Can you imagine what is really going on in the Gulf today where stability is now worse than anytime in modern history. Why?

Trump and family have their history with old Kings. Me too. Now comes the new very old King who does a ROYAL PASS and appoints his puppy at 28 as the KING HEIR. This creates a politics inside the SAND CASTLE that remains an on going civil war of tradition values and protocol. The New MBS King than consolidates powers and all checks and balances under himself.

In the name of national security MBS arrests oh tens of thousands of any opposition to the new changes. He puts in reforms which many hate and he still arrests woman opposition and journalists economists anyone who disagree with him is OFF WITH YOUR HEAD like Alice in Wonderland. All human rights institutions unite that Saudi Arabia is out of any control today on human rights abuses and real crimes against humanity. Puppy King thinks he is the GOD KING above and beyond any laws save his own law kind of like the mind set of say Adolf Hitler – Master Race Master FAITH.

MBS starts a war with Yemen Saudi can not afford is not stuck in and is badly loosing the war- hemorrhaging death and money. Daily. MBS has killed untold non combatants and save for the Syria war nothing has been more outside rules of engagement or warfare as we know it. Yemen has been MBS savage on a level American weapons have seldom been applied to before.  The people of Yemen are starving to death.

MBS has failed in his OIL WARS to CRUSH THE USA. During this time the Trump family deeply bonded with MBS and opened flood gates of connections to the 30 year old. The bond is no longer going to help Trump his team or his family. Being on the wrong side of the FAUD family making this all right is not where the USA should ultimately land.

Today the coordinated MBS “sweep THIS all under THE RUG” release of a) hey we got these guys locked up five we are killing right away. We got them. MBS knew nothing.

Total BULL SHIT. The entire world knows MBS ordered this crime against all the rest of us. His fatal order. His self inflicted death wound only he has no eyes to see that. He killed his daddy too. Watch.

So now the MBS PLAN is like a cheat on his wifies – deny deny DENY.

MBS plans to quickly kill anyone who can in public MBS MADE ME DO IT. Each hero being scarified – further death and bloodshed from MBS to his own inside most trusted in nation assassins – his tribe his buddies – MBS PROMISES untold riches to the family of each – all cared for nurtured and with hero status. Those sacrificing their life FOR MBS do so willingly. All being pampered to the day that they die.


So that action is telling.

It says THE USA is signaling go ahead kill journalists its ok with us we refuse to get involved. Get those who did it and we will issue as policy meaningless sanctions. Do you think those in SAUDI JAIL five going to death as soon as possible to stop truth in its tracks ( MBS KILLED KHASHOGGI ) – care a bit about a sanction from the USA in their jail cells.

Does the American Public and the world not have a BACKLASH to doing absolutely NOTHING and political theater it so it looks like we did absolutely something when we did not. THE White House has a duty.

MBS is in power because of USA support.

Without USA support a SAUDI new King would be installed and faster than you an snap your fingers given MBS torture arrests and human rights record even with ROYALS who threatened to butcher or give HIM 100 BILLION with. A BIG “BI”. Do you think those Royals raped to their bone marrow and insulted and disrespected are just ok in the SAND PALACE there are all fine.

THE USA could land on the very wrong side of all this and making nice eee nice later is not going to work out GULF STABILITY in fact. Support at what cost? What deals are being made with MBS by Russia by America by the EU by Iran all circling around MBS total weakness and collapse in real terms.

MBS is a shadow of the power he held in the summer.

MBS is limited I use of powers.

MBS is confident in out comes being negotiated.

I believe an international court will try MBS perhaps the UN perhaps the CRIMINAL COURT AGAINST HUMANITY IN The Hague RECONVENES ON THIS ONE. The list of full on human rights violations by MBS ends with KHASHOGGI as any more of that is a red line no world leader can BE PERMITTED TO CROSS TODAY.

The USA needs to DUMP OIL to bring oil down to 45 dollars and keep it at 50.00 dollars punish MBS where punishment matters – economics and in his wallet. Not sanction his favorite personal assassins in nation to slaughter them to keep them quiet forever – never to testify free of Saudi threat of death – not  ridiculous meaningless sanction on those in jail about to die.

Those who are about to die….we do not salute you. You’ll meet Khashoggi soon enough and then you’ll take the elevator to your new home that MBS has prepared for you where the light never goes on again for all eternity. The insanity of the darkness.

POLITICS is not leadership.

Leadership lacking integrity is not leadership either.

The crises is in integrity.

In telling the truth faster.

Ron Paul told the truth today did you see it?

If America does not stand up or one of its on journalist slaughtered by a rogue KING who has no conscious of right or of wrong as a bad brain a damaged psychopathic brain – a brain with weapons and powers being abused while you read without check to any sense of civilization in global law and rules and standards as none apply to MBS in his brain…so he can not see his own end game.

However the truth will come out that:

  1. MBS supported the COUP in Turkey
  2. ENDGAME Knows MBS murdered Khashoggi
  3. Arab pay back is never fast it always full circle

Allah will run this all out and MBS Kharma is a as we say in America a BITCH.

Our POLICY on Khashoggi – that’s easy – SHAME ON YOU WHO MADE IT !


PS: The White House acted today with and in concert with MBS with releases minutes from one another to PUT THIS ALL BEHIND BOTH. The truth….NEVER GONNA HAPPEN and you know why.  Gulf Stability is born again when the king is changed.