Dec 11th Tuesday to Saturday we invite our readers to an economic SAFE HARBOR. A week at CEO SPACE to improve your game plan moving forward.  We know of no process that offered greater support to small business owners – Fortune Silo Managers – and professionals in practice – then CEO SPACE following the 2007 Super Crash of our markets at that time or after 9/11. We helped countless CEO’s to enjoy a superior outcome to the Super CRASH and Great Recession of 2007. They went through the Great Recession making money and hiring. Tens of millions did not.

CEO SPACE correctly, reported to you all year in 2018, that, the FED was misguided using old antique rule play books in an entirely new AI global economy. We reported the errors in policy the Fed was making held enormous risks to the entire global system. As trade wars and sanctions grew like rain storms in 2018 the enemies who are under trade war and sanctions are losing trillions of dollars. As you know. Today with AI weapons our enemies are profit making by trillions of dollars offsetting trade war and sanctions by attacking us back as we have attacked them. To be expected between nations I would think. Only most of YOU do not think in this way. However the attacks as my prior blog define are here and unfolding as you read.

Those who have larger COMMUNITY and those who have better information WILL PROSPER IN EVERY FORWARD MARKET. Those who lack those upgrades to COMMUNITY and to critical essential NEW – INFORMATION may well perish.


CEO SPACE is thirty years mature serving CEO’s and leaders in over 140 nations today. CEO SPACE offers LIFETIME MEMBERSHIPS for a tax repurpose to business owners and professionals and silo managers of larger institutions globally. Membership is a lifetime asset you acquire for a tax buck to your enterprise. The membership is profit making as you will discover.

Our premise includes these principles:

  1. We build hyper growth in business. We reduce time and we lower cost to reach the owners growth goals. Everything else takes longer and costs more for the boss. We help develop exit plan strategy and execution where desired for owners.

  2. We reside in the new age of SUPER CHANGE. We bring the boss current in Super Change in their industry silo, we make invisible options visible to the boss for opportunity costing – and we develop challenge list removal with A level Fortune Mentors to effect that outcome. Without delay which can be fatal today. Delay can be fatal today for the BOSS.

  3. Member CEO’s exit with new customers markets affiliates transactionally developed during the program week we call the CEO FORUM or the FORUM.

  4. Member CEO’s exit with improved plans team and resources missing when they walked in.

  5. Member CEOs’ have grown their trading community in a week that would consume a decade outside CEO SPACE as to quality dynamic. CEO to CEO.

CEO SPACE is the # 1 ranked Business Conference WORLD WIDE for FIVE YEARS in a row. Forbes # 1 Ranking set forth in 2018 that CEO SPACE as the ONE MEETING A CEO CAN SIMPLY NOT “AFFORD” TO MISS..….in 2018. Dec 11th is your opportunity moment. Films under our quick link pull down menu on our main web resource site:


Our very short CEO films  is due diligence for busy CEO’s and professionals. CEO SPACE is a money making experience and we pledge to not waste your time. Check out an ideally timed way to insure you grow faster in any future market space. Just that.

CEO SPACE offers menu pricing. You chose the menu price that fits your model not ours. Our membership price set 1988 has never been raised. A lifetime CEO member may return ( For free in fact ) for life – and use the resources for the full Forum at cost or free for weekends for life – no add on charges or any upsetting is permitted. We serve our customers seeking more accelerated growth.



CEO SPACE is the # 1 leadership training and growth acceleration program in the world for business. We have retained that title for half a decade based on quality at CEO level. We are always the CEO’s favorite “watering hole” of CEO’s helping CEO’s within an unmatched model to progress agenda’s faster.

If you read my last blog – on the SEC – you know that our markets are in fact under a digital attack. Which should come as no surprise to any business owner as they think about it. Third party publications providing DOD level data on the nature of the attack are included as proofs.

The 2018 Economic Attacks on our markets, have created, once again and always unexpected a SUPER CHANGE MARKET MOMENT. If you all proceed as if things are the same – you lose opportunity. If you lead ahead of the change and the outcomes are better known to you ( all ) you WILL  prosper in any market space.

As in 2007 the BLUE PRINTS as to how to PROSPER IN SUPER CHANGE are provided FIRST to CEO’s at our Dec 11th CEO SPACE. if you wish to insure your lifestyle – your standard of living with less stress in doing so you will want to be out front of the current SUPER CHANGE cycle….you will join leaders out front like yourself at CEO SPACE Dec 11th FORUM for CEO’s.

As the leading service agency for CEOs – the boss – we serve leaders. Billionaires will walk around with millionaires and everyone in between Dec 11th. Your priceless contact grid will soar to a ten year level in a Holiday week. You will celebrate with a SUPER STAR AAA LEVEL PLATINUM ARTIST performing for you to send you home to a Holiday so much richer now with your new COMMUNITY OF CEO’s expanded from where it is today. Critical priceless CEO connections.

