Faud Family and the SAND CASTLE. Now the civil war we have reported to you the instability in the Gulf is rising to unknown historic proportions. Why? These are the reasons:

  1. Economic loss – MBS has lost trillions for Saudi Arabia and OPEC
  2. OPEC Destruction – OPEC is destroyed from failed MBS policies period
  3. Every OPEC producer is on the wrong side of a market share war due to MBS
  4. Saudi is on the wrong side of a brutally costly war it is losing due to MBS Yemen
  5. MBS is a sociopathic insane brain a stone cold murdered without any rule of law

President Trump and his family have sleep overs with the murder. All that alliance and work leads to nothing today because MBS will not end up being King for much longer. MBS is as we reported a Khashoggi DEAD MAN WALKING. His own choices have created his own zero sum game future in the Faud Family who have growing understanding for the full measure of cost when the father broke tradition and set up a KING pathology far far from Saudi culture and norms. Now the piper must be paid in 101 Arabian nights. One of these nights MBS Khashoggi will come FOR YOU.


Yes the CIA has heard all the tapes from Turkey. But the CIA has their own tapes their own NSA intel their own hard facts. They have PHONE CALLS. Made by MBS brother at MBS orders directly to assuage Khashoggi he was safe to come get he wedding paper work. They lulled Khashoggi as a family to walk into not his wedding paper work by his on death certificate. Then MBS:

  1. Sociopathic LIE # 1 – Khashoggi is not missing or dead he walked out of our embassy shortly after he walked in.
  2. Lie # 2 – An IWATCH can’t record a cell phone outside a distance line of sight the tape is doctored
  4. LIE # 4 – OK fllms of the 18 person hit team reporting only to MBS confirm they killed Khashoggi but the Crown Prince himself knew nothing. Preposterous lie.
  5. Lie # 5 – My department head did this on his own and they will all die
  6. Lie # 6 – Tapes out entire story changes on death and five to death asap
  7. Lie # 7 – MBS didn’t know MBS didn’t order the savagery precisely as carried out

THE CIA has its own tapes. The CIA stated today the MBS PLANNED AND ORDERED KHASHOGGI’S DEATH – NO WIGGLE ROOM – FRONT PAGE WORLD WIDE – DEALING WITH MBS MOVING FORWARD IS NO LONGER A POSSIBILITY. Tramp family are tarnished for doing so moving forward and loyalty to the United States must supersede young boy friendships because they were misplaced and the Trumps have been used. To keep MBS in power. To support the terrible immoral war in Yemen.


MBS has a life support role, he can with immunity from the King and a life time protection edict – RESIGN AS KING and retire to enjoy a rich life outside and behind the Palace rule. Never to return again to any influence in powers. Doubtful an insane murder can see his way to his own survival nor can an insane brain willingly release or give up power – see Hitler.

Knowing he has zero options and zero path forward MBS can take his own life which would be heroic and unlikely as outcome. A pride to his family. The King could move back to the future and appoint a traditional replacement. Healing old wounds and insuring his own survival. As an option.

Forces in the Saudi Civil War will report to the world there is a new King and ruling family, and the old ruling family is being held when in fact they have disappeared forever. Bam.

Forces inside Saudi make examples that the KING is not above the law and both Kings are held tried and put to death Saudi style to complete healing for the world.

Forces inside Saudi put MBS on Trial in Turkey which will include MBS and the COUP before it is all over.

Iran so much a victim of Fake News, and MBS five years of trying to get the US into a war with Iran so Saudi alone would dominate oil is not on the side lines in all this. PAY BACK with long support for generations inside the Palace back to Tehran is burnning up the wires. Iran can support the NEW SAUDI KINGDOM by assuring a deal with Trump completes to open prosperity back into a non nuke Iran and fast.

Every card is being played with the CIA confirmation – MBS ORDERED THE MURDER OF KHASHOGGI. This blog reported in October on DAY 1 – that MBS did order the murder and why. We continued to document the lies and the pathology of a damaged insane psychopathic brain. A mentally damaged brain in power is always the most dangerous.

