When the shit really hits the fan, as it has since October, and that rain of pure horse shit continues without let up the entire world turns to this blog site. We are not instant rice or micro wave data. We research and look under unturned stones before we tell you what IS going on out there.


What we know for sure and have already reported to you repeats here. We know the world economy is now NEW nothing like old economics and all plans, predictions and outcomes the old charts the old graphs present no longer have any marginal correctness in the NEW ECONOMY. The old economy as paper documentation on economic transactions. The Old economy defined itself based on investments in owning stake holder positions in assets. The NEW ECONOMY is digital, global interlinked ( all new in economics ) and AI controlled and managed ( entirely new in economic core theories). The old economic theories of say Milton Friedman have proven so in error his Nobel prize should be revoked. Even so the New Economy does not care because old theories are useless when applied to the new ECONOMIC soup still cooking its way into the final form of its on economic stew. The folks at the top, the tippy top, have no clue how fast things changed in the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE and were left behind in the dust. The Fed and others endanger the system to core failure by applying old tools and tactics to a new economy, much like sticking your dick into a wasp nest coated with honey ( on your member ). The outcome is not pretty but is predictable. We predicted the FED FOLLY. Worse we predicted in the NEW ECONOMY what a Congress move back to dysfunction and old modeling would do into the new Economy.


Our enemies, those we sanction for example, say North Korea, Russia, Iran, increasingly China in Trade war, and many others, can ECONOMICALLY no attack us. Our enemies are out front in the New Economy and we – with our obsolete institutions and traditions lacking flexibility to REMAIN CURRENT INSIDE SUPER CHANGE have lost leadership and capacity to pro act existing only the way too late REACTIVE end of markets. The AI wars promise that the nation that wins the AI wars will dominate the entire earth. There is no assurance that ill be say “us”. Now in a ramp of only sixty months close to 100% of economics is under the influence and control of less than 10,000 super money pools, rapidly consolidated, and profiting using advanced AI evolving every single quarter in the largest arms race in human history, the AI race between institutions and nations. Those out front are engineering new pathways faster than they can understand the complexity of the outcomes they are fostering themselves. AI is out of control and it should not be. The first victim may be the world economy.

In 2007 the first digital harden weaponized AI weapon of economic mass destruction was fired against our markets. Kevin Freeman author of the documentary record of this first global ECONOMIC WEAPON – in his work THE SECRET WEAPON every three letter agency of the world has read – you can get your copy at Amazon and I would rush that – plus GAME PLAN the sequel – worked with CEO SPACE ( Kevin is legacy faculty ) to alert decision makers to the real danger. Eventually and with our input effecting decision makers SHORT SELLING was made criminal for a period of months. This stopped the weapon – nothing else. Just that. In October the manipulation of the USA Election to weaken Donald Trump’s team and place congress into dysfunction on policy making ( against our enemies ) – a more advanced far more subtle weapon was fired against world markets.

Today the SEC can not fight the AI or regulate the AI trading. The volumes are too convoluted and massive in volumes and the tools and resources to data mine the TRUTH of it all are beyond and agency forged to manage paper trading in a PRE AI WORLD – BAI versus AAI. Sixty months of SUPER CHANGE where congress fed by Wallstreet GREED and lobbies did nothing but relax regulations versus enhance regulations to a new frame work for AI markets that are global not USA based. Congress lost control on its watch 2013 to 2019.  This sentence will eventually become prophetic.

The Enemies of our economic frame work, have figured out how to make sanctions profitable by making us pay sanction cost. Our enemies – those we have cost to many dollars to – now invest in our markets. In October while attention was on facebook postings ( as if that could ever influence an American election in the first instance as a enemy planned distraction – keeping our minds off the ball. NATIONAL SECURITY IS ECONOMIC SECURITY – that is the one and the only ball. And our enemies well know that and our leaders do not. If you create CONFUSION and DISTRESS economically then the enemy of ( you ) is distracted and off their A game entirely as you negotiate for relief from the distress you our enemy created in the first place. Asymmetrical warfare 101 as outlined in KEVIN FREEMAN’s THE SECRET WEAPON.

Sanction nations all met in Russia leading up the Election. Do you think they were chatting about frivolous bullshit? They were planning how to influence the American election, how to assure congress returned into dysfunction, now fanning law making by distraction. Endless investigations of Trump. Keep the team off their A game.