Any of our Account Managers we call CLUB PRESIDENTS world wide will serve you. Call anytime to 256 850 4716 our thirty year number and allow us to assign a Club President to your account. Club Presidents are highly trained to serve you – to avoid selling you – anything ever – and to simply address questions you require information on to make a decision. NOTHING WONDERFUL HAPPENS IN LIFE…UNTIL A LEADER JUST LIKE YOU…MAKES A DECISION. Our Club Presidents will arrange free mentor calls for you before you go and help you assess value to profit.

Regardless of your price menu choice fitting your business, the cost of joining CEO SPACE is as it was in 1988 as never once have raised our CEO membership for lifetime asset acquisition. The cost is a tax deduction. CEO SPACE Dec is the last chance to reduce year end tax for any business owner and the first chance to complete new business by year end and ramp up Jan Feb and March in ways impossible without CEO SPACE “INSIDE” your game plan.

Seeing is believing. We are all visual learners today on YouTube. CEO SPACE has invested to present over 100 short format films for new members to review. If you’re a doctor see a physical film. If you’re an attorney see an Attorney film or two. If your a product supplier or service provider see a film from your tribe in your market sector. We want you to KNOW before you GO that your guaranteed money back investment will produce high returns on time and money. In minutes we can provide data so you can make something wonderful happen for yourself.

CEO SPACE encourages CEO families to come together itself unique in our space. We have children and teens in business success you have to see to believe. Everyone has fun. CEO SPACE is oceans of fun. CEO’s tell us that CEO SPACE is the replenishment for the depletion of just BEING THE BOSS. Dec 11th we assure your own CEO battery is fully charged with all bars lit.


For decades I’ve served our community and the world with information this BLOG RESOURCE presents to business and my readers and my CEO SPACE members. Dec 11th is an ALL MEMBER reunion seeking to reunite CEO members across years of time to meet one another and create a maximum or lucrative connections CEO to CEO.

To my members reading this item may I strongly encourage you if you follow my predictions and accuracy thereto- and you read the last blog – to attend your own reunion. Today it is urgent because the market is now engaged in a huge once in our current  decade SUPER CHANGE. You will be so well prepared and better equipped to manage through the SUPER CHANGE you are seeing yourself today, with CEO SPACE support beyond you.


New members you have my same personal encouragement. To all my readers I encourage you to safe harbor your income lifestyle and futures in the developing NEW 2018  markets now in  SUPER CHANGE. These changes will effect YOU. You can and you will leverage the SUPER CHANGE from Dec 11th forward. Without CEO SPACE DEC 11th you are less likely to do as well and you know why. We all need support when markets change like they are changing today. CEO SPACE is the # 1 third party press and the # 1 in quality to upgrade your tools and tactics precise to your business – in an experience like nothing you have engaged in before. Steeped with individual one on one expert mentors who accommodate your goal attainment making priceless options ( as opportunities ) just out of your reach and invisible to you today – but now visible fully Dec 11th. The result is safer – easier – more secure – more assured than not having this support behind you.

The help is never ending. Once CEO SPACE begins to help and support you CEO SPACE never ends. The support is ON GOING unlike any other program on earth and fully GLOBAL for our outside the USA readership with is hundreds of thousands reading today.

Share this blog URL with entrepreneurs you know are seeking a better way forward. CEO SPACE “IS” THAT BEST STEP into tomorrow.

My goal as founder is to present our members in reunion to one another a superior value. To present new members a larger richer Forum community to conduct business within. Films show you the HOW and the UNIQUE experience aspect.

When you see a big room in films and lots of people in that room do not let your mind think…we’ll CEO SPACE is a seminar. No we are not. You are in a big room only a few times and even then you are networking with each other. 70% of your time is CEO to CEO associations and business dealings. Everyone is helping everyone as a mind set which we encourage you to bring as your mind set. As we help one another as business OWNERS maximally we ease our way forward entirely. Nothing equals our cross support together.

While my famous axioms so quoted by others:

…team work makes all the dreams WORK…..

but timing IS in fact….everything to winning…..

It is my opinion professionally – that – the tax savings to join CEO SPACE Dec 11th – are now more important as to TIMING for your prosperity moving forward than anytime beyond 9/11 and that Forum in that September or following the Super Crash of 2007.

I encourage leaders to TUNE UP into the SUPER CHANGE right now and to make other agenda’s fall to the improved tools tactics options and opportunities Dec 11th will deliver into your future.

Thank you for considering the importance of forging your own game plan for sale harbor and life-style underwriting none of us best do on our own. The pure asset value of DEC 11th paid for with tax dollars you saved is a very wise choice to make something truly wonderful happen….following your decision.

Berny Dohrmann – Presenting Time Critical SOLUTIONS TO CEO’S WHO LEAD