured that what is right about America to fix all those wrongs as time unfolds will always be US. WE THE PEOPLE. American’s. One and all. Indivisible one people, UNDER GOD, and MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA AND YOU – HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

I wish our CEO SPACE members in over 140 nations a peaceful weekend as AMERICA recalibrate our tap root – the super glue that binds us – is a culture that has no words for what it truly means to just BE AMERICAN. We all get that. We all celebrate that. We all are one in that. Today. On this holiday.

We not public education, WE THE PEOPLE, on today, transmit the precious culture of our celebration and unity to each other on THANKS GIVING. WE the sane brains the 99.99% of the BEST OF THIS NATION are engaged in a reflection of gratitude for our blessing to BE AMERICAN.

I send to you all this tradition with prayer pride and love for my own people. I so am honored to be an American by your side inside these enormous changes we are resolving and living through collectively. I wish you prosperity in the SUPER CYCLE to year end, I wish you abundance in your New Year and Holiday season, and I wish you to always be healthy and safe in the world of your own making.

Today we work on one list. We lock up our list of criticisms divisions and our natural focus on problems we wish to resolve for the common good. Today we retired that list. We focus today on the ONE LIST OF OUR GRATITUDES FOR BEING AMERICAN….we make a little personal inventory list….one to one for our own inner peace and renewal …..our gratitude at pure core that we are all sharing BEING AMERICAN TOGETHER. That list. That wonderful list. That list like incense rising to the Saints themselves from our reflections on what makes God thrilled he made us all.

Our gratitude thrills source and replenishes your very soul.

I wish you that LIST and the happiest holiday as you example how culture of treasuring what we all mean to each other ( really and truly ) to share AMERICA on our earth walk and watch this Thanksgiving Weekend in America on one holiday a year to work on the BEST LIST OF OUR LIFETIMES.



PS: This weekend my last two blogs may be blessings for you as my most important reporting of the entire year to date. Have a GREAT WEEKEND & HOLIDAY everyone. And yes I believe absent other factors a SANTA CLAUSE RALLY will shock you all on record all time wealth across asset classes by close of year….I hope the Fed reads this.