During the October DIGITAL WEAPON ATTACK ON FINANCIAL MARKETS all reporting record earnings we have a new economic out come. We see record earnings resulting in massive loss in stock value. HOW COULD THAT TAKE PLACE if it is not induced by influence that is illegal in fact. MARKET MANIPULATION BY AI SOFTWARE with attacks so diverse and global that regulatory data on what is taking place is too late and the attack is on going as we see today.

The NEW ECONOMIC WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION are what I said…NEW. We have never seen them before. We don’t recognize them. They are stealth hardened to avoid trace backs. They are subtle and they are AI betting on both sides of the equation. The enemies fielding these new AI ECONOMIC WEAPONS had a plan. First the markets are peaking at all time record high’s never ever seen or experienced before. At this record peak as we surged out of the Summer volatility the WEAPONS WERE FIRED by all enemies all at once. What took place so far in six weeks?


As in 2007 the markets looking back ward at old economics that are obsolete dead and buried only no expert knew the old economy was replaced entirely by a new Global Digital AI Economic that is simply NEW – never seen or experienced before – shrugged off first attack not seeing it for what it was truly. The Military and NSA began to see a pattern that suggested an AI attack. But it was very late in the game that we woke up and knew we were in fact not in a market correction – we were in a digital attack. Keep in mind such attacks are designed to created SELF PERPETUATING PANIC across the market depth and breadth with no hands every identified there was even an attack taking place at all. In six weeks true to pattern still not understanding the REAL RISK TO NATIONAL SECURITY IS ECONOMIC RISK we lack tools, tactics, defensive AI weapons and real time ways to win battles let alone economic wars we are inside of today.

Our enemies paying out untold trillions in sanction to growth constraints found a pathology to make all that money back in profit making while attacking our core markets. In six weeks our enemies have made trillions on our losses and profit all the way to the bank today. They know the battle plan. They profit on up and down in all markets globally. Because they know their own attack pathology and we DO NOT KNOW THEIR ATTACK BATTLE PLANS they alone can maximally profit controlling market destruction of those who would sanction them.

Imagine the back channel discussions on this new economic warfare. The inferences without admission that such vocality may stop if sanctions were relaxed for example. Are you really of a mind this is not all unfolding as I am reporting to you. PAY BACK when you attack sovereign nations is a real bitch in the DIGITAL AI market space no one has control of not really as it is all evolving.


Roel Campos former lead SEC COMMISSIONER during the 2007 attack and counsel to those who served the entire financial system of the world, may be a wise place to seek counsel for law makers. I feel Roel has the landscape we are discussing here as one brain that has fought the GREAT ECONOMIC WARS.

The SEC requires a commission to embrace the most massive G 100 global regulatory market RE-FRAME in 70 years. The SEC budget needs to be increased by triple. The SEC requires a entirely new approach to market stability regulatory oversight as a first new mission globally not just the USA. The new frame work must include:

1. Systemic engineering to install AI upgrading to globally enable monitoring or all source trading, where all dark pools shadow banking and systemic unwanted stability risk sumps are made criminal and removed from the global markets as there were following the 1929 Great Depression.

2. The SEC needs as the military way too late needs SPACE FORCE – its own AI FORCE – evolving – leading – way ahead of any nation – in control command and regulatory accurate oversight impossible with todays antique tool kit the SEC tries to use inside an entirely new AI Global Digital economy that has yet no theory for its core guidance. As it is all evolving so FAST IN SUPER CHANGE a self correcting leadership in the AI tools for the SEC is required and that upgrading can not happen fast enough or economic SECURITY is at RISK in asymmetrical warfare 2019. We are LOOSING THE AI economic wars. We are totally blind today. Upgrading the SEC is equal to upgrading the US Military now fallen so far behind our security requirement. When you have the real data it becomes terrifying how exposed our belly is today to failure.

4. Our enemies influenced the USA election with market manipulations successfully, offset sanction cost entirely with profit taking from our wealth transfer and now seeing how we lack “definition” to the attack or even consider there is an attack the enemy is proceeding sensing weakness to create economic system insecurity world wide for us. It is working. They are making so much money while Crammer lists ten things to restore market confidence that do not matter what so ever within the AI digital economic wars of hardened AI weapons attacking our markets. THE SEC will uncover the truth of it all but it will take them with their outdated tools even with NSA help months to get on top of evidence which rule of law requires. Our enemies know all this and PR to confuse us in any awareness or potential to counter attack.

