100% of Summer to Fall global experts reported their absolute best – Oil would pass 95.00 by year end a barrel. Instead Oil is down a WHOPPING 30% in six weeks. There is no end in sight.

If you KNOW oil is going down to 45.00 a barrel you make profits shorting oil on its death spiral. If you could have known before you made billions.

Oh you did know before as we told you all summer precisely what would unfold in oil, exactly why, with data, and what we predicted here against a backdrop of industry experts suggesting we had wires crossed, were out of touch, were wrong, were crazy and far worse – when once again right here first as always – we were right and the massive OIL PR was self serving lying and wrong.


MBS of Saudi Arabia as a PUPPY BOY Leader went wrong lacking any experience or expertise to the tasks in front of him. MBS:

  1. Ordered an OIL WAR with the USA in 2014.
  2. MBS Lost the oil wars
  3. MBS arrested Royals in shake downs for 100 billion still going on
  4. MBS arrests tens of thousands opposing him to disappear
  5. MBS plans and murders Journalist Khashoggi in world live theater then lies
  6. MBS lies about oil reserves and lies about OIL Demand shattering OPEC
  7. Opec is every nation for itself in market share and OPEC has no more control

OPEC can no longer afford at weaker prices to cut back market share and give the market share to America and other suppliers who will gobble up any cut back clients. OPEC cut backs are not enough to offset the fall in first the growth of demand and soon demand itself falling off a cliff completely starting I late 2019.

DEMAND FOR DIRTY OIL for transportation and power is falling off a cliff to lower cost energy that does not pollute and climate change and kill us all. The day of oil demand rising along lines of old charts in the old economy fall to a new economy where oil replacement is occurring at speed industry leaders are REELING FROM FAILURE TO PLAN FOR within the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE.

Oil leaders are guided by data coming from old economics and old models that no longer apply. In Super Change resets for data itself must occur regularly in new ever self correcting systems. To remain current and accurate leaders must surround themselves with new brains that understand the new economics. If they don’t disintermediations of magnitude occur as SHOCK DOCTRINE to the leader who advised by old brains is ANTIQUE.

Leaders in oil and every industry require the NEW C SUITE MASTER CORE SKILL to surround themselves with NEW BRAINS who remain CURRENT IN SUPER CHANGE. A process for those leaders ( CEO SPACE ranked # 1 by Forbes ) or any alternative quality process to assure the LEADER VIA A PROCESS IS over any year brought current and remains team current in Super Change.

Untold dollars are invested in old process models that no longer work in the new Super Change Age within which we now reside. Leaders must LEARN faster they must UNLEARN faster and they must RELEARN FASTER. Those brains are current leadership teams with CURRENCY in the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE.

Oil markets drew on data that is no longer current in SUPER CHANGE. All Oil Models for price – supply and supply demand dynamics – are old data models that proved incorrect to forward SUPER CHANGE. Engineers largely lack perspective on out of box influences to revise old data into NEW DATA that is correct. The delay cost is a pay cost that is fantastic as we are seeing in OIL loss by the 100 billion level. They just lacked access to this information. As loss modification.

Today the Bulls are without knowing why entirely aware they were all so wrong. Entirely wrong and inaccurate. Victims all of SUPER CHANGE as they learn slower they unlearn not at all and they relearn never. Those brains kill industries and profits in the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE. Leaders need to invest in their process for remming current in the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE. Watch for my 2019 best seller the GPS for SUPER CHANGE moving forward for the C suite from Fortune leadership to a solo entrepreneur – yesterday no longer secures tomorrow in SUPER CHANGE.

Jeff Bezo said today….to his employees – oh Amazon may fail may go bankrupt as all things GROW or they ROT if they are vibrant ..our task our job is too delay that failure as long as possible….we do so by obsessing on our customer values …if we focus on ourselves the beginning of our own end takes place from within…as we must self re-new at pace levels never before required in industry moving forward Amazon included……

Oil Leadership could shift from monopoly criminal price manipulation of oil against billions of we humans to energy cost too great for 200 nations to full partnership in the world. Too high for food security. Too high for health security. Too high for shelter security.

Too high for morality. For economics.

All abuse in economics must rebalance. Price manipulation of oil which is artificial from broken dying cartels OPEC must rebalance to real supply real demand. Demand is plunging down. Supply is soaring up. The price of a plentiful cheap commodity that renews inside the earth globally is not scare or costly. Low cost oil as a commodity is returning from abuse to:

  1. Supply demand normalization with zero OPEC influence of control as abuse leaves the system an OPEC self destructs as it will as a shadow institution remaining.
  2. Price is supply demand now and moving to sustainable market levels without artificial speculator slammed pricing – abuse is leaving a system normalizing.
  3. Customer Service returns where lower price better oil and superior customer serving and deliveries – service – secures market share again as market abuse normalizes and market share is driven by price and customer superior services.



The 100 year industrial revolution was forged on OIL as the cost of everything – energy. Today the greatest sea change is taking place over 100 MONTHS of TIME. Oil is becoming a commodity in DECLINE as a transportation energy resource.

Demand for OIL peaked in 2018 as said it would and overall global demand net for oil by 2025 will show a down graph for 100 more years. To the earth great advantage. Also the cost of energy to fly ship and to drive will move to all electric mostly hydrogen we predict today all non polluting and far lower cost and STABLE IN PRICING.

MBS Moved OIL way too high way to fast in his final abuse of the oil economic system by a cartel. This final LOSS by a failed MBS policy on oil has resulted in more loss for more money pools in oil loss than any action taken by any leader ever.

MBS has cost oil markets trillions upon trillions in loss since 2014. Just MBS.

Those following failed policies failed to perceive the abuse and flaw in oil economics.

Today the GREAT TRANSITION OUT OF OIL is unstoppable and its speed will sweep C suite oil engineer CEO”s who fail to prepare for SUPER CHANGE Into a great deal of forward long term pain. OPEC lacks capacity economically to do anything today but hurt themselves.

Today it is every oil producer assuring they care for their market share of customers with best price and service or they lose those clients forever to those who do better.

The GREAT TRANSITION out of OIL is unstoppable.