MBS may lash out with the Yeman war or start a direct way with IRAN to distract the turn of power as the FAUD Family Train comes to make things right for a very damaged politically economically and globally nation of Saudi Arabia all damaged by one man – one insane brain – they let play King for a time. BIG MISTAKE Saudi Arabia BIG MISTAKE.

The negative unintended consequences will moving forward include:

  1. Saudi is now a debtor nation borrowing to survive
  2. Saudi is forever not the influence it was in oil markets
  3. Saudi confidence and prestige in OPEC is shattered to bone marrow.
  4. The USA on the OIL WARS MBS Started OPEC LOST – spoils to victor vs losers
  5. The USA now controls oil price and markets and OPEC no longer in fact does

No larger loss from 2014 to 2018 has any nation experienced in similar time frames from failed POLICIES of a 28 year old Puppy King. As his damaged brain aged into GOD KING STATUS ( a feature of his own insane brain ) MBS Murders KHASHOGGI in the nation he just financed a COUP and take over within.


We told you Endgame had MBS dial up number. They have oceans of evidence that MBS was behind the COUP and he blamed while waging war with America in oil markets the USA for the COUP. Both nations are not amused holding these smoking guns pointed at MBS Kingdom.

Endgame having the audio and video of the Khashoggi Murder clearly knows MBS did the COUP now trying to slaughter ENDGAME PERSONALLY and his wife and his children and take over the nation as a SAUDI PUPPET surrounding IRAN.

Only the PUPPY again failed, as 100% of all his plans fail economically and politically they all fail utterly – MBS is an F grade as KING and a failure as a human being.

Trump must DUMP. Endgame with the CIA report we suspect will call of MBS to be tried for crimes against humanity in Turkey or by impartial UN Courts. This won’t stop for Saudi sinking revenues and prestige – all going down down down a sewage drain inside the SAND CASTLE – UNTIL MBS IS GONE GONE GONE. The cost to delay will be billions upon billions more to pay. Follow the money.

What do you think CIA weekend slow news day labeling MBS KILLED KHASHOGGI as the LAST LIE – on all front pages in all nations – will do to oil markets in full CRASH territory next week.

Endgame has played each card one after another with zero escape for MBS the COUP backer who tried to kill Endgame and his family. If you tied this lose thread into the play today you see why ENDAME is never going to be bought never make a deal Endgame is playing like a cat with a nearly dead mouse – with MBS – until death do we part.

Gulf rules apply.

MBS knows this weekend he has limited time to save his family and himself and failure to act is going to sentence MBS to Saudi Style Karma. MBS KNOWS under every bed sheet is a curved knife waiting to gut him. MBS knows he has no real powers remaining. Not really. MBS knows the turning over of the KINGDOM is happening- just as we reported – just right. on the time lines we reported – and nothing can change or alter the FAUD FAMILY ( my teachers ) making this right.

Saudi stability is security for all Gulf economics. Saudi leadership is security for all Gulf economics. Saudi well being is a sacred flower the fantastic SAUDI people, so young vibrant and full of hopes and promises deserve. Saudi Prince lovers have been mis led. You have placed your trust and your faith Ito a mad man. The sooner you wake up and see the values you are the values you hold are not in fact the values of MBS the earlier you restore your nation in fact.

The time to COME TOGETHER and DECRY not even your leader may act in the world outside rule of law, rule of treaty, rule of civilization, with impunity kill and murder as he wishes, and you as a people supporting a psychopathic sociopathic murderer you sink your nation away from those nations that hold sacred principles of law over the top of any leader in any nation. YOUR COMING TOGETHER AS ONE to support your NEW KING is what Saudi will see rise up …but with how much civil war? No one knows.

MBS could get a civil war going inside Saudi really. A narcissistic self absorption last gasp which leads to same outcome… by MBS and the Faud’s WILL handle all the rest.

MBS you are an embarrassment to yourself and the world take yourself off the world stage for your family and your own preservation as time for you sir has run completely out of the clock.

MBS – MORE BULL SHIT will not save you M.B.S…….its too late now.


PS: My readers know that this series has been prophetic from day one and accurate. We believe TRUMP will HAVE TO DUMP 33% of American OIL RESERVES to punish MBS in world markets and reward America with far lower costs of fuel at Christmas time. Check MATE MBS. TRUMP MUST DUMP…you heard that first here…..recall ?