5. The attack unfolding is new. Our enemies may well in testing their weapons, as superior, weaken confuse and distract us to their ideal outcome. First to profit from sanction cost. Mission accomplished. Add it up yourself. Second to remove sanctions and secure deals that favor them ultimately. Work in progress now. When will the attack and profit taking stop? Why stop profit making to our pain now? How much panic do they wish to foster. When the panic takes hold will that be enough? For now?

The lesson here is that we have not learned anything from 2007. We are big Australian birds with our long necks burying our head in the sand. Our experts report old economic reports to us that are no longer accurate and which lack currency to the new SUPER CHANGED ECONOMICS we face today. We have warned about this asymmetrical warfare since 2007. We have lobbied to develop MARS – mutually assured reconstruction as essential new warfare policy in the AI DIGITAL WAR landscape. We have lobbied for defense RE-REGULATION. Kevin Freeman’s Game Plan advocates you individually develop your own game plan, and Kevin a hedge fund operator tells you HOW to do that – step – as he reports no one in your nation has a game plan or is creating a game plan. Not yet.

The magic of asymmetrical warfare is how effective it is as strategy. First no one believes a war is even taking place. Second no one believes markets are under digital attack in the first place. Third the success of bleeding edge weapons is so profitable to those firing the weapons – they make trillions on our loss of trillions all illegal all carefully planned and all perfectly executed.

Once upon a time nations were safe in cocoon’s of distance. Who could invade America really? We are too removed from the enemy. Moving “stuff” was easily seen and known. Today is no longer once upon a time nor is it a fairy tail with any happy ending. Today America is invaluable at a CLICK. Today the battle field is virtual digital and AI. Today our enemies can invade attack and harm us and we don’t even know that they did it not at first. How powerful is all that?

THE Question remains – how long until our leaders know we are under an attack ( again ) and will our leaders this time – produce in a real on going economic war to our national security – the defensive and offensive weapons to win the wars? Starting with the most massive UPGRADE OF THE SEC TO WAR WINNING LEVEL coordinating with the NSA and DOD as NATIONAL SECURITY IS ECONOMIC SECURITY and our enemies all know that.



General Madd dog Mathis, our top brain knows we are being attacked. He issued the phrase – American can always AFFORD its own survival.

We upgrade our air conditioners and our roof and home paint.

We borrow to do that and we profit later from our asset value enhanced and upgraded.

American has leaky roof’s. We have infrastructure that is 100’s of years old under ground in power sewer and water ( see lead in water nation wide ) . We have roadways and airports and core vital infrastructure that is rotting. From the inside out from neglect.

We can afford to borrow to upgrade AMERICA and reap profits for 300 years from the investing today. Near term we reap economic boom and growth into 2030 with Infrastructure.

Lets pretend our enemies won the election manipulation battle by making the ECONOMY the issue with a stock market mis-behaving confounding all the experts. Now lets pretend our enemies most desire to delay INFRASTRUCTURE. Nothing so opposses their rising powers than an AMERICA fully upgrade and fully modernized.  These upgrades include massive security for American’s. Our enemies don’t wish that. Do they?

The second phase of the battle plan unfolding is to so impact economic security in America the new congress delays infrastructure or never passes it at all. Our enemies will influence law makers massively to this goal – do not pass infrastructure – as they throw distraction upon distraction to the Giants EYES. When our enemies see weakness they press forward with their massively profitable attack. No media reports it as an attack. No one thinks we are under attack and those that know we ARE UNDER ATTACK lack rules of engagement for asymmetrical warfare as in none exist. We have no defensive game plan. YET.

AI Pearl Harbor was 2007. Now our enemies take the Philippines as McArthur departs in retreat and shame saying I’lL BE BACK. Ask yourself who is General McArthur in this new war in November 2018? Who is saying – having lost these battles – I”LL BE BACK?

How much risk to economic stability will we suffer before the truth is put-on the table. Do you think Saudi with MBS as a sociopath is not cashing in chips right now at enormous profit as support from AMERICA is shifting for this criminal damaged brain controlling OPEC profit taking? DO you think they are not working to offset OIL PRICE DECLINE using the only tool remaining – AI market attacks to maximally profit while sending secure messages to those who would seek to sanction or impact their powers and their influence? War is hell. As the SEC can not as you believe in a fully GLOBALIZED ALL NEW ECONOMY DRIVEN BY AI DIGITAL TRADING OUTSIDE ANY REGULATORY FRAME WORK OF THE PAST access real time trading to unravel the WEAPONIZED DIGITAL ATTACKS upon our markets – knowing who is manipulating market share prices – they can not. Until we upgrade the SEC massively they are not equipped to keep our markets safe today.

