MBS a liar a sociopathic insane brain as King is now running Gulf economies and breeding massive gulf power and wealth resetting in the Gulf. What does Khashoggi ( the fatal final MBS miscalculation in abuse of his powers as a Puppy King mean to YOU.

Gasoline is expected to drop 50 cents a gallon on average from 300 dollars a gallon on average across America at MBS phony peak price all manipulated by October 1st then on October 2nd MBS Slaughtered journalist Khashoggi in Turkey then lied and covered it all up to the best he could at age 33 which was in fact a sit com versus a state. Like MBS was the super star of the movie series DUMB and DUMBER ASS than all the DUMB ASSES the stuff making Saudi Royals scream laugh into the night and night show hosts endless drama on every light now show with MBS being the JOKE the endless joke as a sociopath and liar an empower who has no clothes butt naked on TV for the world to toast roast and burn as the liar of our century self destructs politically.

The loss to OPEC members from 2014 to 2018 is the largest loss of OPEC wealth prestige and influence in 70 years in just four years. The Puppy King nailed the final rail road spike into the OPEC Coffin when he slaughtered Khashoggi in the biggest cluster fuck in a ruler passing Putin and poisons in London for its pure disregard for global law. The world the entire world has had enough.

The pull back of very smart money knowing insatiability in the failed Kingdom of MBS is resolving and until it fully resolves in the SAUDI CIVIL WARS taking place in the Sand Castle today – the world has trillions not investing in the GULF. Trillions withheld now. Loans investment capital flows – all out none in.

The largest WEALTH FLOW DYNAMIC SHIFT since the advent of post Nixon China.

Not pretty for the GULF and on going until the MBS crises is resolved finally we suspect fatally given the loss and cost. One damaged brain has created for all to balance sheet read for themselves.

Meanwhile America and the world has a CHRISTMAS present from President Trump policies that have shattered OPEC and swung oil pricing back to America forever. America is OPEC today and OPEC is the tail of the dog – America is once again the DOG itself. Economically.

So tens of billions return to consumer spending that were flowing into GULF OPEC greed and pockets as a hidden tax on the world by the elite few against the billions of us – a criminal manipulation of economic markets for personal greed.

All PR about oil markets is a lie from OPEC and today the lies come home. The lies about demand – false. The lies about supply – false. The lies about reserves false. The lies about price. False. The Lies about cost. False. The lies to perpetuate price control to a cartel all false. The TRUTH IS NOW IN FRONT of all of us that shows the lies of MBS from 2014 to today. MBS is a liar. MBS is a criminal. Not only a criminal but a master mind criminal behind war crimes in Yeman, war crimes in Turkey, war crimes in Syria and war crimes against Iran, and The USA – a master mind criminal who tried to DESTROY AMERICA OIL PRODUCTION AS AN INDUSTRY KILLING IT DEAD IN ITS TRACK – failed oil wars Saudi lost big time – Opec lost big time – and then criminal master minding to KILL KHASHOGGI and many others world wide still going on and no one stops the criminal dead in his tracks. SAUDI the world will say soon enough SHAME ON YOU if you don’t fix your own madness.

Everyone has their new reading glasses. THE CIA nailed MBS dead in the Endgame Bullseye and Endgame is far from done with Saudi as a NEVER AGAIN WILL ANY GULF NATION COUP ANOTHER GULF NATION is Turkey’s message. End GAME !


PS: Merry Christmas America tens of billions are being returned to your spending power each time you mentally say – fill er up ! MBS LOST the tens of billions……