Nations fall ( like Rome ) when the barbarians acquire the weapons of Rome. Our enemies as the NEW ECONOMY WAS FULLY BORN hacked all our AI code – our most advanced AI – then put their best brains many trained by our best universities – to advance the new weapon platforms ( ALL AI ) beyond what we knew or have experienced. When entirely new digital AI weapon systems are fired at you and you lack AI counter measures you loose wars. Our enemies kept us distracted on Hacks etc while they quietly moved to harden their digital AI weapons which have now moved passed 2007 successful beta testing and with far more stealth management have been are being fired at our markets today.

Finally all wars are about dis-information to your enemy. Today our enemies are putting forth warfare dis-intermediation to take all attention away from a Digital AI attack consideration. Today we are news saturated with market information that is simply war fare distraction by dis-intermediation.  THIS BLOG WAS WRONG ON TIMING. We felt the economics would rise and the attack would come in 2020 – 2022 time frame. Our enemies correctly saw weakness – were suffering from endless sanctions and now TRADE WARS and inside real TRADE WARS the enemy is fighting back by massively profiting while DE-STABLIZING OUR ENTIRE ECONOMIC SYSTEM. The war is now. The enemy is winning.


We wrote our markets were under attack by digital weapons to manipulate the USA and other global elections. They won.

We did not see the on going sanction trade war ssymmetrical warfare as continuing strategy. The success in the elections as so massive with zero awareness of any manipulation those attacking us and profiting – enormous illegal profit taking from market pure manipulations – is on gong. The SEC need to massively acquire SHORT DATA in real time but lack capacity to global do so. We have neutered our SEC by failing to adequately upgrade our SEC and now we MUST we truly must act.

Today the digital nature of the AI attack is obvious as experts again – which our enemies rely upon – deny there is a new economy and proceed applying old depression level score cards to what is going on today.

Today BETTER AI is defeating inferior AI as the inferior AI using its obsolete algorithms which have zero value in the new AI economy, are losing trillions. How? Digital AI weaponized attacks. Maximizing profits at every turn up or down tricking our AI and defeating it in 72 hour economic battles that our enemies are winning every single time.

Worse we incorrectly exist in a false reality that we are not under attack at all.

Do you believe those we sanction by 100’s of billions will not fight back against our war against them economically? Do you believe THAT today?


This is our most important blog update since 2007. We apologize for being wrong on the timing of the digital attack and the battle plan. We reported the risk and were off on timing. In October we knew the truth of it. Today we know it all.

The United States of America is under digital AI attack in all global financial markets all at once. Regulatory frame works are all local all antique and obsolete applying from the FED and the SEC to an old economy that died and was buried forever in 2013. The NEW ECONOMY the regulatory system has zero capacity to defend us or win the wars. Until the truth- AMERICA IS UNDER ATTACK is declared the resources to UPGRADE into this war and fully engage are beyond our nation today. WE ARE LOSING ASYMMETRICAL WARFARE just as Kevin Freeman’s Book THE SECRET WEAPON laid out for the DOD. Everyone got F grade on the lesson test.

Now we pay for failing grades. OUR ENEMIES HAVE ACQUIRED THE WEAPONS OF ROME and those weapons can and may destroy us – all the banks fail. YES IT IS VERY POSSIBLE. We have told you why.

Our enemies will make deals. Our tail is between our legs. Should we make deals now? Yes we should and we must and I suspect we are. Consider very smart people like Roel Campos and my teachers have the SECRET KNOWLEDGE. To the extent we move to ECONOMIC WARFARE FOOTING we can come out ahead but time is not on our side and TODAY our enemies noted they have no intention of stopping to year end. They are sinking our economic ship. COLD TURKEY BEFORE CHRISTMAS. Do you think the Trillion dollar Holiday shopping everyone anticipated is still with us as we see all economic matrix turn on dimes never seen or experienced before. Massive fall off in business consumer and related buying investing and spending. DO YOU NOT SEE THAT is unfolding as we see each new attack? Or are you blind to it?



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